Top 10 Best Airfryer Oven – Review & Buyer’s Guide

One of the proven and affordable solutions to avoiding greasy food is using an air fryer oven. It enables you to still fry, roast, bake, and grill the same foods but using little or no oil at all. The unit relies on advanced technology like infrared to heat the food. And since the appliance has a nonstick surface, you don’t need to use cooking oil.

With more consumers switching to this appliance, manufacturers have been churning all kinds of air fryer ovens to match the demand. This means that finding a product is much easier. But which is the best? To answer this question, we looked at and compared the popular items on the market.

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Top 10 Best Airfryer Oven

10 Best Airfryer Oven Reviews

SaleBestseller No. 1
INALSA Air Fryer Oven Aero Crisp with 12L Capacity | Digital Display and Stainless Steel |10 Preset Program | Rotisserie Function and 1500 Watt |Free Recipe book|2 Year Warranty(Black)
  • Calorie Killer - A Healthier Way: Aero Crisp Air fryer Oven uses the circulation of hot air to cook food that would otherwise be submerged in oil, which reduces intake of 99% of oil and calorie while keeping its crispy taste and makes it possible to enjoy your food without burden.
  • 10 Preset Programs: The air fryer oven offers 10 preset menus with precise time settings and temperature control to cook or reheat the food quickly, taking place of the deep fryer, oven, frying pan, toaster, sandwich maker, defroster, microwave oven. Itâ€s time to release kitchen space with the multifunctional air fryer.
  • Cook Faster and Bake Evener: Troubled by long cooking time? Food will be cooked faster thanks to the 1500W powerful Air System Technology as compared to non-convection ovens, which saves your cooking time and releases your hands to work on others dishes.
  • Large Capacity: This 10L large-capacity fryer oven has convenient buttons and a clear LED display. You can easily operate and select different functions. At the same time, it also has lighting control that allows you to pass The glass panel can view the cooking progress of the internal food, which greatly increases your control over the food.
  • Environment Friendly - No More Smoke & Oil Splash. To care for you & your family, Inalsa Aero Crisp Air Fryer Oven offers an environment with no smoke & oil, as kitchen smoke and oil splash do harm to the body in long-term cooking.
  • Illuminated Cooking Chamber: Crisp Tray & Bake/Drip Tray and also has Rotisserie Folk Set, Rotisserie Handle & Pot Mitts
SaleBestseller No. 2
Geek AiroCook Digix 30L Air Fryer Oven With 12-in-1 Pre-set Menus for Kitchen with Stainless steel built, 1700W, Digital LED Display and All in One function Air fry, Rotisserie, Grill, Roast, Bake, Toast & Dehydrate | Oil Free Cooking.
  • 12 COOKING FUNCTIONS: Just choose what you want to cook and how! without needing to set a timer/temperature. Geek AIROCOOK DIGIX does healthy fries, fat-free Chicken, Grill, Roast, Bake, Toast, Pizza, Cookies, Prawns, fish, Rotisserie, and Dehydrate all in just the selection of the menu.
  • XTRA LARGE CAPACITY: Cook & serve for 6-8 people with a large 30L capacity which exhibits spacious space that fits whole Chicken with Rotisserie function, 12-Inch Pizza, 6 slices of bread, French fries, and much more.
  • DIGITAL DISPLAY + SPIN CONTROL KNOB: Merely tune the easy spin knob to select the cooking options and set your desired time, and temperature and customize air speed & light as per your convenience along with the visual check through a large LED display.
  • 360° HOT AIR CIRCULATION TECHNOLOGY: Prepares healthy defatted & oil-free foods with advanced 360° Hot air circulation technology that spreads hot air evenly all over the food and makes the entire dish even crispier, crunchier, and fluffier in accordance with the selected preset.
  • 6-IN-1 MULTI AIR FRYER OVEN: Geek AIROCOOK DIGIX helps in replacing the Air fryer, OTG, Griller, toaster, convection oven, and Dehydrator as all in one Kitchen appliance which helps in saving monies and also your kitchen space.
  • WHAT’S IN THE BOX: The 1700W Geek AIR FRYER OVEN Comes with a baking tray, oven rack, Air fry basket, crumb tray, rotisserie spit assembles, fetch rack, oven mitt, Recipe Book with 50 unique recipes, Manual and Warranty card.
SaleBestseller No. 3
AGARO Elite Air Fryer, OTG, Oven, Toaster, Rotisserie, dehydrator for Oil-Less Air Frying, 14.5 L, 16 Preset Menus , 360° Turbo Hot Air Circulation Technology & Dual Heating Element, 1700W, Dark Grey
  • Uses less oil to fry compared to traditional frying
  • 14.5 L capacity, 1700 Watts, Adjustable Temperature range from 50-220 degree Centigrade, Timer up to 90 minutes
  • 360° heat circulation technology uses hot air to cook food from all angles thoroughly and quickly with less oil
  • 16 Preset Menu options-Chicken, Defrost, Wings, Dehydrate, Steak, French fries, Fish, Vegetables, Popcorn, Proof, Cake, Skewer, Pizza, Keep warm, Toast, Cookie
  • 3 Assist cooking function top heating, Bottom heating and rotisserie
  • This air fryers has automatic Shutoff and overheat protection, if the temperature is too high, the power will be automatically cut off, gives you security protection.
SaleBestseller No. 4
Pigeon Healthifry Digital Air Fryer, 360° High Speed Air Circulation Technology 1200 W with Non-Stick 4.2 L Basket - Green
  • Only Air Fryer with Appointment Function used to make fried foods such as meat, pastries, and potato chips.
  • AIR FRYER CAPACITY: 4.2 litre capacity is enough to enjoy your favorite French fries, samosas, and nuggets without having to worry
  • HEALTHIER FRIED FOOD: Pigeon Healthifry Digital Air Fryer is a tool that is used to cook food with 85% less oil which means with only one spoon of oil, you can cook your favorite food items. 360° HIGH SPEED AIR CIRCULARION TECHNOLOGY: Air fryers work by circulating hot air around a food item to create the same crispiness as traditional fried foods.
  • POWERFUL 1200 Watts: It heats up very quickly, cook food evenly and swiftly due to the combined presence of a concentrated heat source and the size and placement of the fan.
  • NON-STICK FOOD BASKET: 4.2 L Food Basket is Non-Stick that will allow food to be brown without sticking to the pan.
SaleBestseller No. 5
Havells Air Fryer Air Oven Digi | Extra Large Capacity | Combination of Air Fryer and OTG |9 Pre-Set Menu | Dehydrator| 2 Grill Rack | Large Rotisserie Function |1500 Watt | 2 Yr Warranty
  • It is equipped with AERO crisp technology which ensures rapid air circulation in every direction ensures evenly cooked food for better crisping while retaining the maximum moisture inside
  • 9 cooking auto pre set options for perfet time with adjustable temperature control.Power Requirement 220v-240v
  • 360 degree air circulation technology allows hot air and fan to distribute heat for quick and healthier cooking
  • LED Display with digital sensor touch control panel
  • Transparent toughened glass, cool touch handle and auto shut off
  • 2.6 L bigger size rotation drum basket (rotisserie)
SaleBestseller No. 6
Hamilton Beach Easy Reach Sure-Crisp Airfryer Oven Toaster Grill with 16L Capacity | Stainless Steel, 1400W | All in One - Air fry, Oven, Toast, Grill, Bake, Broil, Dehydrate, Reheat & Roast
  • SURE-CRISP AIR FRY FUNCTION: The Hamilton Beach Air Fryer OTG comes with sure crisp function which cook’s food evenly and gives you a crisp finish. Now cook with little to no oil in this air fryer oven and get your delicious dishes likes fries, chicken wings, vegetables and much more.
  • ALL IN ONE – With Hamilton Beach multipurpose Air Fryer you can now perform various functions with one single product. This Air Fryer OTG comes with options to Air Fry, Oven Toast, Grill, Bake, Broil, Dehydrate, Reheat & Roast.
  • EASY REACH TECHNOLOGY– - The specially designed front glass door on the oven toaster griller slides up so that you can easily access the food being cooked without any obstructions from the door or causing any physical injury
  • MONITOR YOUR COOKING - In traditional air fryer in order to monitor the cooking, you need to open the basket and check the food every time The non-emissive glass technology of the air fryer ensures you can monitor the texture and readiness of your food while ensuring minimum heat loss
  • EXTRA LARGE CAPACITY – Now prepare your food for the entire family in one go. With 16L extra-large capacity now prepare yummy dishes in bigger batches. This air fryer oven has plenty of room for 6 slices of toast, a 12” pizza or a 9”x11” baking pan. It comes with a rack position to accommodate a variety of foods. The Hamilton Beach Sure-Crisp is the only air fryer which can cook a 12” pizza in one go and in 8 minutes
  • UNILIMITED CONTROL – Other than pre-set options it has bake, broil, toast, air fry, etc. functions. Or you can control the temperature and timer or keep it stay on mode to ensure perfect results enabling you to cook like a pro
SaleBestseller No. 7
PHILIPS Digital Air Fryer HD9252/90 with Touch Panel, uses up to 90% less fat, 7 Pre-set Menu, 1400W, 4.1 Liter, with Rapid Air Technology (Black), Large
  • Philips Airfryer HD9252/90 (Large, 4.1 L) lets you cook great tasting food with up to 90% less fat*
  • Patented Rapid Air technology with unique starfish design pan ensures evenly fried results without flipping the food
  • Fry. Bake. Grill. Roast. And even reheat!
  • Touch screen with 7 presets and Keep Warm Function. Try new recipes at the touch of a button.
  • Auto-shut off function when the basket is removed
  • Extra-long 1.8 m cord length for easy placement in your kitchen
SaleBestseller No. 8
Lifelong Digital Air Fryer Toaster Oven 12L| Premium 1800-Watt Oven with 7-in-1 Functions| Large Capacity Air Fryer with 60-Minute Timer/Auto-Shutoff| Stainless Steel| 12 Preset Menu (2 Years Warranty)
  • COOKING FUNCTIONS: This premium 1800W toaster oven and Air Fryer is equipped with an AirFry setting plus toast, bake, rotisserie, warming feature, etc. with a wide temperature range (200°C)
  • CAPACITY: 12 Litre - Large enough to toast 6-slices of bread, air fry 3-pounds of chicken wings, bake a 12-inch pizza or roast a 4-pound chicken
  • SUPERIOR OPERATION: Equipped with an adjustable temperature digital toggle, 60-minute timer/auto-shutoff to ensure your meals are cooked to perfection.
  • Pre-set Menu: 12 Pre-set menu options which are easy to use and are a healthy option to satisfy your taste buds to prepare a variety of delicious snacks
  • INCLUDES: Oven Cavity with in built light, 1 N Oven rack, 1 N Baking pan, 1 N AirFry basket, 1 N cage, 1 N Rotisserie fork, 1 N Rotisserie Handle, 10 N Skewer Rods, 1 N Oil Brush
  • Digital Display: The product comes with a Digital touch panel, transparent cooking window and Interior lighting
SaleBestseller No. 9
Philips Essential Air Fryer HD9252/70 with Rapid Air Technology, uses up to 90% less fat, 7 Presets Touch Screen
  • Rapid Air Technology
  • Starfish design
  • Suitable for gifting on Diwali and other special occasions.
SaleBestseller No. 10
Proscenic T31 Air Fryer 15Ltr - With 360˚High Air Circulation | In built Alexa Control and Touch Display |1700W |
  • Large capacity of 15L - Thanks to the 15L basket, the T31 air fryer is able to offer up to 10 servings for an entire family, roasting a whole chicken
  • Less Fat with TurboAir - The T31 uses TurboAir Technology providing 360 degree air circulation, allowing you to cook food quickly but also making food tender on the inside and crunchy on the outside. In this way you reduce fat by 85%, while maintaining the original taste of the ingredients
  • Easy to Use with 12 Ready Programs - With 12 ready-made programs you can easily cook french fries, chicken, vegetables etc ... In addition, the combination functions allow you to use: Preheat + Preset Mode + Keep Warm. You can choose one, two or three; it all depends on your needs! You can also accurately adjust the timer and temperature setting using the rotary knob
  • APP Control & Italian Recipes Online - Thanks to the "Proscenic" APP you can simply control the fryer remotely. You can conveniently manage cooking, preheating and thermal insulation in up to 3 stages; There are also over 30 free recipes online, but if you prefer, you can upload your own custom recipes and refer to original recipes provided by other Proscenic users
  • Safe Materials & Easy to Clean - All components of the fried basket are stainless and have a non-stick Teflon coating which is free of BPA, PFO and unpleasant odors. They can be easily cleaned or placed inside the dishwasher

Buying Guide

Here is what one should consider when shopping for an air fryer oven.

Performance level

The first thing to consider when you go to buy the right air fryer is its performance. Look into the technicalities and see how efficient each product is. Once you have established how it performs clearly, it is time to consider the rest of the factors. 

Safety precautions

Whenever you are working with something hot, the level of safety is always something to question. Before you decide on what air fryer oven to buy, do your research on the different safety precautions taken by different air fryer oven models. Purchase only the one that is the lowest risk to use.

Price point

Last but definitely not the least, decide how much you are willing to spend on an air fryer oven before you start shopping. Doing this will keep you from wasting time at items that are beyond your budget. It will also keep you clear in your goals and will make the overall shopping relatively easier.


Air fryer ovens are gaining popularity day by day. Because of so many benefits of using them, people are largely flocking to these for all their fried food needs. However, picking the right model of air fryer oven is incredibly important – especially if you really want to experience all the wonderful advantages.

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