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Tired of finding the best sound bar for your LED TV or home theater system?

Due to the large number of options available in the Indian market, it is often a little difficult to find the most suitable sound bar for your home that offers a powerful and satisfying sound.

So with that in mind, we have analyzed and verified all the best soundbars available on the Indian market. This huge collection of data after sorting and classifying it with pre-considered metrics was not an easy task for us, but we made it possible with all the resources we have.

So browse the entire article to find the best sound bar in India 2021, which efficiently serves your purpose and leaves an infinite smile on your face.

Our Top Pick

10 Best Soundbars Review

Bestseller No. 1
boAt Aavante Bar Tune Bluetooth Soundbar with 60W RMS Signature Sound, 2.0 Channel, Multi-Connectivity Modes, BT v5.3, EQ Modes, Bass & Treble Controls & Remote Control(Jade Black)
  • Power- Experience boAt Signature Sound with 60W R.M.S premium audio delivered by Aavante Bar Tune soundbar.
  • Channel- Its 2.0 Channel sound system gets you set for an alternate dimension, with an immersive sound quality that adds colour to your audio as well as visual experience.
  • Design- The premium styled soundbar adds to the beauty of your home as much as it adds to the immersive auditory experience.
  • Master Remote- Control your playback with utmost ease via soundbar control panel and the master remote control.
  • Compatibility- All your devices are made accessible by the wireless, wired and other forms of connectivity, viz. Bluetooth V5.3, AUX, USB and HDMI(ARC) with the versatile Aavante Bar Tune.
  • EQ Modes- The soundbar is apt for different genres of music as it offers different EQ modes for a truly immersive listening experience.
SaleBestseller No. 2
JBL Cinema SB241, Dolby Digital Soundbar with Wired Subwoofer for Extra Deep Bass, 2.1 Channel Home Theatre with Remote, HDMI ARC, Bluetooth & Optical Connectivity (110W)
  • Free Installation, Replacement & On-Site Repair within 24 hours ( in Select cities).T&C Apply
  • 110W SOUNDBAR WITH WIRED SUBWOOFER: JBL Cinema SB241 delivers 110 Watt of powerful sound from two full range drivers. Also the wired subwoofer provide that extra deep bass to boost your listening experience of the Movies and Music entertainments
  • DOLBY DIGITAL AUDIO: Have an Ultimate movie experience at your home with embedded dolby digital system that comes with 2.1 Channel. SB241 with dolby digital delivers powerful sound that enhances any movie experience
  • FLEXIBILITY OF WIRELESS MUSIC STREAMING & CABLE CONNECTION: Stream music from your Mobile or Tablet via Bluetooth Connectivity. HDMI ARC & Optical connection allows a versatile setup options providing an ease to user accessibility
  • DEDICATED SOUND MODE TO ENHANCE VOICE CLARITY: Just press the “Voice” button on the remote control to enhance voice clarity, which brings dialogues to the front, allowing your favorite voices to stand out against background noise
  • ULTRA-LOW-PROFILE: This soundbar comes with just 62mm height that can be placed under your TV, fits any home environment and won’t block your TV’s bottom edge
SaleBestseller No. 3
Zebronics Ace Plus Wireless Soundbar with 30W Output, Dual Passive Radiator, RGB Lights,Built-in Rechargeable Battery, Bluetooth 5.1,Coaxial Input, AUX, FM Radio, USB, mSD, TWS Function
  • ZEB-Ace Plus is here to elevate your audio experience as it features the best quality sound with its dual passive radiators
  • This soundbar offers exceptional and loud sound owing to its high power output of up to 30W
  • This wall-mountable soundbar is equipped with multi-connectivity options and the ability to support Bluetooth v5.1 shows its technologically advanced design. This soundbar now allows you to connect via 3.5mm AUX line input, coaxial input, an mSD slot, and USB with MP3 audio files for seamless audio streaming
  • Double up your entertainment by connecting one ZEB-Ace Plus with another via a TWS connection
  • The soundbar comes with a built-in rechargeable battery which works with an enormous play time of 10* hours with just 4 hours of charging
  • Take control of your listening experience with the media/volume control that comes along with the speaker
SaleBestseller No. 4
boAt Aavante Bar 1180 60 Watt 2.0 Channel Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar(Premium Black)
  • Control your playback via easy operational controls and the remote control device.
  • All your devices are made accessible by the wireless and wired forms of connectivity, such as Bluetooth V5.0/AUX/USB with the versatile Aavante 1180
  • Its 2.0 Channel Sound gets you set for an alternate dimension, with an ethereal sound quality that adds colour to your audio as well as visual experience
  • The soundbar is apt for multiple forms of entertainment as it offers different modes such as NEWS, MOVIES, MUSIC, for a true listening experience.
SaleBestseller No. 5
boAt Aavante Bar Orion Soundbar with 160W RMS Signature Sound, 2.1 CH, BT v5.3, Multi-Compatibility Modes, Wired Subwoofer, EQ Controls, Dynamic LEDs & Master Remote Control(Pitch Black)
  • Power- Experience boAt Signature Sound with 160W R.M.S scintillating audio delivered by Aavante Bar Orion.
  • Channel- Its 2.1 Channel with wireless subwoofer gets you set for an alternate dimension, with a sound quality that adds colour to your audio as well as visual experience.
  • LED- The dynamic LEDs equipped soundbar adds to the beauty of your home as much as it adds to the immersive auditory experience
  • Controls- ontrol your playback options with utmost ease via the master remote control or the soundbar control panel.
  • Compatibility- All your devices are made accessible by the wireless, wired and other forms of connectivity, viz. Bluetooth V5.3, AUX, USB, Optical, and HDMI(ARC) with the versatile Aavante Bar Orion.
  • EQ Modes- The soundbar is apt for different forms of entertainment as it offers different EQ modes: Music, Movies, News and 3D for a truly immersive listening experience.
SaleBestseller No. 6
boAt Aavante Bar Groove Bluetooth 2.0 Channel Soundbar with 16 W RMS Output, Multiple Connectivity Modes, Up to 6 hrs Playtime, Bluetooth v5.0 & USB Type-C Port(Premium Black)
  • Powerful Sound: Liven up your watch parties with the 16 W RMS output of Aavante Bar Groove. Each sound element is boosted to transform your listening experience to the next level.
  • boAt Signature Sound: Sing along to catchy tunes and immerse yourself in hair-raising action sequences with boAt’s Signature Sound. The balanced audio wraps you all around for the ultimate realistic feel.
  • 2.0 Channel Subwoofer: Stay engrossed in captivating sound thanks to the 2.0 channel subwoofer. Its rich bass and elevated treble create a theatre-like environment right in the comfort of your home.
  • Attractive Portable Design: Elevate your interior audio setup with Aavante Bar Groove’s appealing design. Also, its compact build ensures that you can move this soundbar to an area of your liking or even carry it when you’re on the move for non-stop entertainment.
  • Multichannel Connectivity: Indulge in music with a host of wired connections, such as aux and USB ports, along with Bluetooth v5.0 wireless technology. So, you can plug into thumping beats however you want.
  • 6 hours of Playback: Host fun parties that raise the roof with enthralling music. The up to 6 hours performance of this soundbar gives you an ultra-groovy experience.
SaleBestseller No. 7
boAt Aavante Bar 900/908 Bluetooth Soundbar with 30W RMS, 2.0 Channel, Multiple Connectivity, EQ Modes, Sleek Finish, Easy Access Integrated Controls(Premium Black)
  • 2.0 Channel- Its 2.0 Channel captivating sound gets you set for an alternate dimension, with an ethereal sound quality that adds color to your audio as well as visual experience..Bluetooth Range 10m
  • Power- Experience the immersive boAt Signature sound with the 30W R.M.S premium audio delivered by Aavante Bar 900.
  • Connectivity- All your devices are made accessible by the wireless, wired and other forms of connectivity, such as Bluetooth V5.0, 2 x AUX ports, Optical and HDMI(ARC) with the versatile Aavante Bar 900.
  • EQ Modes- Aavante Bar 900 comes with perfectly tuned preset modes such as Rock, Pop, Classical, Jazz & Country to make your audio experience complete
  • Integrated Controls- It comes with easy access integrated controls, use your Aavante Bar 900 with ease.
  • Remote Control- Control it all like magic with an intuitively designed master remote so that you enjoy the movie on your couch with just an Aavante remote for an effortless experience
SaleBestseller No. 9
amazon basics 16W Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker with 2000mAh Battery | BT v5.3 | Aux/USB Port for Mobile, PC, Tablets, and Laptops (Black)
  • 16W Sonic Excellence: Build with dual 8W drivers, the soundbar delivers powerful 16W audio output.
  • Versatile Device Compatibility: Amplify sound output from a variety of sources, including PCs, phones, laptops, and monitors.
  • Space-Saving Design: The sleek design ensures it fits seamlessly in any home environment, conserving space.
  • Lightweight Mobility: With its lightweight build, the soundbar can be easily moved and positioned as needed.
  • Effortless Illumination Control: A dedicated control button allows easy toggling of the RGB LED lights.
  • Intuitive Media Management: The bar comes equipped with dedicated media and volume buttons for seamless sound control.
SaleBestseller No. 10
boAt Aavante Bar Mystiq Soundbar with 100W RMS Signature Sound, 2.1 CH,Multi-Connectivity Modes,BT v5.3,Wired Subwoofer,EQ Modes,Bass & Treble Control & Remote Control(Pitch Black)
  • Power- Experience boAt Signature Sound with 100W R.M.S premium audio delivered by Aavante Bar Mystiq soundbar.
  • Channel- Its 2.1 Channel sound system gets you set for an alternate dimension, with an immersive sound quality that adds colour to your audio as well as visual experience.
  • Design- The premium styled soundbar adds to the beauty of your home as much as it adds to the immersive auditory experience.
  • EQ Modes- The soundbar is apt for different genres of music as it offers different EQ modes viz. Music, Movies, News and 3D for a truly immersive listening experience.
  • Connectivity- All your devices are made accessible by the wireless, wired and other forms of connectivity, viz. Bluetooth V5.3, AUX, USB, Optical and HDMI(ARC) with the versatile Aavante Bar Mystiq.
  • Remote Control- Control your playback with utmost ease via soundbar control panel and the master remote control.

What Are The Best Soundbars?

There are many factors to think about when choosing the right soundbar for you; below are the most important ones, which we considered while we were researching this list.

Size: A soundbar will always take up less space than a traditional home theater system, but they can still vary in size quite a bit. We’ve made sure to include sound bars that can fit in any entertainment center.

Stereo Vs. Surround Sound: Soundbars are designed to replicate 2.0 or 2.1 (stereo) home theater speakers, which provide great audio quality, but a less immersive experience than a surround sound system.

Many of the soundbars we’ve chosen can be augmented with additional speakers to create a compact surround sound system. This gives you the option to upgrade your home theater over time, rather than having to start from scratch if you move to a place with more space.

Ports: A soundbar’s inputs (otherwise known as ports) are what allow you to connect it to your TV. The most common ports found on soundbars are HDMI and Optical inputs, which are both found on all TVs released in the past ten years.

Smart home integration: Some soundbars can be connected to a smart-home platform from Amazon and Google that allow them to do a lot more than just play music. These soundbars allow you to control accessories like smart lightbulbs, so you can change the mood lighting in your home theater system to add ambiance to your movie night or gaming session.

Bluetooth support: Your soundbar will always be connected to your TV with a cable, but many of the options on this list support Bluetooth. This lets you connect your phone, tablet, or computer to the soundbar and stream music to it wirelessly, which is nice if your home theater setup is in a living room or common area and you want to play DJ for yourself or guests.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Soundbar 

Every soundbar is different. Soundbars vary by product and come in various sizes, have different installation options, connect to your TV in distinct ways, and possess specific features.

Audiophiles have a different standard than those looking to purchase their first soundbar, and knowing what your needs are can avoid paying for features you won’t use. Here are some of the top features to look at when choosing a soundbar.


Take a look at your entertainment space. If you’re in a small bedroom or tiny apartment, a smaller soundbar may fit better in your home. A smaller size doesn’t necessarily mean less sound; quality speakers and channels can fit in soundbars that are about 17 inches long. Don’t dismiss a product because of its size, always read the specs for more information.

A general rule of thumb is that a soundbar shouldn’t be wider than your TV. If you have a big-screen TV, consider investing in a wider model soundbar. This offers wider stereo imaging, giving the viewer the impression that the sound isn’t coming from a speaker box, but from whoever is making the sound on the TV.


Channels simulate the surround sound effect without having to purchase surround sound. They give depth by increasing the number of places where sound can be delivered. In soundbars, you’ll likely find two- or three-channel soundbars.

  • Two-channel soundbars have a left and right channel to augment the sound of your TV.
  • Three-channel soundbars can better imitate surround sound with channels on the right, left, and center of the bar.
  • Five-channel soundbars are only necessary if you plan on implementing surround sound with additional speakers in the front and back.

Channels are written with a decimal, such as 3.1. The number before the decimal refers to the number of channels within the soundbar (in this example, that would be three). The number after tells you whether or not there’s a subwoofer, which delivers more bass. The number 1 means it has a subwoofer, but 0 means it doesn’t. A soundbar can claim .1 status if it has a low-frequency driver. Read the specs of the soundbar to confirm whether or not it has a subwoofer.

Active vs. Passive

Both active and passive soundbars have multi-speaker channels and can create high-resolution sound. Though similar overall, there are a few differences between active and passive soundbars.

Active soundbars come with built-in amplifiers. These soundbars are easy to install and use. They’re suited for those who want to save space, don’t plan on upgrading their sound system, and only want one component for audio, instead of complex connections between several components. One downside: if your soundbar breaks, you’ll need to replace the entire model instead of only the broken parts.

Passive soundbars need an amplifier for their channels to work. They have a more complicated installation process but produce better quality audio. You may need to do your homework when purchasing a passive soundbar. There are more purchase decisions to make, including the choice between a device to enhance the sound quality or extra speakers to create more complex sounds and high-definition audio.


Many modern soundbars come with Wi-Fi and are Bluetooth-enabled, allowing you to play your music or watch movies within minutes. With wireless devices, you can easily stream content, including subscription services like Spotify from your computer, phone, tablet, or smart home system.

If you opt for a wired device, you typically only need one cable to connect the soundbar to your TV. It will be an optical cable, RCA cable, or HDMI. For HDMI connections, your TV needs to support HDMI Audio Return Channel (ARC) to function properly. HDMI supports more audio formats and only needs a single connection from the soundbar to the TV, making it a good option for connectivity.

Cinema Sound

For movie buffs who want the home theater audio experience without investing in a surround sound system, you may want to choose a soundbar with a subwoofer. Subwoofers are speaker drivers dedicated to the reproduction of low-frequency audio, which augments the sounds occurring at this level.

Subwoofers give the sounds you hear in the background, such as a squadron of planes approaching, more depth, adding to your movie experience. This punch and rumble gives a fuller sound and keeps you on the edge of your seat, especially with action movies or movies with an epic soundtrack.

The range of audible sound vibrations produced by a soundbar is measured in hertz (Hz) and kilohertz (KHz). This is the frequency of sound we hear from low bass rumbles at 20Hz that are barely perceptible to high-pitched jarring sounds that are 20KHz, the highest pitch. The fluctuating frequencies throughout a movie make the difference between average and incredible.


Most soundbars come with a compatible remote control to customize your audio settings. In many instances, the remote enables you to change the volume, treble, bass, mode, and more on the soundbar to optimize the audio.

If you find a soundbar that integrates with your TV or universal remote, it simplifies adding sound to your shows and movies by eliminating the need to juggle two remotes. Read the specs of the soundbar before you make a purchase, as some of them do not enable other remote devices.

Newer wireless soundbar models let you use Bluetooth from your handheld devices. This allows you to stream music from your phone to your soundbar over the internet without requiring the remote. However, some devices may still require the remote to adjust sound settings, so be sure to read the manufacturer’s specs if this is a feature you’d like to have.

Mounted vs. Unmounted

The difference between mounting your soundbar on the wall or placing it on your TV stand largely comes down to personal preference. The best sound seems to come from just below the TV, with the best distance being 4 to 6 inches beneath the screen. Distance may impact sound quality, so if the soundbar is too far from the television, there may be a bit of user disconnect when watching movies or shows.

Many wall-mounted soundbars come with mounting hardware that withstands the weight of the device. This looks clean and stylish with a wall-mounted TV and it doesn’t block the screen if mounted a few inches below it. Follow instructions carefully to make sure you mount it properly so that the soundbar stays securely in place.

For unmounted soundbars, make sure there is enough room in front of the TV so the bar doesn’t obstruct the screen or block the remote sensors. If you choose to store your soundbar on a shelf within the TV stand or entertainment center, bring it forward as much as possible to ensure the sound isn’t blocked on the sides.

What does the best soundbar system comprise of?

A Sound Bar is a speaker system whose efficiency is higher than a home theatre in terms of space along with lesser complexity nature and is a smart option in terms of the cost/price as it will fit-in in all ranges of budget.

This gadget can be fitted beneath the LED TV, it is a lengthened tube-like device which has a greater width than its length which extends equivalent to that of a tv set

And gives an impression as that of a home theatre but acts as an amazing stereo speaker and even produces a virtual surround sound effect due to its significant width.

Accessing the system is simpler because it comes with a universal remote as a result which gives access to operate on different types of systems from a low-end version to that of a high-end model.

Which soundbar system is the best option?

Few key elements to be considered while looking out for the best soundbar 2021 year system are as follows:

  • Subwoofers effect
  • Connection option
  • Dolby effect
  • Infrared light repeaters
  • Size
  • Bluetooth Access
  • Online Accessibility
  • Range of Accessibility
  • DOLBY Effect

Connection Options:-

In the matter of connection other than the traditional way of a single connection to the TV, we find many new options such as optical cables and HDMI ARC

which Is efficient in interchanging information compared to other Modes providing you to access both the power and volume from the same source.

Infrared light repeaters:-

Here, the main principle is the IR repeaters which work on the concept of extensibility of the IR (infrared light) which is excited from the accessor(remote)

And makes it reaches the sensor of the television completely avoiding any blockage of signals or any sort of interruptions caused due to the Positioning(placement) of the soundbar.

Subwoofers effect:-

Subwoofers are all to do with the amplification… which Can be opted completely based on your choice of picking a high bass one or a low-frequency one

just keeping in consideration the woofer effect that will be created in the allocated area and decide the number of Subwoofers to be fitted in that slim and widened device.

Size (Space Occupied):-

In the present scenario/time where the world is turning a highly occupying place leaving many people to fall into lack of space, it is triggering the need for (proper allocation of space available) /utilizing the space in the best possible way.

Therefore, to avoid the clumsiness and to provide a suitable environment to retrieve the maximum capacity of your soundbar, make sure to note down the dimensions of its area/placement and opt for the one which best fits in.

Bluetooth Access:

As humans we prefer “Alterations over alternatives” so does a soundbar. Unlike the prior (devices/soundbars) the latest soundbars are way too adaptable with a Bluetooth enabled feature which makes it flexible to pair up with any Bluetooth device located nearby.

Therefore, giving access to you, to play the music from a device that is convenient to use.

Online Accessibility:

Unlike the features in that of the existing models, this new and significant feature of online access.

Doesn’t ask you for a smart TV or an Ethernet Jack to let u connect to the internet.

In other words, it simply lets you access the online music services and any media websites that you want to Listen

Range of Accessibility:

Just like the game turns more interesting when it runs under your charge, it is same to do with the device getting complete control of the system makes you feel more pleasing which is possible by choosing a user-friendly interface (i.e. a form of access which is comfortable to use)

It has a feature that allows you to set the panel, sound settings enable you with a higher range of accessibility.

DOLBY Effect:

First of all, coming to point of selecting the number of drivers and subwoofers they are represented in a decimal format such as where the first number indicates the number of drivers and follows:

  • 2-consists of left-right speakers
  • 3- left, right and center speakers
  • 5-right, left, center, rear and surround speakers

While the number after the decimal stands for the subwoofers where 1 stands for its presence and 0 for its absence.

Moreover, in certain cases, such as the last one in the above-mentioned examples which are 5.1.4 the third number indicates the drivers in the Dolby Atoms (the latest technology used for the creation of the enveloping sound effect) which contribute in creating the virtual surround sound effect.


To identify today’s best soundbars, we spent many hours meticulously sifting through hardware specs, reading reviews from industry experts, as well as carefully analyzing consumer feedback. The hardware specs included the number of audio drivers a product has, compatibility with various types of enhanced audio content, as well as the wireless connectivity features it offers, among other bits.

We focused our testing efforts on leading audio brands like Bose, Klipsch, Polk Audio, Samsung, and TCL, to name a few. During our testing process, we evaluated each soundbar based on the following criteria:

  • Sound quality — how the products performed while delivering various types of audio content.
  • Design — their ability to blend in with the home decor.
  • Ease of use — setting up the product and accessing its features.
  • Connectivity features — availability of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • Smart functionality — compatibility with virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

To analyze sound quality, we spent time watching movies (essential for experiencing the overall acoustic performance of every soundbar, including the ability to process enhanced surround sound), following the news to determine each product’s ability to deliver crisp dialogue, and rocking out to an eclectic Spotify playlist to experience their bass, treble, and mid-range delivery.

In 2021, it is imperative that a soundbar supports enhanced surround sound from Dolby and DTS. It makes the viewing experience more engaging even during seemingly mundane scenes. Enhanced content is best showcased during action-packed scenes, and it is abundant on all major streaming services.

We also factored in the soundstage presentation of each soundbar we researched and tested. By utilizing a combination of built-in hardware and audio processing tech, the feature can literally make a product sound “bigger” than it actually is. A products’ soundstage is most notable while listening to music and watching movies. For example, when playing the right content, a soundbar with a wide soundstage can create an impression that you are attending a live music performance.

Most of our picks will not only play nicely with your brand-new TV, but also connect and stream sound from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. We used an iPhone and a Samsung Galaxy smartphone to connect to the products and wirelessly stream content from Spotify. Where available, we put the product’s Google Chromecast and Apple AirPlay 2 wireless connectivity (over Wi-Fi) through its paces, too.

Some of the finest offerings are also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands. We evaluated their performance by setting up the virtual assistants, and using them to play content and control compatible smart home products. The products that are available with both assistants require users to choose one.

It’s worth noting that even though these soundbars are wireless, they require users to connect them to their TV with an HDMI or an optical cable. The term “wireless” usually means that, in addition to Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi connectivity, they have a separate subwoofer that doesn’t require a cable to connect.

Learn more about our top picks now to discover the best wireless soundbar for your home.


Wrapping it up, we wrote a long and exhaustive article to make you understand everything about soundbars keeping every technicality simple

And I hope this long guide will assist you to buy the best soundbar for your home. If you still face any difficulty in making your mind, please let us know in the comment box we will try to answer them as soon as possible.

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