ClearView: Can You Really Turn Night Into Day?

Night vision glasses are helpful in staying safe on the road, most especially if you drive long miles all the time. Are you tired of driving with a seemingly foggy or gloomy view on your windshield? You need good night vision glasses. There are many brands of glasses available online and in actual stores, but what are the important features you need to consider when buying a pair of night vision glasses for yourself?

Did you know that more than 40 percent of all fatal car accidents occur at night?

Since your ability to perceive and judge distance is severely impaired at night, night driving is a top cause of car accidents. An estimated 90 percent of all driver decisions are made based on what they see. While your eyes are capable of seeing in limited light, the combination of headlights and road lights, with the darkness beyond them, can cause several problems for your vision. Therefore, car drivers must take extra precaution to avoid an auto accident during the night.

Imagine being able to clearly see what’s in front of you and what’s approaching, even if it’s very dark and foggy. These driving glasses block the blinding light from oncoming traffic and make it safer for you to drive at night.

These Driving Glasses Turn Night Into Day!

ClearView is a driving aid made with night vision glass which makes the most of advanced anti-glare technology to help drivers to see better at night and in foggy conditions. Designed with fashion elements and a strong, durable chain hinge, not easy to break!

clearview night glasses

They are easy to use and lightweight. Their revolutionary nasal support design makes them extra comfortable, as they do not press the nose and don’t fall off.

If you wear prescription glasses just simply place ClearView overtop of your glasses. If you don’t have glasses just put them on and drive as you would normally do and enjoy the difference this technology can make!

The Ultimate Night Vision Aid

The lenses are coated with anti-blue ray layers, which help to block out the harsh blue light from modern car headlights. Removing just the blue lights makes the lights from oncoming traffic appear much sharper, which puts far less strain on the eyes.

In addition to this anti-blue ray coating, the lenses are also polarized. This changes the way in which the light is reflected into the eyes, clearing the vision from unnecessary reflections and distractions from objects which are too bright.

ClearView also benefits from the technology of transitions lenses. These lenses are able to automatically adapt depending on the specific light conditions of any moment. This means that they will never be too dark or not dark enough as they will change the amount of light which is allowed in depending on the conditions outside.

How To Drive Safer At Night With Clearview

The specialized yellow lenses tint not only provides 100% UV protection and glare blocking, but also it blocks blue light, enhances contrast and clarity. ClearView passes the global traffic light standard for safer sharper vision at night with flying colors.


With ClearView you will notice an instant reduction in glare from oncoming traffic, bright street lights, and people who leave their high beams on. You will notice that you’ll be able to see clearer and further even when there is a low amount of light. This is because the yellow lenses tint helps increase the contrast you see at night beams.

High beam lights can be the most annoying thing to come across while driving at night. How many times you’ve come home with a headache because of all the oncoming traffic that keeps their high beams on at all times.

Now with ClearView you’ll never get another headache and driving at night is much more enjoyable.

Who Can Benefit From ClearView?

Invest in your safety behind the wheel with a pair of these night driving glasses.

Even with 60% less traffic on the road at night, accidents still happen due to glare, blinding high beams and just overall bad driving visibility.


But the tragedy doesn’t end there. With inexperienced teen drivers, 58 percent of accidents occur between 9pm and midnight especially on Friday nights and weekends. Most defensive drivers are able to avoid accidents during the day mostly because they have clearer visibility than they do at night.

Be a part of the change and make driving on the road at night far safer with your very own pair of night time driving glasses. You’ll be glad you did.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: It says these have polarized lenses, so do they lighten up when it’s not that bright out or if you go indoors?

A: No. They do not light up when it is dark, but you can use them inside if the lights are on.

Q: Do these glasses come with a case?

A: Yes, they come with a very nice case maybe better than many high price sun glasses.

Q: Do ClearView fit over normal glasses?

A: Yes they do! You can place the ClearView night vision aid over the top of your glasses.

Q: Can these be worn during the day to stop the glare of strong, direct sunlight?

A: You could wear them during the day, however, it depends from person to person whether you will benefit as you would with sunglasses from direct sunlight. The yellow casting may not be what you want during the day, and it might not be strong enough for the sun. 

Conclusion: Is it worth it?

Such a quality for this price makes us definitely say yes! 

Keep a few in each of your car, if you care about your family’s safety then this is a no brainer. You and your family will be safer and you’ll enjoy night time driving way more!

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