Top 10 Best CCTV Camera For Home – Review & Buying Guide

CCTV cameras have become essential for every home for added security and peace of mind. There are 100s of CCTV cameras in the market with a multitude of features to choose from, so finding the best CCTV camera in India for home, office or shop that meets your needs can be very challenging.

List of Top 10 Best CCTV Camera

In the past, people used to have a notice board with the words “Beware of Dogs” on their gates to deter thieves.

Today, you have them with the words, “This house is under CCTV surveillance.”

Top 10 Best CCTV Camera Reviewed

1. Hikvision CCTV Camera – Hikvision DS-2CE1AD0T-IRP 2MP 1080P Full HD Night Vision Outdoor Bullet Camera

HIKVISION DS-2CE1AD0T-ITP 2MP Analog HD Output Night Vision Outdoor Bullet Camera (White)
  • Image sensor - 2MP CMOS image sensor, signal system - PAL/NTSC, effective pixels - 1920(H)x1080(V), minimum illumination - 0.01 lux at (F1.2, AGC ON), 0 lux with IR, shutter time - 1/25(1/30) s to 1/50, 000 s
  • Lens - 3.6mm, lens mount - M12, adjustment range - pan - 0 - 360 degree, tilt - 0 - 180 degree, rotation - 0 - 360 degree, day and night - IR cut filter with auto switch, video frame rate - 1080p at 25fps/1080p at 30fps, HD video output - 1 analogue HD output
  • Synchronization - internal, S/N ratio - more than 62 dB, power supply - 12 VDC±15 percent
  • IR range - up to 20m, power consumption - max 4W, weather proof - IP66
  • Included Components: 1 Bullet Camera, Product Manual, Gypsum Screws; Material Type: Plastic; Specific Uses For Product: Surveillance

2. CP Plus CCTV Camera – CP Plus 360 Degree 1080P 2MP Ezykam WiFi Security Camera

CP PLUS Wi-Fi 1080p HD 360° Viewing Area Security Camera, White
  • Home on Phone: Access footage of your home/ office round the clock from anywhere in the world on your phone
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Intelligent Motion Alert: When armed, the inbuilt motion alarm in the EzyKam intimates you instantly on your smartphone in case of an intrusion in a restricted area
  • 360 degree pan and 85 degree tilt offered by Ezykam, saves cost and trouble of installing multiple cameras for a space
  • Intelli-Fi: Connect to your local Wi-Fi in a jiffy. Simply select network, input password, and you are good to go

3. Panasonic CCTV Camera – Panasonic PI-HPN203L 2MP Bullet Camera

Panasonic PI-HPN203L 2MP Bullet Camera (White)
  • 2MP resolution
  • 1/2.7 inch image sensor
  • 30m IR range
  • Lens: 3.6mm
  • DC 12 volt input
  • Output Resolution: 720*1080 pixel ; Power Source: AC ; Power Requirement: 4W ; Power Consumption: 4W

4. Dahua CCTV Camera – Dahua 2MP 1080P Bullet CCTV Security Camera DH-HAC-HFW1220SP

Dahua Wired 1080p 2MP Security Camera, White
  • Bullet Camera - 2 MP
  • Supports up to 20 m distance
  • Comes with day/night vision

5. D-Link Full HD Basic CCTV Kit

D-Link HD CCTV Kit with 1MP Dome Camera, 1MP Bullet Camera, 4CH DVR, 4CH 5 AMP SMPS (Off-White, White)
  • Support AHD, TVI, CVI, CVBS output
  • CCTV Kits for home & offices
  • 5years product warranty in Camera & DVR
  • DVR needs to be connected with Hard drive for storage
  • Please note: Surveillance hard drive is not a part of the kit

6. Sricam SP Series SP005 Wireless HD IP Wi-Fi CCTV Indoor Security Camera

Sricam SP Series Wireless HD IP WiFi CCTV [Watch Live Demo Right Now] Indoor Security Camera (Support Upto 128 GB SD Card) (Black Color)
  • WATCH LIVE DEMO: 1. Download app 'SRICAM' on your android or iphone from app store. 2. Register with your email address & create an account. 3. Click on '+' to add camera and enter device name as 'Demo', device id as '999999' and password as '888888'. Then click on camera icon to see video. Select HD to see HD Quality video. Slide finger on screen to rotate the camera.
  • MOTION DETECTION: Will send you alarm when some motion is detected.
  • ROTATE CAMERA: Rotate camera horizontally or vertically from anywhere in world thanks to inbuilt rotating motor.
  • IR Night Vision: See in Dark also with the help of inbuilt IR lens.
  • 2 WAY AUDIO & SD CARD SLOT: Talk to other side of camera with the help of inbuilt microphone & speaker. Record Videos in SD card as it has provision for SD card slot also. It supports upto 128 GB capacity Card.

7. ThinkValue T8855 Wi-Fi Wireless HD IP Security Camera CCTV

ThinkValue T8855 Wireless HD IP Wifi CCTV Indoor Security Camera (Supports Upto 128 GBB SD card)
  • CLOUD RECORDING: Keep recordings safe on FTP server even if camera is stolen / broken . Supports Multiple platform - Android ,IOS , Windows PC
  • Simple and easy Wi-Fi setup: Quick Wi-Fi setup(Does not support 5G Wi-Fi network)) via iOS or Android Smartphone using supplied APP
  • Remote access to the camera on Smartphone via your mobile 4G network or Wi-Fi
  • Rotate Camera: Rotate camera horizontally or vertically from anywhere in world thanks to inbuilt rotating motor. Record Videos in SD card as it has provision for SD card slot also. It supports upto 128 GB capacity Card. You can either choose to record 24x7 or can do Alarm recording which means when motion is detected only then recording will be done.
  • Night vision and two-way Audio: Night vision up to 16-feet - never miss a moment, day or night, with visibility up to 16 feet in complete darkness. Communicate with family, friends and your pets on mobile devices. Talk to camera or listen to camera, there is no distance to communicate with anyone.
  • Country of Origin: India

8. D3D Wireless HD IP Wi-Fi CCTV Indoor Security Camera – D8810

D3D Wireless HD IP WiFi CCTV [Watch Online Demo Right Now] Indoor Security Camera (Support Upto 128 GB SD Card) (White Color) Model:D8810
  • CLOUD RECORDING: Keep recordings safe on FTP server even if camera is stolen or broken.
  • 360 DEGREE MOBILE CONTROL : Rotate camera horizontally or vertically from anywhere in the world using mobile application
  • IR NIGHT VISION : HD night vision with inbuilt IR lens. MOTION DETECTION: Will send alerts whenever any motion is detected
  • 2 WAY AUDIO & SD CARD SLOT: Video chat with inbuilt microphone & speaker. No need of computer. SD card slot to record images & videos. No need of separate DVR. 1 Year warranty and dedicated customer support 24x7.We have a technical service centre Support no.

9. D-Link Marvel DCS-F1712 2MP HD Day and Night Fixed Bullet Camera with 30M of IR Range

D-Link DCS-F1712 2MP HD Day and Night Fixed Bullet Camera with 30M of IR Range (White)
  • 1/2.7-inch Scan CMOS, Full HD 1080P
  • Support AHD/ TVI/ CVI/ CVBS Output
  • IR Range 30m
  • Lens : 3.6mm
  • Support AHD/ TVI/ CVI/ CVBS Output (OSD)
  • Video Transmission 300m

10. ProElite POD04 PTZ Wi-Fi HD Outdoor Waterproof 4X Optical Zoom 960p IP Security Camera

ProElite POD04 PTZ WiFi Wireless HD Outdoor Waterproof 4X Optical Zoom 960p IP Security Camera CCTV (Supports Upto 128 GB SD Card)
  • You should have WiFi router or wifi dongle for camera to work. Once camera is configured to wifi then you can watch live video or Sd card recorded videos in your smart phone or tablet from anywhere in world. Camera also has AP function which means camera can creates its own Wifi Hotspot and you can connect your phone wifi to camera wifi directly. Installation is very very simple, just download free app from app store in your Android or iPhone and configure camera to wifi without any wires.
  • Metal Housing PTZ Camera: This Outdoor IP Camera is made of metal housing, you can use it indoor or outdoor as you like. Waterproof rating is IP66. It can pan tilt and zoom, Horizontal 0- 260° , Vertical -5-60°, 2.8-12mm F1.4 optical auto zoom lens
  • ROTATE CAMERA: Rotate camera horizontally or vertically from anywhere in world thanks to inbuilt rotating motor.
  • Day Night Vision & 4X Optical Zoom: Embedded with 4 big powerful IR LEDs which provide up to 150 feet of night vision, you can see everything clearly in the dark. It also has 4X Optical Zoom capability.
  • SD CARD SLOT: Record Videos in SD card as it has provision for SD card slot also. It supports upto 128 GB capacity Card. You can either choose to record 24x7 or can do Alarm recording which means when motion is detected only then recording will be done.

What are CCTV Cameras?

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television. It is a TV system which captures video or images that are monitored privately. CCTV uses closed-circuit broadcast signals, unlike regular televisions that use public broadcast signals.  It mostly used for security and surveillance objectives.

The Price – Your Budget

Installing a security system is a capital investment for anyone. You have to be careful with your budget. While drawing up your budget, you should concentrate on various factors.

  • The nature of surveillance you require
  • The area of surveillance
  • Indoor or outdoor security
  • Number of cameras you wish to install
  • The brand of cameras you purchase
  • The installation and maintenance costs
  • The utility of the cameras
  • The types of cameras you want

How to Choose Best CCTV Camera as per Individual Requirements?

Below, we have listed down several factors that play a key role in selecting the right one. Make sure to read them very carefully to understand the terms and their importance.

Surveillance Technologies:

Basically, there are two surveillance technologies – analog and IP (digital). Each of these have their own set of advantages and disadvantages which we have mentioned them in detail…

1. Analog

Traditional analog security cameras capture an analog video signal. This signal will be transferred to DVR (digital video recorder) through a coax cable. The DVR will convert the analog to digital, compresses it and stores in hard drives which can be retrieved later. Features like scheduling, zooming and motion detection are available in the DVR. Monitors can be plugged to the DVR for viewing the output.

Usually, the video quality of analog cameras is of television standards. The DVR can also be set up to internet broadcasting with password and additional features. When internet broadcasting, the video is usually transmitted as a single stream (IP address). The power to the each camera is supplied from any point near the camera itself.


  • They are usually much affordable and more than enough for remote monitoring.
  • They come in different varieties from mini covert to large PTZ models. It might a bit easier to find the camera of your style.
  • Mix and match of cameras and brands is easier with analog versions. If you have an existing camera then it will be much easier to incorporate into your surveillance system.


  • Advance features like clear zooming is not available with analog cameras.
  • If you are thinking of a wireless security system then analog systems can have interference issues like the resulting signal cannot be encrypted. This means that someone else can also access the signal.
  • For wide areas, broad ranges and big distances, analog cameras may not be a good choice.

2. IP (Digital)

The main difference between the analog and IP cameras is the quality of the video. High resolution and quality video are the two major benefits of an IP security camera. A high quality video ensures a better facial recognition, ability to zoom distances of 100+ feet and license recognition. Actually, the resolution is 2 – 3 times higher than a normal analog camera.

In IP CCTV surveillance system, each camera in the network captures an analog signal which will be immediately converted to digital video inside the camera itself. Digital processing like compression and motion detection also happens in the camera itself.

NVR (network video recorder) functions same as DVR in the analog version cameras. NVR will capture signal form each camera, compresses and stores it. The built-in software of NVR will also has features like intelligent search, zoom and others. NVR will combine video signals from all the cameras and broadcasts it over the LAN and internet for both remote and local viewing.

The power to each cameras is suppled through an Ethernet cable via POE (power-over-Ethernet) adapters. Most of the old style IP cameras don’t have in-built POE so they have to add POE adapters additionally.

Digital videos are much more compatible with wireless than other. Wireless analog systems are available, however the videos has to be converted in to digital before broadcasting over the IP network 802.11. If not, then can be overcrowded over the saturated frequencies and encounter interference in most of the cases.


  • IP surveillance systems are best for wireless reception. As they have encryption built-into them, they are much more secure than analog systems. Interference is also not an issue with IP systems.
  • As IP based cameras act as their own network system, you can use existing wiring network to connect them within your home.
  • They are best suited for remote surveillance requirements.


  • They are a bit high in price when compared to analog systems.
  • They require a higher bandwidth than analog cameras.

Different CCTV Camera Types

There are basically 5 different types of CCTV cameras:

1. Dome CCTV Camera

This is the most common type of CCTV cameras. It makes it difficult for onlookers to tell which way the camera is looking, which is the best feature of this design.


  • Easy to install
  • Vandal Proof
  • Compact Size


  • Not that high resolution compared to other types

2. Bullet CCTV Camera

These are the most ideal for outdoor use. They are long and cylindrical in shape.


  • Easily mountable
  • Adaptability- can be used indoor or outdoor
  • High-quality image resolution
  • Has more protective casings hence mostly are weatherproof


  • Not that flexible in camera angles unlike the dome

3. C-mount CCTV Camera

The most flexible CCTV when it comes to changing the lenses. It can cover a longer range than that of the standard CCTV. This type can do beyond 40 feet by using special lenses on it.


  • Highly flexible in technology changes


  • Bulky in size

4. Day/ Night Camera

These are highly operational both in well and poor lit environments due to their more sensitive imaging chips. These cameras are ideal for outdoor surveillance.


  • Records in both color and black & white
  • Wide array of sizes
  • Infrared capability


  • Can be a bit costly than other standard types

5. PTZ Camera

PTZ which stands for Pan, Tilt, Zoom cameras allows lenses to be zoomed closer and farther. These are what usual security specialists used operating at live surveillance.


  • Pan and tilt rotation
  • Effective tracking features
  • Powerful zoom focus


  • It can’t see everything at once, only focused on where the viewer focuses it

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to set up and install CCTV cameras?

Installing the latest wireless cameras is easy. However, you need expert assistance to install the complete security surveillance systems comprising of multiple cameras and DVR, and so on.

If the memory card got full, will it stop recording?

No, it will just overwrite your old files.

Can I install an outdoor camera indoors?

In most of the cases, it is a “YES”. Though it is not completely recommended, sometimes, a CCTV camera with outdoor qualifications can be helpful to use indoors. Such situations or areas include, a factory where chemicals, condensation or similar things happen, indoor warehouses, a prison or schools.


Whether you want the highest quality video resolution, the easiest access to your camera feeds, the smartest motion detection or just the best value for money, the Top 10 Best CCTV Camera For Home are listed above with the best brand available.

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