Top 10 Best Dust Busters – Review & Buying Guide

Everyone likes a clean house. But getting it clean? If it isn’t exactly fun, it shouldn’t be drudgery either. That’s where the cordless hand vacuum comes in. It’s a fast way to pick up spills, touch up dirty areas, clean under sofa cushions, grab dust bunnies from under a bed, and dozens of other jobs. Since Black and Decker introduced the Dustbuster in 1979, these small appliances have become as common as full-size upright vacuums. Knowing how important these machines are for those in search of quicker and better cleaning, we tested a range to determine the best.

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Top 10 Best Dust Busters

10 Best Dust Busters Reviews

SaleBestseller No. 1
Black + Decker WDC215WA-QW 7.2 V,10.8W Lithium-Ion Wet and Dry Cordless Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum Cleaner,Charge Fully Before Using, run time upto 8 mins
  • The vacuum cleaner operates on a 10.8-Watt lithium ion battery that offers an efficient cleaning action on multiple surfaces. It delivers an optimum runtime for effective cleaning
  • Lightweight and cordless hand vac for quick clean up of any spills - Charge fully before using
  • Combines benefits of both wet and dry cleaning in one so you can quickly tidy up spilled drink or bread crumbs
  • Wide mouth for effortless pick up of larger debris
  • Quick release bowl feature for effortless emptying The bowl and filter can be rinsed with tap water for a thorough, hygienic clean
  • Wall mountable charging docking station
SaleBestseller No. 2
Betzila Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner 120W 12V Portable Wet/Dry Auto Car Vacuum Dust Buster with 16.4FT (5M) Power Cord with Cigarette Lighter, 4000PA Suction High Power Hand Vac (Blue,Black,Orange)
    • [( STRONG SUCTION )] Upgrade car vacuum have much stronger suction than before, We has increased its suction to a higher level of 4000Pa suction, which can effectively pick up things weigh about 16oz, it's powerful enough to suck up the dust,pet hair ,crumbs and other small things in the car.
    • [( MULTIFUNCTIONS )] Car vacuum supports Dry and Wet application, which quickly absorb debris and spilled liquid inside the car (except corrosive,flammable and explosive liquid). It comes with 3 accessories(Brush, Soft Long Tube, Long Mouth). The brush can be used to clean hair and the dirty something stick on the car. The soft long tube can be used to clean the surface of leather without damage. The long mouth can be used to clean the trunk or under the seat.
    • [( CONVENIENT )]Vacuum car with 5M(16.4feet) power cord helps clean any hard-to-reach area.75db low noise, easy to operate.
    • [( EASY TO WASH )]Can disassemble and wash the filter to make the portable car vacuum have maximum and continuous cleaning efficiency. SMALL TIPS: It will be more powerful if you clean the vacuum filter every time of use, and it also will extend the life of the machine. Please use the car vacuum for no more than 15 minutes at a time.
    • [( CAR VACUUM CLEANER FOR CAR )] Betzila 12V Car Vacuum with strong suction 4300pa special designed for cars , The car vacuum's powerful 120w motor and strong turbine leave nothing behind. with HEPA filter, can effectively clean the dust inside the car.
Bestseller No. 3
Homestrap Cloth Printed Flannel Dust Buster Duster (15"X17", Multicolour) - Pack of 12
  • Colour: Multi, Design: Printed, Size Name: Medium,
  • Material: Flannel, Package Content: 12 Dusters
  • Size: 15 Inch X 17 Inch or 38 cm X 43 cm
  • Wash Dark Colours Seperately
SaleBestseller No. 5
VC Dust Buster Duster Dusting Cloth 38 inches by 31 inches Size, Pack of 2 Pieces
  • Dusting cloth for home
  • Dusting cloth yellow
  • Cleaning cloth for home, office
  • Dusting cloth for furniture
  • Home Office Kitchen
SaleBestseller No. 6
VIDORA Damp Clean Duster Sponge, Cleaning Sponge Brush, Dust Buster for Blinds, Baseboards, Vents, Mirrors, Windows, Kitchen Traps & Cars(Multicolor, Pack of 1)
  • 【 Damp Duster】 Damp clean duster sponge can help you easily remove dust, debris, hair, and stains in your home, so that you no longer worry about dirty cleaning!
  • 【Multiple Uses】The sponge cleaning brush is suitable for cleaning blinds, vents, railings, bedside table track grooves of windows, faucets, baseboards.
  • 【Easy to use】Simply submerge it in water until soft and malleable, squeeze out the excess water, run it along dusty surfaces. The dust gets picked right up and stays stuck to the damp duster. You simply rinse it under running water and everything comes off.
  • 【Convenient to Store and Care】Each damp sponge duster sealed package individually. Rinse the dusting sponge with water after every use, they will dry quickly and avoid to get smelly. It is recommended to replace it regularly to ensure the effective cleaning.
  • 【Strong Water Absorption】Dense water absorption holes can absorb a large amount of water and have strong water absorption. After the sponge duster is fully soaked, it will become softer and have better cleaning power.
Bestseller No. 7
Mr Gleam Microfibre Dust Buster (Green)
  • Material: PP handle,
  • Item Dimension: 100mm x 70mm x 300mm
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Dust Buster
  • 2 months warranty
  • Unique “frayed” micofibre head designed to capture & trap dust
  • Designed specifically to pick up and remove dust in indian cars
SaleBestseller No. 8
Zivantix Versatile Cordless 2 in 1 Rechargeable Mini Car Vaccum Cleaner Dust Buster & Air Blower with 8000PA Suction Power USB Type-C 120W High-Power Powerful Motor (2 in 1_ Wht)
  • 8000PA Strong Suction Power: This vacuum cleaner boasts powerful suction capability, making it highly effective at capturing dirt, dust, debris, and even pet hair from your car's interior.
  • 120W High-Power Motor: With a robust 120-watt motor, this device provides the necessary power to handle tough cleaning tasks, ensuring thorough and efficient results.
  • Built-in 4000mAh Large-Capacity Rechargeable Battery: The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a substantial 4000mAh battery, offering extended cleaning time on a single charge. This large-capacity battery ensures that you can complete your cleaning tasks without interruptions.
  • USB Type-C Fast Charging Technology: Thanks to USB Type-C fast charging, you can recharge the vacuum cleaner quickly and conveniently. This technology reduces downtime, allowing you to get back to cleaning sooner.
  • 2-in-1 Functionality: It combines the functions of a Dust Buster and an Air Blower, offering versatile cleaning options for both vacuuming and blowing away debris and dust.
  • Easy Maintenance: Featuring an easy-to-empty dustbin and a washable filter, this vacuum cleaner is designed for hassle-free maintenance, reducing the cost of replacements.
SaleBestseller No. 9
KSBOY Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Car Vacuum Cleaner Handheld USB Rechargeable, Dust Buster, Air Blower and Vacuum Pump 3 in 1, Dry Vacuum Cleaner for Car, Home, Office, Pet Hair Cleaning
  • Versatile 3-in-1 Functionality: The KSBOY vacuum cleaner seamlessly transitions between three key roles, catering to the cleaning needs of cars, homes, and pet grooming.
  • Powerful Suction Capability: Equipped with a robust suction mechanism, the vacuum cleaner effectively tackles dirt, debris, and pet hair across various surfaces, ensuring a thorough cleaning experience.
  • Compact and Portable Design: The vacuum cleaner's ergonomic design makes it easy to handle and transport, allowing users to clean with precision in both home and car environments.
  • Specialized Attachments for Car Interiors: With tailored attachments, the vacuum cleaner is adept at reaching and cleaning tight spaces within car interiors, leaving them spotless and refreshed.
  • Pet Grooming Feature: A standout feature is the dedicated pet grooming functionality, featuring specially designed attachments that make it simple and comfortable to remove loose fur from pets, contributing to a cleaner living environment.
  • User-Friendly Operation: The KSBOY vacuum cleaner is designed with user convenience in mind, featuring intuitive controls and easy-to-install attachments for a hassle-free cleaning experience.
SaleBestseller No. 10
Handheld Car Vacuum with 6000 Pa Suction, Mini Cordless Desk Vaccum, Rechargeable Computer Vacuum Keyboard Cleaner, Quick Charge, Portable Battery Operated, Desktop Sweeper, Dust Buster, USB Powered
  • 👍【CORDLESS &STRONG SUCTION】👍Shinebella wireless vacuum cleaner with 45W high power motor, provide 6000Pa suction power, which could easily pick up dust, hair, crumbs, coffee beans and little screws from your computer. This bronze motor also make your cleaning job much more efficient.
  • 👍【FASHION DESIGN&WIDELY APPLICABLE】👍Smooth lines and simple shape makes it a perfect combination of technology and fashion, making a unique continuation of modern minimalist household product design aesthetics. Complete Accessories ,1 * Mini Hand Vacuum Cleaner, [1 * Washable HEPA filter],1 * USB charging cable,3 * different types of Nozzles: a crevice nozzle for narrow gaps,corners, a brush nozzle for carpet & hair and a soft long tube for dust particles flexibly.
  • 👍【TYPE-C FAST CHARGING& LONG USING TIME】👍The portable car vacuum utilizes the type-C charging port that adopt the fastest and high efficient USB charging technology which saves charging time than normal.And the mini vacuum cleaner ensures work up to 20 minutes after being fully charged.
  • 👍【LIGHTWEIGHT &ONE-HANDED OPERATION 】👍This small car vacuum is compact,ultra-lightweight and ease-of-use.Weight is only 11.34OZ, compact enough to store, a simple one-hand operation to quickly clean almost anywhere, like in your car, home or office.
  • 👍【HUMAN-FRIENDLY DESIGH&PERFECT GIFT CHOICE&ONE-YEAR WARRANTY】👍The ergonomic, non-slip design of this small desk vacuum cleaner offers comfortable handling. A Perfect Gift for: father/mother/girlfriend/boyfriend/birthday gift/anniversary gift/children. One-year warranty is included to increase your confidence on our products.

Best Dust Busters Buyer’s Guide

You are looking to buy a Dust cleaner and I’m sure you are going to be confused when so many options are available around you. A good idea would then be to read our Buying Guide and the different types of vacuum reviews. This will help you in being aware of matters that are critical to know before purchasing the Dust buster. Go over our review of top 10 vacuums and choose the right one for you.

We regularly update product reviews. Once a new product is proved to be successful, or is no longer in the market, the review will reflect that. Therefore, you can always rely on our consumer recommendations. Obviously, it is a good habit to complete our reviews with customer reviews on Amazon – customers are the king and it is impossible to manipulate so many reviews.

What Is A Dustbuster?

Don’t get confused! Dustbuster is basically a handheld vacuum cleaner, introduced in the early 80s (according to the Dustbuster search graph). So it is nothing more (or less) than a handheld vacuum, or a Dust cleaning machine, which is the most commonly used household accessories. Most of the time, dustbuster vacuums have the battery-powered feature.

Step By Step Process To Buy The Best Dust Buster

  • Step 1: Compare Dustbuster

When it is time to replace that old cleaner or to buy your first, plan to compare vacuums and do your shopping. Our article will help you to compare hand vacuum cleaners. After reading reviews you can find what you need exactly at a price you can afford. We offer information about different types and models of hand vacs as well as accessories, replacement parts for all brands. You can learn about the latest products and read consumer reviews from giant marketplaces like Amazon.

Comparisons are easier when you don’t have to run from one store to another to gather information on performance, suitability, and price, and to find out which features and attachments are essential for you. Let us help you to compare hand vacuums and shop for the best deal.

  • Step 2: Pick the Features You Need

Once you have chosen the style, you need to compare vacuum for both price and features. With bagless vacuum cleaners, the dirt is collected in a bin or container of some kind and you don’t have to buy replacement bags; however, emptying the bin exposes you to pollutants, which can be a problem if you have allergies or breathing problems.

If you want really clean air, choose a HEPA vacuum cleaner that collects dirt in bags. “HEPA” is the acronym for “high-efficiency particulate air,” and HEPA filtration systems have efficiency ratings of 99.97%, which is superior to all others as you discover when you make your vacuum cleaner comparisons.

Types of flooring can be a great thing to consider. When you have tiles flooring you need a specialized tile floor cleaning vacuum. When you have the floors carpeted, you need a carpet cleaner. For laminated floors, consider a Laminate floor cleaning vacuum. And in a big house with stairs, you should know how to choose the best stair vacuum cleaner. If your home has a hardwood floor, you would need to pick the right hardwood floor vacuum cleaner.

Some other Considerations

  • Metal construction is more durable than plastic and important if you have a big house and vacuum frequently; plastic will serve if you have a small apartment.
  • Long cords are great if you don’t have a lot of electrical outlets, but are unimportant if you do, and a cord re-winder saves a lot of frustration in either case.
  • The power rating of the motor matters and strong suction is preferred unless you have areas of rugs on bare floors and don’t want to watch the edges suctioned up. If the most important feature to you is the vacuum’s ability to retain its suction, check out the Dyson when you compare vacuum cleaners.
  • A pile-height adjustment feature is important so that you can choose deep or light cleaning. You should also be able to shut off the brush action when cleaning bare floors so that you don’t wear out the brushes.
  • The attachments should be easy to add and be airtight when they are in place.
  • Don’t squander your money on a “self-propelled” feature if you have normal strength and energy.

Where To Buy A Dustbuster Type Vacuum

So, now the question is where to buy? Buying the best rated dustbuster from lots of selling points is not an easy task. Should you buy the dustbuster online or at a physical store near you? Our 2 cents is to save the hassle and go online: buying online exposes you to the actual user reviews and ratings. And the most reliable online shopping place is Amazon. The customer ratings are generated from millions of customers that bought the same item. You can easily rely on these ratings.

If a product doesn’t do well, consumers will provide negative ratings. In that regard, any rating above 4.00 is actually an indication that the product is good enough to be included in a top-rated dust busters list. All the above mentioned products have their own benefits and quality. Depending on your needs, you can pick any of them and you’ll be satisfied for sure.

If you are looking for a dust buster, please take the time to study everything about it before buying. Then, go online (or go to a mall) and order the one that fits your budget and fulfills your demands.

Final Words

While this is true that a dust cleaning machine is not a huge investment, you do not want to spend money on this. Therefore, be a bit careful with your purchase, so that you can use the machine with satisfaction for at least a year.

You can absolutely rely on any of these top 10 machines that we reviewed here. If you are looking for more in-depth dust buster reviews, check out our top reviewed product. We update this page following new trends in the dustbusters industry (in some cases every couple of months) to make sure that you all are updated about the best dustbusters in the market today.

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