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Technology involving Bluetooth connectivity is evolving leaps and bounds to make life easier for example Bluetooth car kits. Everybody fears to pay heavy fines or spend weekends in police cells when caught talking on a mobile phone while driving. This tells us why the popularity of hands-free connectivity devices is gaining speed as far as adding them to a car audio system is concerned.

Call dialing system and the integrated speakerphone is good, but connectivity convenience has been advanced a level higher with the innovation of Bluetooth car kits. This technology enables the user to interact with your car’s stereo and phone system streaming music you need through Bluetooth.

While you are looking ahead to enjoy the features of the new system, first you need to get the best kits available. Well, it is a hard task to find the right product if you are a new user. However, you need not to worry as this article gives all the information you need. We have tried and tested tens of such kits, and below is a list of the best Bluetooth kits you may consider selecting for your car audio system.

Kinivo Bluetooth Hands-Free BTC450 Car Kit

Kinivo BTC450

The Kinivo BTC-450 is one of the best Bluetooth car kits for overall performance. It has an incredible signal clarity and good signal strength. Whether it is a Blackberry, iPhone, or an Android, this kit is compatible with any Bluetooth device. Therefore, users will enjoy the ease of connectivity. It also enables seamless streaming of music from A2DP Bluetooth-capable devices besides supporting aptX technology for quality CD audio. The kit comes with an inbuilt microphone for seamless music controls.

The 3.5mm audio-input stereo kit is designed to solve the common problems experienced when driving and making/receiving phone calls. It makes sure that you keep your eyes on the road all the time when you are on the wheels no matter how important your texts or calls are. It guarantees your safety by allowing you to answer or make phone calls without ever taking your eyes off the road. The round, small device sticks on the car’s dashboard with a sticky pad and connectsww into the car’s stereo through AUX port, thus summing up its unobtrusiveness.

Anker Bluetooth 4.0 Car Receiver

Anker Bluetooth 4.0

The Anker Bluetooth 4.0 Car Receiver will help you with making calls and listening to music. The Bluetooth 4.0 car receiver features lossless audio to give crystal clear music and phone calls. It also boasts of noise suppression technology that helps eliminate echoes and outside noise. Its single button makes it extremely easy to use. Plus there is the SoundSync Drive, which remembers your device to ensure effortless pairing every time you enter your car.

Mpow Portable 4.1 Bluetooth Receiver

Mpow Portable Bluetooth

Mpow BT receiver is undeniably one of the best-selling car kits currently on the market for some good reasons. This receiver comes 4.1 Bluetooth versions to ensure users enjoy a smart life as far as hands-free calling on smartphone and music is concerned. The fact that its connection range is up to 33 feet ensures that there is low/no signal delay. There is no other device that is incredibly versatile than the Mpow receiver as it pairs seamlessly with practically any Bluetooth-enabled device – be it smartphones or Bluetooth electronic devices. It is, therefore, an ideal stereo option not only for cars but also for home use.

We are used to adapters that connect to only one device, but this one connects to two Bluetooth devices at a go. More importantly, you will re-connect automatically your device if you had previously paired with it.

AUKEY Bluetooth Receiver Car Kit

AUKEY Bluetooth

The AUKEY Bluetooth Receiver Car Kit is considered the best because of its Bluetooth 4.1 advanced technology. This technology ensures energy-efficient, easy, and fast connection. Another feature that makes this Bluetooth receiver car kit one of the best is the multi-function button, which works with track-skipping buttons to make the kit incredibly easy to change songs. Furthermore, there is a handy USB charging that will let you power the receiver and charge your smartphone as well as other USB-powered devices.

Nulaxy Bluetooth Wireless Car FM adapter/receiver Transmitter Car kit

Nulaxy Bluetooth

You will, without doubt, find Nulaxy audio adapter one of the best Bluetooth car kits. It is a top brand that gives users the most-sought confidence of a top performance car stereo product. Its audio performance is great and it boasts of superb signal clarity. The KM24 FM transceiver utilizes some of the most sophisticated noise and interference cancellation technologies to ensure users enjoy the best quality sounds. It also lets you listen to music stored on your tablet or smartphone.

Another stunning feature for this model is its wide compatibility. The product connects seamlessly with many Bluetooth-enabled devices like iPods, iPhones, and smartphones. Its display option is definitely a highlighting feature. It has a big display screen, allowing users to see all the changes they make at a go besides displaying the caller’s identity. Since the product comes with two USB ports, users can charge their phones and at the same time connect an MP3 music player to the adapter.

TaoTronics Bluetooth Receiver Car Kit

Tao tronics

If you are looking for an option that bridges the technology gap between your stereo and phone, then TaoTronics Bluetooth is your perfect match. This car kit typically plugs into the jack of a car’s stereo head unit. Once that is done, you simply enjoy safe hands-free phone calls as your drive along. Whether you are listening to your calls or music, sounds are better and clearer thanks to the product’s CVC 6.0 inbuilt noise cancellation technology.

This Bluetooth car kit supports double connectivity to give better user experience. You can connect up to two Bluetooth-compatible devices at once. Moreover, you can answer phone calls or enjoy music from both devices. Its controls are superb, user-friendly, straightforward, and designed smartly (backlit and separated from each other) to ensure it does not distract driving attention. It also comes with a durable and rechargeable battery. You only need two hours to fully charge it and enjoy up to fifteen hours using it. This receiver can also play the role of a power bank as it charges two devices simultaneously.

Comsoon Bluetooth Adapter Car Kit

Although there are a lot of Bluetooth car kits on the market, choosing one that is very easy to use is highly recommended. And this is where the Comsoon Bluetooth Adapter Car Kit comes into play. It is extremely easy to use, considering that it is plug and play. In addition, it comes with a dual USB car charger, meaning it will let you charge up to 2 devices at the same time.

Its Bluetooth technology works with such Bluetooth-enabled devices as iPad, iPod, iPhone, tablet, and Android smartphones.

Elecwave Bluetooth 4.1 Car Receiver

Elecwave Bluetooth

If you are always on the go, the Elecwave Bluetooth 4.1 Car Receiver is worth investing in. This is because it offers a simple hands-free solution for receiving and answering phone calls.

It is packed with a built-in microphone and supported by echo and noise-canceling technology to allow you to hear every single word over the phone. Besides, this Bluetooth 4.1 car receiver has a built-in 300mAh battery that works up to 10 hours. It also comes with a 4.8A dual USB car charger to charge your other devices.

Roav VIVA, by Anker, Alexa-Enabled USB Car Charger

Roav VIVA, by Anker

It is Alexa-enabled, and there is no way we can leave such a device out of these reviews. With Alexa technology, this USB car charger will provide several services while you are on the road. Well, all you need to do is to tell Alexa what you want, and it will be done instantly.

The USB car charger charges at high speed since it has the exclusive PowerIQ technology. It has two ports, and, therefore, can charge two devices simultaneously.

Mpow Streambot Mini Bluetooth Car Aux Adapter

Mpow Streambot Mini Bluetooth

This Bluetooth car adapter is not just designed for cars but also can be connected with wired headphones via 3.5mm audio cable/adapter. It allows you to enjoy wireless streaming of music in your car or at home. Furthermore, the Mpow Bluetooth Car Adapter can be connected to two Bluetooth-enabled devices simultaneously.

It has a Bluetooth range of up to 30 feet in an open space with no obstacles. Also, it works with several Bluetooth-enabled devices such as MP3, smartphone, and tablets, among others.   Buying guide for great Bluetooth car kits  

We have covered ten of the best Bluetooth car kits to buy in 2019. If perhaps you did not find your option in our list, you can as well go ahead to make your choice. Here below are some of the factors to make an informed decision.


Anything you are buying a product, you are considering the one that will allow you to use it quite often. As far as car kits are related, you should purchase one that can connect to a number of devices. This is only possible if the device you choose is highly compatible and the good news is that there are tens of newer models with all features.

It is obvious that you have to buy a unit with the latest Bluetooth technologies. Recent technologies in Bluetooth car kits mean the best performance, great noise reduction, and less power consumption. We highly advise people to take their time comparing the many models based on their Bluetooth technology.

Stunning hands-free operation

One of the leading functions of a Bluetooth car kit is its ability to be run without distracting driving attention. Different manufacturers approach this problem in different ways. Some design their units with docking stationers include a multi-function button, and so on and so forth. It is also worth noting that some units connect to the audio jack of a stereo through a small metal ending. In a nutshell, get a Bluetooth car kit that comes with an appropriate docking style, which does not cause any distraction to your driving attention.

Unit’s performance

The performance of Bluetooth car kit is undeniably something you have to keep in mind when buying it. As we all know, if something is good, then it attracts positive genuine reviews. Therefore, the best way to learn about the product’s performance is to check out its reviews.

The newest Nulaxy Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter Car Kit Radio Receiver is an upgrade from the previous version. So while it does retain many of the original ingredients, it comes with a completely redefined style and design.

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