Best Mattresses in India 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for the best mattresses in India? So, you must read this post to find the right mattress for your home.

Finding the best mattress takes a lot of time and research. This can sometimes confuse you as there are different types of mattresses available in the Indian market.

After a hard day at work, we all need stress-free sleep. The quality of your sleep depends entirely on the mattress you choose. A better quality mattress can help relieve pain by improving your posture while you sleep. But the wrong mattress can cause back pain and comfortable sleep.

Here are the 10 Best Mattresses in India.

Let’s take a look at the Best Mattresses!

Finding the best was next up on our list of challenges. After several hours of testing, we decided on a few models that we think are suited.

Here are the Top 10 & Best Mattresses in 2021

SaleBestseller No. 1
Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress 6-Inch King Size 78x72x6 Inches White
  • Product Dimensions: 198.12 cms (length) x 182.88 cms (width) x 15.24cms (height) / 78 x 72 x 6 Inches
  • MATERIAL TYPE: Mattress: Next Gen Memory Foam, Responsive Foam, High Resilience Foam | Cover Material: Breathable Premium Fabric
  • ADDITIONAL BENEFITS: High-quality Memory Foam. Uses latest technological innovations for excellent back support. Removable outer cover which can be machine washed
  • Mattress Thickness: If even one of the sleepers weighs over 80kg, then you require a mattress thickness of 8 inches (20.32 cm) If both sleepers weigh less than 80 kg and one of the sleepers weighs between 60-80 kg, then you require a mattress thickness of 6 inches (15.24 cm) If both sleepers weigh less than 60 kg, then you require a mattress thickness of 5 inches (12.7 cm)
  • WARRANTY: 10 Years Manufacturer Warranty
Bestseller No. 2
Livpure Smart Ortho CurvX Memory Foam Mattress| 5D Sleep Zones Curved Foam | Stress-Relief Biocrystals| with Dow ComfortScience | Certified Fabric | Single Bed (72x36x6) inches, Removal Zipper Cover
  • 5D SLEEPTECH CURVED Computerized CNC 5D ZONES Customized Support for Pressure Releiving Orthopaedic Support. 3 Layer Mattress
  • Imported BIOCRYSTALS EMBEDDED- 16 Naturally Orccuring Crystals like Amethyst, Jasper, Silver - For a Stress Relieving Sleep
  • Manufactured with Dow ComfortScienceTM USA Technology to guarantee the Cooling Comfort foam with Superior Breathability for a Sweat Free Sleep
  • Oeko Tex Certified Premium High GSM Luxury Fabric: Mattress Comes with Premium Aesthetics Fabric with zipper removable cover mattress.
  • CurvXTM - Curved Orthopaedic Foam - crafted for customized Orthopaedic Back Support
SaleBestseller No. 3
wakeup INDIA Memory Foam Mattress | 10 Year Warranty | Orthopedic Mattress, Single Bed Medium Firm Mattresses | Memory Foam 5 inch Mattresses (Single Size, 72x30x5 inch, White)
  • Dimensions: Length (72inches/ 6ft/ 182.88cms), Width (30inches/ 2.5ft/ 76.2cms), Height (5inches/ 0.42ft/ 12.7cms) | 10 Year Warranty by Manufacturer
  • Pressure Relief: Memory foam mattresses are known for their excellent pressure-relieving properties. The foam contours to your body, alleviating pressure points and promoting overall comfort.
  • Customized support: Memory foam responds to your body heat, allowing It to conform to your unique shape. This personalized support helps maintain proper spinal alignment and reduces The risk of discomfort or pain.
  • Motion Isolation: Memory foam absorbs Motion, minimizing disturbance from your partners movements during sleep. This feature ensures a more restful and undisturbed sleep experience.
SaleBestseller No. 4
Springtek Thermal Bonded Memory Foam Mattress| 30 Nights Trial| 4 Inche Medium Firm 5 Layered Memory Gel & HR Foam Ortho Mattress| Back Pain & Spine Support| Single Size| 72x30 Inch, 6 Years Warranty
  • Product Dimensions(In Inch): Length 72 X Width 30 X Height 4
  • Plush Top - Get Even More Targeted Support For Your Back And Core With This High Densely-Packed Bonded Foam Of 90 Density Topped With Soft And Cool Memory Foam. The Memory Foam Used Is Fo 40 Density And Helps In Providing Cool And Comfortable Sleep. This Mattress Is Excellent For Users Who Are Experiencing Major Back Issues.
  • Mattress Comfort: Medium Firm, Material: Cool Gel Memory Foam, Our Cool Gel Memory Foam Has A Quicker Response, Better Than Traditional Memory Foam, Comfort Layer Is Resilient, Provides Optimum Comfort And With Advanced Air Flow Technology Keeps The Circulation Of Air Inside The Mattress
  • Type: Orthopaedic Mattress, Colour: Multicolour, Length & Width: Customizable, Medium Firm Orthopedic Mattress Mostly Suitable For Everyone, Hypoallergenic Grade 300Gsm Fabric Highly Breathable, Fabric Really Soft And Cozy, Bottom Closure Fabric Crafted From Organic Cotton Featured With Anti-Skid Support And Mattress Is Free From Bed Bugs And Dust Mites
  • Warranty: 6 Years Manufacturer Warranty, Delivered In Flat Condition, Assembly Not Required, Support Base Layer Is Firm And Sturdy Built From Ortho Foam, Provides Optimum Support For The Sleeping Postures And Mattress, Mattress Comes With The Sag Free Technology, Last Longer, Mattress Is Devoid From Harsh Chemicals
SaleBestseller No. 5
Flo Ergo™ Mattress - 10 Year Warranty | Aloe Vera Infused Orthopedic Mattress with Motion Isolation™ Technology | Mattress Double Bed Memory Foam Mattress Mattress Queen Size (72x60x4 Inches Medium Firm White)
  • Product Dimensions: Length (72 inches / 6 ft / 182.88 cms), Width (60 inches / 5 ft / 152.4 cms), Height (4 inches / 0.33 ft / 10.16 cms) I Queen Size Mattress I Suitable for Queen Bed
  • Top Layer: Our proprietary slow-regain memory foam regains up to 4 times slower than cheaper brands, thus providing greater pressure relief, 80% less tossing & turning and significantly deeper sleep.
  • Base Layer: Our Responsive foam base comes with Anti-Sag technology and ensures orthopedic support for your spine; while you're sleeping, our mattress is working to ensure you are adequately supported.
  • Cover: 4 way stretch fabric infused with Aloe Vera gel microcapsules to keep your skin hydrated; this cover is zippered, removable and machine-washable.
  • Features: Zero Partner Disturbance - if you move on your side of the mattress, your partner will not get disturbed; 3D Air-Flo technology - keeps your cool and keeps your mattress ventilated; Reversible - you can use either side, with one side slightly harder than the other; 10 Year Warranty; 100% Made in India.
SaleBestseller No. 6
Wakefit Natural Latex Memory Foam Mattress 8-Inch King Size (78x72x8 Inches)
  • Product Dimensions: 198.12 cms (length) x 182.88 cms (width) x 20.32cms (height) / 78 x 72 x 8 Inches
  • MATERIAL TYPE: Mattress: ErgoTech EcoLatex Layer, ShapeSense Ortho Memory Foam, Responsive Support Layer, ResiPro Foam Base | Cover Material: Breathable Premium Fabric
  • ADDITIONAL BENEFITS: 7 zone design layer made from natural Latex. Uses technological innovations for excellent back support. Removable outer cover which can be machine washed
  • Mattress Thickness: If even one of the sleepers weighs over 80 kg, then you require a mattress thickness of 8 inches (20.32 cm) If both sleepers weigh less than 80 kg and one of the sleepers weighs between 60-80 kg, then you require a mattress thickness of 6 inches (15.24 cm)
SaleBestseller No. 7
wakeup INDIA Luxuriate Orthopedic Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress |10 Years Warranty | 12 Inch Pocket Spring King Size Mattress | Soft Cotton Breathable Fabric | (84x78x12 Inch | Medium Firm | White)
  • Dimensions: Length (84inches/ 7ft/ 213.36cms), Width (78inches/ 6.5ft/ 198.12cms), Height (12inches/ 1ft/ 30.48cms) I 10 Years Warranty by Manufacturer
  • Reversible Design: The Luxuriate Hybrid Mattress features a reversible design, allowing you to use both sides for extended comfort and durability
  • Hybrid Construction: This mattress combines the benefits of memory foam and pocket springs to offer the perfect balance of comfort and support.
  • Memory Foam Comfort: One side of the mattress is equipped with a plush memory foam layer, which contours to your body, relieving pressure points and providing personalized comfort.
  • Pocket Spring Support: The other side of the mattress features individually wrapped pocket springs that offer targeted support, reducing motion transfer and ensuring proper spinal alignment.
SaleBestseller No. 8
Livpure Smart Ortho Plus Memory Foam Mattress| 5D Sleep Zones Contour Foam | Stress-Relief Biocrystals| with Dow ComfortScience | Certified Fabric | Single Bed (72x36x6) inches, Removal Zipper Cover
  • 5D SLEEPTECH Contour Computerized CNC 5D ZONES Customized Support for Pressure Releiving Orthopaedic Support. 3 Layer Mattress
  • Imported BIOCRYSTALS EMBEDDED- 16 Naturally Orccuring Crystals like Amethyst, Jasper, Silver - For a Stress Relieving Sleep
  • Manufactured with Dow ComfortScienceTM USA Technology to guarantee the Cooling Comfort foam with Superior Breathability for a Sweat Free Sleep
  • Oeko Tex Certified Premium High GSM Luxury Fabric: Mattress Comes with Premium Aesthetics Fabric with zipper removable cover mattress.
  • 5D Contour Orthopaedic Foam - crafted for customized Orthopaedic Back Support
SaleBestseller No. 9
WHITE BERRY Signature: 5" - Most economical Memory Foam Mattress with high Resilience Open Cell Foam for top Notch Comfort. Firmness: Medium Soft, Single Bed Mattress [78 X 30 X 5]
  • ✔DESIGNED FOR HEALTHY SLEEP: Signature Mattress are most economical mattresses made with the combination of high resilience open cell foam and memory foam covered in 500 gsm silver ions infused antimicrobial knitted fabric for healthy and hygienic sleep.
  • ✔INNOVATION MEETS COMFORT: Keeping you first, we have designed Signature Mattresses in such a manner that its top layer of high-density memory foam for pressure point relief and restful sleep. Bottom layer of high resilience open cell foam for surface support and air circulation which reduce the heat while sleeping.
  • ✔DIMENSIONS: Ensuring maximum comfort we divided our product under 3 categories (thickness) according to human weight, up to 60kg then 5 Inch mattress, up to 80kg then 6 Inch mattress and above 80kg then 8 Inch mattress. Length – 72 / 75 / 78 Inches. Width – Single Bed: 30 / 36 / 42 Inches; Double Bed: 48 Inches; Queen Bed: 60 / 66 Inches; King Bed: 72 / 75 / 78 Inches.
  • ✔USAGE: Ideal usage for all age and individuals who wants to dream big. Comfy and medium firm from head to toe.
  • ✔PACKAGING: The mattress is delivered in an agile little roll at your door step for free. Just tilt, remove outer cover and unroll. Unroll the mattress and unfold it to its full size and let the mattress breathe in all air.
SaleBestseller No. 10
Sleepwell Ortho Mattress | Quilted | 6-inch King Bed Size, Impressions Memory Foam, Medium Firm Mattress(Purple, 78x72X6)
  • Item Dimensions: Length- 78 Inches, Width- 72 Inches, Hight/Thickness- 6 Inches
  • Material Type: Premium knitted Fabric, Sleepwell Impressions foam quilting, High resilience foam, PU foam, Sleepwell Quiltec foam quilting in border, Airmesh fabric
  • BENEFITS: Uses latest Orthopaedic Technology, Snug Comfort with Next-Gen impressions Foam,  Freshness & ventilation, Pressure point relief with  Plush Top Feel
  • Mattress Thickness: If even one of the sleepers weighs over 80kg, then you require a mattress thickness of 8 inches (20.32 cm) If both sleepers weigh less than 80 kg and one of the sleepers weighs between 60-80 kg, then you require a mattress thickness of 6 inches (15.24 cm) If both sleepers weigh less than 60 kg, then you require a mattress thickness of 5 inches (12.7 cm)
  • Our special Neem Fresche technology guarantees a clean, germ-free snooze. And for that extra peace of mind, Sleepwell Ortho Mattress comes with a 5-year warranty. Sweet dreams!

What is the best type of mattress?

A few years ago, memory foam mattresses were all the rage, but they’ve lost a bit of their luster since then. These days many mattress designers are returning to springs, or hybrids, which have springs and foam. 

A hybrid could be considered a best-of-both-worlds option. Foam distributes your weight well across the mattress, while springs create a personalised feeling of support and respond to different partners of different sizes and sleeping habits. You should also look for a mattress with a breathable top layer. 

What is the most comfortable mattress in the world?

According to the independent National Sleep Foundation in America, the most comfortable mattress is the Layla Hybrid Mattress, which combines the pressure relief of memory foam with the support of pocketed coil springs. It also has two different sides – one soft and plush, and one firmer and more supportive – so you can simply flip the mattress depending on your preference. This decision was made by a medical advisory board, who tested mattresses based on firmness, temperature control, responsiveness, pressure relief, among other things. 

Choosing the right mattress can be overwhelming. Here to help, we’ve provided further information at the end of this article, and have found the best mattresses you can buy online now:

Buying Guide: Pick the Right Mattresses that Fulfil your Requirements:

Those who know how sleep can affect daily life will understand how important it is to choose the right mattress. Choosing one mattress among hundreds of others based on material, comfort and price- definitely not an easy task. So here is the easiest mattress buying guide for you. It includes the followings-

  • Your sleeping position
  • Suitable mattress type
  • Mattress Size
  • Firmness
  • Body Weight
  • Other Qualities of a Mattress

How to Choose the Best Mattress in India?

Here are some ways you can scan your way through the perfect mattress for yourself! Check it out!

Mattress Types:

Here are some of the common mattress types that you can find on the market today! Some of the advantages are great for your back, while some can offer you a sound sleep no matter in which position to lay down! You have to trust us when we say that there is something for all here! Jump right in.

1. Memory Foam Mattress:

Memory foam generally comes with a layer of support and springs foam on together. What this mattress does is it makes use of your body heat to mold itself to your unique shape. Great support and comfort are offered due to this. Once this pressure is removed from the mattress, it bounces back to its original shape gradually. However, with enough time, this mattress will be able to retain the shape of your body in its memory, and therefore, it gets this name.

Another name that memory foam is popularly known as is visco-elastic foam. This was designed by NASA around the mid-1960s. This was made from a polyurethane material and was created to face the extreme pressure that astronauts are prone to when they enter or exit the Earth’s atmosphere. Soon enough, the potential of memory foam material was recognized, and it began to show up in mattresses, toppers, and even pillows. few folks love to enjoy their tv shows while they are lying on their mattress and a memory foam mattress is a perfect fit for them, if you are looking for Best led tv in India for your bedroom then you can refer our buying guide.

Advantages Memory Foam Mattress:

  • Uses your body heat to mold itself to the exact shape of your body
  • Memory foam can help relieve the pain in your pressure spots. Works wonderfully for people who suffer from Arthritis or joint pain. It helps cushion and comfort your body, and reduce the impact you might encounter.
  • This type of mattress is also great for people who suffer from allergies. Memory foam is hypoallergenic and reduces the number of allergens on the surface with the help of its dense structure.

Disadvantages Memory Foam Mattress:

  • The mattress can feel a little too hot sometimes
  • As compared to other types, this one can be bulkier and heavier
  • Memory foam mattresses are always a notch higher in the price section

2. Hybrid Mattress:

The Hybrid mattresses consist of two components or materials that are blended in a single mattress. Comparatively, this is a better option as opposed to getting two different foams and making one main component. You will notice a couple of brands that sell hybrid foams, but they all come with one main component.

For instance, if you want the comfort and pressure-point relief that memory foam brings, but you want to refrain from getting stuck in it, and instead want the lightness of latex material then you get a combination of both memory foam and latex that will offer you both.

  1. True Hybrid: This is Coil + Memory or Latex Foam. If you’re looking for all the important mattress features like durability, bounce, cooling, and contouring, you can get it from here!
  2. Pillow Hybrid: Hybrid Mattresses with Pillow Top are capable of offering a lot of comfort to your body while relieving all the pressure points due to the firmness of coil beds.
  3. Foam Hybrids: The Foam Hybrids do not consist of any type of springs, rather they are a gentle combination of different foam materials. These mattresses grant much comfort and cooling to the sleeper.
Advantages Hybrid Mattress:
  • It has better abilities to contour as compared to other types of mattresses. The reason behind this is ILD.
  • Unlike memory foam mattress, you do not accumulate heat with this one
  • With the help of the different layers, the transfer of motion between two people sleeping together will be reduced
  • You can avail the kind of contouring and firmness of your likeability
  • Compared to other types of mattresses, this provides a better bounce and this could due to the presence of pocketed coils
Disadvantages Hybrid Mattress:
  • A little over the average price range
  • Releases a lot of gas in the initial stage of the use

3. Spring Mattress:

A spring mattress is generally recognized as one that is more traditional than others. You can find many claiming it to be the predecessor of the foam mattress. It comes with many metal coils that have been suspended in the other materials of the mattress. Because of this nature, they can offer a lot more support, especially in the case of heavier people or those who have back and hips problems.

Spring mattresses can support your body by using the body’s pressure to push back. However, we can sense one potential drawback with this kind of construction is the body’s inability to apply similar pressure throughout the mattress. Thereby, your chest, hips, and other parts of the body that press down the hardest will get the most pushback. This can easily turn into a nightmare for some sleepers.

Advantages Spring Mattress:
  • These types of mattresses can be easily availed at a low cost, and as we know this is usually one of the main concerns of a middle-class Indian buyer.
  • There is a consumer familiarity in the market with regards to spring mattresses, therefore, this is an advantage.
  • The mattress is durable, and with the help of its good construction, you will be able to enjoy their comfort for a long time.
  • It offers better circulation, and we all know how this factor is really important for a better good night’s sleep. This is possible due to the extra space between them which allows a good amount of airflow.
Disadvantages Spring Mattress:
  • Spring mattresses are infamous for wearing down fast, and this is due to the springs that lose support and compress the padding.
  • They are hard to set up at times. Because of their structure, it can be heavy to move them around.
  • Another problem is that the underlying layers in the mattresses contain wool and fiber, thereby, offering a thriving environment for dust mites.

4. Latex Mattress:

This mattress is created with the combination of two components like reflex foam or springs, with the main component being Latex. This mattress is a great option if you want to add support beneath your back while enjoying great durability. Latex is procured from the sap of a rubber tree, and the first brand to have used it was Dunlopillo in the early 1900s. This brand brought about a latex revolution in the industry of mattresses and introduced a new range of bedding made purely with latex foam. Latex mattresses are known for their incredible comfort and pressure relief capacities.

Since Latex has a natural inclination, the latex mattresses generally come blended in other natural stuffing to create a completely durable and safe mattress. Not only does this product come with a lot of benefits, but many best sellers too! If you’re looking for unmatched safety, latex is for you!

Advantages Latex Mattress:
  • Comes with many pressure-relieving qualities
  • Has elastic properties, thereby, can stretch according to your shape, weight, and movements. Good support is offered with the help of the elasticity in the heaviest areas of your body.
  • Latex is naturally resilient, and mattresses made with latex can maintain a steady performance for a long time
  • These mattresses are not at all difficult to maintain
  • Hypoallergenic mattress, as it is made with natural material
  • Naturally resistant to dust mites, and helps you get a clean, fresh, and healthy sleep surrounding
Disadvantages Latex Mattress:
  • A latex mattress is generally heavier than other kinds of mattresses available on the market
  • In terms of cost, this type can be heavier on your pocket too, as compared to spring coil, or even PU foam mattress.

5. Organic Mattress:

If you are a fan of natural materials, then we have another all-natural and eco-friendly option for you called Organic Mattress. These mattresses are not created with any toxic material or harmful chemicals. Natural materials are used in the creation of these mattresses which makes them both breathable and cool. Thereby, making them a great option for the summers, as well as winters!

If you are someone who is suffering from a case of asthma, allergies, or any other kind of chronic respiratory problem, then these organic mattresses will be a safe option for you to go for. Additionally, they are also great for young children and babies!

Advantages Organic Mattress:
  • The product is repellent to dust-mites due to natural tendencies
  • Does not catch bacteria or mold
  • Made without any chemicals, or without synthetic materials that can trigger allergies
  • Absorb quickly without leaving any moisture behind
  • Naturally resistant to fire
  • Adequately breathable and ventilated helps in all kinds of climates
Disadvantages Organic Mattress:
  • Some people may not like the “organic” smell of the mattresses
  • These mattresses can come off as a lot costlier than our regular mattresses

6. Smart Mattress

One of the first things that pop in our head when we hear someone say “smart bed”, is a genuine question of whether all the mattresses before them did not come with technology. Now, of course, there are many great beds out there. However, smart beds come with technology that can completely change the way we look at sleep.

With WiFi and the internet being the new “normal”, we have been able to achieve many more interesting things than ever before. Although the technology that lets you remotely control your appliances has been around since probably the early 1980s, it wasn’t very widespread in commercial use until 2013.

The smart mattress comes with sensors that will monitor your sleeping patterns, and help you slumber better. For instance, it will reposition itself when you start to snore, while also communicating with your other home appliances like your lights.

Advantages Smart Mattress:
  • Analyzes your sleeping patterns and adjusts accordingly
  • Optimizes your sleep, while also providing you with helpful information
  • Actively helps improve sleep with some useful functions
  • Interacts with other home appliances, e.g. turning lights on and off
Disadvantages Smart Mattress:
  • One possible downside of this kind of mattress is that you constantly require an Internet connection for it, and it will consume a lot of your power

7. Futon Mattress:

Nowadays, you will find Futon mattresses easily in superstores like Walmart and IKEA, however, they hold a traditional significance in the Japanese culture. Japanese people have a rich history of using these beds before they gained popularity in the West. Earlier, only the people under the royalty would have the privilege of using them, although, they weren’t as comfortable as now.

Futons started gaining mass popularity in the US in the 1980s, and this happened after a man named William Brouwer got inspired by the traditional Japanese versions. He quickly caught the opportunity of creating Futon sofa beds in 1982. These beds usually have a longer life because they are lightweight. And if you put enough effort into looking after them, then you can expect them to stick by you from 5 to 10 years.

Advantages Futon Mattress:
  • These mattresses have a thin and easy frame, thereby, you can easily roll and store them
  • Save a lot of money as they rarely require a bed frame
  • Keeps all sleep interruptions at bay, especially the fear of falling out of bed
Disadvantages Futon Mattress:
  • Unless your product is made out of polyfoam, you might have to deal with uneven weight distribution

8. RV Mattress:

When you’re traveling around the country, you might start skipping on your sleep because you’re missing your bed so much. You need your night to be comforting enough to destress you after a long day roaming around.

Since many people have been adopting the RV-lifestyle in India too now and it sees a steady rise, the demand and supply of the Camper mattresses have seen an increase too. These mattresses are generally made with a combination of memory foam and innerspring. This allows people to stay mobilized and see the sights around the country with ease.

Since millennials have become a segment of RV owners and are rapidly growing, many of them seek comfort and functionality. There is no settlement or compromise on the quality and flexibility of the product. Hence, RV mattresses are generally great for a rough environment, while maintaining flexibility and comfort quotient.

Advantages RV Mattress:
  • Works for all kinds of sleeping positions
  • Can manage sleepers who are light in weight
  • Memory foam relieves pain on the pressure points
  • Comes with an innovative construction
Disadvantages RV Mattress:
  • Not ideal for heavy people more than 230 lbs
  • Only for people looking for strong edge support

9. Water Beds:

This is a type of mattress that comes filled with water instead of the traditional spring or foam stuffing. These mattresses took by the storm around the 1970s as well as the later 90s. They soon became a novelty and luxurious item for people to own, and are easy when it comes down to the maintenance. You can use it as a cheater or comforter whenever required.

Soft-sided and hard-sided are two types of water beds available on the market. While the soft-sided looks similar to any regular mattress, the hard-sided generally flaunts a wooden rectangular frame that the water bed is laid upon. It also comes with a plywood deck where you can sit and relax.

All you have to do is, when you fill the water for the first time you might have to add a water conditioner to the liquid. This will make sure you don’t have to change the water until it needs to be moved from one place to another. A water bed can generally last around 10 to 20 years depending on how it has been maintained. However, certain parts of the bed like its top.

Advantages Water Beds:
  • Allows your muscles to relax
  • Maintaining and cleaning the mattress is easy
  • Keeps the worries of dust mites away
Disadvantages Water Beds:
  • They can come with a couple of diseases, especially cold
  • Can create back pain and is not good for your posture
  • Mattress unable to conform to the shape of your body

10. Air Beds:

An air mattress is generally made with a material called Polyvinyl Chloride, also known as PVC. But rest assured! It certainly offers more comfort than a regular PVC pipe. It was not long back that air mattresses started being manufactured with rubber material or Urethane plastic. This plastic is of a special kind and comes with more elasticity and a lot less brittleness.

The simple answer here is that it’s an air mattress! But you do not have to worry about pumping the mattress and exhausting yourself because how you exactly fill the air in these beds can vary. You can certainly do that if you wish to, however, there are many other easier ways that you can opt for as well.

Advantages Air Bed:
  • Has a firm feeling to it, and adds support to your body
  • Bid adieu to sag problems
  • Stabilizes heat and maintains your body temperature
Disadvantages Air Bed:
  • These types of mattresses are subject to leaks and punctures
  • Some pumping methods can cause a lot of noise, you should certainly skip doing it during the night time

How to Set Up a Memory Foam Mattress

Foam mattresses usually come in a rolled up packaging and it has become a trend lately to choose a rolled up bedding delivered to your doorstep. The mattress is sent in by compressed in the factory and then rolled up into a neat package to be delivered and assembled by the buyers.

Step 1: Open the casing and take out the rolled mattress.

Step 2: Spread out the mattress on the bed and make sure it fills in all the corners.

Step 3: Take small scissors or a knife. Most sellers of foam mattresses provide with a small opener which is available with the packaging.

Step 4: Cut open the plastic around the mattress packaging exposing the inner mattress to air.

Step 5: Wait for just a few minutes as the mattress absorbs the air surrounding to it and inflates to its original intended size.

Tips for Longer Life of Mattresses

  • Wash the linens and outer casings regularly. Once every month should do it.
  • Use a mattress protector if possible. There are even waterproof protectors available which can increase the life of your mattress to many folds.
  • Flip the mattress to the other side once every 6 months to maintain the consistency of the foam/coir/coil. Most mattresses work the same on two sides (unless you have a dual comfort mattress or a spring mattress).
  • Keep your pets away from the beds. Dogs or Cats with their paws can slowly deteriorate the string consistency. It will cause the threading to become loose and thereby decrease the life of the mattress.
  • Avoid getting into bed barefoot. Try wearing a pair of socks for extra comfort or wash your hands and feet before getting into bed
  • Make sure you have the correct mattress that fits perfectly with your bed frame. Fitting an over large mattress in a small bed might seem comfortable or the chalta hain style. But in the longer run, it will decrease the life of the mattress considerably.
  • In case if you are an airbed or waterbed mattress, owner/user, make sure that you are deflating the beds often. Stagnant air can cause problems not just to you but the mattress as well. It may pop out and burst if used for longer durations. Keep deflating it and inflating it from time to time.
  • Know the weight capabilities of mattresses before buying. Foam and Latex mattresses are capable of holding on greater weights. Increased weight can decrease the mattress’s life.
  • Try to get a waterproof and easily washable bed sheet or cover casings if you can. They protect your mattress from any stains or any other fluids/humidity causing damage to the mattress.

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