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Hello friend, are you looking for the best laminating machines in India in the year 2021? so you have it located in the right place. Here we come with the list of the 10 best laminating machines in India as of 2021. In this dedicated article, you should find the reviews of the 10 best-selling laminating machines in India, information about brands and price list to buy better in the main platforms. e-commerce in India.

Today, there are many companies selling laminating machines such as VMS, Texet, SToK, RPG Lami, RPGlami, A, Bambalio, Excelam, JD9, Reetrix, Genlam, Techbite, Tradematic Enterprise, Gobbler, Ooze, etc. is it the best and will it last a long time? In this article, we will share all the buying guides and review of the best laminating machines in India.

Our Top Pick

10 Best Lamination Machines Review

SaleBestseller No. 1
SToK ST-L11A A4 Lamination/Laminating Machine Hot & Cold 9 inch laminator with One Year Offsite Warranty
  • Free 5 A4 Size lamination pouch Laminating Speed: Approx. 300MM/Min
  • 9” inch wide input provides versatility for large and small projects; ideal for any home, office or classroom./Hot & Cold Lamination Feature
  • A professional finish with 2 rollers system, prevents jam, wrinkles or curling the edge; completely neat with zero air bubbles and low noise.Sizes up to A4 can be used
  • Only takes 3- 5 minutes to warm up; 300 mm/min laminating speed; supports for 30-minute laminating Unique internal jam release, pull out sheets directly after turning off the power for easy clearing.Foil thickness: 80-125 micron
  • Release ABS button in case of jam
  • For product releated query contact brand customer support for faster resolution.
SaleBestseller No. 2
JD9 Lamination Machine- Fully Automatic Professional Laminating Machine/Laminator for Upto A3 Size with Hot and Cold Lamination(Photos ID,I-Card,Certificate) Off- White
  • FEATURES: This JD9 A3 Laminator is loaded with features. Lesser Warm-Up Time, Light signals when the machine is ready, special rollers for uniform and bubble free lamination, Hot and Cold lamination and reverse function, Gradual temperature control system, and complete metal body with smart looks
  • EASY TO USE - Turn on the power switch, READY indicator light turns to red, when temperature reached the requirements, then put picture with pouches into laminator and start laminating.
  • KNOB TO REMOVE JAMMED POUCH (In case of loss of electricity or if pouch is entered from the unsealed end) - Once there is a paper jam in the process of laminating, immediately turn off the machine, to,remove the jammed pouch insert the knob on the side of the machine then slowly turn the knob to solve the problem and re-laminate.
  • WIDE APPLICATION –JD9 laminating machines can be used for home, office, school, art and so on.Please note!!! Warranty is confident to order! 12 months worry-free warranty. There are A3 laminator machines for purchase as well; you can check the Product Description to learn more.
  • JD9 is a Registered Trademark. We also have range of office equipment on offer- Paper cutter, ID card Cutter and many more…
SaleBestseller No. 3
VMS Professional LM Deluxe Lamination / Laminating Machine Hot & Cold A3 Laminator (Photos ID,I-Card,Documents,Certificate)
  • Laminating width, max. : 320mm, Laminating speed : 475 mm/minute, Operating Temperature: 90 degree C to 180 degree C, Drives : AC geared motor , Rollers :4 , Heating System : IR Lamp , Power:400 W.
  • Photo-quality A3 laminator.
  • Can laminate ID, photo, documents etc upto A3 size.
  • Bubble free lamination and Jam proof with.
  • Complete Metal body with smart looks.
SaleBestseller No. 4
GOBBLER 212-PL A4 Lamination Machine with Jam Release Button, Supports Hot Lamination, Fully Automatic All in one Laminator
  • Comes with Jam free release system | Ideal for medium volume lamination for home and office use. Please use the Jam Release button in emergency circumstances only.
  • Maximum pouch size A4. Maximum pouches thickness - 80-125 micron. Stay within the pouch thickness range to avoid paper jams.
  • Speed of Lamination: 240mm/ min | Very quick warm up time - Machine needs 3-5 minutes warm-up to ready for lamination.
  • Auto Temperature Setting - Once you switch on the machine the using the switch on the machine, it automatically starts heating. Temperature cannot be adjusted manually.
  • Hot Pouch Lamination - Hot Lamination technique that gets you smooth wrinkle-free lamination. Ideal for all lamination needs for pouch size upto A4.
  • If the product reaches to you damaged kindly get it replaced by Amazon. Please read the manual before use. If you face any technical issues contact GobblerSales. Scroll down to Product Information on this page for Customer Care Details.
SaleBestseller No. 5
GOBBLER 312-PL A3 & A4 Lamination Machine, Hot Lamination, All-in-one Laminator with Jam Release Button
  • Comes with Jam free release system | Ideal for home and office use for small businesses. Jam Release Button should be used for emergency purposes only.
  • Maximum pouch size A3. Maximum pouches thickness - 80-125 micron. Please do not try to laminate sheets with more thickness.
  • Speed of Lamination: 240mm/ min | Very quick warm up time of 3-5 mins. Allow breaks between continuous lamination for best use.
  • Machine needs 3-5 minutes warm-up to ready for lamination. Please allow 3-5 minutes after plugging in the machine. Laminating speed 85 secs/A3 sheet
  • Hot Pouch Lamination - Hot Lamination technique that gets you smooth wrinkle-free lamination. Ideal for all lamination needs for pouch size upto A3.
  • Auto Temperature Setting - Once you switch on the machine the using the switch on the machine, it automatically starts heating. Temperature cannot be adjusted manually.
SaleBestseller No. 6
GOBBLER Type-320 All-in-One Professional Lamination/Laminating Metal Machine | Hot & Cold | A3 Laminator (Photos ID, I-Card, Documents, Certificate) - White
  • Hot and Cold Lamination | Temperature control possible . Kindly adjust the heat carefully using the heat adjusting knob. Heat has to be manually set by user and it will heat till the temperature set by the user. Kindly wait for some time for the machine to heat.
  • Laminating width, max. : 330mm, Laminating speed : 500 mm/minute, Rollers :4
  • Anti-Jam Reverse Option. Machine has to be plugged in to be used. Package Contents - 1pcs Lamination Machine, User Manual.
  • Hot shoe technology - Very quick ready time. Kindly read the manual and operate accordingly. Please Note: Machine does not instantly heat up. This machine is not drop-resistant. Dropping it from a height will result in damage.
  • Please read the manual before use. If you face any technical issues or require help in operating the machine contact GobblerSales. Scroll down to Product Details or refer to MRP Sticker to access customer care details.
SaleBestseller No. 7
GOBBLER A4 All in One Lamination Machine/Laminator with Jam Release Button, Supports Hot Laminating, Plastic Body (GB-200-PL)
  • Maximum pouch size A4. Maximum pouches thickness - 80-125 micron.
  • Comes with Jam free release system | Ideal for home and office use
  • Speed of Lamination: 250mm/ min | Very quick warm up time
  • Machine needs 3-5 minutes warm-up to ready for lamination. Laminating speed 85 secs/A4 sheet
  • Please refer to manual before use. For any technical issues please contact GobblerSales.
SaleBestseller No. 8
SToK ST-LA4 Lamination Machine Laminator with Jam Release Button | Supports Hot & Cold Lamination| with One Year Offsite Warranty…
  • Portable, high-quality, bubble-free lamination: Say goodbye to bumpy lamination with portable lamination machine. With higher precision and efficiency, it will ensure a premium quality output.
  • Compact, sturdy, and portable: lightweight laminator suitable for both home and office use and can be easily carried from one place to another.
  • Jam Release Functionality: The machine is equipped with a jam-release button to release the rollers, in case of document jamming
  • Quiet and Faster Operational Speeds: This lamination device is agile and quiet and flaunts faster warm-up and takes just 60-seconds to laminate per sheet
  • Areas of Utility: Ideal for laminating degrees, certificates, drawings, documents, pan cards, licenses, sketches, computer prints, invitations, passport photos, calendars.
SaleBestseller No. 10
GOBBLER Type - 200PL A4 Lamination Machine/Laminator with Jam Release Button | Supports Hot Lamination | All-in-one Lamination Machine
  • Comes with Jam free release system | Ideal for home and office use
  • Maximum pouch size A4
  • Speed of Lamination: 250mm/ min | Very quick warm up time
  • Machine needs 3-5 minutes warm-up to ready for lamination.
  • Maximum pouches thickness - 80-125 micron

What is a Lamination Machine?

A laminating machine is also called a laminator. It is a tool that Seals important documents or any other relevant item that maintains into it with a protective layer. It provides extra strength, durability, and longevity to the laminated item.

Document Laminating Machine is used to cover and preserve paper materials, like certificates, photographs, and leaflets, in a thin vinyl or plastic film.

Let’s understand the critical factors that you should consider before buying a laminating machine.

Purpose of Buying Laminator

The aim should be precise before buying a laminator. If you are looking for a laminator for your home, the small machine will work for you. Pouch laminators are the first choice. They are suitable for your home-based lamination requirements. But, if you are planning to buy a laminator for your Office, Roll laminators are perfect. So, identify your needs first for lamination purposes.

Size of Document

Pouch laminators work exceptionally well with standard size documents. You can easily fit many small items with a lamination pouch. It will deliver good results. On the other hand, Roll Laminators are necessary when you have different documents, like 9″ width to 27″ width. There are also automated laminators that can laminate small to medium type documents between 11″ to 17″ in width.

The thickness of Film

The thickness of the film is determined by mil. The laminate is thicker if the mil size is large. Pouch laminators are available in 3 mils to 10 mil films. They have a wide range of thickness options. Roll laminators range from 1.5 mils to 3 mil films. At the same time, Automated Laminators run three mils to 5 mil films.

The volume of Sheets

Think first how many times you will have to laminate the documents. If you have small projects in a week, you can go for a pouch laminator. In case you have a large volume of documents to laminate every week, you should consider a roll laminator. However, automated laminators are also suitable for completing large projects every week regarding the work you are getting.

The budget of Laminators

Budget is always a crucial factor to buy laminators. Pouch laminators are economical, and they are within your reach. Roll laminators are used commercially. So, they have a higher price. You can define your budget first and can take a decision accordingly. If you don’t have a budget for buying roll laminators, you can start with pouch laminators. Gradually, you can move to roll laminators or automated laminators.

Space Availability

Whatever lamination machine you are planning to buy, you need to have adequate space to properly keep the machine. If you have a small space at home or in the Office, you can first choose a pouch laminator. They don’t accommodate much space. You can buy roll laminators or automated laminators if you have enough space.


Pouch laminators are relatively safe. You can use them without any worry at home or in the Office. It is also mandatory to keep your children away from laminators. It would help if you didn’t allow children to use roll laminators because their components become hot while operating the machine. It would help if you gave priority to the safety of children too.

Cost of Laminators

Buying a laminator is indeed a cost. It would help if you considered it as an investment because it is a one-time investment that will give you returns over a long time. Only minor maintenance is necessary from time to time to keep them intact. Don’t overthink the cost before buying the Laminator if you want to focus intensely on your lamination business.

Quality of Work

Sometimes, you don’t decide what kind of Laminator you have to buy. But, the quality of work determines which Laminator you should buy. If you have simple documents and light work, you can go for a pouch laminator. When you have to mount images, posters, and maps on the foam core board, a Roll laminator is the first preference for buying.

Choosing Right Brand

There are various brands available in the lamination machine business. Many of them have core competence in their segment. The main suggestion is that you should do proper research before buying a laminator. It would help if you first took feedback from the clients or laminator users about its quality and maintenance. So that you can make the right decision about the Laminator and can’t repent later on

#2 Things To Consider Before Purchasing Best Lamination Machine in India

#1 Quality

When you are thinking of purchasing Good Lamination Machine in India, you have to consider its quality. Yes, we all are budget bound when we pick Lamination Machine. But you can find lots of Lamination Machine in your decided budget. According to our expert, do not compromise Lamination Machine’s quality. You are investing your money and hence go for the best Lamination Machine. You can compare prices and reviews to find out more about Lamination Machine’s quality. Even you can look for the photos to get a clear idea about the dimension and color of Lamination Machine.

#2 Material

Lamination Machine is available in different materials. You decide on the choice of material entirely. But when you pick the material of Lamination Machine, make sure that you or another person who will use it is suitable for that thing. Also, make sure it is not fragile or quickly tore.

#3 Price

When you shop for Lamination Machine or any other thing, we first decide the budget for Lamination Machine. First, decide one approximate budget and then in your price range, search for Best Lamination Machine for Personal Use. Don’t over budget your shopping. If the amount increases by 1000 or so, it will okay but don’t break your budget limit; otherwise, you have to face financial crises in other things.

#4 Warranty

Most of the Lamination Machine are offered about a year or two-year warranty on the purchase. You can compare the list of products and get the best idea for Lamination Machine’s warranty in your budget. For example, if everyone is offering 3 years of warranty for Lamination Machine, don’t settle for less than 2 to 3 years.

#5 Size

When you check for Best Lamination Machine in India Reviews, size is another essential criterion. Sometimes, we buy a product, pick slightly big or small Lamination Machine, and cause a mismatch with the place we want to put Lamination Machine. So check the vacant area and then order Lamination Machine.

#6 Features

With time, Best Professional Lamination Machine in India offers a full set of features. If you don’t want to use it for regular or professional purposes, you can settle for Lamination Machine with the necessary basic features. However, before making a deal must check the features without a miss.

How to use a Lamination Machine? 

  • Connect the machine to the power supply
  • Turn on the Switch Hot/Cod which should be on Front/Back of the machine.
  • The machine will start to heat up.
  • Wait for at least 3 to 5 minutes. The heat indicator will turn red indicating the machine is now ready to work.
  • If the thickness is not known, make a test run.
  • Place the item between the two layers of the pouch film and always insert the closed end of the pouch film into the slit in the front side of the laminator.
  • The laminated item will emerge after a few seconds at the back of the laminator.

There you go you have a document laminated which is protected from climate and moisture and present for a long time.

#3 FAQ

#1 Which is Best Lamination Machine?

All the listed Lamination Machine are best to buy, but when you pick a specific product without any barrier, then TEXET A4 Photo Quality Lamination Machine on this list to buy without any second thoughts. It is the best product available in the market and this list.

#2 Where to buy the best Lamination Machine in India?

When you think of buying Branded Lamination Machine in India, you can look for either offline or online mode. You can purchase Lamination Machine from the nearby store. But online shopping is an excellent option as you can find more Lamination Machine to compare from different buyers. Also, you can a significant discount. If you don’t like the product or quality, you can return it from your home. You don’t have to make free time from your schedule and visit the store to replace Lamination Machine.

#3 How Much Best Lamination Machine Costs?

Lamination Machine cost from a few hundred to a few thousand depends upon the providers, features, and quality of the product. However, you can easily find Best Lamination Machine Under 1000 with satisfactory product quality and features. Look at this list, and you will find a range of products in your budget.

#4 Conclusion

It is all about Best Lamination Machine in India to buy today. We have listed the TOP 10 Lamination Machine after taking a trial of different Lamination Machine available in the market. You can fully trust this Best Lamination Machine Reviews to purchase Lamination Machine. So out of 10 Lamination Machine, which one do you like the most and willing to purchase? Please share with us using the comment section below. For any doubts or questions, you can contact us at any time. Thank you!!

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