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Ironing boards are an essential household accessory. When choosing an ironing board, it is important to get one that suits your needs. Looking for the best ironing board? Well, on this page we will review the best ironing boards available on the market based on user contributions, comments and ratings.

Before discussing specific ironing boards, it is important to know that ironing boards fall into three main categories, namely: –

Ironing boards
Wall ironing boards
Folding ironing boards
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Now that you understand what each category entails, let’s take a look at the top 5 ironing boards in each category.

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The best foldable ironing board 2021.


For some people, ironing is a taxing chore that has no real significance. For others, it is important to
present a neat and clean appearance in front of their colleagues or employers.
Believe it or not, a person wearing ironed clothes in a professional environment always gets more
recognition than the one wearing wrinkled clothes.
As so many people don’t like to spend their time or effort ironing their clothes, many manufacturers
have introduced equipment that assists you in ironing. Fabric materials that need no ironing have been
developed as well.

The most important equipment that can help you in ironing is a sturdy, lightweight ironing board. Invest
in a good ironing board and you will be able to iron your clothes efficiently.

How to buy the best ironing board?

There are some things that you need to keep in mind while buying an ironing board namely weight, size,
sturdiness, material, added features and so on.

These requirements are explained in details below:

Sturdiness & Balance
It is important that your ironing board is designed in such a way that all its legs and screws are aligned
and fixed properly, to avoid any hindrance while ironing.
Most ironing board users have complained that not all legs of their ironing board are of the same size.
This means that it becomes wobbly and shaky over time and causes a lot of trouble for users who are

The material that’s been used to make an ironing board also plays a significant role in keeping it sturdy
and stable on the ground. It is essential that you know what material has been used to make an ironing
board before buying it, as it also plays an important role in conducting heat.
Make sure you’ve checked the supports of the ironing board for their size and have tried the product
before making your purchase.


Weight and sturdiness are closely related. If you want a lightweight ironing board then chances are
you’ll have to compromise on the balance and sturdiness. Most lightweight materials lack the usual grit
and depth that is needed to keep your board stable and avoid tipping over.
For example, if you have chosen a lightweight ironing board for ease in portability, keep in mind that
your iron is heavy and so are your clothes. This might make your ironing board tip over and cause a

Know your laundry load and have an estimate of the weight of your iron while buying an ironing board
for yourself. If you don’t do this, then your board will keep tipping over and frustrate you indefinitely.


There are different materials used to make ironing boards such as wood, plastic and steel (used mostly
for legs and supports). Most of these boards come with a cover that’s either polyester, cotton or any
other kind of fabric.

The cover is important for heat conduction as well as to avoid getting clothes stuck to the ironing
board's surface. Most surfaces can return the heat back to the clothes which in return help you to avoid
getting your clothes stuck on to the board.

Changing your ironing board's cover is easy and you can change it even after making your purchase, but
the whole board cannot be changed. So, be very sure of your needs and then go for the material that’s
best for you.

Portable Fixed Ironing Boards: Which one should you buy?

The markets are filled with all kinds of ironing boards from tabletop ironing boards to boards used for
ironing only woolen clothes and jeans. You need to decide yourself which type of board caters to your
needs the most.

Most people don’t like to sit in the laundry or in a specific room to press clothes as it isolates them from
everyone else. They would like to opt for a portable ironing board that they can take anywhere in their
house as long as there is an electrical socket.

A portable ironing board means lightweight materials which as mentioned above, mean that you might
have to compromise on the board's sturdiness and balance.
Majority of people choose fixed types of ironing boards either in the laundry or anywhere in their house
as it means that the mess you make while ironing will be limited to that space only.

Most of the times, ironing boards are fixed with either a cupboard or a storage space. This means you
can fold your ironing board inside the space and leave the place you were ironing at completely free.
Believe it or not, you can never say no to some extra storage at your disposal and buying a fixed ironing
board with a cupboard or anything similar to it can help you achieve just that.

Iron Stand

It will be convenient for you if you choose an ironing board that comes with an iron stand to avoid
buying it separately and worry over the size fix. Table top ironing boards lack iron stands as you can
glean from its name that you just have to place it over any table and start ironing your clothes as the
table can serve as an iron stand.

Sleeve Stand

Though most people find it unnecessary, a sleeve stand is also a feature that can assist you in ironing
your clothes. Most importantly if you iron clothes regularly and in bulk amounts, then a sleeve stand can
actually save your time.

Size & Adjustable Height

Speaking of ironing clothes in bulk, it is necessary that you pay attention to your board's size. The
standard sizes for most ironing boards are either 13 inches or 18 inches that is suitable for ironing
everyday clothes.

If you run a laundry or iron your bed sheets or stuff similar to it at home, then it’s better to pick an
ironing board that’s large in size and doesn’t require you to adjust the fabric constantly.
Another thing that you should keep in mind while purchasing an ironing board is the height of the user.
Ideally the board should reach your hips when you are standing. Most manufacturers have now
introduced ironing boards that can be adjusted according to your height. So buying an adjustable ironing
board will definitely ease your ironing process.


The above folding ironing boards are apparently the best in the market. After reading this review, you’re better equipped with knowledge of the kind of folding ironing board you should own for yourself. These 10 products have gone through serious scrutiny of various features that the majority is looking for out there. So, you can be sure that anyone buys will be the best board for you and the entire family. Good luck!

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