Vizr – Review and Buyer’s guide


Driving helps us travel to various destinations easily, but it’s sometimes it leads us to wrong accidents also. While driving, focusing on the road at all times becomes very important.

However, we sometimes need our phones for navigation to certain destinations. So how do you do that without having to look down on your dashboard? The solution is by using a heads up display like VIZR. It keeps you safe and secure by projecting the screen of your phone on the windshield, so what you need to see is always in your line of sight.

What Vizr Exactly is?

VIZR is a dash-mounted heads up display that reflects your mobile’s screen on the transparent display so you won’t have to look down to see your phone. It is designed to help you make turn-by-turn navigations with an unobstructed view that makes your driving more safer.

It allows you to keep Keep your eyes on the road rather than the dashboard and leads to lesser accidents on the road. You will still be able to check notifications or check what’s happening on your phone screen, but you don’t have to take your gaze off the road.

How Does VIZR Works?

There are in-car HUD displays in big brands such as Audi or Mercedes Benz, there are also car HUD models that you can install yourself. It doesn’t really matter a lot if your car is 5 years old or 12 years old, the best heads up display of VIZR is compatible with any model of the car. 

Most Importantly, it won’t cost you much as price is really worth the value to the money that spent on buying this product. Third-party HUDs like VIZR is compatible with any car and can be used alongside popular HUD apps. And if you’re already a FIXED user, you can use it with the FIXED app so it will display your car speed, traffic conditions, navigation directions, and more.

What are The Main Benefits of VIZR?

Universal Design

The most important feature of this car HUD is its compatibility. It can work for any car irrespective of which brand it belongs to or the model of the car. Whether you’re driving a truck, SUV, muscle car, or crossover, you can mount VIZR on your dashboard easily and make your journey safe.

We know that the latest models of the cars already have built-in HUDs, but if a new car is not on your option, then getting the best heads up display is an excellent option that makes your car the latest one with very minimal cost if a VIZR.

Multilayered Coating

The screen is protected with a multilayered coating so it doesn’t get scratched or smudged. Even If you do not take care of it regularly, it will maintain it’s crystal-clear quality for a very long period of time.

Works Day and Night

Are you Worried about that the resolution might be affected by the time of the day? Well, there is no need to worry anymore as VIZR heads up display perfectly functions during day and night time both, regardless of visibility conditions.

Works with all type of HUD App

It actually has its own free app with thousands of features being added all the time according to the need and development of the product. However, if you prefer using another app, HUD is compatible to work with any app of the app store.

You just need to make sure that it’s configured to the HUD Mode so you can continue using the HUD app that you want.

Non-Slip Surface

The mobile holder if VIZR is made of non-slip material so it doesn’t slide off whenever you’re driving. You can mount the HUD in two ways: mounting it on the dashboard or just simply placing it on top.

Adjusting the screen will help you find the best angle that works for you. It’s also portable so you can simply remove this heads up display and use it in another car.

Wireless installation

It may look fancy and high-tech, but this heads up display actually very easy to set up. Once you take it out of the box, just follow the mounting instructions and app setup, and you’re good to go. No need for extra wires or complicated procedures.

How much does VIZR cost?

The VIZR retails at $39.99 – a cheap price to pay to see absolutely better at night. The display is more like a cockpit and you can see curbs, sharp turns and even changes in elevation graphically.

This is a great gift for your family and friends. Who doesn’t want their loved ones safe? Preventing an accident will help you save more than paying for it when it happens. Plus, it will look really sophisticated and sleek on your dashboard. Get this exclusive deal only here by clicking the button below.

What People have to say about VIZR

Should I Buy This VIZR?

Yes, It is a highly recommendable product from our side as it is not about the luxury of gadget buy is an essential part of our daily life. It makes our priceless life secure and allows us to travel without worry. I solve one of the biggest problems of your daily life and the VIZR also meets its promises as per our research and reviews.

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