Best Shoe Racks In India 2021 – Review & Buying Guide

The shoe rack is a fundamental object of the house that fulfills multiple functions; first, the orderly arrangement of shoes in a place dedicated to them. Thanks to shoemakers, we can make our shoes last longer.

The use of a shoe rack allows us to keep our shoes in order on a daily basis, but also to store them as we move from one season to another. In addition, thanks to this object we can more easily choose the shoes to wear.

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10 Best Shoe Racks Review

SaleBestseller No. 1
Aysis DIY Shoe Rack Organizer/Multi-Purpose Plastic 5 Layers Portable and Folding Shoe Rack (Black)
  • DIY SHOE RACK: The 5cube Shoe Rack can be assembled into different styles to meet your various needs of the organization, fit rooms from the entryway, closet, mudroom or bedroom and enjoy the fun of DIY.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL: Constructed from ABS connector, PP plastic panel? this Cube Organizer will be eco-friendly and harmless to both you and your pet; Rust-proof iron frame made the panel easy to maintain.
  • STRONG STORAGE ABILITY: 10lbs load-bearing for each cube, this shoe rack can hold shoes from athletic shoes, high heels or work boots to meet your long-term storage needs; dust-proof PP Plastic Doors with metal ring design for easily opening and closing.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The PP plastic panels are very durable and can be cleaned with water directly.
  • Multi-purpose: It can be used to store multiple things like shoes, boots, books, clothes, toys and much more
SaleBestseller No. 2
Cello Novelty Compact Plastic Shoe Rack(Ice Brown)
  • Product Dimensions: Length (24.99 inches), Width (23.42 inches), Height (14.54 inches). Wall Mount Support: No
  • Material Subtype: PP ; Door Type: Hinged Door ; Product do not contain shelfs it contains 6 rods which will form 3 verticals to store shoes
  • Color: Brown, Style: Modern ; Please expect an unevenness of up to 5 mm in the product due to differences in surfaces and floor levels
  • Assembly Required: The product requires basic assembly and comes with assembly instructions
  • Warranty: 1 year against manufacturing defects
  • Easy to assemble, cuts down on professional installation cost (DIY)
SaleBestseller No. 3
HM Services Bamboo Cane (Bait) Strong Shoe Rack Wooden Slipper Stand Utility Rack Planter Stand Bookshelf Space Saving Shelf for Home Kitchen
  • Multifunctional Stand:- Can be used for Books, shoes, toys, flower pots, towels at room, entryway, bathroom, living room as nothing is more pleasing to see your things neatly organised in this stylish and durable stand. Without any Nuts or Bolts.
  • Compact and space saving. Good loading capacity.
  • 4-Tier Bamboo Cane Rack is Environmentally Friendly. Wipe with dry cloth.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE RACK - Made of natural bamboo, sturdy, eco-friendly and easy to clean. Suitable to put clothes, coats, hats, scarves, suitcases, plants, shoes, slippers, sandals, bags, books, plants, toiletries, baskets in entryway, front door, bedroom, balcony, closet, etc
  • Design: Slated surface of the tiers give air circulation and provides full sunlight to all the plants kept and prevent water accumulation. One can remove or attach the tiers as per requirement. The handles provided on both the sides helps to carry it anywhere
SaleBestseller No. 4
DeckUp Alvo Shoe Rack (Dark Wenge, Matte Finish)
  • Product Dimensions: Length (24 Inches / 60 CMs), Width (13 Inches / 33 CMs), Height (35 Inches / 90 CMs)
  • Primary Material: Engineered Wood with Laminate
  • Color: Dark Wenge, Finish: Matte Finish, Style: Contemporary
  • Assembly Required: The product requires basic assembly and comes with DIY (Do-It-Yourself) assembly instructions
SaleBestseller No. 5
DeckUp Muvo 2-Door Shoe Rack (Dark Wenge, Matte Finish)
  • Product Dimensions: Length (24 Inches / 60 CMs), Width (13 Inches / 33 CMs), Height (34 Inches / 87 CMs)
  • Primary Material: Engineered Wood with Laminate
  • Color: Dark Wenge, Finish: Matte Finish, Style: Contemporary
  • Assembly Required: The product requires basic assembly and comes with DIY (Do-It-Yourself) assembly instructions
  • Care Instructions: Wipe it clean with a dry cloth. Do not use water. Wipe any spills immediately
SaleBestseller No. 6
Bae Store Rack Multipurpose Rack Organizer for Shoe/Clothes/Books - (Need to Be Assemble - DIY) (5 Shelves) (Grey)
  • Dimension (CM) :- 58 x 28 x 96
  • For assembling please go through the second image of this product.
  • Made from strong and durable material
  • Attractive and stylish looks highly recommended for stylish interiors
  • Fancy do it yourself foldable cabinet racks with great looks, easy usage and awesome functionality
SaleBestseller No. 7
HomeTown Kaira Engineered Wood Shoe Rack in Wenge Colour
  • Product Dimensions: Depth: 340(mm) Width: 770(mm) Height: 675(mm)
  • Product Material: Engineered Wood | Sub-Material: Particle Board + MDF
  • Color: Wenge
  • Product Weight: 19(KG)
  • Product Type: Shoe Rack
  • Assembly If Required, Would be provided by Seller without any cost. Seller will get in touch for assembly post product delivery.
SaleBestseller No. 8
Aart Store Shoe Rack Storage Organiser Wooden Shelf Shoes Rack for Home
  • Stylish, sleek & versatile
  • Attractive and stylish looks highly recommended for stylish interior
  • Maximizes space and organizes shoes
  • SPACE SAVING SHELF - Comes with flat pack - easy to assemble and handles on each side for easy movement
  • Smart solution to floors littered in footwear
SaleBestseller No. 9
HomeTown Gayle Engineered Wood Four Door Shoe Storage Rack in Wenge Color
  • Dimensions: Depth: 340(mm) Width: 770(mm) Height: 1240(mm)
  • Primary Material: Engineered Wood
  • Color: Wenge
  • Style: Modern and Contemporary Furniture
  • Shoe Rack for Home, Shoe Rack for offce, Shoe Rack organiser, Shoe Rack with Wooden cabinet, Shoe Storage Organiser
SaleBestseller No. 10
Sterling Wooden Shoe Racks for Home, Bamboo Shoes Stand Multipurpose Book Shelf Cloth Organizer Wooden Rack 4 Layer Shoe Rack
  • MULTI-PURPOSE RACK - Made of natural bamboo, sturdy, eco-friendly and easy to clean. Suitable to put clothes, coats, hats, scarves, suitcases, plants, shoes, slippers, sandals, bags, books, plants, toiletries, baskets in entryway, front door, bedroom, balcony, closet, etc.
  • SPACE SAVING SHELF - Comes with flat pack - easy to assemble and handles on each side for easy movement
  • SAFE DESIGN-With its smooth surface finish, this shoe shelf will not cause harm to your belongings or your children. Two hollowed out handles for easy carrying. Screw holes and designed corners to prevent any scratches of your family.
  • DURABLE ASSEMBLING PARTS: Designed with removable built-in fittings, all fittings have been treated for rust prevention, the anti-rust and durable screws make the rack more stable and easy to assemble and disassembled, tools provided
  • Maintenance: Just requires wiping with wet cloth and thats it!

The Most Common Types of Shoe Racks

Shoe racks come in all shapes and sizes. It’s important to find the right one to fit your design preferences and organizational needs. When choosing the best shoe rack for your home, consider the look you’re going for, how many pairs of shoes you own, and the available space you have in your closet or entryway. This will help narrow down your search. Start by exploring the features and benefits of these common types of shoe racks.

Freestanding Shoe Racks

When you think of a shoe rack, freestanding racks probably come to mind first. Freestanding shoe racks sit on the ground and consist of rows of shoe holders. These standalone shoe storage solutions come in various sizes and finishes so you can choose one that fits your space and style. Some even expand to accommodate an ever-changing shoe collection.

Freestanding racks can go just about anywhere in a house or apartment and can hold different types of shoes, from high heels to winter boots. The top row works best for taller boots. Some freestanding shoe racks come preassembled and others require minimal assembly. This is a good option if you are looking for a simple shoe rack that can fit neatly in the bottom of a closet or front hall.

Over-the-Door Shoe Racks

Maximize the function of doors by having them double as shoe storage. Just like the name implies, these shoe racks fit right over the tops of doors. They are great for areas low on space and also help keep the floor free of clutter.

Over-the-door shoe racks typically are made of fabric with slots to store shoes. Those with clear openings make it easier to view each pair of shoes. Laundry room and bedroom closet doors both are convenient locations for this type of shoe rack. Just be aware that some over-the-door shoe racks could make it difficult to close your door all the way.


Shoe storage cubbies are usually square or rectangular shaped with individual openings to hold shoes. They can sit horizontally or vertically to make the best use of the space. However, the cubby holes typically are not that large, so taller shoes and boots likely won’t fit. This type of shoe rack is best for flatter footwear like tennis shoes or sandals.

Some shoe cubbies contain fabric bins that you can throw your shoes into. This is a great option for anyone who wants to hide shoes. Depending on the look you’re going for, there are several shoe cubbies from which to choose based on color, size, and material.

Shoe Cabinets

Shoe cabinets are a sleek storage solution that can accommodate several pairs of shoes. They look like ordinary cabinets on the outside; however, when you open them up you’ll discover hidden shelves for storing shoes.

Look for a cabinet that matches your entryway decor or bedroom set to complete the look, or place a shoe cabinet in a mudroom or hallway for a nice accent piece. Displaying a candle, photo album, or flowers on top of the shoe cabinet can maximize its utility in a home.

Storage Benches

Storage benches provide comfortable seating and a convenient place to store shoes. This dual-purpose organization unit is a great solution for the entryway or mudroom area. It has individual cubbies to store shoes and a bench on top where family members can sit when putting on their shoes.

This type of shoe rack can limit storage capacity, depending on the size of the cubby openings, so it might not be the best choice for those who own multiple pairs of shoes.

Benefits of Shoe Racks

There are so many advantages of having a shoe rack at home.

  • To begin with, understand the fact that your shoes need to be in a separate compartment considering hygiene point of view.
  • With the help of a shoe rack, at least all your shoes can be in one place for better convenience.
  • Moving further, you can keep your shoes free from dust. This means the risk of scuffing and scratching of your shoes reduces to a great extent.
  • For guests too, they don’t have to awkwardly look around for the corner of the home to keep their shoes when they can place in a shoe rack right after entering the home.

Types of Shoe Racks

There are many types of online shoe racks you may come across. Most of them are usually classified as per the design, space, and material. Listed are some of the popular ones.

  • Over the Door Shoe Rack: If you are looking for the shoe racks for sale that will not occupy much space then over the door is the right option.
  • Free Standing Shoe Rack: If you have a lot of space to be used well then you can consider this type of shoe rack. It comes with a stackable option that causes more space to keep your high heels and boots.
  • Under Bed Shoe Rack: Made from plastic and fabric, such a shoe rack can be put under the bed and have a wheel to drag out when needed.
  • Cabinet Shoe Rack: This shoe rack is known for the appealing design and has vertical and horizontal boards for creating sections to keep multiple pair of shoes.

Material Used in Shoe Racks

Shoe racks are mostly made of wood material but of course, it has to be of good quality.

  • Engineered Wood: You can choose a wooden shoe rack made from engineered wood that promises long lasting life or performance. They don’t need much maintenance and over steel or plastic, they are the best in terms of aesthetic design and providing storage solutions.
  • Plastic & Fabric Shoe Rack: For a lightweight and compact solution, you can use the plastic shoe racks. Besides, they are the cost-effective option over wood and steel which is why in most of the homes, especially at bachelor’s houses, you shall find this type of rack. But they don’t offer your shoes right covering which is why you will have to clean the shoes often while wearing them out.
  • Metal or Steel Racks: For the strong and sturdy shoe rack option, metal shoe racks or steel shoe racks are the right choice. In case of longevity, such racks are the best provided you have to maintain them from not getting moisture as the risk of rust is more.

What are factors to look while buying Shoe Racks?

Different factors determine an ideal shoe racks design. It is important to choose the shoe rack which can suit not just your family but for you as an individual as well. However, the wavelength of everyone in the house may not match while choosing the right racks. That is why listed are some factors, you can consider before picking the right shoe rack for the home.

Understand Different Types

Majorly, shoe racks are categorized into three types. The first comes is the short standing rock then is tall and then comes the shoe cabinet.

  • Short Standing Racks: As the name suggests it is small and has shelf versions that can occupy nearly 3 feet of space and best to be placed by the door.
  • Tall Standing Racks: It is a bigger version of the previous option. It comes with good overhead space and can be best for large families. It does not have any closure which is why you may need large plastic covering for protecting the footwear.
  • Shoe Cabinets: This comes with an aesthetic design and is available in a wide range of materials. It has sliding or swinging doors as closure and can be customized as well. That is why, over the above two choices, this rack turns out to be the perfect option.

Evaluate the Space Requirement

It is extremely important to know how much space will your rack need. Do not consider your shoe rack to be simply kept in some small corner of the room which will not be seen by anyone. Rather, add the piece of furniture which can give your home an extra touch with its look. Talking about the space, if you are living in a quarter homes and purchasing a high-quality shoe rack will be a total waste. You must understand where the shoe racks for small spaces should be placed and for this the height of the room should be considered.


You are investing in another important piece of furniture that is why do not compromise with the quality. You need to look for how much time you shall be using the shoe rack and accordingly consider the material best fit for such furniture. As said earlier, wood can be the perfect option in terms of space and maintenance while plastic can be economic and steel shoe racks can be sturdy. But what matters the most is the performance for which you should compare between the materials and then decide.


Just because it is a shoe rack that does not mean, it can be of any random designs. The aesthetic appeal of such furniture is important too that is why choose the one which can be not much fancy but not extremely simple as well.

Other Factors

Other than this, a warranty is important which can be between 6 months to about 1 year, and sometimes more than that. Accessibility should be another important factor as in look for the rack which if you place in any corner can be easily accessed. Of all, don’t forget the price factor which is important too but for this capacity and size of the rack should also be considered.


A perfectly slim design, an ergonomic body, 5 different colours, 5 customizations, lock in feature and breathability, the Dns Metal World Slimmest Shoe Rack wins our list of best shoe racks and cabinets.

While that was our researched and vetted list, we would love to listen to your opinions, choices and picks. What was your favourite pick? Did we miss anything? Do you have any question regarding shoe racks or any other home appliance? Feel free to write to us in the comment section below. Our home appliance experts will get back to you ASAP on that.

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