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You will probably make mistakes when you need to count a lot of money in your hand. Checking cash by hand is tedious and takes a lot of weight. Plus, thanks to innovation, you no longer need to rely on your hand to verify cash. There are several types of banknote counting machines that forget about money.

These advanced gadgets can give you exact results when checking cash. That way, if you are looking for the best ticket counting machines to buy, then this is the place for you. Since in this article we will be sharing a survey review on the best banknote counters in India, most likely you will make mistakes when you need to count a lot of money in your hand. Checking cash by hand is tedious and takes a lot of weight. Plus, thanks to innovation, you no longer need to rely on your hand to verify cash. There are several types of banknote counting machines that forget about money.

These advanced gadgets can give you exact results when checking cash. That way, if you are looking for the best ticket counting machines to buy, then this is the place for you. Since then, in this article, we are going to share a survey review on the best money counting machines in India.

Here are the 10 Best Currency Counting Machine in India.

Let’s take a look at the Best Currency Counting Machine!

Finding the best was next up on our list of challenges. After several hours of testing, we decided on a few models that we think are suited.

Here are the Top 10 & Best Currency Counting Machine in India in 2021

SaleBestseller No. 1
SToK (ST-MC01) Currency Counting Machine with UV/MG Counterfeit Notes Detection Plus External Display and 1 Year Warranty - (White)
  • PRECISE DETECTION - Counts Old And New Denomination 10,20,50,100,200,500,2000 INR,Three powerful methods to detect counterfeit Notes UV - ultraviolet, MG - magnetic and IR - infrared; Three modes can be used simultaneously or separately, guaranteeing the most precise outcome(Machine can show the wrong counting or total number of notes  if the customer puts soiled or dirty notes in the machine).
  • LARGE FRONT FACING DISPLAY - With an easy to read LED screen, changing the operating modes and tracking Note counts is more easier; The external display gives a double view, showing the client what you are counting.
  • EFFICIENT & HIGH CAPACITY - This high speed money counter counts up to 1,000 Notes per minute, there is only a 1 in 1,000,000 chance of missing counterfeit currency; The hopper and stacker capacity is 200 bills, meeting the maximum demand.
  • EASY TO USE - Count, add, and batch modes make money counting simple; In add mode, the machine can add multiple batches together to give you a total count of Notes; In batch mode, Set the machine to count Note in a batch of your choice
  • 12 MONTHS OFF SITE MANUFACTURING DEFECT - 1 x MC01 Note Counter, 1 x Power cord , 1 x Brush ,1 x External display, 1 x Spare parts,1x Machine cover, 1 x User manual.
SaleBestseller No. 2
GOBBLER Business-Grade Note Counting Machine with Fake Note Detection & Large LCD Display, Counts All Old & New Notes, Heavy Duty Counter Specially Designed for Indian Currency (Grey - GB-5388-MG)
  • ACCURACY & SPEED: Accurate Counting of number of notes for NEW INR₹10 ₹20 ₹50 ₹100 ₹200 ₹500 & ₹2000. It is not a mix note counter. It does not count value of mix notes. It counts number of notes.
  • INTELLIGENT DETECTION: Advanced Counterfeit Detection with UV / MG which makes it impossible to miss any fake notes. Intelligent Fake Note Recognition. If the notes are very damaged or very old then the machine might detect it as fake. If the notes are sticky and stick to one another, it might show as error (we recommend to check for sticky notes if error comes up). It does not detect torn or taped notes.
  • COLOUR LCD DISPLAY: Colour Changing LCD Display which changes to Red when a non-genuine note is detected. Additional External Display has been provided for customer viewing. Convenient retractable hidden handle has been provided if carrying the product is necessary. This machine is not wireless. It has to be plugged in for use.
  • Included in box - Note Counting Machine, External Display, Manual. Note: 1. If notes are flying out of the machine, kindly adjust the hopper. 2. Kindly stack the notes uniformly on the hopper while inserting to avoid notes getting stuck. 3. Use care when inserting Rs.10 notes. Due to the smaller size of the note you might experience some flying out. 4. Try inserting lesser notes at a time if notes are getting stuck.
  • Heavy-Duty & Extremely Durable. Keep sheltered from high dust conditions and maintain cleanliness for best use. Please read the manual carefully and use the machine accordingly. For any technical issues please scroll down to Product Details on this page to see our Customer Care information or refer to the MRP Sticker on the Product Box.
SaleBestseller No. 3
TVS Electronics Classic Cash Counting Machine | Super Fast Currency Counting at 1200 notes/min | Detects and Counts both Old and New Currencies | Automatically Detects Fake Notes with UV and Magnetic Radiations
  • Suitable for Heavy duty operations
  • Super fast currency counting: 1200 notes/min
  • Supports batch function with in-built display
  • Detects and counts both old and new currencies
  • Has automatic count mode. Easy maintenance : Self check function
SaleBestseller No. 4
Swaggers Gold Pro Latest Updated Super Heavy Duty Note/Currency/Cash/Money Counting Machine with Fake Note DetectionFor All Old/New Notes.! 1 Year Warranty
  • Equipped with latest and advanced technology counting for all new denomination Like 10,20,50,100,200,500,2000 INR notes
  • Counting Speed - 1000pcs/min, With Color Changing LCD display, Manual Value Feature
  • Automatic detecting fake Note with UV (Ultraviolet) and (Magnetic) IR (Infrared) while counting
  • Automatic half Note detection and double Note. Hopper Capacity - 200pcs and Stacker Capacity - 200pcs
  • Functions: Automatic start, stop and clearing,with batching, adding and self-examination (display) function
SaleBestseller No. 5
KROSS IS2300 Classic Note Counting Machine with Fake Note Detection and Latest Currency/Cash Counting Machine has Been Specially Programmed for Indian Rupees Making This Money Counter Best-in-Class
  • Currency Counting machine has Accurate Counting for NEW INR₹10 ₹20 ₹50 ₹100 ₹200 ₹500 & ₹2000 and all other notes in legal tender OLD & NEW .
  • Cash Counting machine has attractive BLUE LED Display with Highly Accurate Counting . It is upgraded for ALL New and OLD Note recognition.
  • Note counting machine Includes Adding / Batching function with High Speed Heavy Duty Motor. Money counting machine with Advanced Counterfeit Detection with UV / MG / MT / IR for Highly
  • Money counting machine with Advanced Counterfeit Detection with UV / MG / MT / IR for Highly Advanced Super Fake Note Detection.
  • This Latest Currency Counting machine with Robust Build quality for best in class durability.
SaleBestseller No. 6
Smars® V30 LED Display Mini Portable Handy Use Battery/Plug Money Counter Machine for Cash and Banknote Currency Bill Counting
  • Professional Design - Unique design, handy, lightweight and portable for use.
  • Convenient Used - Powered by AC100-240V adapter, besides you can use 4pcs AA batteries for convenient use
  • Easy To Carry - Handy, light-weighted and portable, convenient to use and carry.
  • This machine will only count currency note quantity and not count the value of note and it will not detect fake note
  • Widely Used - Suitable for most of the paper currencies in the world.
SaleBestseller No. 7
GOBBLER GB-8888-E Mix Note Value Counting Business-Grade Machine Fully Automatic Cash Counter with Fake Note Detection
  • Uses an Advanced Japanese Sensor for Accurate Counting of Mix Notes of all Denomination. INR₹10 ₹20 ₹50 ₹100 ₹200 ₹500 & ₹2000. Sound of the machine can be disabled or enabled (refer to manual). For best use keep the machine shielded from dust.
  • 1.Calculates Total Value of Mix notes of all denominations together 2.Shows number of notes of each denomination. 3. Shows total number of notes.
  • Colour Changing LCD Display. LCD Display Turns Red every time a Non-Genuine Note is Detected. Advanced Counterfeit Detection with UV / MG / IR / MT which means no missing any notes that do not pass these measures of genuine notes. If the notes are very damaged or very old then the machine might detect it as fake.
  • For Best Use - 1.Insert upto 200 notes at a time and use the "Add" function to link each round. 2.To avoid notes getting stuck insert notes carefully in one clean deck. If notes are not entered properly the sensor will not be able to scan properly and error might occur. Make sure notes are not crumpled or damaged. Please note- Rs.10 note is very small, take special care with this because some flying out from the front of the machine can occur.
  • In the Box - 1pcs Note Counter, 1pcs External Display, 1pcs User Manual.Please read the manual before use. If you face any technical issues scroll down to Product Details to see our Customer Care information. If the machine has damage please opt-in for a replacement from Amazon, within 7 days of delivery.
SaleBestseller No. 8
TVS Electronics CC 453 Star+ Cash Counting Machine - Auto Start, Stop & Clear | With Customer Display | UV, MG, IR & 3D Color Sensor Detection | Error Message on Fake Note Detection | Batch Add, and Self-Examine Function | Denomination Sort Function
  • High precision Advanced counterfeit detection- UV,MG,IR,3D color with size detection
  • Mixed note counting, Value count and denomination sorting in the same device
  • Easy firmware upgradation. Additional customer display as optional
  • Detects and counts both old and new currencies
  • Has automatic count mode. Easy maintenance : Self check function
SaleBestseller No. 9
Swaggers Red LED Latest Note Counting Machine with Fake Note Detection/Currency Counting Machine/Money Counting Machine with UV MG IR Detection - Heavy Duty for Professional & Bank USE
  • Fully Automatic Money Counter & Detector
  • Specially Designed for the Indian Market
  • With Big Front LED Display & Buttons
  • Automatic Detecting with UV(ultraviolet) & MG(magnetic) while counting
  • Suitable for most Currencies in the World
SaleBestseller No. 10
VMS Essentials Money Counting Machine with UV,MG Counterfeit Bill Detection plus external display
  • The VMS Essentials Currency Counting Machine is a professional counter with precise sensors and reliable electric motor for accurate counting of bills of all denominations like 10,20,50,100,200,500,2000 INR notes
  • Equipped with advanced technology, its UV and Magnetic counterfeit system can detect any fraudulent banknotes while counting all new denominations up to a speed of 1000 notes per minute. When a counterfeit note is detected, it stops functioning and gives out a beeping sound.
  • User-friendly, the machine offers dust-proof sensors that are easy to clean and remain highly accurate for years.
  • Combined with automatic start, stop and clearing, batching, adding and self-examination functions, the VMS Currency Counting Machine CCM01 works well as a bank or a personal business assistant.
  • This is a counting machine and does not give the value of the notes.

Advantage Of Having Note Counting Machine 

It is extremely clear as crystal. A note counting machine is required when your every day work or calling spins around counting loads of cash. It will prove to be useful if you are an agent, a businessperson, an investor, or engaged with some other comparable professions. 

A note counter machine additionally assists with sparing your time. What’s more, you will likewise have the option to pick up the trust of your customers or clients working together when you are utilizing a money counter. As it will include the bills precisely in an exceptionally quick way. Lets see the benefits of a note counting machine 

1-Saves Time 

Note counting machines can undoubtedly check notes a lot quicker than any human. It is completely equipped for taking care of a lot of money simultaneously and it just takes only a couple of moments for it to check, thus it builds efficiency. There is no requirement for the client to describe the figures, which can sit around idly. A solitary, speedy tally is all that you have to get results. You can put the machine close to your register to spare a decent piece of time, and the littler machines can be set around your work area to handle speedier errands, as they don’t consume a lot of room. 

2-Fake Note Detection 

Numerous machines can distinguish fake money, just as check the notes. Counterfeit note locator machines can advise you with a signal when there are phony, torn or unusable notes that get embedded into the machine. This is one of the more significant advantages of utilizing such a machine, as it can spare your business from significant misfortunes. Any phony notes will adversely affect your business notoriety just as the economy.


Cash counting machines will offer precise outcomes. Any human can make a blunder while including cash in a manual manner, however, the machine will once in a while commit such errors, if by any stretch of the imagination. It attempts to isolate the notes to tally them, and even the more established, dirtied takes note of that might be remained together will be tallied by the machine exclusively. 

4-Easy to Operate 

Note counting machines are anything but difficult to work, and it accompanies a programmed start and stops. The machine will begin naturally once the notes are embedded and afterward it will stop at whatever point the tally is finished. The straightforward elements of the machine offer an easy to understand interface and some of the machines accessible today will have contact keypads and a realistic LCD show. 

5-Smart in detection

Cutting edge money checking gadgets isn’t just jazzy and rich, yet they are also extremely canny. These machines are sufficiently brilliant to comprehend the tasks, can perform self-assessments, educates the client when there is an issue with its activity, and can even perceive various sections. They will give the aggregate sum over simply checking the paper cash. 


These machines will carry a definitive comfort to the client. A portion of the machines is compact and convenient, permitting clerks to convey to them where they have to go. A few machines are likewise battery-powered, making that you can utilize them even in case of a force disappointment. You can discover the machines fit specific cash, with some contribution to various modes for explicit activities. This will incorporate capacities like clump mode, free mode, check mode, stamp mode and that’s just the beginning. Some will likewise have an additional presentation unit for much more client accommodation. 

Buying Guide – Best Note Counting Machines in India

You’d have noticed that the technology employed by each of these 10 Note Counting Machines is exceedingly similar and sometimes to the point of seeming repetitive.

This is in part because cash counters are pretty simple devices, and their sophistication mainly comes in where detecting counterfeit notes are involved. This involves the use of a number of complex techniques to give the most accurate diagnosis possible.

However, even this technology is present in the most basic of cash counting machines, making them in essence not too complicated.

Given these similarities, the process of choosing a currency counting machine from the countless options present out there can be a confusing process.

But worry not, we’re here to straighten that confusion out. Just take a look at these pointers to make the process easy for you.

Types of Note Counting Machines/Counters

Electronic Cash Counting MachinesPortable Cash Counting MachinesAlso Read: Best Smart LED Bulbs in India

Factors to consider while buying the Best Cash Counting Machine

1. Modes of Operation

Cash counters perform several functions. Some simply count the number of bills fed into the hopper. Others may add or batch them into smaller groups. Yet other kinds may even give you the total value of the notes and not just their count.

Elementary cash counters come with Count, Addition, and Batch features at the very least. As the price rises, the number of features increases.

More expensive cash counters come with the ability to detect different denominations, separate those denominations out, give an individual count for each denomination present in the mix, and finally give the total value of the currency fed into the hopper.

The more of these operations your cash counter-offers, the better. But this purely depends on your type of need.

If sorting out different denominations isn’t too much of a hassle for you then a machine that gives the currency count, is just as effective as one that gives currency value as it boils down to simple math.

2. Capacity Of Cash Counter

When we speak of capacity, we speak of the hopper. The hopper is the compartment where you place in your note bundle before it gets processed and counted and lands on the other side.

So, the number of notes your machine can accept at any point in time depends on the size of the hopper. Typically hoppers accommodate 200 to 300 bills at a time.

This is more than enough, given that these machines also work fast. When buying a cash counting machine, it is important not to look at just the hopper size but also the note dimensions it can accommodate.

While most machines today come with hoppers that are compatible with all Indian currency denominations.

There are some that come with very rigid maximum and minimum length and breadth dimensions. Not all denominations and currencies may fall under this range of dimensions.

3. Check for Speed

Now that you’ve checked the size of the hopper, check how long your machine takes to process the notes and carry them from the hopper to the stacker. Even lower-end models are pretty quick, ranging from 500 bills per minute to even 2000 bills per minute, at the higher end. 

Most machines at least come through with a speed of 1000 bills per minute which is more than enough.

Bear in mind that too great a speed may not be all that desirable either. This is because a hopper that comes with a capacity of say 200 bills, and a speed of 1000 bills per minute, only takes 12 seconds to complete a cycle.

This means that if you have a large number of bills to count, you’ll need to refill the hopper every 12 seconds, which can get pretty annoying.

4. Counterfeit Detection

large portion of the charm of cash counters lies in the fact that they can tell real notes from fake ones, something which isn’t always possible to do with the naked eye. Even the most elementary cash counters come with at least an Ultraviolet method of detection.

As the price of the cash counter increases, they gradually employ more sophisticated technology like Magnetic and at even higher prices Infrared.

Many mid-range machines, including every single one on this list, employs a mix of all of these technologies.

These technologies make your machine stop mid-count, and display an error or even give out an alarm sound upon coming across a suspicious note. When it comes to the detection of fake currency notes, it is always better to go for a more well-established brand.

5. Price & Warranty

Unfortunately, cash counters don’t come with too much warranty coverage. The maximum warranty period is generally around one year. The price of these machines does tend to vary a lot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How does a note(cash) counting machine work?

Ans: It is controlled by a microprocessor, and a mechanical structure helps to pull notes. The scanner scans one note at a time and based on how many times the beam of light is interrupted, and by that machine knows how many notes have been passed through the machine.

Q.How many stacks of money can these cash counters count?

Ans: Most of the popular note counting machine companies support up to 1000 notes per minute and at least 200 to 300 stacks capacity.

Q.How does the counter report errors?

Every counting machine comes with a digital display screen where all the errors (if any) are usually displayed through a specific error code.

 Q.How accurate are the note counting machines?

Ans: The note counting machines are very accurate. You can expect a 99.99% accuracy with them.

 Q.What is the best counterfeit detection technology?

Ans: Considering the top two technologies used in counterfeit detection systems (UV and Magnetic resonance), there isn’t a significant difference in terms of advantages.

Though magnetic resonance is more advanced, there are no evident and distinct practical advantages it has over Ultraviolet based detection systems.

Q.How fast does the cash counting machine work?

Ans: All of these happen in a fraction of seconds, you will get stunned by seeing that machines speed a remarkable creation. 

And if the note is passed through the machine, then it informs that it is the fact that all those are real and genuine notes. Generally, the machine has a high accuracy of counting 1000 notes in one minute.


This is our final list of best Currency counting machine in India. These machines will not only save your valuable time in counting large sums of money in minutes but also save helps you finding Fake notes with utmost perfection.

I hope you liked our list and got benefited from this. If you have any queries regarding the list then you can contact us via our Facebook handle.

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