HomeNetix Remote – Review & Buyer’s Guide

You already do everything from your smartphone. Well, what if you could also turn off the lights after you leave the house by your phone? Or, even turn on the front lights when you’re not home? Or, what if you could adjust the temperature in your house from your phone without even getting up from the couch? Well, now you can, thanks to the HomeNetix Remote!

HomeNetix is a Wi-Fi 4G universal remote which can control multiple infrared devices from your smartphone. Example of such devices is TV, Air Conditioner, Sattelite TV and any device you point a remote controller at.


What Is HomeNetix?

HomeNetix is a device that can help you control the electronics in your home. It can help you set limits on certain things (like the TV), help you when you’re forgetful in the morning, and even get the house ready for you before you come home.

This device will change the way you run your house – for the better. HomeNetix App is so easy to use, anyone with a smartphone can use it. All you have to do is buy the system, set up the app, and you’re good to go.

How Does HomeNetix Work?

HomeNETIX brings its users a number of advantages. You can turn off security lights when you are not at home. The most impressive functionality that comes with HomeNETIX is its ability to learn. 

It is effortless to set up. It comes with simple and clear instructions on how one can set it up within a few minutes. All you need to do is simply download either the Android or iOS app onto your smartphone, connect to the same network as your HomeNETIX device and connect your smartphone and HomeNETIX.

You can easily set up and configure this handy device to your smart phone. That way, you can stay in control of your home devices at any given moment. Imagine if you wanted to leave your kids (or pets) at home while you and your partner have a date night. But you don’t want them to change the TV to something scandalous. You can simply change the channel to something appropriate and throw out your remotes if you want to! Because the HomeNetix device can allow you to control your home from anywhere. No more having to get up and find the remote.

HomeNetix Special Featues

  • Control Appliances From Anywhere – Did you turn off the lights this morning? Or, did you leave the AC on full blast even though no one is home? Well, the HomeNetix App lets you use your phone to fix both these problems in seconds.
  • Voice Control Option – Can’t find your remote and a not-so-kid friendly movie just started playing on TV in front of your little ones? Well, the HomeNetix System allows you to say, “Change the channel to…” and you can save your kids from that movie.
  • Recommended Scenes – Do you come home at the same time every night and have to fumble in the dark for the light switch? Well, you can program HomeNetix to turn on a light for you every night at that time. Truly, the recommended scenes option is endless.
  • Healthy Sleep – Do you wake up in the middle of the night sweating? The HomeNetix Remote App has a built-in sleep function that keeps your AC at optimal sleeping level while also conserving energy. Truly, this will change your sleep quality within one night.
  • Limit Screen Time – Are your little ones spending too much time in front of screens? Well, studies show that can too much screen time is a direct link to depression in adolescents and adults. Now, HomeNetix lets you see how much they watched so you can limit it.

How Can I Get a HomeNETIX?

If it’s still in stock, here is how you can get yours:

1) Order your HomeNETIX from the Official Website.
2) Turn your smartphone to an Intelligent Home Center.

It’s that simple!

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