8 Best Tyre Inflators with Detailed Buying Guide

A car definitely needs basic tools and accessories, including a best tyre inflators. You never know when you need to refuel your tires. It helps to keep your car’s tires healthy, providing minimal tire wear and also keeps you safe when behind the wheel.

It is a moment and also a lifesaver because it will help you avoid the line to fill the air at gas stations and when you discover a puncture in one of your tubeless tires, it will definitely be useful.

There are several manufacturers of tyre inflators on the Indian market, which makes choosing a difficult one. So here is a list of the top 5 recommended tire inflators:

Our Top Pick

10 Best Tyre Inflators Review

SaleBestseller No. 1
GoMechanic Digital Tyre Inflator for Car - 150 psi, 12V DC Portable Air Pump/Compressor with Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge, Suitable for Bikes, Bicycles or Any Inflatable with LED Light (Gusto T10)
  • Powerful Performance: Inflating bike and car tyres is fast and easy with a portable, high-capacity 150 PSI air compressor pump.
  • Versatile Use: Any kind of car, bike, bicycle, or inflatable can be inflated with the GoMechanic GustoT10 tyre pump. It also has a carry bag and several nozzles.
  • Portable with Longer Cable: The three-meter cable is included and connects from the charging port.
  • Fast Inflating Speed & Ease of Use: In three to five minutes, the air pump can raise a tyre’s PSI to 35.
  • Auto Shut Off Upon Inflation: You no longer need to be concerned about low or overinflated tyre pressure because the air pump will automatically cut off when it reaches the required pressure.
  • Digital Monitoring System: The car and bike tyre inflator has a unique digital display for precise pressure monitoring.
SaleBestseller No. 2
AGARO Galaxy Cordless Tyre inflator, for Cars & Bikes, Upto 150 PSI, 2X2000 mAh Battery, Powerbank, LED Flash Light, Rechargeable Type C Port, Digital Display, Multiple Nozzles
  • The portable tyre inflator features a cordless and compact design, which allows you to take it anywhere and inflate items wirelessly. Moreover, the bendable air hose can be stored on the appliance as well as serve as a handle when not in use.
  • This tyre inflator with portable design has a high-performance copper motor that provides 17L/min of airflow, up to 150 Psi pressure, and inflates tires quickly. It only takes few minutes to inflate a 196/65 /R15 tyre from 22 to 36 Psi.
  • Comes with rechargeable 2*2000mAh batteries. Just recharge the appliance for 3-4 hours and it can work continuously for 25 minutes. For maintaining its good performance, it's recommended to rest for 3-5 minutes after each 10-minute use.
  • The tyre inflator is a 3-in-1 multipurpose utility product which can be used as a tyre inflator, flash light or a power bank.
  • There are 4 pressure units for you to choose from: PSI, KPA, BAR, and KG/CM². It also has a large LED display that shows real-time pressure value and pre-set value, which is convenient to observe the tire pressure status. On top of that, with the auto shutoff, you don't need to worry about over-inflating at all.
  • On the top of the pump is a 3-mode LED light providing convenience for you to inflate, change tires in the dark, or warn cars at night. On the bottom there is a Type-C charging port and an USB output port, making it an emergency power supply for your electronic devices. Besides, its compact size can easily fit in your car, bicycle rack, or backpack.
SaleBestseller No. 3
Qubo Smart Tyre Inflator for Cars & Bikes from Hero Group | 150 PSI | 2x2000 mAh Battery | Type C Port | Digital Display | 5 Air Fill Modes | LED Light | Multiple Modes | Multiple Nozzles |
  • Efficient : Fully inflate 2 car tires or top up car tires 8 times deliver i.e. 45.4% higher inflation performance on a full charge.
  • Accuracy : Digitally controlled air-pressure sensors improve inflation accuracy to ±1 psi*
  • Battery Powered : Inbuilt 2x2000 mAH Lithium battery-support to energize compressor on-the-go
  • Type-C : Upgraded charging with a Type-C port, for worry-free trips around the world
  • Preset Pressure : The Qubo Smart Tyre Inflator automatically stops inflating your tires when your desired pre-set pressure is reached.
  • LED Light : In Built LED light for night-time use & SOS flashing feature for emergency
SaleBestseller No. 4
AGARO Primo High Power Digital Tyre Inflator for Car & Bike, Air Inflator Car Accessories, 120 Watt Air Pump with 12V Car Plug, upto 150 Psi, Emergency LED Light, Compact & Portable Air Compressor
  • 120 Watts with Max Pressure up to 150PSI helps to fill flat to 30PSI within 3min comes with 12V Plug
  • 13Feet (4Mtr) long cable for easy and hassle free reach to all four tyres from the ignition point.
  • In built digital pressure gauge for pumping and checking air pressure of the respective tyres, intial reading shows current pressure of the tyre before refill or ejection of air
  • High beam emergency light for clear view in night
  • Digital tyre inflator come with locking feature in nozzle helps to unhold the nozzle while air filling along with auto shut off feature
SaleBestseller No. 5
Bergmann Typhoon Digital Portable Heavy-Duty Metal Car Tyre Inflator | 12V DC, 150W, 100% Copper Motor | Superfast Inflation 150 psi | Strong Metal Body | Digital Preset & Auto Cut-Off | Wine Red
  • [SOLID METAL BODY INFLATOR] - Unlike other plastic inflators which are delicate and noisy, Bergmann Typhoon is an all-metal. solid-build, heavy-duty, tough and reliable air inflator.;[SAY NO TO PLASTIC INFLATORS] – Most plastic body air compressors are delicate, noisy and not able to radiate out the heat generated during compression. This results in increased wear and tear of the inner parts. Metal air compressors are stronger, sturdier, can radiate heat better and have much lower noise and vibration.
  • [FASTER INFLATION] – The technologically advanced direct-drive 150W heavy-duty 100% pure copper core motor provides superfast inflation. We have the industry-best inflation time of 0-30 psi in around 2 minutes for a 145/70 R12 size tyre (v/s 3.5 to 4 minutes in most other inflators).;[DIGITAL GAUGE IN PSI WITH AUTO CUT-OFF] – High precision, new age, backlit, speedometer-type digital gauge with preset and auto cut-off functions. Simply set the desired pressured in PSI and it will shut off automatically once the pressure is reached.
  • [WITH BRAIDED RUBBER AIR HOSE] – With , thick, braided (knitted), heat-proof, rat-proof, rubber air hose for tyre inflation as opposed to a plain rubber hose found in other inflators.;[WITH ANTI-VIBRATION FEET AND LONG CORD] – With anti-vibration rubber feet and 3m long power cord that comfortably reaches all tyres.
  • [WITH BRIGHT LED LIGHT] – With super bright LED light for use during dark/low light conditions.;[WITH MULTIPURPOSE ATTACHMENTS AND FREE BAG] - With extra fuse and multipurpose nozzle attachments for inflation of bicycles, air bed, basketballs etc. and a free storage bag.; 1 Year Warranty
  • Included Components: 1 Tyre Inflator, 1 Storage Bag, 3 Inflating Attachments, 1 Extra Fuse, 1 Warranty Card & User Manual
SaleBestseller No. 6
TUSA Digital Tyre Inflator for Car - 12V DC Portable Air Compressor Pump with LED Light
  • QUICK INFLATION & EASY USE : TUSA Tire Inflator rapidly inflate a flat tire to 30 PSI in under 4 minutes. Connect to your car's 12V outlet, attach the stem to the tire valve, and with a single press on the air compressor, let it handle the job effortlessly. An ideal solution for on-the-go emergencies.
  • EXTENDED REACH : Featuring a generous 12.10 feet (3.70 meters) cable, this portable air compressor ensures that it can effortlessly reach any of the four tires, regardless of their distance from the ignition point.
  • SMART AUTO SHUT OFF : TUSA car air pump ensures a worry-free user experience with its auto-shut off function. Set your desired pressure level, initiate the inflation process, and the car air compressor will automatically shut off once the target pressure is reached. Say goodbye to concerns about overinflation – the TUSA smart inflator for tires has got you covered.
  • NIGHTTIME INFLATION SOLUTION : TUSA Tyre Inflator is designed to be an ideal solution for nighttime inflation, this electric air pump features LED lighting to support your inflating needs in low-light environments.
  • WARRANTY & SUPPORT : 6 Months warranty is provided along with the product. If you register the product on the website, you can avail additional 6 Months warranty. For customer support, please drop us mail on support@tusa.co.in
SaleBestseller No. 7
DYLECT Smart Tyre Inflator | Battery & Car 12V Port Dual Mode| 6000 mAh | Works on Battery & DC | Super Fast Inflation | 150 Psi | Digital Dual Display | 5 Fill Modes | Multi Nozzles | Auto Cut Off |
  • Power-Packed Performance: The DYLECT Turbo PowerBank 600 Dual (2 in 1) Digital Tyre Inflator is a Dual Mode Inflator with DC 12V Power Supply and Battery Mode. It has a super-powerful copper winding motor, ensuring reliable and high-quality performance. The Inflator also works as a Smart Phone PowerBank with 6000 mAh Battery with Type C Charging Port.
  • Inflation Speed: The Dylect Tyre Inflator has a maximum pressure capacity of 150 PSI, enabling swift inflation of your tires from 0 to 36 PSI in just 7 minutes. With the Automatic Shut-Off Feature, it ensures enhanced safety and security,
  • User-Friendly Operation: Featuring an ergonomic and lightweight design, the 0.56 kg tire inflator stands out with its digital display and LED lighting, providing a user-friendly experience.
  • Versatile Usage: The Tyre Inflator exemplifies exceptional versatility with its ability to inflate cars, bikes, cycles, footballs, basketballs, balloons, swimming tubes, mattresses, and more.
  • Warranty: It comes with the assurance of a one-year warranty, starting from the date of purchase, safeguarding against any manufacturing, material, or assembly flaws.
Bestseller No. 8
UN1QUE Digital Tyre Inflator for car, 150PSI Electric Car Air Pump, 12V DC Portable Air Compressor, Fast Inflation Speed air inflator for car
  • 【FAST INFLATION】: Our air compressor uses the original unique turbocharged movement, which is more powerful, less noisy and more stable. Inflating the 195/65R15 car tire from 0 to 35psi in 5 min.
  • 【VERY USEFUL】: Special grab handle with two cord storage, this compact car pumps utilize the most creative and considerate design, really convenient for daily use. It comes with 4 extra valve adaptors, not only for the car but also perfect for bike, motorbike, midsize SUV, sports equipment such as swimming rings, pool toys, basketball, soccer, sports balls, and other inflatables.
  • 【EASY TO USE】: Just plug this auto tire inflator into the 12V power outlet in your car and attach the hose to the tire. It will automatically turn off when reaching the pressure value.
  • 【11.8 FT LONG REACH and LED LIGHT】: This electric air pump has a 1.7 Ft air hose and 10.1 Ft power cord length enough to reach each tire comfortably. With a bright LED light, it could be used very conveniently AT NIGHT. The alert mode and SOS mode light could also attract people nearby for help.
SaleBestseller No. 9
TUSA Cordless Tyre Inflator - Multipurpose Portable Air Compressor 150PSI, Air Pump for Car Tires, Balls and Inflatables (Red)
  • Portable and Cordless: TUSA's compact air pump offers four pressure unit options, versatile attachments, and is a must-have for everyone, ensuring convenience on the move.
  • Rapid Inflation: TUSA's portable car tire compressor swiftly inflates a tyre from 20psi to 33psi within 3 minutes. For optimal performance, allow a 10-minute rest after every 10-minute use. Ideal for on-the-go emergencies.
  • Enhanced Display and Auto Shutoff: This portable car tire inflator boasts a large LED digital display for instant pressure readings, and it offers automatic shutoff once the preset pressure is reached, ensuring precision and safety—no more worries about over-inflating.
  • Reliable Battery Power: With three rechargeable 2000mAh batteries, this car tire air pump operates independently of external power. A single 3-4 hour charge delivers a continuous 20-minutes operation.
  • Multi-Purpose LED Lighting: More than just a tire pump, this device includes a versatile LED light on top with three modes (flash, alarm, SOS) for added convenience during nighttime tire inflation or emergencies. TUSA's car air compressor is an essential addition to your vehicle.
  • Product comes with extended 6 Months warranty. If you register the product on the TUSA website, you can avail additional 6 Months warranty.
SaleBestseller No. 10
Woscher 1610 Portable Mini Car Tyre Inflator Pump with Storage Bag, LED Light & Analogue Display,12V DC 100 PSI Tyre Air Pump for Bike & Cycle (Black)
  • Efficient Tyre Inflation: Our portable tyre inflator for car and bike can inflate a standard mid-sized bike tyre from 0-35 psi in just 2 minutes and a car tyre in 5 minutes. The air inflator for car ensures quick and reliable performance, making it an essential car air pump for tyres.
  • Extended Reach: Featuring a super long 3m (10ft) power cord, our portable car air pump easily reaches all four wheels and further. Ideal for both cars and bikes, this air pressure pump for car tyre includes 2 additional adaptors, helping ensure versatility for different inflating needs.
  • Heat-Dissipation Design: Equipped with scientific bidirectional heat-dissipation exhaust vents, this car tyre inflator pump averts overheating during extended use. The electric air pump for car is designed for durability, helping ensure long-lasting performance and security.
  • Comprehensive Kit: The tyre inflator for car and bike comes with a complete set of components: 1 tyre inflator, 1 carry bag, 3 nozzles, 1 Woscher perfume, 1 warranty card, and 1 user manual. Our car inflator pump is a perfect addition to your car accessories exterior collection.
  • User-Friendly Features: Our car tyre air pump includes a large analogue display for easy tyre pressure monitoring and a built-in LED light for convenience in low-light conditions. The portable air compressor is ideal for emergencies, making it an indispensable air inflator for car and bike owners.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Tire Inflator

Before comparing products, it’s helpful to have a little background. This section will cover the key considerations to keep in mind when looking for a tyre inflators. From power source to readability, pay attention to these factors when making your choice.

Power Source

Tire inflators use electric motors and pumps to fill your tire. They need a power source to do that, and there are two options: corded and cordless.

Corded inflators that use 12V power plug into your vehicle’s 12V jack to run off the car’s battery. Some may clip directly to the battery, like jumper cables. Twelve-volt inflators are convenient because they don’t require keeping an additional battery charged. As long as the car’s battery has power, the inflator can operate.

While most corded inflators run on 12V power, there are flexible models that use both 12V and 110V power. These models plug into an outlet for power.

Cordless inflators are battery operated and use rechargeable batteries to power the motor and pump. Some cordless inflators have built-in batteries that charge via USB or 110V power, while others have removable batteries.

Cordless inflators offer quite a bit more flexibility than a 12V charger, as they don’t require an additional power source around to fill a tire. For this reason, they’re just as good at filling bike tires and sports equipment as they are at pumping pressure into car tires.


When it comes to tyre inflators, pressure essentially equals speed. The higher the pressure a tire inflator can produce, the quicker it can fill a tire. In order to avoid spending too much time filling a tire, look for a compressor with at least 100 PSI. However, an inflator with a maximum pressure of 150 PSI will have it up and running even faster. Most tyre inflators can fill your car’s tire to the 30 to 40 PSI the manufacturer calls for.

Gauge Readability

To get the most wear and mileage out of car tires, fill them with the optimal amount of pressure that the manufacturer recommends. This is usually around 35 PSI.

To put the proper amount of air into the tire, a tyre inflator needs a gauge that’s easy to read. Inflators with digital gauges are the easiest, especially if they have a light in the background (known as backlit). However, analog gauges also work if their faces have large numerals. Most analog gauges don’t have a backlight, though, so they can be challenging to read in low-light situations.

Automatic Shutoff

Small air compressors are stout, tough machines, but they can overheat if they run too long. Manufacturers protect their tire inflators by including built-in automatic shut-off functions.

The three measurements that a tyre inflators can take before shutting off automatically are pressure, temperature, and time. A pressure shutoff is particularly handy, as it can be set to the desired pressure, and the inflator will stop pumping air once the tire reaches it. Likewise, if the tyre inflators starts reaching a dangerous temperature (typically around 200 degrees Fahrenheit), it will shut down until it cools off. A built-in shutoff could also start a cooldown process after running for a prescribed amount of time, usually around 15 minutes.

Hose Length

Trying to fill a tire with a short hose isn’t much fun, but tripping over a long, tangled hose isn’t much better. A tyre inflators with a 16- to 20-inch hose generally works best—long enough to easily reach most tires but still manageable.

For a longer hose that’s also manageable, look for a tyre inflators with a coiled hose. These hoses stretch considerably, often enough to fill each of the four tires without moving the compressor. These inflators can be very helpful for off-road enthusiasts and large vehicles like pickup trucks and SUVs.

Weight and Portability

People often look for a tire inflator over a standard air compressor because they’re light and portable—and that’s an excellent reason. A tire inflator can often weigh less than a pound, so you can carry it in one hand.

When heading out on a road trip, a tire inflator can be a handy tool, though trunk space can get tight on a longer trip. A compact inflator can fit nicely in the trunk without taking up valuable space needed for luggage or snacks. Most tire inflators fit this bill, but compact models take up little space.

Ease of Use

If the tire-pressure warning light pops on indicating some lost pressure overnight, the fix needs to be fast and straightforward, which requires a tire inflator that’s easy to use. While tire inflators are often simple by design, there are a few features that can make using them even easier. For example, a programmable pressure regulator will prevent overfilling the tire. A built-in pressure gauge shows how much pressure is going into the tire without having to remove the hose to check with a separate tire gauge.

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Other Uses For An Air Compressor

Aside from pumping the tires, Air compressors can serve many other purposes as well. These compressors are great for spray painting, removing dirt and debris, powering tools, and other odd jobs as well. Some of them are:

  • Spray painting

Air compressors in a car can also be used to spray paint the car using a spray gun. You can do this by sealing the area you want to paint to avoid spills on areas you don’t want to paint.

Always use a respirator along with an air compressor.

The pressure of the compressor should be adequately increased for pumping out the paint in the right amount from the gun.

  • Powering air tools

Another great use of air compressors is for powering the air tools of your car, such as grinders, driving air-ratchets, and many others.

This is achieved with the help of a large compressor. While using for such purposes, the compressor should be powered rightly as per the required capacity of the tools you have.

  • Unclogging dirt and debris

Compressors can also be used for removing any dirt or debris clogging the holes in the combustion chamber.

It also works great in eliminating loose rust from the surface. You can even remove rusted/rotted areas safely by blasting the air compressors in the target area.

Safety precautions to be followed while using tire inflators.

Operating a tire inflator is pretty simple if you follow all the instructions properly.

However, to prevent any damage to the car or the equipment, it is safe to follow certain precautionary measures. These are:

  1. Always connect a tire inflator to a 12V power socket in the car.
  2. Don’t use an ‘unrestricted’ air inflator. Such inflators come without a gauge or pressure control device; it is safe to avoid them.
  3. Always keep the car engine running as the tire inflator can drain the car’s battery if the engine is turned off.
  4. Always check the tire before using an inflator. Inflating a tire with a large puncture or tear will be worthless. In such cases, it is better to replace the tire with a spare one.
  5. After connecting the inflator’s nozzle to the tire, look if it creates any sound when you turn it on. If you somehow ignore this and carry on using the inflator, it will cause air leakage in the car. So if there’s a hissing sound, turn off the inflator and fix the nozzle tightly.
  6. Always use an inflator with a long cord to stay outside the ‘explosion trajectory’ during the inflation procedure.
  7. Do not over or under inflate your car as it can ultimately damage the tires and destabilize the vehicle while driving. The ideal PSI level can be easily checked on the car owner’s manual and the tire description.
  8. Remove the inflator as soon as you have reached the required psi level. This is crucial in preventing any air seepage or over-inflation.

How to Use a Tyre Inflator?

A tyre inflator is a simple machine that transfers compressed air to flat tyres. It has main parts – the adapter and the compressor air supply. The adapter acts as a seal with valve steam at one end. A compressed air supply is there on the other end. The pressure gauge is another part that tells you the current pressure of the tire. It also helps you monitor when you reach your required PSI level while inflating. These, too, come with a handle that is generally pressed to transfer the compressed air to the tyre. Usually, the whole process takes around 2 to 3 minutes.

Types of Car tire Inflators

According to the operation, car tire inflators are available in four types; manual, cordless, digital, and DC tire inflator. 

Manual Tire Inflator

These tire inflators come with a foot pedal and a cylinder. They are operated by foot, so they are handy in the case of emergencies where electricity is not available. Manual tyre inflators are ideal for bikes as well as cars. 

Cordless Tire Inflator

Like the name, these are handheld devices and are operated by lithium-ion batteries. This is an excellent option to use, but it is expensive. 

Digital Tire Inflator

Digital tire inflators include a digital gauge and a pre-set digital compressor to help you inflate your tire easily. They also include an LED light to allow you to perform your task even in the dark. The pre-set function of these tyre inflators makes it easier to inflate your tire. 

DC Tire Inflator

This is the most common type of tyre inflators available in the market. These tire inflators require 12V DC power for operation, so they are usually connected to the cigarette lighter of the car. Because of this, DC tire inflators are preferred by most people. Further, these are portable and easy to store. The main drawback of this tire inflator is that you can’t use it when the car battery is flat.     


By purchasing a car tire inflator, you are making a one-time investment, and the warranty is what makes your investment secure. So, make sure that you are buying a car tyre inflators with a decent warranty period. Plenty of brands of offering one year of warranty on their product and you should consider a brand which gives you one year or more time warranty, so you feel assured. 

After considering these factors, you can check reviews to know more about the built quality and design factor. These factors will ease up the work for sure. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Car Tire Inflators

  • Is It Safe to Over Inflate A Tire? 

No, not at all. If you fill too much air in the tire, then the center part of the tire will wear off, and sometimes it can explode the tire. Also, the tire will not come in contact with the road, and the wheels will keep bouncing while driving. Therefore, it is very risky, and you should avoid this. 

  • How Do I Decide the Right Pressure of My Car? 

The right pressure of the car tires is usually provided in the door sills or fuel filler cap of your car. Also, you can find this in the user manual of your car. You should check the pressure of your car on a regular basis to maintain the right pressure in your car tires. This way, you can prevent your tires from getting flat. 

  • What Is the Standard Pressure of Car Tires? 

Generally, the standard pressure of the car tires ranges from 30 to 40 PSI. Further, it changes depending on the size of the tire and the weight of the car. Therefore, you can check the user manual of your car to know the appropriate pressure required for your car tires. 

  • Can I Drive My Car with Low-Pressure Tires? 

If you drive your car when the tires have insufficient pressure, then the tires will wear off, and sometimes it can completely damage the tires. Further, the under-inflated tires get overheated easily. Therefore, you need to avoid your car when the tires are under pressure and ensure to maintain the standard pressure all time.      

Bottom Line

It is important that you have a quality tyre inflator pump because these can come in handy during the emergency. We mentioned the products which are affordable and reliable. Hope, this list of top 10 best tyre inflator pump will help you grab the best deal and saving money.

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