Top 7 Best Air Fryer Under 10000 – Review & Buying Guide

The world has been blessed with advancing technology. Who could have imagined a technique for preparing fried foods without using insane amounts of oil? In the last decade, a device called a deep fryer has been invented. The deep fat fryer prepares raw ingredients simply by circulating hot air inside the appliance. A disgusting amount of oil that is used without a deep fryer is not only unhealthy but also expensive. Here you will learn about the best deep fryers in India to help you cook without oil.

Here are the 10 Best Air Fryer Under 10000 in India.

Let’s take a look at the Best Air Fryer Under 10000!

Finding the best was next up on our list of challenges. After several hours of testing, we decided on a few models that we think are suited.

Here are the Top 10 & Best Air Fryer Under 10000 in 2021

SaleBestseller No. 1
Philips Daily Collection HD9218 Air Fryer, uses up to 90% less fat, 1425W, with Rapid Air Technology (Black)
  • Innovative Philips Airfryer with Rapid Air technology lets you grill, bake and even roast your favorite dishes. Voltage:220-240 V
  • Cook yummy food with up to 90% less fat
  • Time settings: 30 minutes timer with auto off
  • Temperature control : up to 200 °C
  • Cord length for easy manoeuvrability: 1.8 m
  • Not Just Fries, now make Aloo Tikkis, Roast Chicken, Grilled Vegetables, Chocolate Cakes and much more
SaleBestseller No. 2
Inalsa Air Fryer Fry-Light-1400W with 4.2L Cooking Pan Capacity, Timer Selection and Fully Adjustable Temperature Control, (Black/Silver)
  • Fulfil Instant Cravings, with 1400w of power, this air fryer heats up in 2-3 minutes and cooks food faster than a conventional oven so you can save money at the same time as cutting down the calories
  • Quick Release Button: Pressing the release button allows you to detach your basket from the air-fryer for easy cleaning and quick serving purpose
  • Intelligent Knob and Easy To Use: Rotate the knob to adjust timer and temp according to your cooking needs. Let the knobs take care of your dishes, this air fryer is not just limited to chips; you can cook-up casseroles, curries, beef, chicken breasts, sausages and even desserts
  • Family Size Basket with 2.9 L Food Basket and 4.2 L Cooking Pan capacity, this air-fryer serves the whole family, It makes your cooking effortless and is suitable for every occasion
  • Safety mechanism: For your safety, this appliance automatically switches off itself on basket removal. Over-heat protection has also been provided to protect against sudden overloads
  • Dishwasher Safe and Easy To Clean- Detachable Food Graded Non-Stick coated basket is dishwasher safe, easy to clean, you just need to clean the basket and the pan by putting it into the dish washer, release your hands and safe your time
SaleBestseller No. 3
Inalsa Air Fryer 2.3 L Crispy Fry-1200W with Smart Rapid Air Technology, Timer Selection And Fully Adjustable Temperature Control, (Black)
  • Healthy Frying: Crispy Fry uses the rapid air technology to cook healthy-low fat versions of your favourite foods, using little to no oil. 85% Oil less than traditional frying methods ; Power Consumption: 1200W; Power Requirement: 220V ; Specially design cooking pan for better cooking result Frying material steel and 30 minutes timer with end alarm Auto shut off feature
  • Fast-Heating and Adjustable Temperature Control -- With 1200w of power, this air fryer heats up in 2-3 minutes and cooks food faster than a conventional oven so you can save money at the same time as cutting down the calories
  • Quick Release Button: Pressing the release button allows you to detach your basket from the air-fryer for easy cleaning and quick serving purpose
  • Intelligent Knob & Easy To Use: Rotate the knob to adjust timer & temp according to your cooking needs. Let the knobs take care of your dishes. This air fryer is not just limited to chips; you can cook-up casseroles, curries, beef , chicken breasts, sausages and even desserts
  • Family Size Basket – This large 1.8 L capacity air-fryer serves the whole family. It makes your cooking effortless and is suitable for every occasion
  • Dishwaher Safe & Easy To Clean- Non-stick coated fry basket is detachable and very easy
SaleBestseller No. 4
Inalsa Digital Air Fryer 4L Nutri Fry - 1400W with Smart AirCrisp Technology| 8-Preset Menu, Touch Control & Digital Display| Variable Temperature & Timer Control, (Black)
  • Oil-free fryer: Fryer with Air System Technology that with hot air at high speed and constant temperature fries with little or no oil and achieves much healthier frying, with less than 99% fat and a crispy and tasty result
  • 8 preset programs: The 8 preset programs of Air Fry Digital will allow you to cook: frozen potatoes, natural potatoes, all kinds of vegetables, chicken, sausages, meat, fish, cakes and much more!
  • Fully digital: Fryer with digital touch screen and very easy to use. Set time between 1 and 60 minutes and the temperature between 40 and 200ºC. It has a buzzer at the end of cooking, cold touch handle and non-slip feet
  • High capacity: 4 liters of capacity that allow to make up to 900 grams of potatoes, equivalent to 5/6 servings. It has 1400W of power that ensures fast and homogeneous cooking
SaleBestseller No. 5
VARADA Pro Air fryer 4.5 liter large capacity with 3D rapid hot air circulation technology with beautiful touch panel display 1500 watt power Large size Tong absolutely free (BLACK)
  • 【Family Model Capacity & high power】 4.5L capacity is very suitable for families of 2-4 people or singles. The temperature range of this air fryer ranges from 80°C to 200°C. The 1500W high power and highly sealed space provide you with fast heating, which is very suitable for air frying, baking and grilling.
  • Fry Tasty Meals with Less or No Oil: With VARADA's 360 degrees rapid air frying technology, you can enjoy splatter-free cooking with up to 85% less fat or oil
  • Multi-functional All-In-One Healthy Fryer: That fries, roast, grill and can also bake your favorite meals; With a bonus exclusive VARADA'S recipe cookbook you'll never run out of ideas to cook for yourself or your family
  • Bigger Cooking Capacity, Hassle-Free Cooking: Which means you can prepare healthier less fat/ less grease food for 2-4 persons; With Varada's easy cooking procedure and 8 cooking presets, you can do more while waiting for your food to be cooked
  • Easy To Use and Safe: With auto shut off and overheat protection to protect you from the most common cooking/electronic issues; It comes with an LCD display and soft buttons which is easy to operate; Furthermore, it is easy to clean and comes with dishwasher safe accessories
  • Enjoy the Lifetime Support and 1-Year Warranty: We ensure that our Varada dedicated customer experts are ready to help you with your product concerns; Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority
SaleBestseller No. 6
Stok Air Fryer Max LED Digital Touchscreen with 8 Presets,6.5 Liter 1800-Watt Electric Hot Air Fryers Oven & Oil-Less Cooker for Roasting,(29 Recipes in one Book and Metal Grill Free in Box Package) Air Fryer
  • Wattage: 1800W| Capacity: 6.5 L (6.5 liter internal Pan capacity/ 5.5 liter Basket Capacity)| Color Name: Metallic
  • Material: Stainless Steel, BPA Free Food Grade Plastic| Item Dimensions: Product: 11. 8 x 11. 8 x 12. 6 in; Basket: 9 x 9 x 3. 75 in
  • Included Components: 1 Air Fryer| Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturing Defect Off Site Warranty.
  • Key Benefits: Cooking Timer Up To 30 Minutes With Indication Bell
  • Cooking Capabilities: Roast; Grill; Bake
SaleBestseller No. 7
Inalsa Air Fryer 4L Nutri Fry - 1400W with Smart Rapid Air Technology, Timer Selection And Fully Adjustable Temperature Control, (Black)
  • HEALTHY FRYING: This appliance uses air crisp technology to cook healthy-low fat versions of your favorite foods,using little to no oil. Deliver a much healthier version of the same food with great crispy fried taste and texture
  • EFFORTLESS COOKING: Prepare amazing meals from your cookbook such as french fries,chicken,steak,pudding and donuts.Make yourself feel like a professional chef in your kitchen with this air fryer that will replace any one of your kitchen appliances
  • FAST & EFFICIENT HEATING: With 1400W of power, this air fryer heats up in 2-3 minutes and cooks food faster than a conventional oven so you can save money at the same time as cutting down the calories
  • USER FRIENDLY: Rotate the knob to adjust timer & temp according to your cooking needs. Let the knobs take care of your dishes. This air fryer is not just limited to chips; you can cook-up casseroles, curries, beef , chicken breasts, sausages and even desserts
  • FAMILY SIZE BASKET: With 4 L Food Basket capacity, this air-fryer serves the whole family. It makes your cooking effortless and is suitable for every occasion
  • 2 YEAR WARRANTY by the manufacturer from the date of purchase
SaleBestseller No. 8
Koryo 2.6L Air Fryer with Digital Display, 1350W, Touch Control, Multiple Cooking Attachments: Silicon Cup Cake Moulds, Silicon Brush, Pizza Pan, Cake Barrel and Recipe Book (2.6 litres, KHF4420)
  • Cook food with up to 80% less oil, With Digital Display and Touch Controls
  • Suitable for Healthy Frying, Grilling, Roasting and Baking your favourite food items, 8 Preset Menu
  • High Speed Air Circulation to cook food, Temperature control 80 to 200 Deg. Cel.
  • 1350 Watt power, Capacity 2.6 Litres, Timer Up to 30 minutes, Auto cut-off, Indicator Light, Basket release button with cover lid, Dishwasher Safe Parts
  • Cooking Attachments included – Silicon Cup Cake Moulds, Silicon Brush, Pizza Pan, Cake Barrel and Recipe Book, Warranty: 1 Year on product
SaleBestseller No. 9
Kenstar Air Fryer Aster-N 1500 Watt Oxy Fryer (Maroon)
  • Jogdial Control
  • Fry, Bake & Grill
  • Timer upto 30 mins
  • Non-stick Coating Food Basket
  • Free Recipe Booklet with 100 Recipes
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase
SaleBestseller No. 10
SToK 4 Liters 1500W Smart Rapid 3D Air Technology Digital Air Fryer With Double Layer Grill, Red
  • Wattage: 1500W| Capacity: 4 L| Color Name: Red
  • Material: Food Grade BPA Free Plastic, Steel| Voltage: 220-240V
  • Included Components: 1 Air Fryer, 1 Double Layer Grill, 1 Recipe Book, 1 User Manual| Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturing Defect Off Site Warranty.
  • Key Benefits: Dishwasher Safe
  • Cooking Capabilities: Cook; Bake; Grill; Roast

In the case of a deep fat fryer, an absolutely minimal amount of oil is used, as the inside of the device is covered with oil and then the rest of the work is done with hot air. With this style of cooking, you might think about changing the flavor. However, the food tastes much better, and eating food that has been deep-fried automatically makes you feel healthy.

Buying Guide for Air Fryers

Air Fryers are not so common among the Indian households but are fast becoming a favourite choice for bachelors, small families and those who love experimenting with cooking.

Since this is a relatively unknown kitchen appliance, most among us won’t have a basic outline of the important factors that one must consider while purchasing an air fryer.

In this short yet concise article, we will list a few points that will help you make up your mind on purchasing an air fryer suited to your budget.

Without any further ado, let’s start!

What are Air Fryers?

Air Fryers, in general, can be considered as mini microwave ovens that can perform some of the functions such as grilling, roasting, heating foods on a much smaller quantity.

Even though the working principles of both these kitchen appliances are entirely different, some of their functions overlap.

Who needs Air Fryers?

As we mentioned above, Air Fryers have considerably less cooking volume when compared with Microwave ovens.

If you are a bachelor living in an apartment or if you have a small family of 2-3 members, buying an Air Fryer makes sense.

However, those who already own a Microwave oven need not require an Air Fryer.

Important Factors to consider while purchasing an Air Fryer


The size of the air fryer will come down to the number of members in your family. If you have 4+ members then you would want an air fryer of 4-litre or more cooking capacity. For standard families i.e. 3-4 members, a capacity of 3-3.2 liters is aplenty.

And if you’re a bachelor or couple wanting to go on a healthy eating spree, a 2-2.2-liter air fryer should serve you well and will be cost-effective too. Remember, the large the fryer, the more it is likely to cost.


The wattage defines the power of an air fryer. The higher the wattage the faster will be the cooking. The best air fryers come with a wattage of around 1500 while it may vary between 1000-1300 watts with some of the cheaper ones which are still quicker considering the time deep frying can take.

Also, make sure the power outlet in your kitchen can support that wattage and that the power cord is long enough so you can conveniently place the fryer.

Temperature Control

When it comes to cooking it comes down to temperature. Temperature can make or break any dish whether your baking, roasting or grilling and thus it is or utmost important you have full control over it.

Digital air fryers give you the most accurate of temperature and are easy to adjust whereas the traditional ones like the Koryo come with circular dials. The temperature in air fryers can be varied between 80-200 degree Celsius.


When you’re deep frying you have to stand on guard the whole time to ensure the food doesn’t burn, isn’t it? Well, that’s why air fryers come with a timer function so you can set and forget it. And once the timer ends, these fryers usually sound a warning and then automatically shut-off to prevent further cooking.

Food Separator

The job of the food separator is to save you cooking time by diving the basket into 2 parts so you can cook multiple items simultaneously.  Not all air fryers come with separators so you would want to check on it before making the purchase.


You don’t want to spend hours rubbing and scrubbing the fryer and that is exactly how it is. The fryer basket is coated with non-stick material which prevents food and oil from sticking to it making cleaning easy.

Also, most of the high-end fryers have parts that are dishwasher-safe which makes the otherwise tedious task even simpler. As for the body, a wipe down with a damp cloth should get the job done.

Cost and Warranty

Most of the top air fryers in India will cost you in the range of 6k-10k. These fryers will have durability, functionality and also the capacity to grill, roast or even bake yummy food for a family of 4-5 or even more.

If you’re looking for something on the cheap, then Koryo, Bright Flame are some of the brands to consider. As far as warranty is concerned almost every fryer will come with 1-2-year warranty depending on the brand.

Recipes Book and Manual

Another awesome benefit of going for the top models and brands is that they provide you with a step-by-step recipe guide and then there is obviously the user manual which is a must.

The recipe book will contain desserts, fries, side dishes etc. (everything that can be cooked in an air fryer). While the user manual will contain instructions on how to set the timer, adjust the temperature and also details about the various attachments and safety tips to follow.

How Does An Air Fryer Work?

In order to understand how an air fryer works, you have to know what the Maillard effect is. In technical terms, this is the chemical reaction between reducing sugars and amino acids. It’s what gives food such as bread, steaks, french fries, cookies, fried food, etc. their distinctive brown color. It also gives them a distinctive taste.

Traditional frying methods also work through the Maillard effect. Potato chips, chicken, french fries, and pastries are submerged in oil and deep fried. This gives them the taste and flavor which we know.

An air fryer also makes use of the Maillard effect, but it only coats the food in a thin layer of oil. Then it uses a mechanical fan to circulate hot air around the food at high speed. This gives it the same brown, crisp color and flavor. The heat comes from a heating element. The temperature in an air fryer typically goes up to 200 degrees C.

What Are The Benefits Of An Air Fryer?

There are many benefits to using an air fryer, instead of using traditional frying methods. Here are a few:

It’s much better for your health – Since air frying can use up to 80% less oil than deep frying, it cuts a lot of fat from your diet. This helps you enjoy the taste of fried foods without having to feel too guilty about the calories.

Oil can be very bad for your health, especially if you are using too much oil or if you are using the wrong kind of oil. It is recommended that you use olive oil because it is more healthy. Refined oil such as sunflower oil or vegetable oil can be more damaging for your health.

It’s easy to use – With an air fryer, all you have to do is put in the food, set the temperature, and turn it on. It’s easier to use than a frying pan or karahi. It has the simplicity of a microwave oven.

It’s fast – Air fryers can heat up very quickly, and it doesn’t take as much time to cook as deep frying does. You can finish air frying some foods in 5 minutes or less.

It’s cleaner – As you might have noticed, most of these air fryers have a frying basket that’s coated with non-stick material. They also barely use any oil. As a result, there’s almost no mess and clean-up is a breeze.

Cleaning up after using an air fryer is very easily because most of the work is already done for you. Non stick coating ensures that there is not a lot of waste or sticky oil that is on the utensil. So this makes it very easy to clean the air fryer after use.


What Is Air Fryer?

An air fryer is a kitchen appliance which cooks your food by that cooks by distributing the hot air around the cooking food using a conventional mechanism. This countertop appliance is used for cooking fries, chickens, and meats in no time. In an air fryer, you can find simple settings, heating element, a fan on the top and a basket at the bottom. The air fryer spreads heat all around its space, and crisp up the outer part of your food. It provides tastier, delicious, healthy and no-oil and deep-fried foods which are highly essential in the current scenario.

How To Use Air Fryer?

Open your air fryer, and shake your foods for better cooking. Rotate our foods in every 5-10 minutes and provide them ample space to allow the air to circulate inside it properly and gives you crispy foods. Add a little bit of oil to avoid the foods sticking in the basket. Make sure your foods should be dry to avoid smoke and splatters. On the other hand, while cooking chicken wings empty the fat from the bottom of the machine. Adjust the Cooking Temperature, toss the ingredients with oil and fill the air fryer basket.

How Does An Air Fryer Work?

An air fryer is essentially a small, turbo-powered convection oven for your kitchen counter. It speedily circulates hot air around the food to cook it quickly. While the air fryer has a removable basket like a deep fryer, instead of submerging the food into hot oil, the items in the basket are baked by the heat from the air flowing around them. Air fryers contain a fan that rapidly moves the heated air around, helping your food to crisp up without much additional oil. It also has the ability to reach very high temperatures, enhancing its ability to quickly cook foods.

Advantages Of Air Fryer?

At the current time, air fryer is the most essential appliance for our home. It offers us healthy and oil-free food. The foods prepared with an air fryer doesn’t come with any restriction tag. Anybody can have such delicious and nutritious foods. So this is the first and foremost plus point of having an air fryer. The second thing is its time consumption. Usually, it takes something around twenty minutes of cooking time, which is way better than the conventional cooking method. And finally, the cleaning process of an air fryer is quite simple and easy. Therefore, it is really advantageous to welcome an air fryer to your kitchen for healthy, fat-free and oil-free foods, for saving your valuable time and for easy cleaning option.

How To Clean Air Fryer?

Usually, you don’t find your air fryer oily and untidy, more often like the appliances used in the traditional cooking method. It remains clean as usual due to its closed basket. Still, you have to clean it every time after cooking. First of all, leave your air fryer for some time and let it cool down. Then clean outside of the air fryer with a clean and wet cloth. Remove the components like pan, try and basket and clean those with hot water. If you like you can clean those things by using the dishwasher as well. Use wet cloth and brush to clean the inside of air fryer and the heating element. When you finish your cleaning process, let them dry for a few minutes and then only assemble the parts.

Which Is The Best Air Fryer?

The Philips Viva Collection HD9220 is undoubtedly the best air fryer in India for many reasons. But the first thing which makes it number one its size or say compactness. It really goes well with the modern kitchen set up. On the other hand, Rapid Air Technology allows you to fry, grill, and toast some healthy and fat-free foods within a few minutes. And last but not least is the brand Philips. It has a large-scale presence and equipped with superb technologies and customer service. So there is no second thought to accolade Philips Viva Collection HD9220 as the best air fryer in India.


If you have undergone the full list of air fryer, then you are quite aware of finest models which you can buy in India. All these models have been selected with extensive research and reviews collected from different online sites. Here in this article, you will come across various brands with different price and features. You can choose any of the air fryers according to your requirement and price range. But in between all of these models, Philips Viva collection HD9220 Air Fryer is the best option for you.

Philips Viva Collection HD9220 comes with all the latest features and one of the best air fryers available in the market. Being the best seller as well this air fryer offers you fries, grills, and baking products in no time. With proper power consumption and temperature control, it is the best add-on for your kitchen to make your life better and healthier.

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