Best Car Vacuum 2021 in India – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

After six weeks of research and testing of car vacuum cleaners in the sand, crumbs, dust and debris in several cars, we can recommend the Black and Decker – BDH2000PL Pivot as the best car vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner offers power, convenience and fixing tools to keep your car’s interior looking clean. If you are looking for a cheaper but powerful car vacuum, the Holife Wireless Handheld has a long battery life and quick charge and a stainless steel filter that is easy to clean and lasts longer than a normal HEPA filter.

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10 Best Car Vacuum Review

SaleBestseller No. 1
MIDMART Car Vacuum Cleaner Strong Suction High Power Wet & Dry Portable 12 V
  • Low Noise and Strong Suction- Design of shark gills turbine exhaust effectively reduces noise low, 60DB low noise. Our car vacuum cleaner corded has a powerful suction, 120W aluminum motor provides a stable true 3500PA strong cyclonic suction.
  • Easily removable and washable hepa filter for high efficiency
  • Lightweight and Versatile - Awesome for instant car cleaning, supports Dry & Wet application. This car vacuum can easily clean the pet hair, dust, sand, cig ash, crumbs and water. One key to dump dust
  • You can simply insert the car vacuum portable into the cigarette lighter socket in the car, then it is ready to go with electricity system on. (You can also put it in the car in hot weather, safer than a rechargeable vacuum cleaner.)
SaleBestseller No. 2
Bergmann Stunner Car Vacuum Cleaner with Stainless Steel HEPA Filter (Black)
  • [POWERFUL SUCTION] - 150W, High Power 100% Copper Motor with 5kpa+ suction. 150W provides the optimum power, as lower power may not give the desired suction pressure and higher power may damage the car battery permanently. 75 db low noise
  • [STAINLESS STEEL HEPA FILTER] - No car vacuum cleaner in this price range provides a Stainless Steel HEPA Fiter which requires no replacement ever ! Most others provide paper/fibre HEPA filters which can tear easily !
  • [SLEEK MIRROR FINISH BODY] - Virgin, , unbreakable, piano grade pure ABS. Most others use recycled plastic material body which can break easily !
  • [HIGH SPEED MOTOR] – 100% pure copper high power, high efficiency, high speed motor with metal fan. Most others use aluminium motor with plastic fan !
  • [30 MINS DUTY CYCLE] - The only car vacuum cleaner that can run continuously for upto 30 minutes, thanks to its refined motor !!
  • [STUNNING LOOKS] - Probably the most stunning and elegant design ever to be created in a car vacuum cleaner ! The product comes in a beautiful carry box packaging which is also ideal for gifting.
SaleBestseller No. 3
Eureka Forbes Car Vac 100 Watts Vacuum Cleaner with Washable HEPA Filter (Black & Red) (GFCDSFVAC00000)
  • No Installation is provided for this product
  • 100 Watts Powerful Motor
  • Powerful Suction
  • In-Built LED Torch
  • Range of accessories for different cleaning needs
  • Fit type: Universal Fit
SaleBestseller No. 4
RNG EKO Green RNG-2001 Car Handheld Vacuum Cleaner (White)
  • High power (150 watt), ce and rohs certification, 4.5 kpa suction, 72db low noise for quick and effective cleaning (our competitor brands have low power [30-100 watt] and low suction force [2-3 kpa] for this price range)
  • 5 metre long wire works for both big and small size cars and can also reach car dicky easily (our competitor products are just 3 m long)
  • Wet/dry cleaning application to absorb spilled liquid inside the car, Dust Collecting Feature: Dust catcher
  • Extra brush to clean away dust and extra connector to clean thoroughly all corners of car, storage bag to keep all accessories and vacuum cleaner in organized manner
  • Easily removable and washable hepa filter for high efficiency, Retractable Cord : No
  • Items included: 1 Vacuum Cleaner, Extension Connector, Brush Connector, User Manual and Storage Bag
SaleBestseller No. 5
Zofey Car Vacuum Cleaner Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cordless Handheld Vacuum High Power Plastic 12V High Power Wet & Dry Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner (Blue)
  • Extra brush to clean away dust and extra connector to clean thoroughly all corners of car, storage bag to keep all accessories and vacuum cleaner in organized manner
  • Items included: 1 Vacuum Cleaner, Extension Connector, Brush Connector, User Manual and Storage Bag
  • Wet/dry cleaning application to absorb spilled liquid inside the car, Dust Collecting Feature: Dust catcher
  • Easily removable and washable hepa filter for high efficiency
  • High power (150 watt), ce and rohs certification, 5.5 kpa suction, 72db low noise for quick and effective cleaning (our competitor brands have low power [30-100 watt] and low suction force [2-3 kpa] for this price range)
SaleBestseller No. 6
Zofey Car Vacuum Cleaner with Device Portable and High Power Plastic 12V Stronger Suction for All Types Wet and Dry High Power Portable(Multicolor) (Orange)
  • Wet/dry cleaning application to absorb spilled liquid inside the car, Dust Collecting Feature: Dust catcher
  • Easily removable and washable hepa filter for high efficiency
  • tems included: 1 Vacuum Cleaner, Extension Connector, Brush Connector, tube
  • High power (150 watt), ce and rohs certification, 4.5 kpa suction, 72db low noise for quick and effective cleaning (our competitor brands have low power [30-100 watt] and low suction force [2-3 kpa] for this price range)
  • car Now feel confident in letting your friends or colleagues be seated anywhere in your car Dry-cleans your car Amazing and powerful vacuum cleaner Reaches
SaleBestseller No. 7
Keekos Powerful Portable & High Power 12V Vacuum Cleaner for Car and Home Wet and Dry Car Vaccum Cleaner Multipurpose Vaccum Cleaner for Car Cleaning Plastic (Black)
  • Packet content : 1x Car Vacuum Cleaner 1x Crevice tool
  • Vacuum cleaner Reaches the most difficult corner areas in your car 12V power Just plug-n-play using the cigarette lighter power
  • Keep your car regularly clean with this amazing and powerful vacuum cleaner with the long handle attachment that reaches the most difficult corner areas in your car
  • feel confident in letting your friends or colleagues be seated anywhere in your car. It is extremely handy and useful device for car
  • car Now feel confident in letting your friends or colleagues be seated anywhere in your car Dry-cleans your car Amazing and powerful vacuum cleaner Reaches
SaleBestseller No. 8
MIDMART Car Vacuum Cleaner Advanced Design Portable Wet Dry Handheld High Power Strong Suction (Black Color)
  • POWERFUL SUCTION: The upgraded car vacuum cleaner has higher power of 120W, stronger suction of 4500pa and faster fan impeller rotation, which can easily clean some visible or even invisible dust and garbage in the car.
  • MINI SIZE & LIGHTWEIGHT: MIDMART mini car vacuum is less than 400g, which makes it easy to handheld and not tired when using
  • LOW NOISE, GOOD EXPERIENCE: This portable car vacuum cleaner is made of pure copper dual-motor and upgrade exhaust design so it can reduce noise effectively, you can avoid the annoying noise of traditional vacuum cleaner.
  • WASHABLE HEPA FILTER: HEPA filter can filter most dust mites and other pollutants. You can clean and use it repeatedly so it has longer service life and it is more environmentally friendly.
SaleBestseller No. 9
Voroly High Power Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner for Car Dry and Wet DC12V (VC-111)
  • Strong Suction: It is a 12-volt 120W 3800 pa high suction power vacuum with a high-performance motor provides superior suction capability in a compact size and will adsorb all kinds of dusty.
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY FILTRATION: The HEPA filters is removable and washable. It can be washable and usable repeatedly. HEPA filter Effectively separate dust and air to avoid secondary pollution, gives you fresh air.
  • ATTACHMENTS: Corded Car Vacuum comes with 1 HEPA Filter, 1 brush for loosening trash, 1 crevice tube for cleaning the crack in the car, 1 soft long tube for reaching more hard to reach area. 1 storage bag, which allows you to conveniently store car vacuum and accessories away.
  • EASY TO USE & CONVENIENT: car Vacuum cleaner with 16.4feet power cord helps clean any hard-to-reach area. You can clean up every corner in your car. Turn it on and off with the finger tip button and enjoy the handheld vacuum’s functional lightweight design as you clean your car.
  • Convenient Storage & Carry: Comes with a small carrying case which makes it easy to keep either in the garage or in the back of your car.
SaleBestseller No. 10
Bergmann CYCLONIC 2-in1 Car Vacuum Cleaner + Inflator
  • [MULTIPURPOSE 2-in-1] – This multipurpose 2-in-1 device can be used both as a Car Vacuum Cleaner and a Tyre Inflator.
  • [POWERFUL SUCTION & INFLATION] – The technologically advanced 120W/12V DC Power 100% copper design dual motor ensures smooth, high power operation.
  • [ACCURATE TYRE PRESSURE GAUGE] – The analog tyre pressure gauge does not require any batteries, has longer life than digital gauges and provides quick and 100% precise readings whenever needed.
  • [WITH BRIGHT LED LIGHT] - Equipped with bright LED light for use during dark/low light conditions.
  • [COMFORTABLE USAGE] - 3 meters power cord reaches all tyres comfortably. Unnecessarily longer cords reduce the power to be transmitted.
  • [WITH BRAIDED RUBBER AIR HOSE] – With , thick, braided (knitted), heat-proof, rat-proof, rubber air hose for tyre inflation as opposed to a plain rubber hose found in other inflators.


The clue’s in the name when it comes to the best car vacuum: the Dyson V6 Car & BoatIt’s a powerful but manoeuvrable handheld vac designed specifically for cleaning your car interior (and, er, your boat interior). While Dyson’s similar but more powerful V8 and the recent, chunkier V10 may boast considerably more suction, the more compact size and lower price of the V6 Car & Boat make it a narrow winner from the Dyson stable. 

Dyson dislikers might prefer the Philips SpeedPro Max – an absolutely fantastic Dyson V10 clone – but we also love the much more affordable and compact Gtech Multi MKII. We found this was perfect for in-car dust busting, especially with the £25 car kit added to the package.

Car Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide

Here are a few things to look out for while choosing a car vacuum cleaner.

1. Suction force

The first thing you need to consider is the suction force of the device. It must be able to lift heavy debris like sand, mud and small pebbles. It must also be able to pull out tough dirt from hidden places. Vacuums that have copper motors and metal fans are more effective than those that use plastic varieties. Give preference to devices with modern technology like cyclonic action as they are more likely to be tougher on dirt.

2. Filtration

Look for devices with advanced filters like HEPA. These filters have the ability to trap fine particulate matter as small as 0.3 micron. They can eliminate disease-causing dust mites, bacteria, viruses, pollen and pet dander. Vacuums that use multiple filters are also better than those that have just one. Plus, vacuums with washable and reusable filters are cheaper in the long run even though their initial cost price is a little steep.

3. Dry and wet cleaning

A vacuum with dry and wet cleaning is more versatile than one that is only capable of dry vacuuming. So buy a vacuum cleaner that supports both applications.

4. Dust container/dust bag

Most car vacuum cleaners have detachable dust containers. A few use disposable dust bags too. Dust containers are more cost-effective and eco-friendly. Transparent dust containers also let you keep track of the accumulated debris and know when to empty it. However, dust cups require maintenance. You need to wash them from time to time and dry them properly before using them again. Dirt bags on the other hand have no such requirements.

5. Debris holding capacity

Another factor you need to look into is how much debris the vacuum cleaner can hold at a time. This is important so you don’t have to frequently empty the dirt cup mid-vacuuming.

6. Length of the power cord

The power cord must be long so you can clean remote places that are hard to reach. If the cord is not long enough, you will have a tough time vacuuming the rear seats of your 7-seater SUV. 

7. Cleaning attachments

Note the number and type of cleaning equipment accompanying the device. You will at least need a crevice nozzle, an all-purpose brush and a flexible extension pipe. These are the basic accessories needed for cleaning any car.

How Does a Car Vacuum Cleaner Work?

These portable machines are specially designed to clean small spaces like vehicle interiors. They can handle cleaning debris, hair, dust and other impurities on the car floors and even other small spaces like corners and nooks. Some vacuum cleaners work on batteries while some have to be plugged into 12V cigarette lighter socket present in the car. Both these types are convenient than using normal household vacuum cleaners with large extension cords.

Confused how to select a vacuum cleaner? Below are some of the key points to check out while making the purchase. Read the information carefully to make the right choice.

1.Cordless Vs Corded Vacuums

Car vacuum cleaners are available in two different types – corded and cordless. Corded vacuum cleaners have a cable which has to be connected to a socket for power. They have the highest suction power than cordless ones – which makes them efficient in removing stubborn and stuck dirt, especially on the car carpet or mat. When it comes to size, corded ones are bulky, making them less portable.

Cordless vacuum cleaners come with rechargeable batteries. As they don’t have to plugged into a socket, cordless ones are portable. However, they have shorter runtime and low suction power than corded vacuum cleaners.

Being portable, you can use cordless ones anywhere and reach even far and difficult to reach corners of the car interiors. As car interiors don’t need high suction power, cordless ones are still considered the best for cleaning purposes.

2. Suction Power

Suction power of a car vacuum cleaner is usually determined by motor strength, design and power source. If it has powerful motor, then it can effectively suck up even heavy particles like sand, mud, pebbles and others debris from hidden places as well. Vacuum cleaners with metal fans and copper motor are more efficient than plastic ones.

It is better to prefer cleaners with modern technologies like cyclonic action as they are capable of handling tougher debris. When compared to corded ones, cordless ones have low suction power as they operate on battery powered motor.

While purchasing a car vacuum cleaner for your vehicle, it is also important to determine whether you will use it only for car interiors or for other purposes as well like cleaning garage floor. In such cases, you have to choose a model with higher suction power.

If your requirements are limited to only car interiors only, then suction is not a major concern. So, even cordless ones can provide satisfying results. It is better to choose a model with long runtime battery as it can be frustrating if the machine stops working in middle of the task.

3. Tank Capacity

The dirt accumulated while vacuuming is collected in a tank. For uninterrupted cleaning, we recommend to choose a model with good tank capacity. However, car vacuum cleaners with large tank capacity are often bulky, which can affect the portability. So, understand your requirements carefully choose a model that satisfies portability and good tank capacity.

4. Filters – HEPA or Carbon

When it comes to removing allergens and other pollutants, HEPA filters are the best option. They are also perfect for any household people dealing with asthma and allergies that are triggered by dust or dirt.

If you want a vacuum cleaner that can remove odors, then carbon filter is the right choice. Activated carbon traps the odor particles in order to dissipate the smell. If your car interiors often smell bad, then this model is the right choice.

5. Portability

When compared to corded types, cordless ones are much portable. If you want a model that doesn’t take much truck space or a model that can be used anywhere easily, then choose battery operated ones. Apart from that, they are light in weight as well.

If you use vacuum rarely or just once in a while, then corded ones are the best option. They have higher suction power and unlimited run time.

6. Car or Vehicle Size

As cars comes in varies sizes, their vacuuming requirements are also different. If you own a big car, then choose a heavy-duty model. As big cars have more seats or you may have kids who spill food particles, corded ones can be beneficial, because they have more suction power and long runtime.

If your car is small, then cordless or handled car vacuum cleaner is enough. Because you will not need any heavy vacuuming and additionally it offers ease of use and portability. However, make sure to choose a model with higher battery capacity.

7. Car Interiors

Interiors of a car also an important factor to consider while purchasing a car vacuum cleaner. Because for some interiors, a particular kind of vacuum can be effective than others. For example, if your interiors have leather, then a model with soft brush attachment is beneficial. And moreover, you may not require higher suction capacity for this kind of interior as the dirt will present only the surface.

However, for fabric or velvet seats, you will require a model with higher suction power as the dust can be accumulated in the deeper layers. To be on safe side, we recommend to purchase a vacuum with several attachments which helps you handle all kinds of car interior cleaning.

8. Battery Life

Cordless vacuum cleaners come in different capacities and runtimes. The amount of run time a cordless one provide in a single charge, depends on its suction power. Vacuum with high suction power has a high power rating motor, which means that battery will run out at a quick rate.

Based on your cleaning requirements, select a vacuum that comes with a decent enough runtime to make sure it doesn’t interrupt your cleaning. If you have a big car or have children who leave debris on seats, then you will need longer battery runtime.

It is also better to choose a car vacuum cleaner that comes with an alert system that indicates when the battery is about to die. If an LED indicator is provided for the same, then make sure it is visible enough.

9. Power Rating

Power rating of a car vacuum cleaner is determined by the efficiency of its motor – which therefore represents the cleaning ability of the vacuum. Most of the power ratings start from 12V which indicates suction power. A car vacuum with 12V will run on full battery for almost 30 minutes – which is enough to complete the car cleaning without any issues. So, make sure the model you choose comes with decent amperage so that you don’t end up with a product that struggles in sucking up dirt.

10. Power Cord Length

Length of a power cord should be long enough to reach all the corners and nooks in the car. If you have a large car like SUV, then go for a model with 5m long cord. When it comes to small cars, 3 to 4-meter-long cord length is sufficient enough. If you are choosing a cordless or handheld model, then this factor is not necessary.

11. Wet and Dry Cleaning

Cleaning a car may not be limited to only sucking up dry dirt. In some situations, you may have to clean up wet dirt as well. So, having a car vacuum that supports both wet and dry cleaning can be beneficial than just dry cleaning option. Make sure the model you choose has the capability of supporting these two cleaning types.

12. Weight

Weight of the car vacuum cleaner is also an important factor because it impacts the usability. It should not be heavy to lift or difficult to use/move. For a good vacuum cleaner, the weight of the device should not exceed 2Kgs. Always give preference to ergonomic designs as they provide extreme comfort even when used continuously for a long time.

13. Washables Filters and Dirt Cups

It is important to choose a model that not only cleans easily but also easy to clean its parts. That is why it is crucial to check whether the model you choose has dirt cups and filters that are washable.

14. Additional Accessories

When it comes to cleaning cars, it is important to choose a model that can easily clean corners and difficult to reach areas like in dashboard, under the seats, between the seats and others. This is possible only when the vacuum has different tools and attachments specially designed for handling such difficult tasks.

Some important attachments that are often required include…

  • Brushes
  • Crevice tools
  • Pet hair remover
  • Replaceable filters
  • Flexible hose (not less than 25 feet)

15. Warranty

Warranty period usually depends on the product model and manufacturer. Most of the car vacuum cleaners present in India come with at least 1-year warranty. But some high-end models also come with 2-years warranty. Always go for a model that has at least 1-year warranty. Never choose a product that comes at throw away prices with less or no warranty. Because warranty is a representation of the quality of a product.

Tips to Consider While Using a Car Vacuum Cleaner

Vehicles, especially cars have challenging spaces and corners to clean or vacuum. Not just cabin part, areas like carpet, under the seats, and others can be challenging. But with below tips, you can vacuum easily and get a professional finish.

1. Open car’s windows and doors while cleaning

It is recommended to roll out the windows and open the doors while cleaning the car so that any dirt and debris in the circulating air can move out. This is mainly crucial if you are using certain chemical products. Though car vacuuming will not involve usage of chemicals regularly, opening doors and windows will help to dissipate the odors and musty smells.

2. Remove large trash objects physically

Cleaning trash in your car like wrappers, used tissues and others before vacuuming will make the whole process a lot easier. If not, the rollers can get jammed and hoses can get clogged if the vacuum sucks up big things like papers, coins, others. This can also damage the vacuum machine all together.

3. Remove car accessories for comfortable cleaning

Car accessories like floor mats, dashboard covers, seat covers, cup holders, tissue boxes and other similar things should be removed before vacuuming. This process will let you clean every inch of the car interior explicitly. If you don’t remove the car accessories, then they can get in-between the process of reaching the corners. You can provide thorough cleaning separately before placing them back.

4. Use attachments for better results

Brush attachment can be used to vacuum car’s floor and other surfaces that have fibers. This attachment will reach the deep layers of the fibers to loosen the trapped dirt and suck it up. This process will provide better results than just plain vacuuming. If you don’t have the brush attachment, then using an ordinary brush can also do the trick if you manually do the loosening dirt part before vacuuming.

Long-nose attachment is beneficial to clean hard-to-reach areas like corners and under/between the seats. Crevice tool lets you vacuum every inch of the car interior space. It is perfect for vacuuming floorboard, seat track rails, air vents, upholstery, area underneath the pedals, and dash board.

5. Vacuum each and every area of the car interior in an orderly fashion

If you don’t follow proper cleaning system, then it can get messy. We recommend to start from driver’s section before heading to passage side, finally to the back. Or else, it can be other way-around like from back to front. You can follow any cleaning routine process according to your needs. The whole point of following a process is to make sure the car interiors are free from any kind of debris and dust. Also, make sure no area is left uncovered by the vacuum cleaner – if you want to achieve perfect and professional cleaning finish.

What To Look For When Buying A Car Vacuum

There are so many things that you could look for in a car vacuum cleaner. These things are prominent as a result of your current need. If you were to make a top pick, it must be tailored to the type of car you own. In this section, I would show you some of the various features that you could look for in a car vacuum cleaner. They are not all you need to know, but they cover a wide area of your need. With the details below, making the right choice wouldn’t have to be a big deal.

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