10 Best Nose Hair Trimmer – Choose Top Rated Of 2021

There is a lot of pressure on both women and men nowadays, especially when it comes to appearance. The media and fashion magazines don’t make the job easier. Aside from the fact that you, as a woman, always have to look your best, there are a few things you should do, even if you don’t care what other people think. The best nose hair trimmer for women allows you to remove ugly nose hair.

We decided to help you and have collected all the necessary information that we could find about this product category. Plus, the ladies nose trimmer reviews we’ve put together will show you which products are the most popular. You don’t need to do time-consuming research, here you will find everything you need to know.

Here are the 10 Best Nose Hair Trimmers in India.

Let’s take a look at the Best Nose Hair Trimmers!

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Finding the best was next up on our list of challenges. After several hours of testing, we decided on a few models that we think are suited.

Here are the Top 10 & Best Nose Hair Trimmers in 2021

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Why You Should Trust Us

Our nose and ear hair expert Jed Porter’s mom bought him a nose hair trimmer when he entered high school. Embarrassing? Yes, but we’ll go to great lengths to test and to demonstrate our authority. Jed isn’t afraid of revealing intimate details if it demonstrates his decades of experience with a product category. On top of a lifetime of orifice hair grooming, our test team conducted more than a month of testing.

We started by using quarantine time to get wild and wooly. We tested most products in an early round of trimming, let it all grow back, and went at it again with the other portion. In the second round, we also took the opportunity to compare the first round’s top performers to those only tested later. We tested, scored, and review for trimming effectiveness, power system, ergonomics, and ease of cleaning.

Nose Hair Trimmers Buying Guide in 2020

Best Nose Hair Trimmer

Below mentioned are the features that you should look into before you head out to buy a nose hair trimmer.

What does it run on? (battery vs. manual)

Electric nose hair trimmers come with different battery types, and there are pros and cons to every kind. Trimmers that run on rechargeable batteries – like the Cleanfly Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer for Men  – tend to cost slightly more than other trimmers, but will save you time, money, and effort in the long run.

If you’re looking for an electric trimmer, you should be thinking not just about the size or quantity of batteries you’ll need, but how easily you can get hold of them and how much they cost.https://db23c3fb197fe2b9051acaaf2bf744b3.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html

Equally, Erbe’s Stainless Steel Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer for Men  is manual, meaning it doesn’t require batteries at all. This makes it easier to transport and less overt hassle to maintain. That said, getting a manual nose hair trimmer does often mean giving up a certain amount of motor power, which can make the process of trimming more difficult.

Is it powerful enough for your hair?

This might seem obvious, but you need to be sure the trimmer you choose is powerful enough to trim your hair. While most men understand that their head hair and beard are unique to them and have a specific thickness and texture, most of us forget that our nose, ear, and eyebrow hair is similarly unique.

If you grow particularly thick hair, you’ll need a very powerful nose hair cutter, particularly if you want to avoid the pain of getting the razor tangled or caught!

Equally, if you have very thin hair on your eyebrows, ears, or nose, a weaker motor might suffice and you can save money without opting for an expensive, professional nose hair trimmer.

Type of Trimmer Head

The first thing that you should consider while buying a nose hair trimmer is the type of trimmer head it comes with. Unlike beard trimmers and electric head shavers nose hair trimmer heads come with only 3 head options these days:


The most popular and most used option among the three is a rotary trimmer head. A rotary trimmer head usually consists of a small, stubby tip that is narrow enough to fit into the nose or an ear and trim the hair. A great thing about this type of trimmer head is that it is not usually long enough to reach too far into the nose, hence it is least likely to get injured while using the nose hair trimmer. There are two razor blades present under the trim that trim the hair.


A foil guard trimmer has a similar design to a foil guard razor, but the hair in the nose can be easily trimmed because the bladed edge is sideways. For further protection the blade of a foil guard trimmer is located below the guard.


A side action trimmer is located at the back of a beard trimmer. It is useful for people who are looking for a two in one device, however these types of nose hair trimmers might not be the most efficient as they are not designed as dedicated nose hair trimmers.

Batteries or Electric

One of the features that people don’t pay much importance to while buying a nose hair trimmer is the type of battery it features. Most of the nose hair trimmers available in market these days are powered by AA or AAA batteries, however there is also a fraction of them that are powered by unusual batteries. These batteries are usually 1/2AA, AAAA and even C sized batteries.

One of the biggest negative point of hair trimmers with these batteries is that it can be very difficult to track down when your trimmer suddenly stops working because of dead batteries. These batteries are usually not kept in most of the local convenience stores.

On the other hand, the greatest benefit of buying a nose hair trimmer with a common battery is that you can always have the option of using your TV remotes batteries if your nose hair trimmer suddenly runs out.

Easy to Clean

Another important thing that should be considered while buying a nose hair trimmer is how the device is cleaned. Some trimmers might be difficult to clean if longer hair is involved, this might be something of concern to some people, hence it is better that you look into this matter before you buy one.

Some nose trimmers are waterproof, which means that they can be rinsed out with water when they need to be cleaned, but others take a bit more effort. In fact, if the trimmer is not waterproof, the head and the blade will need to be removed to be cleaned properly. Fortunately, cleaning brushes are included to make the job simpler.


A nose hair trimmer that comes in a small compact size is always better than a big, bulky one as you can easily carry it around and can be easily stuffed in your toiletry bag without taking much room. There is a significant difference in the largest and smallest nose hair trimmers. Size also plays a big role in the comfort of using the device. Hence, before buying make up your mind about what size of nose hair trimmer you will be comfortable in using.


Nose hair trimmers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The shape of your nose hair trimmer is more important than you might think. The shape of the nose hair trimmer determines how easy it is to grip and maneuver the device. Usually out of all types of nose hair trimmers, the round ones are the most comfortable to use and easy to hold. Also, according to most of the manufacturers there are only a few who choose a square design. In simpler words: square nose trimmers are not convenient and easy to use. Thought they might look stylish, but they are very awkward to grip and make nose hair trimming a very difficult task. Also, long and thin pencil shaped nose hair trimmers are also not comfortable to hold, especially for people with larger hands.


A number of different brands of nose hair trimmers will try to get you spending your bucks by advertising nose hair trimmers with different attachments. According to most advertisements, the attachments allow you to use the nose hair trimmer to groom other hairy parts of your body at a price that seems too good to be true. Usually nose hair trimmers are labelled as 3-in-1 as they basically perform 3 functions: trim, shave and detail.

Other than the nose hair trimming head, common attachments of a 3-in-1 include:

  • Eyebrow guides
  • Beard trimmer head
  • Shaver head

Now a lot of people assume that a 3 in 1 nose hair trimmer is a catch, however a nose hair trimmer that ‘does it all’ just does not work that well in practice. Also, usually the quality of a 3-in-1 device is quite bad as compared to the quality of nose hair trimmer, beard trimmer and shaver devices separately. Also, most of the users have reported a bad overall user experience of 3-in-1 nose hair trimmers as compared to trimmers that were just designed for the ears and nose.


Everyone who has used a nose hair trimmer once in their life knows that the device can be very noisy. As soon as you hit the power button the little motor inside starts humming and buzzing. Each individual has different tolerance for noise. Some might find it okay that the noise hair trimmer makes noise while working whereas others might find it difficult to use it with all the noise. Though electric trimmers are not loud enough to wake someone up from their sleep, but they do make noise loud enough to draw attention.

Hence, if you are someone who does not like noise while using the device then you might want to look for a particular nose hair trimmer that makes minimal noise while working.

How to Clean an Electric Nose Hair Trimmer

Cleaning your nose hair trimmer is extremely important if you want to increase its lifespan. Depending on the model, there are various ways in which you can clean it. Some units come with brushes with soft bristles that allow you to clean them thoroughly and remove all the hairs from the cutting chamber and between the blades.

Others also allow you to rinse them. However, it is extremely important to read the instructions manual before you start using your trimmer. You should also know that there are various products and cleaning solutions on the market specifically designed for these products. But first, check and see what you can use for your device.

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1. Do nose hair trimmers hurt?

Good nose hair trimmers do not hurt. The reason is that their motor provides enough power for the blades to cut the hair at a high speed. Moreover, the blades are housed by a guard that protects your skin. Therefore, simply cutting your hair does not hurt.

Still, if the motor does not provide enough power due to a low battery or if you are using a nose hair trimmer that is not high-quality, the device might pluck hairs which, of course, hurts. That is why it is important to look for a good-quality device and make sure you change the battery when it is necessary.

2. Is it bad to trim nose hair?

From an aesthetic point of view, trimming nose hair is not a bad thing if you do it correctly. However, from a medical point of view, it is not a good thing either. First of all, make sure that you are the only person using your trimmer.

Since a lot of bacteria and other particles get stuck in the nasal hair, a trimmer should not be used by more than a person. Also, make sure that you are using the unit in the correct way which is recommended by the manufacturer.

Nasal hair works as a filter that captures various particles and bacteria from entering your body. Once removed, your nose is no longer protected. So, before you start trimming your nose hair, you should keep this in mind as well. Also, if you want to remove this hair because it hangs out of your nose and looks awful, try trimming only the visible part.

3. Does nose hair grow back thicker?

Even though many people believe this is true, the answer to the question is no. It is a very common misconception about body hair. Of course, hair that was shaved or trimmed grows back faster and thicker compared to hair that is plucked or waxed. When you pluck or wax your hair it is removed with the root. The hair bulb follicle thickens and the new hair will be thinner. When you shave or trim the hair, the root remains inside and the new hair grows back to how it was. There is no scientific proof to support the theory according to which hair that is trimmed grows back faster and thicker.

4. Is it dangerous to pluck nose hair?

Plucking nasal hair is not as safe as trimming it. Since you remove the entire hair with its root, you may end up with ingrown hair. Plucking can also lead to infections due to the hair follicle that remains unprotected from bacteria that might easily get inside it. Furthermore, the skin inside your nose is extremely sensitive which makes the process quite painful.

Wrap Up

For a woman, the hair from anywhere except the head should be eliminated. Or doesn’t it? In the end, it is a matter of personal choice, but most ladies prefer to get rid of it. From an aesthetic point of view, a woman who takes care of herself looks better.

No matter what your personal views are on the matter, hair growing out of the nose is not only extremely annoying but it also looks quite bad. You may decide to use wax on certain parts of the body, but when it comes to the skin inside your nose, it is not the best choice.

While there are various ways to remove unwanted hair, technology has certainly simplified. The best nose hair trimmer is certainly one of those devices that make our lives so much easier. They allow you to shorten the hair that sticks out without hurting the skin inside.

Unlike waxing, a trimmer does not pluck the hair out entirely. This means that your nose is a bit more protected from various particles that usually enter through the nose. If you want to see what some of the most popular products in this line are, check our nose hair trimmer reviews.

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