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The function of a food processor is to streamline our time in the kitchen and facilitate the preparation of ingredients: grating, chopping, grinding and mixing. In addition, it will allow us to make nut butter, which we could not elaborate with practically another appliance. To prepare delicious homemade foods, such as loaves of bread, cakes, drinks, and perfectly chopped vegetables, quickly and easily. The large capacity mixing bowl can be used with a variety of high-performance accessories and makes up to five servings of soup at a time.

About Philips Brand

Philips is one very old brand in the market which is known for its best kitchen appliances all over the world. People like kitchen appliances of this brand because of its quality. They provide the best customer service to their clients.

Philips Daily Collection HR762700

Preparing food at home is easier at the present with the Philips Daily Collection HR762700. This practical kitchen appliance performs multiple functions to help you prepare delicious meals at home. Its elegant design immediately brings an air of sophistication to your kitchen. Made of ABS plastic, this Philips food processor is durable, strong and durable. The food processor also comes with a sturdy 2.1-liter container to process your food. You can control the speed in this Philips food processor with its dual speed and pulse control settings.

Key features of Philips Daily Collection HR762700:

  •  A food processor is suitable for daily use.
  •  Performs a variety of tasks including beating, cutting, shredding, cutting, bending,   shredding, chopping and mixing
  •  You can make up to 5 servings of soup at one time.
  •  Includes a large mixing bowl, kneading tool, emulsifying disc, stainless steel S blade   and 3 disc inserts (granulation, crushing and slicing)
  •  Emulsifier for cream and egg whites.
  •  A larger feeding tube for easily adding food
  •  High wattage motor for powerful processing
  •  2 speed and pulse settings for maximum control
  •  Easy assembly, use, and cleaning.
  •  Anti-slip feet and integrated cable storage.
  •  The plastic does not contain BPA
  •  Super Chop technology for multiple functions

The mini food processor Philips has the powerful Super Chop technology. Slice, dice, chop and grate the ingredients of hard and soft foods in a fine manner, in addition, to quickly mixing your smoothies and purées. High-quality stainless steel knives cut, slice, chop, cut and grind both wet and dry foods, reducing their manual tasks to more than half. Granule, cut into large pieces and slice nuts, meat, and other vegetables with durable stainless steel discs. This mini food processor has a wider feeding tube to place large foods without having to cut them previously.

Powerful motor, non-slip feet and easy to clean

For optimal performance, this mini Philips food processor works with 650 watts to prepare your meals. To prevent this device from slipping and causing injury, the base is padded with anti-slip feet. You can also conveniently clean the accessories of this 650-watt food processor in a dishwasher.

What all can a Philips Daily Collection HR762700 do?

  • Grate and slice any vegetable in a matter of seconds. That said, thanks to the discs you have, we can grate in a moment carrots, beets and potatoes cooked to make mashed potatoes. We can also file onions or any other vegetable, so in the blink of an eye, we have large quantities of vegetables ready to use as we like.
  • Chop foods, such as cauliflower, broccoli or any dried fruit, until crumbled. In this way, we can chop several vegetables and nuts at the same time to make a sauce, such as a pesto or rice and oatmeal burgers like these.
  • Chop grains and seeds and prepares mixes and dough’s to make cereal bars, raw vegan truffles or cookies.
  • Assemble egg or make whipped cream. This work is difficult to do by hand, however, with a food processor you solve it in a matter of minutes and without any effort, having the appropriate accessory that is acquired separately.
  • Make butter of seeds. Also, thanks to the diameter of your glass and the blades, we can crush any dried fruit to get a smooth texture. So you can easily make at home any butter you can imagine, be it a nut, tahini, a homemade Nutella or even coconut, if what we put is grated coconut. Being very thick mixtures, the ingredients are left on the walls of the processor and to get the butter we have to stop the operation several times during the process, to take off the mass of the walls and deposit it again on the blades. They are thick and dense creams, without added liquids (if a liquid is added it is more appropriate to make the cream in a powerful blender).


PowerChop technology of Philips Daily Collection HR762700 is a combination of the shape of the blade, the angle of cut and the inner container that provides a superior cutting result in soft and hard ingredients. It is also perfect for puree and mixes your cake shakes.

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