Top 10 Best Reverse Camera For Car in India – Buying Guide

A reverse camera is a very relevant car accessory that every car should have. No one would like to leave scars on their vehicles. Therefore, parking the car in the right place is very important. It cannot be denied that we often find crowded parking lots. There would be very little parking space available. Manage everything inside that needs precision.

The old days are over when we used to look out the window to see what’s behind. Looking in the mirrors helps. But they don’t show you exactly what you want. Therefore, the best alternative is to have a reverse camera installed in the car. But where are the best car reversing cameras in India? Where can we find them? How much? These are some basic questions that catch your eye whenever we think of buying one.

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What is the Requirement of Car Reverse Camera?

Almost every nation and state has declared that a car back camera is important and necessary to install. Even in India, people are giving high attention towards it and there exist many places in India which are highly crowded. Therefore, it becomes highly difficult for an individual driver to park the car in crowded or busy places.  Many cars in India are manufactured with a built-in reverse camera, however, in older versions and in the low-cost models, the car backup camera is usually missing.  The use of an HD car reverse camera will help the driver in viewing the clear rearview and the footage.

In addition to that, choosing a best car reverse back camera sensor will help in getting wide-angle rear view of the  car to prevent any sort of accidents, Additionally, it is more important to choose a best car reverse camera and at Amazon, you can get widest ranges of best car rearview camera at cheap prices. Additionally, to buy the best car backup camera,  proper knowledge and suggestive recommendation are important to get it a low price.

Wired versus wireless car reverse camera

To find out the best car backup camera it is important to identify whether the camera is supported by wired or wireless connection. Finding out the best car reverse camera is not a big deal, but identifying the specification and the requirement as per the customer need is one of the important aspects of finding out the best car rearview camera India. The car rearview camera can be distinguished as a non-wired or wireless camera. The Bluetooth and the WiFi enable car reverse camera is just like icing on the cake. If the car reverse camera is wired then you need to connect the camera to the monitor using a wire. This provides superior quality of video and the interference of signal is very much minimal.

Apart from that, for finding out the best car reverse camera sensor, a wireless backup camera is highly effective for connecting the monitor to the camera. This makes the car reverse camera to be compatible with any car and the position of the monitor can be moved to any place. The output for the video quality may not be of top-notch and there may be some kind of interference that may occur while installing a wireless car reverse camera. The installation of this process is very much simple as compared to the wire car backup camera.

Types Of Monitors For Car Reverse Camera

In case if your car has a built-in display for the backup camera is always important to determine that, the backup camera is compatible with the camera. Apart from that, if it is not compatible then you need to buy an adapter and other accessories to make the camera compatible to work with different cameras.

In case if there is no built-in display, then you can go with two option where you can buy by the monitor and the backup camera separately or you can buy the entire package for car backup camera to make it compatible to work.

The monitors for the car backup camera sensor can be of different types and it can be TFT LED or LCD. The LED monitor is one of the best monitor displays for getting Crystal clear view and it provides more clarity as compared to TFT and LCD. TFT or LCD monitor is the economical monitor for a car backup camera and one of the main problems with the LCD is that viewing from the side of the monitor display screen is a little bit problematic. Apart from that, the size of the screen also matters in such aspects. Generally, the monitor size varies from the range of 5 to 10 inches. The use of a wider and bigger screen is always effective to see the rearview object with better clarity.

In addition to that, you also need to make ensure that the monitor of the display screen is provided with different types of features so that it can also work with entertainment purposes such as watching videos, listening to music, etc. Proper understanding and making a proper evaluation of camera quality and the monitor type will help you in finding the best car reverse camera. In fact, you can get to know about the specification which can aid you in finding the best rearview camera or the best car reverse camera sensor. Night vision car reverse camera is highly effective to get a clear view during night or dark. 

Benefits of Using a Car Reverse Camera 

Buying an effective and best car backup camera from Amazon will help you in different ways from an accident even in saving the life of small animals and other living objects. Few of the benefits of using car reverse camera as follows:

No blind spot

Most of the backup camera has a 120-degree view angle on the rear side. Apart from that, others also use 170 and 180-degree view angles. Therefore, it is not necessary for a driver to look back while reversing the car. Even at dark, the night vision car reverse camera can be used to reverse the car in an appropriate way due to the presence of infrared rays on the camera. Therefore, it is always important to choose the best car rearview camera.

Accurate and safe parking

Accurate and safe parking is always necessary and having a bad quality on the rearview camera can make the driver puzzle if the camera will go through any type of interruption. Therefore, it is always essential to buy the best car reverse camera from Amazon to get proper rearview and clarity of rear surroundings.

Appropriate reversing in heavy traffic

It is always difficult to make an appropriate reversing in heavy traffic and therefore, buying the best car reverse camera sensor for the car will help the driver in making proper reversing in heavy traffic.

Safety on vehicle occupancy

The safety of vehicle occupancy is highly important. The occupancy of the vehicle at the back can be made safe if you can afford to buy the best car backup camera. It will give you appropriate measurement and proper real view to make your car and occupants car safe.

Buying Guideline And The Features That Need To Be Check Before Buying Car Reverse Camera Sensor

In buying and selecting the best car backup camera or the best car reverse camera, it is important for the buyers to understand the specification and the features of the car. In addition to that, there are also other factors which need to be check before buying  the best  car reverse camera sensor  and the night vision car camera for proper rear view:

  1. View Angle: Choose a car reverse camera that can provide a better view angle. The genera view angle comes with 90 to 180 degrees. But it is better to opt for car back up camera that can have a view angle of 170 to 180 degree. The view angle of the car camera is entirely based on the car camera sensor. Bigger the size of the sensor, bigger will be the view angle. Therefore, it is recommended to buy the best car reverse camera sensor
  2.  Mounting Options:  Checking the mounting options of the car reverse camera will help in placing and fixing the car camera in a better location to get a proper rearview. Fixing the camera in the hole is highly stable as compared to the clipping options. Checking the mounting option is highly important for the proper adjustment of the camera.
  3. Image Sensor: There exist two types of image sensors in the car and these are a charge-coupled device (CCD) and the complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS). The CCD sensor in a car rearview camera is highly expensive and it can be used for producing high-quality video content.  and it is very much ideal for speed image production. The CMOS sensor equipped rear camera is cheaper as compared to the CCD and the video production quality is quite low. The size of the CMOS equipped rear camera is highly compact as compared to the CCD version. Therefore, it is important to know about the sensor system of the car rear camera and this will help you in buying the best car reverse camera sensor.
  4. Infrared Night Vision:  Night vision rearview camera uses the IR (Infrared Rays) and the presence of IR on the camera helps in capturing the outside rearview during the night. It is always important to buy a car rear camera which is equipped with IR and this enables the camera to operate as a proper night vision camera. You can select the widest range of best night vision car reverse camera from Amazon. The car rearview camera comes with LED light and most of the night vision car reverse camera has 7 Led lights. The night vision camera help in low light visibility to capture quality images at dark or night.
  5. Automatic operation: Many car owners want their car reverse camera to operate automatically once it is put on reverse gear. This makes the operation more convenient and checking all these aspects will help the buyer to get the best car reverse camera or best car rearview camera from an online store.
  6. WaterProof: Buying a waterproof car reverse camera is highly beneficial for the car as the water-resistant technology will prevent the camera from water damage and this will make the camera to be as best car backup camera.  Apart from that, weather-resistant on car rearview camera or temperature resistant on car reverse camera will prevent and protect the camera from high temperature or harsh weather.
  7. Monitor Screen:  Monitor screen is highly important for selecting and choosing the best car back up camera. Chose the monitor as per your requirement so that it can provide a clear view of the captured video. The monitor screen of the car reverse camera can be mirror monitor screen, TFT monitor screen, LCD or LED monitor screen. The monitor kit for the backup camera also comes with a monitor kit. The reverse camera also has a touch screen monitor display.
  8. Image resolution and video quality: In all the major aspects it is highly important to make sure that the car reverse camera can produce a high resolution. In such aspects, it is important to use the reverse camera for the car which can produce HD quality and a high image resolution up to 780 pixels to 10180 pixels. Moreover, it also necessary to check that that camera has proper storage for footage.
  9. Other features: The other features that need to check before buying a car reverse camera from online includes USB plugging on car backup camera,  remote access and control, good video streaming, the easy installation process for car rear camera, etc. Make sure that the car camera is fitted with the power adapter for charging. The fog resistance car backup camera will assist in capturing a clear view during fog. In addition to that, it also important to make sure that the car reverse camera is highly reliable and compatible  and it has a better and good quality lens.

These are a few of the factors which need to be kept in mind before buying a car reverse camera and having proper consideration of these aspects will help you in buying the best car reverse camera from online. In addition to that, you can also select the widest range of best car backup camera from online and the article has listed out only the best car rearview camera. Choosing the best car reverse camera sensor is always important for getting a wide-angle view and always prefer to choose a night vision car reverse camera.

Things to Consider while Buying a Car Reverse Camera

While buying any electronic product including a car reverse camera there are many more factors to consider. Below we have given a complete guide describing all such factors in detail for you to get full knowledge about the product, where you can compare the products to choose best one for you.

1. Viewing Angle

The backup cameras generally come with viewing angle in between the range of 90 to 180 degrees. The higher the degree, the greater will be the viewing angle. Therefore, it is better to opt for a camera offering 170-180 degrees of viewing angle than the lesser ones

You should reject anything below 120 and above 180. Below 120 degrees, the viewing angle is too narrow while above 180 degrees can create a fisheye effect that makes it harder to recognize objects at a glance.

2. Infrared Night Vision 

There are many rear view cameras available that come with infrared LED lights. With these lights, you can have infrared night vision which means you can see clearly in total darkness. This is true for 20-30 feet of distance.

Most of the companies promise great night vision but only a few deliver. Make sure that the LED lights are truly infrared, and if the company mentions military-grade night vision, such a product is even better. Along with the lights, the camera must be equipped to produce quality video in the night.

3. Image Sensor 

There are generally two types of image sensors available in the rear camera.

Charge Coupled Device (CCD) 

CCD-equipped cameras are more expensive of the two types. They are built to produce high-quality video, and they work the best in low-light conditions. But their video quality suffers when the car is moving fast as the frame refresh rate is low.

Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS)

CMOS-equipped cameras are cheaper, and since they were invented decades ago, the video quality is not in high-definition. However, the quality is not bad too, but it is not as clear as CCD ones. On the contrary, it has a higher frame rate, and therefore, it is ideal for high-speed imagery. But the low-light application is not great. It is more compact than CCD-equipped cameras.

4. Wired or Wireless

The backup camera system can be distinguished based on whether it is wired or wireless. If it is wired, you have to connect the camera to the monitor using a wire. The advantage of this system is that the video quality will be superior, and there is no question of interference of signal. However, the connecting wire can look awkward, and you cannot mount the monitor on the windshield or rear view mirror.

On the other hand, a wireless backup camera system is considered better. But the camera and the monitor need to be compatible with the same. The quality may not always be top-notch, and there can be interference during which there could be lag, and the quality of the video can suffer. However, you can mount the monitor anywhere, and you can install such a wireless system yourself within a few hours.

You can expect some minor delays while using wireless devices as they sometime lag in transmission when you’re shifting gear etc. this may cause you miss any objects behind your car, if you are not alert. 

We observed that users are happier with the wired devices, indeed, they agree with the hassle to install the device, still they are happy with the response time and reliability. Most of the installers will do the installation at free of cost. 

5. Screen

Two models of screens available in market i.e. screen in rear-view mirrors and stand-alone screens, depends on the model you select; few are packaged with a display and few are not.

If you are going with stand-alone display models, you can fit on your dashboard or connect to your infotainment system etc. if you have selected the rear-view mirror model, rear view mirror must be replaced. Stand-alone models are a bit easy to install compared to rear-view models.

There different type of displays available in the market like LCD, CRT, TFT-LCD. LCD and TFT-LCD are latest in technology and view will be crisper. CRT displays are outdated models with low video quality.

If you have a stock display unit in your car, then you need to make sure the camera is compatible with the display inbuilt, sometimes you may need extra adapters to connect with your inbuilt display.

If you don’t have a stock display unit, either you can buy a camera packaged with monitor or both separately. If you are opting for separate options, then compatibility factor needs to be considered.

It would be suggestable to choose the displays supports multi options where you can utilize the as an infotainment system when camera is not in use like to play videos, showing maps, connecting USB devices etc. Usually these models switch to camera automatically when you are using other features.

6. Screen Size

This is mostly your personal choice, as in cameras bigger are better. Most common sizes are 5”, 7”, 9” and 10” units.

7. Parking Lines

Parking lines are virtual lines that you can see on the monitor, and these lines will help you to drive in reverse with more accuracy and safely. These lines give you an estimated idea about the distance of your vehicle with respect to the different structures and objects at the back. They also show the direction of maneuver for better driving.

While buying, make sure that the camera can help produce such lines and the monitor can show it. Besides, the parking lines can be in the form of lines or grid. It depends on your personal preference which one you will opt for.

8. Weather resistant

If the cameras are not rated to outdoors, cameras and wiring that are exposed to sun, rain, snow and grim will eat away the connectors and camera. The lifespan is going to be very short if the cameras are not rated for outdoor purposes.

Most of these cameras come with an IP67 rating. There are some that come with a better rating which is IP68. It is needless to say that IP68 is better than IP67 in terms of all-round protection. The device will be resistant to fog and shock if it has IP68. There are some rear car reverse cameras are also rated IP69, and they are more expensive.

9. Automatic Operation

Most of the quality car reverse camera comes with this function whereby when you put the car in reverse gear, the camera starts working instantly. The camera keeps on streaming video on the monitor as long as you keep the reverse gear on.

It is very inconvenient to switch it on manually every time you move the car in reverse direction. However, along with automatic function, a manual option can be a great addition for general surveillance even when the car is not reversing.

10. Automotive Power Supply

A voltage regulator or filter is must as it increases longevity, as most of cars work on 12V system, some on 24V. Ensure the unit needs what type of power. Cheap units don’t have this.

11. Audio monitoring

Audio monitoring help in scenarios like backing up a long trailer, some cameras are fitted with a microphone. There are plenty of options if you need this type of cameras.

12. Easy to Install

Let it be a car or truck, the rear view camera must be easily installed by anyone and can be fitted comfortably anywhere in your vehicle.

Using a long cable connection it should be able to fit on license plate, back window or any location easily.

13. Other Features

Instead of a simple camera, if there are various other additional components, it is going to be more useful. There are some which come with parking sensor, motion detecting sensor, inbuilt microphone and likewise. 

The parking sensor alerts you when an object gets very close when you are reversing the car. The motion detecting sensor alerts when things are moving at the rear side when it is kept in active mode. This also makes the camera as a surveillance camera, and it can prevent burglary. The microphone is useful to ask the people standing in the rear side to move aside.

Benefits of using a car reverse camera

Below we have given some points that benefits you of using a car reverse camera

1. No More Blind Spots

Most of the backup cameras provide at least 120-degree viewing angle of the rear side of the vehicle. Some of them also provide 170-180 degrees viewing angle. Therefore, there is no need for turning your head backward to inspect what is behind. Similarly, there is no need for someone standing at the back to instruct you which direction to go or how much to go when you are moving the vehicle in reverse. It eliminates all the blind spots at the rear side of the vehicle.

2. Safer And Accurate Parking

Most of the backup camera system offers parking grid lines to accurately park in tight spaces. These parking grid lines are virtual lines, and one can maneuver your vehicle accordingly. Besides, these lines indicate how close your vehicle is to particular structure or object. Therefore, parking is going to be safe in all possible way, and there is no chance of your vehicle striking with another object at the rear side of the car.

3. Reversing In Heavy Traffic

Getting stuck in traffic is a common happening. Sometimes, you have to reverse your car a little bit to make space to take another alternate lane or to overtake the front vehicles. While backing up, you have to make sure that your vehicle’s rear side does not strike the front bumper of other vehicles at the back. That is where a backup camera system will come so handy for fine-tuning the reversing of the vehicle.

4. Safety of Vehicle Occupants

With a reversing camera system, you can avoid collisions while driving in reverse. Therefore, the occupants of the vehicle at the back of the vehicle will be safe. Besides, your vehicle will not get dents, and you can save a lot of money by not requiring to repair anything.

How We Chose

We’re continually updating our list and research the market for the best aftermarket backup cameras. The following car backup cameras were assessed based on the following criteria:

Features – Sure, you can buy a generic rear view camera but why settle for something ordinary when you can get extraordinary for a few more dollars?
Value for Money – It is important to many buyers to know that a product is a great deal not just because of its features but also because of its value.
Installation – One of the challenges of buying accessories for vehicles is being able to install it without incurring additional costs.
User-Friendliness – Backup cameras should be easy to install with instructions that come in acceptable English and straightforward instructions, right?
User-Reviews – Everyone has an opinion, we consider other expert and user reviews.
After Service – There is nothing more frustrating about a purchase than indifference from the vendor or manufacturer especially if you encounter problems on the first year.

Features to Consider in Good Backup Cameras

New vehicle owners may already have a camera installed in their cars. But those with older car models may want to buy something new. Even if you already have an in-built backup camera in your car, a new reverse camera may improve upon the factory settings.

You don’t have to worry about ISO, optical zoom, and similar features when buying a vehicle backup camera. But you do need to think about the following:

  • Vehicle Model – Most backup cameras are compatible with many types of vehicles. However, just to be on the safe side, make sure your vehicle model can support the camera you plan on buying.
  • Price – Car backup camera prices can vary from $30 to $500. You should decide how much you are willing to spend. Set a budget and then shop for a product. But keep in mind that just because a backup camera comes with a three-digit price tag, that doesn’t necessarily make it good.
  • Placement – Most rearview cameras are installed on the license plate frame. The camera or its mounting bracket should not obscure your license plate.
  • Viewing Angle – The viewing angle of the backup camera determines the field of view. The viewing angle is a very important factor to consider if you drive a large vehicle.
  • Night Vision – Low-light visibility is one of the primary concern for drivers at night. The backup camera should have either infrared light bulbs or LED lights to illuminate images when daylight is low.

When you make your final decision, take all of the above factors into consideration. If you want more pointers for making a great purchase, we have compiled a buyer’s guide under the reviews.


We hope all the above mentioned information will definitely help you in picking up the car reversing camera that suits best for you. The rear view camera is essential accessory for the car and you have to invest in the right one. Our market experts suggest you to choose Generic 7 Inch Full HD Reverse Camera, why because it comes with a 7 – inch LED monitor with LED camera. Other than, having 180⁰ wide viewing angle, the construction of the camera and its IP67 rating are excellent. The low lux performance is always desirable and the color reproduction is truly outstanding.

Do let us know your pick from our list. Want to share your experience about car rear view cameras? Then share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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