Best Hand Blenders In India 2021 – Reviews

A hand blender, a small rotating paddle attached to the end of a rod, protected by a plastic or metal skirt, allows you to quickly mash without having to carry it to a separate blender or pot.

For example, if you want to make a puree soup, you can mix it in a saucepan rather than pouring the hot liquid into a jug blender, which, while sturdy, can be bulky and noisy.

While this may seem obvious, when buying a hand mixer, consider what you will be using it for. For example, if you are only going to produce soups from time to time, you might choose the cheaper model. Also consider how fast the hand mixer is and what accessories come with it. And if you use it to mix brightly colored fruits and vegetables (like tomatoes), you can opt for the stainless steel model, as plastic can get dirty easily.

Here are the 10 Best Hand Blenders in India.

Let’s take a look at the Best Hand Blenders!

Finding the best was next up on our list of challenges. After several hours of testing, we decided on a few models that we think are suited.

Here are the Top 10 & Best Hand Blenders in 2021

SaleBestseller No. 1
Orpat HHB-100E WOB, 250w Watt Hand Blender (White)Stainless Steel
  • This product does not require installation. please contact brand customer care for any product related queires. Customer Service Number: +91-02822-230491 / 02822-391391
  • Unique comfort grip, The frequency is 50 Hz, Functions: Beating. Pureeing : Yes
  • Easy to store and wash and it has Stainless steel blade
  • A handy appliance which will reduce the time you spend in the kitchen by taking care of all your chopping, blending or mixing tasks at the touch of a button
  • Smooth and safe switch, Sleek & Strong
  • Elegant design
SaleBestseller No. 2
KENT 16044 Hand Blender Stainless Steel 400 W | Variable Speed Control | Easy to Clean and Store | Low Noise Operation
  • KENT 400W Hand Blender is a handy yet powerful kitchen appliance to make kitchen chores easy
  • Its variable speed control helps adjust the speed easily according to specific recipe, thus hassle-free food preparations
  • The blender is an ideal choice for both hot and cold blending. Make anything such as shakes, soups, or smoothies
  • The durable and sharp stainless steel blades are rust-resistant and ensure perfect results every time
  • The desirable speed of this high-power 400W motor, make low noise operations
  • The detachable shaft makes the blender easy to clean and store
SaleBestseller No. 3
Orpat HHB-100E 250w Watt Hand Blender (White)Polycarbonate, Stainless Steel
  • Unique comfort grip
  • Sleek and strong and motor with 18000 RPM
  • Easy to store and wash with smooth and safe switch
  • Elegant design and wall mountable
  • Long power cord with unbreakable poly carbonate bowl
  • Multi-purpose fixed stainless steel blade
SaleBestseller No. 4
INALSA Hand Blender 1000 Watts with Chopper, Whisker| Variable Speed & Turbo Speed Function|100% Copper Motor|1Liter|Low Noise |Anti-Splash Technology|Home&kitchen|2 Year Warranty (Robot Inox 1000E)
  • MOST POWERFUL HAND BLENDER IN INDIA: INALSA Hand blender 1000 watts is the most powerful hand blender in India as of now. With power of 1000W, the appliance is efficient and effective at its job of blending and mixing ingredients whether you are making meringues, mayonnaise, baby food, salads, omelet mixes or batters for baking.
  • EFFECTIVE 20 SPEEDS & FUNCTIONAL TURBO BUTTON: INALSA hand blender with 20 variable speeds control, adjust the blade speed and the texture of every blend and give you maximum choice and precision to prepare foods from smooth purees to chunky homemade salsas. A separate Turbo Button gives quick burst of power to blast ice faster and blend your ingredient or refresh the blade and cup with water for fast cleaning.
  • ANTI-SPLASH TECHNOLOGY: The stem is made from quality food-graded stainless steel. With blade-shield design, this hand blender ensures splash-free blending.
  • STAINLESS STEEL BODY & SS BLENDING BLADE: The stainless-steel body is brushed, sophisticated and scratch-resistant, increasing the hardness and service life of the blades, and improve work efficiency and save labor. Semi-wrapped blade protection design to prevent effective spatter.
  • 4 IN 1 HAND BLENDER: This Hand blender comes with Chopper, Egg whisk, and Multipurpose Jar. With these attachments it is a great assistant in the kitchen - protein shakes, soups, mayonnaise, sauces, salsa, smoothies, whipped cream, food processing will be much easier.
SaleBestseller No. 5
KENT 16051 Hand Blender 300 W | 5 Variable Speed Control | Multiple Beaters & Dough Hooks | Turbo Function, Plastic, 300 Watts
  • The powerful 300W hand blender promises an efficient and fast cooking process
  • Its 5 variable speed controls make mixing and blending very easy and offer perfect results every time
  • With the blender’s turbo function, you can get the kitchen chores done quickly
  • In-built over-heating protection saves your product from any damage caused by overheating
  • Its powerful copper motor ensures longevity
  • Food Grade Plastic body to maintain hygiene
SaleBestseller No. 6
Maharaja Whiteline Hb-129 175 Watt Hand Blender, Stainless Steel Blades, Long Lasting Performance With 175W Motor, Detachable Anti Splash Plastic Foot (Blue And White, 175 Watt)
  • Long Lasting Performance With 175W Motor: Equipped with a 175-Watt motor, the hand blender ensures right amount of power and long lasting durability. It can efficiently blend fruits into smoothies, veggies into purees and pulses into batters.
  • Convenient Push Button: Speedmix Super blender features a push button, a single switch, that makes operation convenient and quick. Whisking blade: Yes
  • Perfect fit for Blending, Mashing and Pureeing
  • Detachable Anti Splash Plastic Foot: The blender features a detachable anti splash plastic foot that adds to its durability while offering extra convenience of easy cleaning.
  • Stainless Steel Blades: Specially designed with super sharp stainless steel blade, this hand blender results in optimum blending and pureeing of tough ingredient with ease.
  • 2-in-1 Silent Yet Powerful Operation: Make your family’s morning joyful by surprising them with delightful smoothies! Maharaja Speedmix Super has heavy blend capacity with low noise motor that ensure silent yet powerful performance.
SaleBestseller No. 7
Maharsh Hand Blender |Food Blender, Egg Beater Hand Blenders Hand Mixer | Beater - Easy Mix, Powerful 260 Watt Motor | 7 Speed Control + Turbo | Dough Hooks and Strip Beater attachments | Multicolor
  • Great machine to blend egg, dressing, cappuccino and so on, front and rear cooling system to prolong machine life.
  • Plus added control with 7 dedicated speeds setting.
  • Whip up lip-smacking mixes for cakes and pastries in a jiffy.
  • Rotis and bread with perfect texture and consistency comfortably.
  • Package included: 1 electric egg beater
SaleBestseller No. 8
PHILIPS HL1655/00 Hand Blender, 250W
  • Steel rod, rust proof metal rod for hot/cold blending. The voltage is 230 volts and the RPM is 18000 rpm with cord length : 1.2 m and power 250 W. Item comes with 2 years warranty.
  • 20 minutes blending of hot & cold dishes, removable blades for whisking & whipping, length of the product:13 inches, frequency: 50 Hz
  • Includes: Hand blender & whisk
  • The product is supplied with two blades, blending blade is attached with unit and whisking blade placed in packaging box.
  • Avoid heating, it is advised not to use product >1 minute, If material is large then advise to process blending in multiple batches. Don’t use product with excess load else the bar assembly may get heated and damage product.
  • If blades are not rotating, then please rotate blades offline (product is not switched on) with help of fingers and use product
SaleBestseller No. 9
Philips HR3705/10 300 Watt Lightweight Hand Mixer, Blender with 5 speed control settings, stainless steel accessories and 2 years warranty(black color)
  • Power: 300 watts; Operating voltage: 220-240 volts
  • Two pairs of strip beaters, plus dough hooks, Cord length: 1.2 m
  • 5 speeds plus turbo for a variety of recipes
  • 1.2m cord for longer reach
  • Includes: Hand mixer, Stainless steel dough hooks and Stainless steel strip beaters
  • Warranty: 2 year warranty from the date of purchase
SaleBestseller No. 10
Havells Duro Blend Low Noise 300 watt Hand Blender With Double Wall Stem, Double Bush, Copper Motor,304 SS Blade & 2 Years Warranty
  • Ergonomic design; detachable stem for easy cleaning
  • Double Bush; Copper motor
  • 2 Speed options for faster blending; 304 Stainless steel blade
  • Low noice 300 watt DC motor
  • 2 Year Product warranty

Different Types Of Blenders

Best Hand Blenders

Before buying a blender, there are several points that you should be well aware of- one of which is its types. If you think that there are just one or two types of blenders, then you might be having some wrong ideas. There are at least four types of blenders that are popular in the market and have seen huge and increasing demand with every passing year. These blenders come with many outstanding features and powerful technology that makes them one of the most sought-after products in kitchen appliances. Therefore, to guide you through, our team has noted down (below) some of the popular types of blenders that you might be interested to see. 

Hand Blenders

Hand blenders are the most popular type of blender available in the market. They are highly sought after due to their performance and low price. You can compare these blenders with a modern electric version of an old-fashioned eggbeater. Hand blenders come at different price ranges depending on their quality and power. These blenders have multiple attachments that you can attach to perform different blending jobs. Hand blenders are fantastic for a range of baking and desserts. They are lightweight and cozy when it comes to using it. So, if you are a baker, you would probably be finding hand blenders more helpful than other types mentioned here. 

Immersion Blenders

Immersion blenders or stick blenders are other common types of hand blenders available in the market. These blenders probably have the simplest design of all kinds. It has a comfort handle at one end while a blending blade along with a safety guard at the other. These blenders are perfect for blending soups and hot liquids perfectly. You can also make protein shakes or an instant pudding in no time. These blenders come in a wide variety, from motor power to many added features. You would find immersion blenders being sold by many well-known brands. Go for the trusted brands that offer a good quality product with a comfortable design and a good warranty period. 

Single-Serve Blenders

Single-serve blenders are types of personal blenders that have a unique bullet design, for which they are also called the bullet blenders. These personal blenders work in a different way than the other types. To use the blender, you have to put your ingredients in the upper storage space and put the chopping blade to the top. Now turn the cup upside down and insert it into the bullet blender base. When you start the machine, it would start its blending job and present a fine result before you. These types of blenders are ideal for making smoothies and chopping up frozen fruit, ice and nuts to create a smooth drink. So, you can use this type to make those perfect liquid recipes. They are also perfect for baby food preparation. 

Portable Blenders

Portable blender is a new invention of technology that offers many benefits overall. As the name suggests, the primary advantage of this type is that they are highly portable. These blenders also offer a powerful motor that fits within the small base of the machine. These blenders have a clear glass tube design which looks pretty attractive. Due to the smaller size and compact design, they are highly portable. These blenders are perfect to be used in your car or the office or perhaps after the gym. Therefore they are perfect for smoothies and protein shakes. If you are having a baby to prepare food for, these blenders are perfect for you to add convenience. Portable blenders run on a rechargeable battery which is charged using a standard USB charger.

Full-Size Blenders

Full-size blenders are multi-purpose blenders that are perfect to target different blending and mixing jobs in your target. They come in all sizes and shapes and different price segments. These blenders are quite powerful than the others. While buying a full-size blender, there are certain features for you to consider. These blenders come in different capacities and are made of all different materials. You can also pick the speed and motor power according to your preference. As said earlier, full-size blenders can do multiple jobs using different blending jars. Therefore, you can make juices or smoothies, and cook or prepare your baby foods too. Hence, if you are finding something permanent and willing to set up your kitchen passionately, a full-size blender can be your perfect choice.

Commercial Blenders

If you are passionate about food and want to start up your own business, the other types may not be sufficient to take all the loads in your small food corner. Commercial blenders are all about power. These powerful blenders can take heavy loads and are designed to blend more hard ingredients. Commercial blenders are costlier than the other types with a far better power supply and powerful performance. These machines can chop and blend most things from soft cooked pumpkin through to roasted nuts for butter.

Directions to use a hand blender

  • Clean the blender immediately after use. This will prevent the accumulation of residues and the growth of fungus.
  • Prefer blenders with a longer length to ensure thorough mixing of ingredients from the bottom when blending larger quantities.
  • Never blend hot ingredients. Doing so might cause spilling of the extract that might cause burns.
  • Don’t leave your appliance untouched for a longer time. This might cause the battery to lose its power. Use it often to ensure the good functioning of the product.

What to Consider When Buying a Hand Mixer

Hand mixers can be used for mixing many different types of food, including eggs, whipping cream, batter, dough, icing, salad dressing and more. Try using one to whip up some boiled potatoes into fluffy mashed potatoes.

Some hand mixer models offer different attachments (in addition to the beaters), such as whisks or dough hooks, making them multi-purpose kitchen tools. Others may have storage compartments to hold the attachments and cord. For most home cooks, hand mixers are more convenient (and more affordable) than stand mixers for small mixing and blending tasks.

1. Cord or Cordless

Choosing the corded or cordless hand blender is completely based on your requirement and plug-in availability in your kitchen. Go for the cordless blenders if there is no availability of power plug-in in your kitchen. You can go for any one as per your wish.

Nevertheless, cordless blenders are convenient to use in the kitchen and when we go out for picnics. Nowadays, the cordless blenders are also more efficient in providing the efficient blending. However, its your personal choice.

2. Motor

The best part to check in hand blenders is that how well it blends food items. The high watt motor will definitely give you the best results. You should choose a hand blender that is having minimum 125-watt motor. Here, the motor with 125 watts is capable of accepting food near the blades and extracts the smashed food into the bowl. The more the motor power the better quick blending it will offer.

3. Blade Cage

The blade cage is nothing but the house of blades. It is an important component in hand blenders. They will undoubtedly provide the control to blend the items efficiently.

The hand blenders must have sufficient blade cage space for the food items to get into it and to blend finely. The stainless steel cages are durable because stainless steel can handle the heat. If you use non-stick cookware, you need to think of taking a stainless steel blender as it may cause damage to it.

The blade cage decision is based on which vessel you are going to use the blender. To blend food items you have to take them separately into a bowl. It does not matter much but stainless steel blade cag is durable than a plastic blade cage so go for the steel one.

4. Speeds

Your blender must have at least two-speed controls or more to use it effectively for blending various food items. You should have a look at the RPM (Rotations per Minute) of the blender. If the RPM of the blender is high, then the blender can blend the food items quickly and with varying speed.

5. Controls

While choosing a hand blender, you have to check whether the buttons are easily accessible, whether the buttons are soft to touch, and handling of the blender is comfortable while accessing buttons. The hand blenders don’t have many controls but you have to check whether the given controls are easily accessible or not.

6. Materials

The hand blender is nothing but the immersion rod that gets in contact with the food items and blends them to make smoothies, sauces, cake mix, and many others. You have to be careful while choosing a blender because you are going to blend your food in it. For the same, you have to mainly focus on the material of the blender stems.

The hand blender rods or stem or immersion part are mostly made of ABS plastic, plastic, and stainless that is food grade. Out of all stainless steel is the best to choose as they will not cause rust or any health hazard. The plastic materials are harmful. But, ABS plastic hand blenders are better than normal plastic blenders.

7. Weight

The hand blenders are generally light in weight but, they should not exceed 2 kgs to have a comfortable blending experience. It is because you have to handle the blender with one hand and have to add ingredients with another hand. If the weight of the hand blender is more than 2 kgs that will cause an issue of handling it for a long time.

8. Accessories

The accessories we get with the hand blender will make our kitchen job even simpler. A few of them are:

Blending Container: The blenders with blending cup will make small blending work simple as it keeps food close to the blades. This helps to blend the foods items even faster than in the normal bowl.

Attachments: Some of the hand blender brands are providing extra accessories like whisks, measuring cup, and chopping blades. This will expand the use of hand blender and makes it as a stronger utility in your kitchen.

9. Cleaning

The hand blender should be easy to clean contrarily it contains the contaminants of food items that cause allergies. Here, the detachable blenders help to clean the immersion rod of the blender and to dry it completely. You have to focus on cleaning possibilities while picking a blender. The blender should be easy to clean and dry completely after each use to make it ready for the next use.

How We Tested Each Hand Mixer

We had expert Allrecipes product tester, Rachel Johnson, put the best hand mixers on the market to the test. Read on for our picks for the best hand mixers for all your kitchen needs. See one you like? Simply click the link below each description to grab one for your own kitchen.

We started by rounding up the top-rated hand mixers on the market from popular brands such as KitchenAid, Cuisinart, and BLACK + DECKER. Rachel tested hand mixers of all kinds, from basic mixers to multi-functional mixers.

For this test, Rachel prepared two different recipes using the mixers. First, she tested them using this Simple White Cake recipe, putting each one to the test by creaming butter and sugar, beating eggs, and mixing in flour until all that’s left was smooth cake batter. Next, she tested them by making this Whipped Cream recipe, putting each mixer’s whipping and beating skills to work. For each test she considered the following metrics:

  • Overall feel (What is the mixer made of? How functional is the design?)
  • Durability (Is the mixer made to last? Will it show wear over time?)
  • Cleanup/storage (How is the mixer meant to be stored and maintained?)
  • Efficiency (How powerful is the mixer? How well does it adjust between speeds?)
  • Overall value (Is it worth the investment?)

A Final Word

A hand blender is an underrated kitchen utensil, in our opinion. It is extremely versatile and can serve a wide range of stirring and brewing jobs. Why not gift one for your mother figure and see her light up!

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