Best Air Fryer Under 5000 in India – Buyers Guide & Reviews

If you want to buy the best air fryer in India, you are in the right place.

A deep fryer is one of the best healthy alternatives for your daily cooking habits. With 80% less oil, you can cook your usual dishes with the same flavor.

It is compact in size and easy to use. A single tablespoon of oil can allow you to cook french fries, chicken, fish, etc. with the same crunch. They are closest to convection microwave ovens.

But when we say it, they are a healthy alternative. Now to help you choose the best air fryer in India, we have listed the 7 best air fryers in India.

So, without wasting time, let’s start with the list of the best air fryers in India.

Here are the 10 Best Air Fryer Under 5000 in India.

Let’s take a look at the Best Air Fryer Under 5000!

Finding the best was next up on our list of challenges. After several hours of testing, we decided on a few models that we think are suited.

Here are the Top 10 & Best Air Fryer Under 5000 in 2021

SaleBestseller No. 1
Pigeon Healthifry Digital Air Fryer, 360° High Speed Air Circulation Technology 1200 W with Non-Stick 4.2 L Basket - Green
  • Only Air Fryer with Appointment Function used to make fried foods such as meat, pastries, and potato chips.
  • AIR FRYER CAPACITY: 4.2 litre capacity is enough to enjoy your favorite French fries, samosas, and nuggets without having to worry
  • HEALTHIER FRIED FOOD: Pigeon Healthifry Digital Air Fryer is a tool that is used to cook food with 85% less oil which means with only one spoon of oil, you can cook your favorite food items. 360° HIGH SPEED AIR CIRCULARION TECHNOLOGY: Air fryers work by circulating hot air around a food item to create the same crispiness as traditional fried foods.
  • POWERFUL 1200 Watts: It heats up very quickly, cook food evenly and swiftly due to the combined presence of a concentrated heat source and the size and placement of the fan.
  • NON-STICK FOOD BASKET: 4.2 L Food Basket is Non-Stick that will allow food to be brown without sticking to the pan.
SaleBestseller No. 2
Geek Airocook Aura 5 Litre Digital Air fryer With 8 Preset Menu - Air Fry, Grill, Toast, Roast & Bake | Oil Free Cooking | Recipe book, 1500W, Black
  • NEW-AGE AIR FRYER: Cook your favourite dishes in Geek AIROCOOK AURA 5L Digital Air Fryer with 85% less fat & Oil than traditional deep oil-fried foods. Built with latest technology and modern design.
  • 8 PRE-SET MENU/MULTI-FUNCTIONS: The Digital Air Fryer offers 8 Preset cooking menus that let you cook all kinds of veggies, fries, chicken, desserts, pizza, fish, and prawns and much more in a soft feather touch. This One Fryer does Air Fry, Grill, Toast, Roast and Bake which replaces appliances like griller, toaster & sandwich maker.
  • 360° HOT AIR CRISP TECHNOLOGY The 360° Hot Air Crisp Technology locks the Crunchiness, Fluffiness & Crispiness of your food by evenly cooking.
  • COOK MORE IN ONE GO Comes with a large 5L square basket that serves delicious recipes to your Family & Friends. The cool silver touch handle supports you to take over the cooked foods at your convenience.
  • SET YOUR OWN TIME/TEMPERATURE The 1500W Digital Fryer is easy to use & cook with white LED touch screen. Prepare your dishes at a stretch with time & temperature control—set your time between 0 to 30 minutes and temperature from 80°c to 200°c.
  • EASY CLEANING: No Stress or Mess! The detachable air fryer basket is featured with a friendly non-stick coating which is easy to wipe and clean with a soft damp cloth and use it quickly for fresh cooking.
SaleBestseller No. 3
Lifelong Digital 4.2L Air Fryer with Touch 1350W, Temperature Control & Timer with Hot Air Circulation Technology (Black, LLHFD439)
  • Oil-Free Frying: Lifelong Air Fryer comes with Hot Air Circulation Technology that needs little to no oil (99% less oil*)
  • Capacity: Air Fryer comes with a 4.2 Liters Capacity, which is perfect for a family. Make an abundance of appetizers, desserts, samosa, nuggets, French fries, or even baked goods, within minutes.
  • Digital Operation: Digital touch screen is very easy to use. Set time between 1 and 60 minutes and the temperature utpo 200ºC.
  • Easy Clean-up: Non-stick, dishwasher safe air fryer basket.
  • Varied Functions: With the air fryer's timer adjustments and Start/Stop feature, you can effortlessly modify settings during the cooking process, ensuring optimal results for each meal.
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
SaleBestseller No. 4
INALSA Air Fryer for Home|4.2 L Capacity|Visible Window & Internal Light|1400 W with Smart AirCrisp Technology|6-In-1 Appliance for Air fry,Bake,Roast,Grill and Reheat (Tasty fry MW)
  • HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE With CONVENIENCE: Featuring Air Crisp Technology of 360° hot air convection system with high power (temperature range: 80 ° C to 200 ° C), INALSA air fryer shortens your cooking time by 50% faster comparing to traditional ovens, an ideal time & energy saver! In contrast to traditional deep-frying, INALSA air fryers reduce your food’s oil content by up to 99%, allowing you to enjoy all the fried food in healthy way!
  • VISIBLE COOKING WINDOW: Watch your Food Fry with a NEW Window-design INALSA air fryer! It allows you to directly keep a close eye on food to avoid over-cooking without opening the basket.
  • 6-In-1 APPLIANCE: No need to buy multiple appliances, you just need an INALSA Air fryer to Air fry, Bake, Roast, Grill, Toast and Reheat.
  • USER FRIENDLY & SAFETY FEATURES: our user-friendly Air fryer product that puts you in control with just a few effortless and cool Touch Handle . Air fryer comes with Smoke Vent For absorbing unwanted odour and smoke
  • EASY CLEANUP & LARGE BASKET: The basket is made with non-stick coating. The removable non-stick tray keeps food raised off the bottom and allows air circulation. INALSA 4.2 L Pan basket Can serve 5-person family at one time!
  • GREAT GIFT: INALSA air fryer is the perfect all in one Kitchen machine gadget for anyone wanting to free up their countertop kitchen clutter. Easy Prep with great results in half the time for any skill level and all food lovers. Great gift for any occasion.
Bestseller No. 5
Pigeon Healthifry Manual Air Fryer, 360° High Speed Air Circulation Technology 1200 W with Non-Stick 4.2 L Basket - Green
  • 4.2 litre capacity
  • 2 knobs for temperature and timer control
  • non stick basket and removable food rack
  • 360 degree air circulation technology
  • 1200 watts
SaleBestseller No. 6
SOLARA Large Digital Air Fryer for Home Kitchen with 6 Pre set modes for Indian cooking | 3.5L basket |Mobile app with 100+ recipe eBook and Videos | Green
  • 🌭 HEALTHIER FRIED FOOD: Food cooked in a SOLARA Digital Air Fryer contains up to 85% less fat than traditionally fried foods without losing the delicious tastes and crispy textures. Rapid 360° air circulation cooks your food more quickly than ovens and with a minuscule amount of oil compared to deep-fried foods.
  • 🍟 SLEEK AND MODERN LOOK - 3.5 Liters with advanced touch screen menu. Take the guesswork out of cooking with the built-in touch screen menu featuring 6 cooking presets: Fries/Chips, Paneer, Chicken, Steak, Shrimp, Cake, Fish, and Pizza. Equipped with a wide temperature range from 180Fahrenheit to 400Fahrenheit in 10 degree increments and a cooking timer up to 30 minutes
  • 🍰 FREE RECIPE eBOOK and VIDEOS - Recipes in తెలుగు हिन्दी மிழ் ಕನ್ನಡ മലയാളം We made a 100 page eBook and VIDEOS focused on Indian delicacies with emphasis on local cuisines. All these recipes are tried and tested in our Kitchen. We want to show how Indian delicacies can be made oil free, healthier with our Digital Air Fryer.
  • Comes with non-stick pan equipped with a cool touch handle and button guard to prevent accidental detachment. Shake and flip contents in the middle of your cooking program with the detachable frying basket
  • SOLARA HOME Mobile App - Available for iOS and Android play store. We have more than 30 video recipes and 100+ recipes. Also, you get access to Home Fitness and eBooks
SaleBestseller No. 7
KENT 16096 Classic Hot Air Fryer 4L 1300 W | 80% Less Oil | Instant Electric Air Fryer | Auto Cut Off | Fry, Grill, Roast, Steam, and Bake | 1 Year Warranty | Black
  • Fry, Grill, Roast, Steam, and Bake your favorite snacks with KENT Classic Hot Air Fryer
  • The appliance uses up to 80% less oil and offers the similar taste as of deep-frying
  • Comes with easy-to-use temperature control knob to adjust temperature from 0˚ to 200˚
  • Large capacity of 4L per batch makes it perfect to serve 3-4 people at a time
  • Its rapid heating makes cooking faster and vapor steam ensures your food is crispy outside and tender inside
  • Its 30-minutes timer with auto cut off shuts down the appliance once the process is done
SaleBestseller No. 8
INALSA Air Fryer Digital Tasty Fry-1400W 4.2L,Smart Aircrisp Technology| 8-Preset, Touch Control & Digital Display| Variable Temp& Timer Control,(Black), 4.2 Liter
  • Oil-Free Fryer: Fryer with Air Crisp Technology that with hot air at high speed and constant temperature fries with little or no oil and achieves much healthier frying, with less than 99% fat and a crispy and tasty result
  • 8 Preset Programs: The 8 preset programs of Tasty Fry Digital will allow you to cook: frozen potatoes, natural potatoes, all kinds of vegetables, chicken, sausages, meat, fish, cakes and much more!
  • Not just fries, now make aloo tikkas, roast chicken, grilled vegetables, chocolate cakes, muffins, frozen potatoes, natural potatoes, all kinds of vegetables, chicken, sausages, meat, fish, cakes and much more!
  • Touch screen with 8 presets Function. Try new recipes at the touch of a button.
  • Fully Digital: Fryer with digital touch screen and very easy to use. Set time between 1 and 60 minutes and the temperature between 80ºC and 200ºC. It has a buzzer at the end of cooking, cold touch handle and non-slip feet
  • Non-Stick Cooking Pan: 4.2 L Food Pan is Non-Stick that will allow food to be brown without sticking to the pan. It has 1400W of power that ensures fast and homogeneous cooking.
SaleBestseller No. 9
AGARO Sapphire Digital Air Fryer For Home, 4.5L, Electric Oven, 1400W, 7 Preset Programs, Digital Panel, Fry, Bake, Roast, Toast, Black
  • 7 Preset programs-French fries, Chicken leg, Shrimp, Cake, Steak, Fish, Ribs
  • 4.5L non stick frying basket for small families quickly. Perfect for family meals and small get together
  • 1400 Watts power adds to fast and healthy cooking
  • 360° Rapid hot air circulation technology. It quickly disperses heated air in all directions. It also evenly cooks the food with 90% less oil , preserving the crispy exterior texture
  • Comes with digital display and touch control through which you can select the functions or control the temperature from 80-200°C and timer up to 120 minutes
  • This air fryer oven comes with built in Overheat protection & Auto Shut-off function
SaleBestseller No. 10
COOKWELL Air Fryer - 4.2L - 1400W - Heavy Duty - Metalic
  • Rapid and Even Cooking: Our air fryer utilizes advanced hot air circulation technology to cook your food quickly and evenly, ensuring delicious results every time.
  • Healthier Cooking Option: With our air fryer, you can enjoy your favorite fried foods with up to 80% less fat compared to traditional deep frying methods. It allows you to indulge in crispy and tasty dishes while maintaining a healthier lifestyle.
  • Versatile Cooking Functions: Our air fryer not only fries but also grills, roasts, and bakes. It offers a wide range of cooking options, allowing you to prepare various dishes effortlessly.
  • Easy-to-Use Controls: The intuitive control panel of our air fryer makes it simple to adjust temperature settings and cooking time according to your preferences. It also includes preset functions for popular dishes, taking the guesswork out of cooking.
  • Safety Features: Our air fryer is equipped with multiple safety features such as automatic shut-off and overheat protection, ensuring worry-free cooking.
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: We are confident in the quality and performance of our air fryer. If you have any issues or concerns, our dedicated customer support team is ready to assist you.

Buying Guide – Best Air Fryers in India

An air fryer is one of the essential kitchen appliances which has got to meet an ever-increasing demand in this quick world, where people follow unhealthy lifestyle so that they can dedicate more time to earn for their living. Before taking a look into its types, features and other aspects let’s understand the working procedure. 


An air fryer is a kitchen appliance that carries out frying, baking, roasting, toasting, and grilling like a convection microwave oven. But, the air fryer was primarily made for only frying, with minimum or no oil. 

An air fryer is a kitchen appliance that carries out frying, baking, roasting, toasting, and grilling. But, air fryer was primarily made for only frying, with minimum or no oil.

A heater element is incorporated in the air fryers, which produces heat and then this heat is dispersed into the cooking chamber and spreads evenly over the food by a fan.

It is supported by a starfish-like air guide which ensures that there is no loss of energy. The heat then enters in the food and the radiated heat is distributed at the bottom. On continuous supply, a deep-fry effect is created, which assures that the food is cooked properly.

What are the Benefits of an Air Fryer?

If you wish to get all the fun and good taste of fried food, without all the negative effects, the air fryer is your best bet. These are some of the benefits of an air fryer.

1. Air Fryers are Very Healthy

I can’t emphasize this enough, an air fryer is extremely healthy. It makes use of very little or no oil, which directly implies fewer calories and fats. Just read my article Why Should You Avoid Eating Oil Fried Foods? to know more. The Air fryer is a lot healthier than any frying pan or deep fryer.

2. An Air Fryer is Fast and Efficient

Nobody has that much time to spend on cooking. We all want to do it and get it over with. Air fryer is fast and efficient. It is even faster than ovens. It only takes a couple of minutes to prepare air fried meals.

3. Air Fryer Helps You Maintain a Neat and Clean Kitchen

The fact that air fryers require no oil, there will be no need for all the messy cleanups after cooking. The fryer is enclosed so there cannot be any splatter unlike using a frying pan. The fry basket is dishwasher friendly and the entire system is nonstick. All this put together makes it a very clean process.

4. All in One Machine

Despite the fact that frying is the main purpose of air fryers, they can also be used for other things like grilling, baking and roasting.

5. Air Fryers are Very Easy to Use

An oil free air fryer is amazingly simple to use. You don’t need to be a seasoned expert in cooking or electronics. It’s easy; just place your food in the fryer basket, place the basket in the fryer, use the right buttons, adjust the knob. At this point, you are free to go wherever you want. The appliance automatically shuts down after it’s done.

6. The Air fryers ​are Extremely Safe

With air fryers, you don’t have to fear oil splatters, there are no flames, so no risk of kitchen fires, and there is even an auto shut feature which means that even if you forget to put it off, it will do that automatically.

How to Choose the Right Air Fryer for Home?

The type of air fryer you should go for can and should be influenced by the following factors:.

1. Air Fryer Brand:​

Go for a popular brand. One that has built a reputation for themselves over the years. Compare the air fryers of some of these well known brands and if you don’t like what you see, search for other brands.

2. The Price of the Air Fryer:

The price of the air fryer is very important. Some are relatively cheap, while some are more expensive, with additional features depending on the maker. Compare the features with the price an settle for one that you believe is fair enough.

3. The Size of the Air Fryer:

To get the perfect size, you have to consider the size of your family, i.e the number of people it’ll be cooking for as well as the size of your kitchen counter where you will be placing it. In the Indian market, the average size of air fryer you would find will range from 2 to 4 litres with an average capacity to cook 1 kg of food.

4. Temperature:​

The fact is; different foods need different temperatures to cook. So, when selecting an air fryer, go for one that has a wide range of temperature levels to accommodate any type of food you might want to use it for. It is also important to go for one with a maximum temperature and not one that has indefinite temperature increase. Most found in India can’t exceed 200 degrees.

5. Ease of Cleaning:

Look for reviews of the product. Check for the part where people talk about how easy it is to clean. Some air fryers have fry baskets that are dishwasher safe while others don’t.

6. Controlling and Alerting Features:

A lovely and clear display of the control system is definitely useful to help adjust timing and temperature. A timer is really important because it adds to the safety of the appliance.

7. Warranty Services:​

Do not make any financial commitment except there is a written document which mandates the manufacturer to replace the appliance if it has a fault. The warranty time should be long enough as well

Frequently Asked Question

What is the cost of air fryer?

The best air fryers for Indian cooking can cost anywhere between Rs7000-10000 i.e. between $100 to $150. These fryers will come with ample cooking capacity for a family of 4-5, a strong heating element for quick cooking, recipe book, air ventilator to keep out odor etc. just like the Havells Prolife Digi

If you are looking for something cheaper, you can also get then for Rs3500-5000 i.e. between $50-$80 just like the Koryo KHF2215.

Are air fryers really healthy?

Absolutely, compared to deep drying, air fryers are super healthy which is mainly because of the lower amount of vegetable oil used in the cooking by up to 80% as stated by most manufacturers. The oil contains trans fat and apart from that, it can also lead to Acrylamide, a carcinogen capable of causing cancer.

Do you put oil in air fryer?

Not exactly like you would in a frying pan but yes, coating the food with oil at the start and then every 4-5 minutes makes the most extra crunchy and crispy. Plus, it will prevent the food from drying out as well.

Can air fryer bake cake?

From cakes, brownies to even muffins and cupcakes, yes an air fryer can bake just as efficiently as an oven. That is because of the air circulation in the fryer which provides even heating in all parts providing you with a fluffy cake that’s not dried out.

Do air fryers cook faster?

Yes, air fryers are way faster than deep frying. This is because of the strong heating element which means they can go from room temperature to up to 200-degrees in a matter of just 2-3 minutes.

Are air fryers cancerous?

Like I mentioned above, air fryers do not result in the development of Acrylamide in the body and also use 70%-80% less trans fat as compared to deep frying which makes them cancer-free. In fact, they are a healthier choice and help prevent it.

Can you put aluminum foil in the air fryer?

An aluminum foil should do not harm to your food or the air fryer. But make sure you do not cover the bottom part of the fryer where the grease gets collected as it will disrupt airflow resulting in an uneven cook.

You also do not want to put in either butter paper or aluminum foil without any food in it as it can catch fire due to overheating.


Being hearty and healthy is at the back of everybody’s mind but food has a certain way of speaking to us as nothing else can. After all, you live only once, why miss on all the yummy stuff, isn’t it?

Well, with an air fryer you can enjoy it without sacrificing your diet. They are safe, easy to use, cost-effective etc. which makes them ideal for the heavy fried India food like samosas and so on.

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