Top 10 Shoe Cleaners – Review and Buyer’s Guide

Keeping your shoes clean and cared for will ensure you always look good and save you money. Having the best shoe cleaner will extend the lifespan of your shoe. No matter what type of shoe you wear. From leather, suede to rubber or canvas and every other material in- between. A great shoe cleaner solution is what you need to keep your shoes in tip-top shape.

We have had a look at a number of different shoe care products on the market. After much research, we have developed a list of the ten top shoe cleaners that are sure to give your shoes a long life and a great look. Waterproof, shine and clean your shoes with ease using a great shoe cleaner and avoid having to buy new shoes constantly.

Let’s have a look at some of the great shoe care products that are available and see how they can extend your shoe’s life and save you money too.

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Top 10 Best Shoe Cleaners

10 Shoe Cleaners Reviews

SaleBestseller No. 1
KENT Shoe Sole Cleaner 16018
  • # AUTOMATIC OPERATION- KENT Shoe Sole Cleaner works automatically you need to just plug it and switch it on. The LED indicator would glow, stating the appliance is ready to use. The next time, you have to just place your shoe on the brush and it will start operating. After you remove your shoe the appliance will automatically shut off.
  • # ROTATING BRUSH TO CLEAN THE DIRTY SOLE- KENT Shoe Sole Cleaner has rotating brush that can clean the dirty sole of your shoes and other impurities. To clean the shoe sole, you need to just place the shoe on the brush. The innovative appliance senses the shoe and starts automatically. The rotating brushes moves on rapidly and wipes the impurities from the shoe sole.
  • # STRONG VACUUM SUCTION- The KENT Shoe Sole Cleaner has a strong vacuum power suction that can scoop the dust and make the sole clean. The high efficient vacuum cleaner exposes the dirt present in the sole of your shoe and removes it and stores in the container making your shoe sole dirt free.
  • # COMPACT DESIGN- KENT Shoe Sole Cleaner is compact in design and requires minimum spaces for installation. It has dust storage bin that collects the dirt of the shoe sole. Install it at the entrance of your home/office at appropriate height and experience dust-free indoor air and floor.
  • # MAXIMUM POWER- 300 W
Bestseller No. 2
Shoe Mistri All Rounder Cleaner - Best for Suede, Nubuck, Canvas, Knit, Mesh and most other absorbent Fabrics
  • All-rounder cleaner removes tough stains from your shoes
  • It is suitable for various surfaces like suede, nubuck, canvas, fabrics, leathers, PU, mesh, knits, soft leathers and most other textiles
  • It provides advanced staining and scuffs coverage and coating for until the shoes get soiled
  • It is colorless and forms an invisible layer with no odor and can be used on any color of shoes including white canvas shoes
  • It even helps to curb foul smells from the shoes.
  • Quantity: 100 Ml; Package Contents: Pack of 1 All Rounder Cleaner
SaleBestseller No. 3
fixree shoe Cleaner and Renovator cleaning kit Combo of 2, (Natural color) – Best for Suede, Nubuck, Canvas, Knit and most other absorbent Fabrics
  • fixree shoe cleaner removes tough stains from your shoes and shoe Renovator Spray protects and revives the original color of shoes.
  • fixree Shoe renovator(Natural) is suitable for all color shoes and shoe cleaner. It is safe to use on all colors and materials.
  • It keeps shoes looking new for longer while providing protection from dirt and dust.Nourishes surface of your shoes and makes it look like new..
  • EASY-TO-USE: First, brush your shoes so it’s clean and free of dust. Shake the can before use and apply evenly 8-10 inches away.
Bestseller No. 4
Sneaker LAB Shoe Cleaner Spray | Perfect For Suede, Leather & Various Other Materials
  • A GREENER ALTERNATIVE – Our Sneaker Cleaner is unlike many products on the market in that it does not contain any soap or harsh chemicals. Instead, we use bioengineered bacteria to break down dirt at the molecular level, which continues to work long after application. As a result, our Sneaker Cleaner is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. It is also safe to use on most materials including LEATHER, SUEDE, NUBUCK, CANVAS, MESH & VARIOUS KNITS.
  • SHOE CLEANING MADE SIMPLE – Spray Sneaker Cleaner directly onto your shoes; giving more attention to heavy soiled areas. Dip the bristles of your brush in lukewarm water and gently scrub your sneakers in a circular motion, taking extra care when handling delicate materials like SUEDE, NUBUCK & KNITS. Lastly, wipe down your sneakers with a microfiber towel and allow to air dry. And that's it, now you can step outside with confidence knowing that your kicks are looking fly once again.
  • BIGGER IS ALWAYS BETTER – You asked and we listened. Introducing our new 125 ml bottle size with 1.5 TIMES more solution. Giving you more bang for your buck and allowing you keep your prized possessions cleaner for longer. Winning!
  • REDUCE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT – At Sneaker LAB, we are working steadily to reduce our impact on the environment. That is why our cleaning solutions contain no soap or harsh chemicals and are completely environmentally safe and biodegradable. We also use HDPE plastic for all our bottles, which is 100% recyclable.
Bestseller No. 5
Crep Protect Cure The Ultimate Shoe Cleaner Refill 200 ml
  • Cleaning Solution Refill For The Cure Ultimate Cleaning Kit 200Ml / 7 Oz Improved Cleaning Solution Washes 90+ Pairs Of Sneakers
  • The Crep Protect Cleaning Kit Is The Ultimate When It Comes To A Shoe Cleaning Kit, And Like Everything We Create, We Did It With The Sneakerhead In Mind
  • We Created Our Own Cleaning Solution, As Well As Creating Our Own Brush That Is Suitable For Any And All Shoe Materials
  • The Crep Protect Cleaning Kit Is Designed To Clean Deeply Without Affecting The Look, Feel, And Shape Of Your Shoe In Any Way
  • Made Of 98% Natural Ingredients, Including Coconut Extracts, Water, And Jojoba, And Using Short And Soft Brush Bristles, The Crep Protect Cleaning Kit Really Takes Care Of Your Shoes The Way You Always Have; Dimensions: 4.5 X 4.5 X 14(H) Cm; Weight: 0.23 Kg
Bestseller No. 6
Shoe Mistri Shoe Shampoo Sports Shoe Cleaner (PU, Synthetic Leathers & White Shoe Soles)
  • Removes dirt and rigid stains
  • Comes with a scrub-applicator
  • Nourishes surface of your shoes and make it look like new
  • Convenient to apply on shoes
  • Suitable for sports shoes, pu leather and most non-absorbent surfaces
  • Quantity: 100 Ml; Package Contents: Pack of 1 Shampoo Sports Shoe Cleaner
Bestseller No. 7
Shoe Mistri Cleaner & Natural Renovator Miniature – Suede, Nubuck, Canvas, Knit and most other absorbent Fabrics - (Combo Pack)
  • All-rounder cleaner removes tough stains and shoe renovator miniature restores the original color of the shoes
  • Shoe renovator miniature is a perfect get-to-go spray which you can also carry around and use before entering the business meetings or while seeing someone special whereas all-rounder cleaner provides advanced staining and scuffs coverage and coating
  • Shoe renovator miniature keeps shoes looking new for longer while providing protection from dirt and dust. Generally, it requires 7-9 sprays on one shoe. However, the no. Of sprays varies depending on the condition and porousness of the material.
  • All-rounder cleaner is suitable for various surfaces like suede, nubuck, canvas, fabrics, leathers, pu, mesh, knits, soft leathers and most other textiles.
  • Shoe renovator miniature is suitable for suede, nubuck, microfiber, tex, soft leathers, canvas, and other absorbent fabrics.
  • Color: Natural; Quantity: 100 Ml of Cleaner and 25 Ml of Renovator; Package Contents: Pack of 1 Renovator & 1 Cleaner
SaleBestseller No. 8
Flora Shoe Cleaner for Sneakers, Suede, Nubuck, Canvas & Microfiber Materials Multi/Any Colour Shoes (100ml)
  • It keeps the shoe looking new for long while protecting from dirt & dust.
  • The cleaner doesn't change the color or texture or damage the material of the footwear. It leaves no spots or patches. It is odorless, non-toxic, non-flammable, eco-friendly, food safety certified.
  • It is suitable for suede, nubuck, microfiber, tex, canvas, knit, and other absorbent fabrics.
  • It is also safe to use on most materials including LEATHER, SUEDE, NUBUCK, CANVAS, MESH & VARIOUS KNITS.
  • complete care: cleans, softens, moisturises, and preserves leather surface all in one simple step. comes in an easy to use push dispense bottle. a small amount gives high coverage. gentle cleaners remove dirt and grime.
SaleBestseller No. 9
Mystic Falls Men's Premium Sneakers Cleaner 200ml liquid spray for canvas, knit and several types of fabrics
  • Express your individuality-We know your love for sneakers and the importance to keep them clean. After all, the right set of sneakers can tell the world about what you're into.

  • Follow the Style-Suede and leather shoes can't beat someone wearing trendy sneakers. However, it will add the proper style only if they are shiny enough.

  • Get new like shine always -using this sneaker spray protector will ensure clean and new like shine that will impress anyone in a matter of minutes.

  • Non-Toxic Cleaner -This shoe cleaner is a harmless product that never causes damage to the sneakers and makes sure it lasts longer the same for years.

  • Works on all designs & colors -You can enjoy the same result on every design and color of sneakers with this Made in India cleaner.

Bestseller No. 10
Sneaker LAB Shoe Cleaner Wipes | Perfect To Use On Leather, Canvas, Mesh & Various Knits | 12 Individual Wipes Per Pack
  • QUICK AND EASY – Our Sneaker Wipes offer a quick solution when you don’t have the time to give your kicks a thorough clean. Nothing else is required, just wipe and go, simple as that! Now you can deal with dirty sneakers even when you’re in a hurry.
  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY – Worrying about dirty sneakers when you are out and about is now a thing of the past. Our Sneaker Wipes are designed to go wherever you do with their convenient packaging that’s small enough to fit inside the palm of your hand.
  • GOOD FOR YOUR SNEAKERS – Our Sneaker Wipes make use of biodegradable cleaning technology in the form of natural bacteria, which continues to clean long after use. It is safe to use on most materials including LEATHER, CANVAS, MESH and VARIOUS KNITS.
  • REDUCE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT – At Sneaker LAB, we are working steadily to reduce our impact on the environment. That is why our cleaning solutions contain no soap and are completely environmentally safe and biodegradable.
  • GIVE BACK – We believe in helping others just like you do. So, whenever you purchase a product from us, a portion of the proceeds goes towards our charity partner. Gold is a youth upliftment organisation that focuses on bringing out the true potential of young individuals in disadvantaged areas throughout Southern Africa. Let’s make the world a better place together.

Shoe Cleaner Buying Guide

Shoes have changed over the years but the need to clean and care for them has not. There are many different kinds of shoes in the market today. Different materials require different cleaning regimes. Shoes today are made from every kind of material from leather, suede to vinyl and canvas. Cleats, athletic shoes, cycling shoes, and more all require a cleaning regime to keep your shoes smelling fresh and in good order and extend their lifespan.

The top shoe cleaning kits will help you to keep your shoes clean and cared for. There are a number of shoe care cleaners on the market from EB Kick’s shoe cleaners to Jason Markk and Crep shoe cleaner kits. No matter which formal shoe or sneaker cleaner kit you chose to use you need one that will do the job properly the first time. Select the right kind of cleaner for what you need.

Let’s have a look at the some of the different kinds of shoes and the cleaning regime you would need to keep them in the best condition. Take into consideration the size of the bottle you will get and the number of shoes you can effectively clean with one bottle. Most will be quite concentrated so a little goes a long way.

Athletic Shoes

These types of shoes are usually made from a mesh or knit material. They are therefore usually quite easy to keep sneakers clean as long as you have a regime in place. Ensure that you air your shoes out every time after use and always put them on and remove them with great care as this will extend their life along with proper cleaning.

There are some great sneaker cleaning kit options on the market along with sneaker restoration kits or sneaker protector sprays that will help you keep your athletic shoe in tip-top shape. You can also consider using a sneaker waterproof spray to add to your shoe’s protection.

Other athletic shoes such as tennis shoe cleaners, cleaners for cleats and specialized athletic shoes are also available.

Canvas Shoes

When cleaning this kind of shoe material you will require a cleaning kit that provides a firm bristled fabric cleaner brush and solution. Not too stiff though. A foaming cleanser is best in this case. Try to submerge your canvas shoe in water when cleaning as this can damage them and cause the soles to start cracking or to damage the shoe glue that is used. Let your canvas shoe dry in an airy area.

Leather Shoes

Leather shoes are usually quite rugged and can withstand a lot more than other materials. To ensure that they last you a long time, having a good cleaning regime is necessary. First, you will need to remove any grime or dirt with the brush provided in your shoe care cleaner kit. Then you will effectively clean with the shoe cleaner solution. It is always best to condition your leather/suede shoes as well after cleaning.

Patent leathers will need a light cleaner brush and solution (protective spray) where suede will require a little more care. Using the best shoe care products will ensure that your suede shoes last a long time. Suede should also be softly brushed in the direction of the suede to ensure you get your dress shoes looking good. Brushing suede in different directions can make it look like colors are inconsistent on the shoe.

Sandals, Crocs, and other Shoes

For sandals, crocs, boat shoes and other comfortable shoes, ensure you get a top shoe cleaner and follow the directions of the manufacturer. Most of your sandals will be made from a rubber type of material and can be easily wiped down. However, using a cleaner solution will ensure that you add a little more protection to the shoe at the same time.

Shoe Cleaner Buyers Guide Questions

How to use Shoe Cleaner?

This will depend on the type of shoe you are looking to clean. The type of material you are cleaning also makes a difference. Cleaning shoes with a delicate material you need to have a shoe care cleaner that does not need a lot of scrubbing to work properly. A shoe cleaner that will clean away the stains and dirt with a soft cloth will be best in this instance. Most of your shoe care cleaning kits will come with a brush to help you get them clean.

A shoe brush cleaner should be soft-bristled so that it will not damage your shoe as you clean it. Warm water should be used when cleaning your shoes. Always follow the instructions on your shoe cleaning kit and make sure that you dilute your fabric cleaner solution properly to avoid damage to shoes. Remember to check that the shoe cleaner is suitable for the type of shoe you will be cleaning.

Use the correct brush to scrub your shoes to avoid damage to the material. Drying your newly clean shoes is also important. Air drying your shoes after a good clean is best. Do not wear your shoes while they are wet, especially leather shoes as they will stretch.

What is a good Shoe Cleaner?

A good shoe cleaner is one that will deal with those tough stains and get rid of dirt and grime. The top shoe cleaner for your shoes will depend on the type of shoe you want to clean. Athletic shoes require a different type of cleaning power than your leather suede dress shoes. A good shoe care cleaning kit includes a brush to apply your cleaner.

How to use Jason Markk Shoe Cleaner?

Using Jason Markk shoe cleaners are simple. First, ensure you have the right equipment, this includes a cleaning brush and Jason Markk cleaners. Dip the brush into water and then apply some of the Jason Markk solutions to the brush. Dip the brush back into the water after applying the solution and then start to clean the shoe. Scrub the shoe.

When the cleaner starts to foam you know it is working. Rinse the shoe off and then wipe it clean with a microfiber cloth. If you find that the tough stains have not been completely removed, you can repeat the actions. Once you are satisfied with the results, rinse the shoe off again and then leave to air dry.


Keeping your shoe clean and well cared for will save you a lot of money in the long run. A great shoe care cleaner will add years of life to your sneaker laundry, leather shoes and boots and everything in-between. The best shoe care products and a good shoe cleaning regime will help you preserve your favorite pair of shoes.

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