6 Best Double Door Refrigerator in India| Buyer’s Guide & Top Reviews

If you are looking for the best two door refrigerator in India, you have come to the right place. As the name suggests, a two-door refrigerator is one that has two doors; one for the freezer and another for the rest of the refrigerator.

Typically, a two-door refrigerator comes with antifreeze technology. Therefore, you do not have to deal with the icing manually. However, cooling technology can vary from refrigerator to refrigerator. So, take a look at our choice of the best double door refrigerators in India.

Our Top Pick

10 Best Double Door Refrigerator Review

Bestseller No. 1
Haier 602 L Double Door Side By Side Refrigerators, Expert Inverter Technology (HRS-682KS, Black Steel,Magic Convertible, Made In India)
  • Side by Side Frost Free Refrigerator: Premium Refrigerators with auto-defrost function to prevent ice build-up.
  • Capacity 602 Litres: Suitable for families with 5 or more members | Freezer Capacity: 238 Ltr , Fresh Food Capacity: 392 Ltr
  • Energy Rating: 5 Stars - Best in class efficiency
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor.
  • Inverter Compressor with Cooling technology – Energy efficient, silent operation & more durable with Expert cooling technology
  • Storage or Interior description : Fresh food capacity : 392 Ltr | Freezer capacity : 238 Ltr |drawers : 4| Shelf Type : Toughened Glass |Large vegitable box |Anti-bacterial gasket
Bestseller No. 2
Whirlpool 265 L 2 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (NEO DF278 PRM ARCTIC STEEL -N, Grey)
  • Frost-free refrigerator; 265 litres capacity
  • Energy Rating: 2 Star
  • Warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor
  • 6th sense deepfreeze technology and chilling gel: this prevents cold air from escaping when the freezer Door is opened.The unique chilling gel in the freezer helps retain the cooling during power cuts
  • 12 Days of Garden freshness experience up to 12 days of Garden freshness powered by Freshflow air tower with flexi vents, honeycomb design with moisture control system and microblock technology
  • Fresh flow air tower with flexi vents: scientifically designed air tower & strategically placed vents L out cool and fresh air I different sections of the refrigerator providing uniform cooling
SaleBestseller No. 3
Haier 237 L 3 Star Frost Free Inverter Double Door Bottom Mount Refrigerator Appliance (2023 Model, HEB-243GS-P, Moon Silver, Convertible)
  • Frost Free Refrigerator: Auto defrost function to prevent ice build-up
  • Capacity 237 Litres: Suitable for families with 2 to 3 members or bachelors | Freezer Capacity: 66 Ltr , Fresh Food Capacity: 171 Ltr
  • Energy Rating: 3 Stars - Energy Efficiency
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor.
  • Inverter Compressor with Cooling technology – Energy efficient, silent operation & more durable with Expert cooling technology
  • Storage or Interior description : Fresh food capacity : 171 Ltr | Freezer capacity : 66 Ltr |drawers : 2, shelves : 3| Shelf Type : Toughened Glass |Large vegitable box | Anti- bacterial gasket
Bestseller No. 4
Whirlpool 265 L 2 Star Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (NEOFRESH GD PRM 278 2S, Crystal Black, Glass Door, 2022 Model)
  • The star rating changes are as per BEE guidelines on or before 1st Jan 2023
  • Frost-free refrigerator; 265 litres capacity
  • Energy Rating: 2 Star
  • Warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor
  • 6th Sense Deepfreeze Technology & Chilling gel : This prevents cold air from escaping when the freezer door is opened. The unique chilling gel in the freezer helps retain the cooling during powercuts
  • 12 Days* of Garden Freshness Experience up to 12 days of garden freshness powered by Freshflow Air Tower with Flexi Vents, Honeycomb design with Moisture Control System and Microblock Technology
Bestseller No. 5
Samsung 670L 2 Star Frost-Free Double Door Digital Inverter Refrigerator (RT65B7058BS/TL, Black Inox, 2022 Model)
  • The star rating changes are as per BEE guidelines on or before 1st Jan 2023
  • Frost Free, Double Door: Auto Defrost To Stop Ice-Build Up
  • Capacity 670 Liters: Suitable For Families With 5 Or More Members|| Energy Rating: 2 Star
  • Digital Inverter Compressor : Automatic Adjustment Of Speed In Response To Cooling Demand, Quieter Operation And Uses Less Power
  • Spl. Features: Ice Maker Twist|| Shelf Material Tempered Glass|| Shelf (Total) 1 || Door Pocket 2 || Interior LED Light Top LED|| No Frost || Multi Flow || Cooling Type Twin Cooling Plus
  • For all Refrigerators with Digital Inverter Compressor, sold on or after 1st Dec 2022 (All Refrigerator apart from Non Digital Inverter Technology Direct Cool Models) the Warranty period on the Digital Invertor Compressor shall be revised from 10 years to 20 years.
SaleBestseller No. 7
LG 398 L 3 Star Frost-Free Smart Inverter Wi-Fi Double Door Refrigerator (GL-T422VPZX, Shiny Steel, Convertible with Door Cooling+, Gross Volume- 423 L)
  • The star rating changes are as per BEE guidelines on or before 1st Jan 2023
  • Frost free refrigerator: Auto defrost function to prevent ice-build up
  • Capacity 423 L: Suitable for families with 5 or more members I freezer capacity: 108L, fresh food capacity: 315L
  • Energy Rating 3 Star: energy efficiency
  • Manufacturer warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor T&C
  • Smart inverter compressor – energy efficient, less noise & more durable
Bestseller No. 8
Whirlpool 467L 2star IntelliFresh Convertible Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (IF INV CNV 515 ALPHA STEEL-Z, 2s, 2023 Model)
  • The star rating changes are as per BEE guidelines on 1st Jan 2023
  • Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator : 5-In-1 Convertible
  • Capacity: 467 liters suitable for medium to large sized family
  • Energy Rating : 2star
  • 5-In-1 Convertible : All Season Mode, Chef Mode, Dessert Mode, Party Mode, Deep Freeze Mode
  • Special Features : Stabilizer free operation even in high fluctuation voltage between (95V - 300V)
SaleBestseller No. 9
Haier 630 L Double Door Side By Side Refrigerator Appliances, Expert Inverter Technology (HRS-682SS, Shiny Steel,Magic Convertible, Made In India)
  • Easy conversion of your refrigerator to 100% fridge section whenever you need that extra space.
  • Stabilizer Free Operation ensures less harm from electricity fluctuations.
  • Helps you enjoy 360 degree cooling with 21 days* of freshness intact.
  • With extra pockets, enjoy storing additional beverages and drinks.
  • India's 1st and Only Convertible 3 door refrigerators. Side-by-side range of refrigerators are made in India.
  • Warranty : 1 year on Product & 10 years on compressor.
SaleBestseller No. 10
LG 322 L 2 Star Smart Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (2023 Model, GL-N342SDSY, Dazzle Steel, Express Freeze)
  • Frost Free Refrigerator greater than 300 L: Auto defrost function to prevent ice-build up
  • Capacity 322 L: Suitable for families with 5 or more members I freezer capacity: 81L, fresh food capacity: 241L
  • Energy Rating 2 Star: Energy efficiency
  • Manufacturer warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor T&C
  • Smart inverter compressor – energy efficient, less noise & more durable
  • Shelf Type: Toughened Glass with Frame | No. Of Shelves: 2

Factors to consider while purchasing the Double Door Fridge

‣ Capacity

Double door refrigerators are generally in a higher capacity than single refrigerators. Their capacity can vary from 220L to 550L and also provides ample space for your food and veggies. While deciding the fridge capacity, we should consider the family size as well as eating habits. A single door fridge is perfect for bachelors as well as 2-3 members family. At the same time, a double door fridge is ideal for 3-6 members family. The most selling and popular double door fridge size is 260 to 360 liters.

Family SizeCapacityType of Fridge
BachelorsSingle Door
CouplesUp to 220LSingle Door
Small Family (Couple + Kid)250 – 300LSingle or Double Door
Medium family (3-4 members)280 – 350LDouble Door
Up to 5 Members300-500LDouble, Triple or side by side door
5 plus members450-850LSide by Side or French Door

‣ Inverter Compressor

Nowadays, most double door fridges come with an inverter compressor. It is the latest compressor technology. In traditional fridges, the compressor always runs at a fixed speed, i.e., running at a maximum speed or completely stopped. The compressor’s speed varies as per the cooling demand and the fridge load in the inverter compressor. It will help to reduce energy consumption and also provides uniform cooling. As per our observation, we highly recommend you to buy the fridge with an inverter compressor. It will save at least 20-30% of energy and also lasts for a longer time. 

‣ Conversion facility – In a double door fridge, there is a dedicated 15-25% space for your freezer. Many fridges come with a conversion facility to convert your freezer into the refrigerator to maximize storage. With it, you can store more fresh foods and vegetables. This option is beneficial for vegetarians who are not using frozen foods that much.

‣ Noise Level, Material and Internal light – A fridge controls its cooling by the compressor. In older fridges, the compressor makes more noise. A noisy appliance makes the environment uncomfortable, so you check the noise level of fridges.  Most fridges are made of stainless steel. These fridges are strong enough to sustain for at least ten years. The steel body is more durable and also requires less maintenance. Along with this, you should also check for shelf material. The shelf should be made of toughened glass material, holding up to 120-150kg. 

In the latest refrigerators, there are energy-efficient LED lights that give sufficient illumination inside the fridge. The LED light not only provides more light but also releases no heat.

‣ Frost-free Technology

 Double door refrigerator uses frost-free, while most single-door fridges use direct cool technology. In front free, there is no formation of ice inside the freezer. It doesn’t require manual defrosting. It uses electric fans to circulates cool air thought out the fridge.

‣ BEE Star Energy Ratings – This is one of the essential factors while purchasing any home and kitchen appliances. This rating is given by BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency), and the rating depends on the power consumption. A higher star rating means the appliance will be more energy efficient. Also, the price of appliances increases with the increase of energy star. If you are buying the best double door refrigerator in India, you should buy either three stars or a 4-star fridge. A 5 star rated double door refrigerators are very few in the market and are very expensive.

‣ Smart Diagnosis

Brands like LG comes with the feature to connect with its mobile app. With the help of this app, you can make diagnosis most of the errors by yourself. All brands also provide a facility to connect to their service center via laptop or mobile for any service-related issues.

‣ Built-in stabilizer – It is a good option in the fridge and protects its compressor from any high low voltage fluctuations. The best double door refrigerator in India comes with a build stabilizer and capable of running on wide voltage ranges.

‣ Deodorizer and Cool pack – It will help remove any unpleasant odor from the fridge and preserve the original food flavor. The cool pack feature will preserve the cooling even during the power cut. It can keep your food fresh for up to 12 hours during a power cut.

‣ Smart Inverter Connect – In it, your fridge will automatically connect to your home inverter in case of a power cut. During this period fridge will minimize its energy consumption to keep your food fresh for a longer time.

‣ Budget and Warranty – It is the most influencing factor while buying any fridge. All of us are looking for such refrigerators which contain all the modern features at a reasonable price.
With the increased features and capacity, the fridge price also increases. If you plan for the best double door refrigerator in India, then 20000 to 25000 rupees is the best buy. Almost every brand provides one year of warranty on the fridge as well as ten years on its compressor.

Advantages of Double Door Refrigerator

  • It will give more efficient operation, as there is a separate unit for the freezer and fridge. You no need to open the freezer frequently as like a single door.
  • It will give ample space for your fresh food as well as frozen foods. Most of the latest fridges have a convertible facility, which allows you to convert the freezer to fridge to maximize the space.
  • Double door refrigerators have more shelves and also more extensive vegetable storage.
  • It will allow you to organize the food items inside the fridge better. They have dedicated spaces for diaries, bottles, eggs, vegetables, etc.
  • Single door fridge uses direct cool feature for cooling while accumulates ice around the freezer. You need to defrost it regularly while in the double door fridge, there is auto defrosting. These are proving more hygiene operation and require less maintenance. 

Disadvantages Double Door Refrigerator

  • If you are a bachelor or a family of 2-3 members, then a double door fridge will unnecessarily waste energy. It would be best if you buy a single door instead of a double door.
  • Compared to single door refrigerators, it will consume 20- 30% more power. It is mainly due to its larger capacity and auto defrosting feature, which uses cool air vents to cool the fridge compartment. 

How to maintain a Double Door Fridge?

There are many best practices one should follow in cleaning their fridge and maintaining them for long-lasting performance. A refrigerator is a costly appliance and serves its purpose for at least 10-12 years. It is our responsibility to maintain them for stable performance.

‣ Check for temperature regularly and set it up correctly. In the double door fridge, we have the facility set different temperatures for both the freezer and fridge.

‣ Clean your fridge regularly and check for spoiled items. It is advisable not to stack food items inside your fridge. Our double door refrigerator uses air vents, which releases cool air for cooling. If you obstruct the way of cool air, then it will not give you optimum cooling.

‣ Clean the door gasket regularly; the door gasket has quickly accumulated mold, which spoils the food. If the door gasket is not sealed correctly, it will waste the cooling and require more energy. If you found door seals are broken, then replace them immediately.

‣ It is advisable to check the fridge coils and clean them regularly. If the coil accumulates dust, then it will not effectively cool the fridge and need more energy.

What is good price for a refrigerator?

Refrigerator TypeCapacity (Liter)Price in Rupees
Single Door160L – 240L10000 – 24000
Double Door240L – 450L17000 – 35000
Triple Door260L – 400L24000 – 45000
Side By Side500L – 850L50000 – 250000L

Best Double Door Refrigerator

Double door refrigerators are fridges for the large families. You need to find out how the double door fridges are best suitable for your needs.

  • Best fits the daily needs of 4-5 member families
  • Bigger shelves to keep bigger vessels or beverage bottles
  • Fits everything easily
  • There are two doors, one door is the main door and the other one is a freezer. Making it easier for you to open the one that you require
  • Large freezer and fridge capacity, at max 235 to 495 liters space
  • Have frost free technology to defrost the ice automatically.
  • Best compatible for large families because of large capacity.
  • The freezer compartment is usually large as a comparison to a single door and can fit so much of stuff.

French Door Refrigerator

These refrigerators are gaining a lot of popularity these days. These refrigerators have a bottom-mounted freezer and open like a drawer with two half-width doors. The best double door refrigerator has a width of 30 to 36 inches.

Besides, it also brings a new feel to your space. It reduces the escape of cool air.

  • Get French door refrigerator if you:
  • Don’t bother less-organized freezer
  • Have a smaller kitchen space
  • Love to eat dairy items and fresh produce
  • The great urge to storewide containers or dishes, such as large baking sheets and pizza boxes

Side-by-Side Refrigerator

A side-by-side refrigerator has a freezer on the left and refrigerator on the right section. It is the best double door refrigerator in India for people with a tight budget. It has a width of range between 33 to 36 inches. These are energy efficient as a comparison to the other style refrigerators.

  • Get a side-by-side refrigerator if you:
  • Like eating more frozen food than fresh food
  • Have a smaller kitchen space
  • Wish to have the latest features at a lower price

With that the list of the best picks for the best double door refrigerator in India is complete. Hope you will find the most suitable model as per your requirements from this list.

Which one of the double-door refrigerators do you find the fanciest? We’ll be more than just pleased if you let us know that via the comments sections underneath. Until next time!

The size of the family

Determine the size of the family. Usually, couples and 3-member families can opt for the smaller refrigerators. A family with 4 to 5 members should ideally choose for the fridge in the range of 260 to 350 litres. Hence, a double-door refrigerator is the right option for them.

Frost free refrigerators

The single door refrigerators work on the Direct Cool technology. Hence, they require manual defrosting. The double-door refrigerators are frost free refrigerators.

There are various fans inside the fridge that enable the cold air to spread throughout the appliance. It does not work on the principles of evaporation and condensation. Therefore, there is no formation of frost on the insides of the freezer chambers.

Basic design

The designing of the double-door refrigerators is such that you have two separate compartments, each having a door. It is an advantage because you will not need to open both the doors at the same time. Therefore, you end up saving a lot of power.

Top freezer

Usually, you will find the freezer compartment at the top portion of the fridge with the refrigeration compartment below it.

Bottom freezer

Normally, you use the refrigerator more than the freezer. People with backaches can find it difficult to bend down and use the vegetable trays and other facilities situated at the bottom.

Hence, individual manufacturers like Haier have reversed the order and placed the freezer at the bottom.

Inbuilt stabilizer

Most of the modern-day refrigerators have inbuilt stabilisers to deal with extreme voltage fluctuations. Places in the interior parts of India experience power cuts on a frequent basis.

Hence, you have refrigerators that can run on the home inverter. Some of the new refrigerators can run on solar power as well.

BEE Star ratings

The star ratings are the ultimate test for any refrigerator. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency assigns start ratings to refrigerators based on the energy consumption. The higher the number of stars, the better is the efficiency.

Accordingly, the cost is also directly proportional to the star rating. However, the savings in power can negate the price difference. Therefore, you gain in the long run.

Inverter Compressor

Finally, we come to the soul of the refrigerator, the compressor. Old-timers will recall the regular switching on and off sound of the compressor.

The single-speed compressors switch on and off, depending on the temperature inside the refrigerator. The disadvantage of such compressors is that they are designed for peak load conditions.

Therefore, these compressors run at peak loads even when you do not need them to do so, especially in the winter months. Thus, these refrigerators consume a lot of power.

Digital inverter technology has come as a boon to the refrigerator manufacturing industry, with almost all refrigerator manufacturers using this technology in their latest models.

These compressors work differently. In many ways, they are similar to the functioning of a car accelerator. You press the accelerator pedal when you need more speed and release your foot from the pedal to reduce the speed.

Thus, this compressor works at different speeds, depending on the requirement. In the summer months, the need for cooling is more, and hence, it works at a higher speed.

In contrast, the pace slows down considerably during the winter months, thereby resulting in power savings.

Samsung and LG are the front-runners of the pack in offering digital inverter compressors.

They are the only manufacturers to provide this facility in some of their latest single-door refrigerator models.

Samsung offers a 7-speed compressor with seven adjustable speeds to cater to the different cooling demands.

The settings are such that it senses the temperature levels and adjusts automatically. Thus, these inverter compressors run at lower speeds in the night when there is not much demand.

LG has introduced an advanced version of the inverter compressor and named it the Inverter Linear Compressor.

This energy-efficient compressor can save up to 32% more energy by automatically adjusting the internal temperature, depending on the quantity of food stored inside the appliance.

The most significant advantage of these inverter compressors is that they reduce noise by nearly 25%.

Cooling Technology

Technology has improved tremendously over the years. It is visible in the fact that refrigerators come with advanced cooling vents to ensure uniform circulation of cold air inside the appliance.

The manufacturers have devised different names for their respective double-door refrigerator models.

360-degree Airflow

Haier refrigerators come with this unique technology, 360-degree Airflow to maintain the uniform temperature inside the fridge.

The appliance contains numerous vents that allow the air to flow in different directions to ensure uniform distribution of cold air.

Besides maintaining uniform cooling, this technology eliminates warm spots or frozen pockets that can affect the freshness of the food stored inside the refrigerator.

3D Airflow

Similar to 360-degree Airflow technique, Whirlpool offers 3D Airflow technology in its refrigerator models.

The difference is that the user can set the direction of the cold air by adjusting the placement of the strategically placed flexible air vents.

Ice Beam Door Cooling

LG, one of the top consumer appliance manufacturers in India, has introduced the Ice Beam Door Cooling technology that is similar to the two techniques described above.

The fridge features multiple airflow vents to ensure that there is a uniform distribution of cold air.

LG double-door refrigerators come with these vents on the sides as well as the inside back portion. The result is that the temperature gap between the inner part of the fridge and the door decreases considerably.

Thus, one can experience up to 35% faster cooling performance as compared to conventional cooling.

Dual Fan System

The earlier refrigerator models had a single fan to cool the refrigerator and the freezer compartments. It sounds fine for a single-door refrigerator.

The new double-door fridges from Samsung, Hitachi, and Godrej feature a dual fan system to cool the freezer and the refrigerator portions separately.

The presence of two fans ensures a higher degree of cooling. Some of the premium Hitachi double-door refrigerators come with Dual Fan Air Jet technology that can work beautifully even if the external temperatures touch 60 degrees Celsius.

Protection from power cuts

You cannot imagine a city in India without its share of load shedding or power cuts. The smaller towns and villages face these issues more than the larger metros.

Of all the home appliances, the refrigerator is at the maximum risk of damage because of these power cuts because these appliances work 24 x 7.

Power cuts can pose two different kinds of problems.

  1. Food can get spoilt if the power cut persists for extended periods.
  2. The refrigerator is susceptible to damage due to voltage fluctuations.

The top models like Godrej, Samsung, and Whirlpool feature a cooling gel released as a cold gas that is circulated inside the fridge to maintain the temperature inside the refrigerator for long hours.

Godrej has named this technology as StayCool. This technology maintains frozen food fresh for several hours. As it can keep the freezer compartment cool, it also prevents ice cream from melting for a few hours.

Samsung has introduced a new technology, Cool Wall technology, that helps the refrigerator retain the cooling for several hours. This technology also features Cool Pack, a cooling gel technology, that retains the freshness of the food up to a maximum of 12 hours during a power cut.

Whirlpool, one of the leading refrigerator manufacturers in India, offers a unique technology, Insulated Capillary Technology to prevent the freezer compartment from losing its cooling due to opening of the freezer door.

This technology insulates the capillary with cold gas, whereby the freezer can attain temperatures as low as -26 degrees Celsius. The Insulated Capillary Technology proves beneficial to the freezer as it maintains the cooling for a maximum of 12 hours.

Haier has something different to offer in the form of diamond-shaped inner edges to complement the cooling gel technology. This design slows down ice melting, thereby helping the refrigerator to extend the cooling period considerably.

Special Lighting Systems

The earlier generation refrigerators come with ordinary bulbs. Besides consuming more power, they also occupy a lot of space inside the fridge.

The technology has advanced today to enable fridges to come with LED lighting. The advantages of LED lighting are that they are slimmer, softer, and energy-efficient when compared to conventional light bulbs.

As they occupy less space, it automatically increases the space inside the refrigerator for storage. Compared to the conventional bulbs, LED lights emit less heat.

LED bulbs also consume up to 20 times less power than traditional bulbs. Samsung refrigerators are available with this technology.

LG has introduced a premium lighting facility, Lumishelf LED lighting in its flagship model, LG Signature. This arrangement offers lighting under each shelf, thereby improving the overall visibility inside the refrigerator.

While the LED lights used by LG consume 77% less power, they also prove to be almost 26% more durable than the traditional bulbs used in the earlier generation refrigerators.

Godrej goes one step ahead by featuring motion-sensing lights capable of detecting any movement inside the fridge. Thus, it illuminates the interiors, especially if you search for areas to store food or arrange the existing food items.


By now, you just have distinguished the fact that the best double door refrigerators are considered to be the go-to choice being the most convenient out of the lot. Coming with two distinct cooling sections, the Best Double Door Refrigerator in India won’t just offer the added suitability of usage but also provides value for money. Moreover, the number of features you can find in this type of refrigerator may not be there in the other options in the market and that too at such a reasonable price.

Hence, if you want to switch from a single-door refrigerator owing to the large size of your family or the thinking of replacing the outdated double door unit you used to have, choosing a top double door refrigerator would be a decent bet for sure. Moreover, as we have covered every single price bracket, you can go with the model that fits your budget and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

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