Best Tower Speakers Under 10000 INR India – Reviews Guide

Do you throw parties at your home or are you an avid movie buff? A tower speaker is perfect for you and, if you have Bluetooth connectivity, it will be more charming. Today we have some unbiased reviews of the best tower speakers in India, for which you can pay less than Rs. 10,000 only.

Movie time requires a good home theater system if you want to fully enjoy yourself. Well, what a good home theater requires is an incredible tower speaker system. When it comes to sound and audio devices, the choice you can get is just huge.

From there, you need to find the one that best suits your needs. In fact, Khojdeal presents the best price list for tower speakers, which is below Rs. 10,000 budget, with an extensive buying guide to ensure you also understand what you are buying.

Cheap audio devices can be a bit of a hassle to buy, and if you choose the wrong type, you will have a horrible experience. Brands use shortcuts when making low-cost audio equipment If you use good headphones, you understand the difference that a well-made audio device can make in your listening experience.

Do not fear! At Khojdeal, we understand the needs of the consumer, just as we understand the market. We research Internet markets, publications and the latest news to keep you updated on the best products that money can buy.

Our Top Pick

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SaleBestseller No. 1
Zebronics ZEB-BT505RUCF 50W Tower Speaker with Triple Drivers, Supporting Bluetooth v5.1, USB, AUX in, FM Radio, Wireless Mic
  • - 50W Tower Speaker with Wireless Mic
  • - Triple Drivers
  • - Easy Controls: The speaker comes with controls for media along with volume control knob
  • - Digital Display
  • - Control the speaker with a Remote Control
  • - 13.3cms Subwoofer for excellent low frequency response and a thumping bass experience
SaleBestseller No. 2
Flow FL-500 Wireless Speaker,USB,Bluetooth,Radio,AUX, Mic connectivity,Karaoke Tower Speaker System,Proudly Made in India.
  • Auto Save FM Channel with digital stylish LED Display .
  • Aux Inputs That Help You To Use With Basically Any Audio Device, Whether Having An I-Phone, An Android Phone, Will Be Able To Use It With The Aux Input So Long As The Device Supports It.
  • Bluetooth Feature That Helps to Transmit Data Without Cables That Controls The Interference Of Network and Gives Fluency to Your Party Time.
  • Frequency:- A Good Speaker Should Produce An Output Between 20Hz-20khz, Which Makes Sense Since That's Also The Range Of Human Hearing.
  • Perfectly Designed In India.
SaleBestseller No. 3
Flow FL-501Tower Wireless Speaker,USB,Bluetooth, Radio,AUX,Mic connectivity, Karaoke Tower Speaker System, Proudly Made in India.
  • Auto Save FM Channel with digital stylish LED Display .
  • Karaoke Enable system which lets you sing along with Wireless Mic-Lyrics on your Mobile.
  • Aux Inputs That Help You To Use With Basically Any Audio Device, Whether Having An I-Phone, An Android Phone, Will Be Able To Use It With The Aux Input So Long As The Device Supports It.
  • Bluetooth Feature That Helps to Transmit Data Without Cables That Controls The Interference Of Network and Gives Fluency to Your Party Time.
  • Frequency:- A Good Speaker Should Produce An Output Between 20Hz-20khz, Which Makes Sense Since That's Also The Range Of Human Hearing.
SaleBestseller No. 4
ABB INDIA Solutions & Services 13500 Watt 4.1 Home Theater Audio Speaker with Bluetooth, USB, AUX-in, Fm Radio Tower Satellites Support (Black)
  • Powerful sub woofer housed in a solid wooden cabinet along with four satellite speakers
  • Supports TV,DVD,Laptop,Desktop,Mobile,Tablet and all Aux output Devices
  • 4.1 channel speakers with front woofer
  • Also includes wireless REMOTE with feature to play,pause,rewind,volume control etc
SaleBestseller No. 5
TECHXEWOO The Musical Powerhouse TS 200BT Powerfull Tower Party Speaker with Disco Party Lights, Bluetooth,USB,Digital Fm,Mic Port,Inbuilt Karaoke and Wide connectivity Options via Aux in.
SaleBestseller No. 6
Obage DT-2605 100 Watt Home Theatre Tower Speaker with Optical in, Bluetooth 5.0 with 6 Months Onsite Service
  • Take that Punch: Deep and Real BASS makes it ideal for Bass lovers. The bass does not distort the vocals here
  • Noiseless Lossless Bluetooth: No background noise during bluetooth operation. Clean connectivity without hassles.
  • Bass-Heavy sound signature: Upper Bass (the bass that you hear), Mids (vocals mostly) and Highs are almost flat. Lower Bass (the bass that you feel) is boosted. The sound is maintained natural with a little extra thump that almost everybody craves for.
  • Optical Input supported: DT-2605 also has Bluetooth 5.0, FM, USB playback, Aux and of course, Optical input
  • Onsite Service Support: Get your product serviced at an ease of sitting at home.
SaleBestseller No. 7
SaleBestseller No. 8
Dotsun-Pearl in 4inch woofer & 3inch Speaker-2 Pc Single Bluetooth Tower with eco mic & Karaoke System
  • Connectivity Technology Wireless Bluetooth
  • Stylish and Elegant Design
  • Slim, floor standing design conserves space
  • Dedicated Bass control settings
  • Powerful Sound with Thumping Bass
SaleBestseller No. 9
Akai HA-TS60 60W Bluetooth Tower Speaker Wooden Cabinet 5.25" Subwoofer, 4.0" Dual Mid Range Speaker Full Control Remote Led Display USB FM Party Speaker Home Theatre Extreme bass Karaoke Support with Wireless Mic.
  • [ VERTICAL TOWER ] : Get the party started with AKAI TS60 single stand tower speaker . Play your favourite tracks as loud as you want and with style. This feature impressive high-power output and add music to any occasion
  • [ KARAOKE ] : AKAI TS60 speakers with wireless mic make you star of the party . Compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices: Including Apple, iPhone, and iPod, most Android devices and other smart devices for simple wireless audio streaming.
  • [ 60W POWERFUL OUTPUT ] : Offers bold ultra sonic sound . Experience your music in full-bodied stereo realized through dual high-performance hetros drivers
  • [ ENJOY MULTIPLE CONNECTIVITY ] : AKAI TS60 tower features an on-board Wireless Mic USB reader and TF card slot to play MP3 music files or plug-in any device via Aux. Tune-In to your local stations: With the built-in FM receiver you can tune into all your local red hot music stations
  • [ Integrated Control ] - Dedicated Bass control Knob , Smooth Rotary Volume knob with Blue Led Lights
  • 1N Main unit, 1N Remote Control, 1N Wireless Mic, 1N 2RCA Cable, 1N User Manual/Warranty Card
SaleBestseller No. 10
TRONICA Twin Tower 80W Bluetooth Party Speaker/Home Theater System with Remote & Wired Microphone, Mini SD Card Support, USB, Auxilary, Digital Display, Volume Control, Bass Control, Mic
  • Mastering precision and sonic accuracy, the TWIN TOWER uses only premium components that ensure high fidelity sound transporting the concert into your living room
  • Powerful 80W dual 5.25" woofers provide optimal linear movement resulting in a low frequency bass performance that is clean, deep and controlled
  • Acoustically inert, the cabinets are precision crafted with engineered MDF wood to create a warm, distortion-free sound; A solid 10mm thick front baffle bears chamfered edges to significantly decrease sound diffraction
  • The integrated waveguide focuses the high frequency sound for dynamic, true-to-life reproduction, while the front-firing tube port allows for better low frequency extension with placement flexibility.
  • Plays pendrive/Sd card/FM/AUX/Bluetooth. Comes with a free wired microphone & a sleek remote control

Best Tower Speakers in India: Buyer’s guide

We buy speakers to listen to music. Music may be of different kind but if the experience is good then its really enjoyable. When you are planning to bu a speaker you should consider some points.

Sound Quality

You are going to choose a best party speaker which can arouse the party monster inside you when in need with this loud and clear sound along with the deep bass effect. But on the other hand, when you not in the party mood, you speakers shall also be able to pump out some soft tones. This requirement means your speaker must perform on low as well as high notes without any distortion. So, your speakers output range is higher means better. Do remember to check your speakers at high volume and try to find out if it’s not having any distortion from the distance. You can also look for best party speakers with bass and treble control. The ability to set the bass in speakers are helpful to set your party speaker system at the best output setting possible depending on your mood.

Connectivity Options

The second important factor is the number of connectivity options available in your best party speakers with bass in India. The option of more than one connectivity options in your best party speakers with bass in India be its wired or wireless is always a boon to the music lovers. With the host of connectivity option, you can connect your multiple devices with your best party speakers. Most of the speakers do provide connectivity options like Aux, USB, Bluetooth, SD cards, etc. Some speakers also support on-top DVD playbacks and Karaoke feature in addition to basic connectivity features.


If you are planning to go ahead with the party speakers then battery plays an important role for the increased portability of your party speakers with Bluetooth. Look for high performance lithium ion batteries inside with higher capacity.


Portable party speakers come equipped with trolley system just like your trolley luggage bag. So, this trolley system makes these party speakers more portable and easier to move. However, if not in use, the trolley handle slides into the back of your best party speakers with Bluetooth. If you are planning to move your party speakers much then having a slider handle should be your choice.


The best party speakers also known as a simple outdoor party speaker gives you host of features i.e. multiple connectivity, portability, power, battery, and much more. Due to all these features, the price of the best party speakers finds its place on the higher side when compared to any other traditional speakers like tower speakers, multimedia speakers etc. Generally, the best outdoor party speakers start from 8000 rupees and goes up to 50,000 rupees depending on various features like sound output, sound quality, connectivity features, battery backup etc. So, you need to select your required features and the required power output of your best outdoor party speakers in your range. We suggest that you consider sound quality and connectivity options as your first priority to choose speakers in your budget range.

Speaker Output

Depending on the room or the space where you are going to place the speaker, you should select the power of the speaker accordingly. If the sound output is more than the level, it will be disturbing for you as well as the near by people of your home.

Basically the power of a speaker is considered in watts. A tower speaker having multiple speaker units into a single chamber is very powerful and produces high sound. I would suggest getting a speakers matching the dimension of room that you need to fill the sound. A typical Indian home should get maximum of 200 watts speaker so that you can enjoy the music without disturbing the neighbours.

Speaker size

Size of a speaker is an important factor here when you consider tower speakers. Tower speakers are usually long so placing them is a bit of a hard task. You should check the dimention fo the place and match it with the speaker that you are going to buy so that it will suit the position where you are planning to keep it.

A long speaker kept in an improper location will look odd and spoil the looks of the space that you are keeping it in.


This is another major factor to consider. Tower speakers come with many features included like Bluetooth, FM, Aux support, USB, SD card reader and also Karaoke. Having all features is great but in case if they are not usefull then you can avoid having it.

As we know having more features means more price for the product. I would suggest following features is a must for a tower speaker

  1. Bluetooth
  2. FM
  3. AUX
  4. USB

Other features mentioned above are not that necessary. If you want it then nothing to stop here else you can surely consider a tower speaker with the main features included which will be enough for your needs.


There are many manufactures in India who have tower speakers in the market. Some produce good quality products but their after sales service is not that great. If you are buying a product then you should always consider the service the manufacturer will provide after the product is sold.

You should check about the manufactures and the service availability in your area so that you can be sure of your speaker to be fixed if it has any issues later on.

Here if we check all the above mentioned points before fixing the deal on a tower speaker then you will get a good deal.

Now let me answer some of the common questions that people ask about tower speakers.

Question and Answers

Which is the best tower speaker?

Any speaker that has good sound output and is in the budget then it can be considered as a best tower speaker. Any of the options mentioned above in the list will satisfy your needs if you are looking for the best tower speakers in India.

What is tower speaker?

Tower speaker as I had mentioned earlier is a different type of arrangement in speakers where you will get multiple speakers added to a single chamber that stands vertically

Usually a tower speaker will have a tweeter and a speaker for treble and a woofer at the bottom for bass. They usually come in 2.1 channel which means they have two speakers and one woofer in a single unit.

Are tower speakers good for surround sound?

This is a common question asked by many people in India. Tower speakers produce sound from the front. If you need a surround sound effect you should have speakers placed all around you. So in my experience tower speakers are great in producing sound but you wont get an actual surround sound experience in a tower setup.

Are tower speakers worth it?

Yes they are defenitely worth it as they provide a great look for your setup. They are minimal looking and they provide good quality sound.

If you want a clean setup for your TV or music system the tower speakers are the way to go as they have less amount of wires running around which makes your room clean.

Thoughts on Best tower speakers in India

Here I have mentioned some of the best tower speakers that you can buy in India. Also I have tried to include the points that you need to consider before buying a tower speaker.

If you select any of the option listed above then I am sure that you will get the best value for money and music listening experience.

Make sure that which ever speaker you buy, try listening music in the sound levels that are suitable for you and also for your neighbours.

If you like this post please share it with your friends so that it will help them making a decision for their purchase.

  • Size – As the name itself suggests, a Bluetooth tower speaker is designed in such a way that it looks like a tower. However, the size of the tower speaker can vary with brand and model. There are large speakers , medium-sized, and small-sized speakers. It is very important that you check the product specifications and purchase a Bluetooth tower speaker accordingly.
  • Portability – one of the biggest advantages of Bluetooth speaker is that they are portable and at the same time lightweight. But, while reviewing some of the products we came across Bluetooth tower speaker that is comparatively heavier than most of the other speakers. We are not conveying that heavy-weight speakers are bad, but, if the product is heavy-weight, then the user will find it difficult to move from one place to another. So, based on your requirement purchase the product wisely.
  • Designed for – As I mentioned in the beginning, different Bluetooth tower speaker is designed for different purposes. Some might be designed to be used with computer, some to be used with television, some to be used with music players, some to be used with Smartphones. Each design can be different, some tower speakers might come with sub-woofer incorporated for high sound effect. So, it is very important that you first decide, why you are purchasing the speaker in the first place and then, select a suitable speaker accordingly.
  • Bluetooth version – There are different types of Bluetooth versions available on the market today. As the version of Bluetooth increases, the efficiency, the speed, and the power consumption also decreases. As of today, the latest and most efficient version of Bluetooth is ver 5.0, if you are planning to purchase a Bluetooth speaker then consider a product with the latest Bluetooth version.
  • Call attending feature – Most people think a Bluetooth tower speaker is designed for music system, smart TV, or for computer. You are mistaken, there are some Bluetooth tower speaker that comes incorporated with microphones that allows the user to attend call hands-free.
  • NFC – This one of the most important feature that you should find in a Bluetooth speaker. If you ask why? Then let us start with the full form of NFC, Near Field Communication, this feature enables the speaker to connect automatically to an audio source once if it is paired and if the source is within the Bluetooth range.
  • Quality of sound – Without good quality sound output , a Bluetooth speaker is a waste. There, even if you compromise on price or extra features, you should not purchase a product without verifying the quality of sound the speaker produces.

Best Party Speakers in India – FAQs

How loud is the JBL PartyBox 300?

The quality of the JBL Partybox 300 is awesome, the model perfectly balances every note along with the thumping bass effect. The 120W speaker output is enough loud to blow up the party be its in-house or outdoor. In our list of top 8 best party speakers with bass in India, we find this model to be the best and gives you the best value for money in spite of its high cost.

Which is the loudest JBL’s Bluetooth Party Speaker?

Under the brand of JBL, the model PartyBox 1000 is the loudest party speaker. With 1000W massive sound output, until now the PartyBox 1000 is the loudest of all Bluetooth party speakers followed by PartyBox 300, PartyBox 100 and other models.

How to connect party speakers?

Your party speakers will have many options i.e. AUX, Bluetooth, USB, SD cards, etc to connect to variety of devices. You can connect using any options and your portable party speakers will automatically scan the inputs to find the one connected. For Bluetooth connection, you can pair your party device by searching it from your Bluetooth enabled device and then select the name of the related speaker to pair or connect.

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