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If you are looking for headphones with less than 1000 and 1500 rupees, you are in the right place. We know that selecting the best Bluetooth headsets with this budget is not an easy task. And if you want to choose standard brands, there will be very few options. Therefore, to alleviate your difficulties, we have analyzed here a wide range of headphones, which are sure to suit your budget and needs.

Here are our best wireless headphones for music lovers like you, and you can expect good quality sound, perfect, well-built bass. Read this review guide and find the best one for you.

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10 Best Wireless Headphones Review

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What are the best wireless headphones and earbuds?

Currently listed as the best wireless headphones overall is the Bose 700. A svelte, futuristic design combined with intelligible features, precise sound, and unbeatable active noise cancellation, the company’s latest flagship model has set the standard for what wireless headphones should look and sound like moving forward. Scroll further down to see our official ranking of the best wireless headphones in 2020 (so far).

In the No. 2 slot for best wireless headphones is the Sony WH-1000xM4, which is considered by many critics (including us) to be the best-sounding ANC headphones available. Audio quality is outstanding, with the headphones delivering boomy sonics and crisp mids and highs. Amazing noise cancellation that nearly rivals Bose, customizable features via companion app, and plenty of playtime (30 hours with ANC on) help solidify their placement on this list. Plus, Sony has cleared up that nasty call quality problem so feel free to make all the calls your heart desires. 

Our top pick for the best wireless earbuds overall is the Apple AirPods Pro. This upgraded version welcomes innovative features like an adaptive EQ, effective noise cancelling, and even an Ear Tip Fit Test to determine the best ear tip size for maximum sound quality. Not too far behind are the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds, noise-cancelling wireless earbuds that combine great sound quality with the very best ANC in the true wireless category.

With the holiday shopping season upon us, Laptop Magazine will continue to scope out the best headphones deals. We’ll also be keeping tabs on highly anticipated models set for release next year, including three heavily rumored Apple products: the AirPods 3, AirPods Pro 2, and the company’s first-ever over-ear headphones, the AirPods Studio.

Types Of Wireless Earbuds

There are two types of wireless earbuds, including wireless earbuds and truly wireless earbuds.

Wireless Earbuds

The wireless earbuds are marked by the absence of any physical connectivity between the phone and the earbuds.

They have a wired connection between the two earbuds. They are powered by rechargeable batteries and employ Bluetooth connectivity to connect to devices such as smartphones.

The earbuds have a cord and drivers that allow the reception of data signals between your phone and earbuds.

They are less expensive than true wireless earbuds. The commonly used wireless earbuds comprise in-ear type, piston type, or bullet type earbuds.

True Wireless Headphones

The true wireless earbuds are completely wireless, as they do not have any wires connecting the two earbuds. They look very trendy with their stylish designs. 

One of the earbuds in truly wireless earbuds acts like a master earbud that receives the Bluetooth signal from a smartphone or device and then transfers it to the other earbud. The earbuds have drivers that encompass Bluetooth receivers.

They are the expensive wireless earbuds and are stored in cases that also recharge them. 

These earbuds allow immense portability advantage and give you complete freedom from wires.

Buyer’s Guide For Wireless Earbuds


The wireless earbuds come in two variants, including true wireless earbuds and wireless earbuds.

True wireless earbuds

The truly wireless earbuds define the extreme level of portability. These are completely wireless and rest comfortably in your ears.

They are trendy earbuds that come with a small case that recharge each earbud. The wireless earbuds are lightweight and offer great sound quality.

Wireless earbud

The wireless earbud offers wireless functionality as the phone is not physically connected with the earbuds by wires.

They also sit comfortably over your ears and provide awesome portability.  

The common types of wireless earbuds include in-ear buds, piston type, and bullet type wireless earbuds.

As both types of wireless earbuds provide great sound quality and portability, you may choose to select any one type that suits your budget and taste.


Check the ear-tips of the earbuds to ensure it is comfortable enough for your ears.

If the ear-tips are too small or too thin, they don’t fit completely over your ear canal. 

This results in noise interference with external noises messing with your music or calls. 

Active Noise Cancellation

Buying a pair of wireless earbuds would introduce you to a lot of technical words, and teaches you a bit of physics as well. The term active noise cancellation refers to the ability of the product to cancel the outside noise from entering your ear. 

The products with ANC functionality have tiny microphones that capture the outside sound and produce an opposite sound wave for actively canceling the outside noise.

Look out for wireless earbuds that have ANC feature as it offers great sound clarity without outside noise interference. It allows you to enjoy your music flawlessly with no disturbances or take your calls without straining your vocal cords.

Battery Standby/Music Time

The wireless earbuds are powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Obviously, you don’t want your batteries to run out in the middle of your favorite song or during an important official call.

If your earbuds come with advanced features such as Bluetooth and active noise cancellation, the batteries would drain away much sooner.

Therefore choose a pair of wireless earbuds that have a higher standby battery to ensure that your earbuds won’t give up on you when you are in the middle of something. 


The wireless earbuds employ Bluetooth connectivity for establishing the connection between your phone and earbuds. Ensure your earbuds support a Bluetooth version that is compatible with your smartphone.

Also, you should have a reasonably good Bluetooth coverage range of up to 30 meters that allows you enough room to move around your house or office and experience robust wireless connectivity.

Water and Sweat resistance

Some variants of wireless earbuds are engineered for withstanding sweat and water. These earbuds are workout earbuds that are designed for fitness freaks.

They are not damaged when it comes in contact with sweat during intense workout sessions. Moreover, these are an ideal choice for outdoor wireless connectivity as they protect against rains or light showers.

Design and Controls

The wireless earbuds rest in your ears, on the ear, or over the ear. 

You should choose the one that is lightweight and compact to not get distracted or disturbed while doing your daily chores. Some earbuds are designed to be extremely lightweight so that you don’t even feel their presence on your ears. 

They shape up like a normal extension of your body. Moreover, the compact design makes it easy to store.

Another important feature to consider is the presence of user-friendly controls. 

Most of the advanced wireless earbuds come with amazing controls such as volume controls, issue voice commands, access Siri or Google Now,  take or reject a call, skip a song, etc.

Go for earbuds that offer responsive controls for awesome wireless experience and give you freedom from pulling out your smartphones.

Easy to wear

The wireless earbuds must comfortably sit in, on, or over your ears. Try them out by wearing them to check if they are comfortable enough for your ear dimensions.

The earbuds come into three sizes, including small, medium, large variants.

Choose the earbuds that stay with you even when you are doing workouts at your home or jogging in the park.

Call handling

The ability of wireless earbuds to handle the calls flawlessly is an important consideration. Check for the controls that allow you to take or reject calls at will without using your smartphone.

It should ideally keep your hands free for other activities while attending calls conveniently. Also, check the sound performance to see if it is matching up or exceeding with the industry standards.

Sound Quality and Volume levels

Ensure that your preferred wireless earbuds have the desired sound performance. The earbuds are designed to have a flat or neutral sound that ensures the sound is modified to make it more appealing for the listeners. 

While some users prefer more bass, others may prefer more vocals or instruments. A flat wireless earbud is preferred when you are interested in mixing or creating audio.

Some earbuds give enough volume even at 50% volume levels, while others required to turn up to maximum levels. Check for the volume levels of the earbuds as you can’t increase the volume more than their maximum limit.

Choose the earbuds that provide awesome sound quality on whatever devices they are used with.

Charging Case

The wireless earbuds are stored in a charging case when not in use. This case also recharges the wireless earbuds. 

Ensure the charging case of the earbuds is strong and durable enough to deal with the rough usages in day to day life.


Find out the codecs supported by your preferred wireless earbuds. 

Most of the earbuds support SBC codec, which supports only limited transmission speed and hence not compatible with high-resolution music.

Choose the wireless earbuds that support Bluetooth audio codecs, such as Hi-Res aptX HD, for amazing sound.

Wrapping Up

So these were some of the best wireless headphones under Rs. 3000 that you can buy in India. Before purchasing one, make sure to cross-check the price and warranty information from the site you’re buying. Having said that, which one’s your favorite from the list? Do you have any other suggestions to add? Do let me know in the comments below.

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