The 10 Best Metal Detectors

Just about every time I have ever gone to the beach, I have seen some guy with a metal detector. If you have ever dreamed of being that guy, you should invest in a quality metal detector that will ensure you’ll end the day with some booty. Below, we selected some of the best beginner metal detectors to get you started on your treasure hunting journey.

Check out quick reviews below of the top Four metal detectors, then scroll deeper for more helpful buying info and full reviews of those models.

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The Best Metal Detectors List 2020

Best Buy Metal Detectors Online Reviews

SaleBestseller No. 1
Siddhi Equipments Metal Detector for All Metal, Hand Held Metal Detector for Security with Charger, HHMD Metal Detector
  • Worried about your Organizations Security? Now be Worry-Free with Siddhi Security Hand Held Metal Detector Machine
  • Effectively Detects Minute Quantities Of Gold, Silver, Platinum, Brass, Copper, Mild & Stainless Steel.
  • Dual Battery System & In-Built Battery Charger
  • Ultra-High Sensitivity And Stability.
  • Operates On Disposable Dry Battery
  • Does Not Affect Cardiac Pacemaker And Magnetic Tapes. ABS Molded Body, Provides High Strength, Ruggedness And Light In Weight.
SaleBestseller No. 2
INKBIRDPLUS Metal Detector Pinpointer with LCD Display Signal Level, Handheld Pinpointing Finder 3 Modes, 50Ft Waterproof Depth
  • 🚩【360°High-Sensitivity and Accurate Detection】A 360-degree omnidirectional detection, high-precision, a high-sensitivity detector with a sensing distance of 6-8 cm, which can quickly and accurately detect small targets. Suitable for finding metals outdoors, sand, lawn, and soil. It can also detect various metal objects such as coins, gold, silver, cultural relics, jewelry, etc. Your perfect gift for the holidays, your little treasure hunter!
  • 🚩【LCD signal display with LED light】The metal detector instrument is equipped with an LCD screen and LED light. Convenient for day and night use. The closer the target, the stronger the signal. It can help you achieve precise positioning in small areas that large metal detectors cannot. It perfectly matches your precise positioning needs.
  • 🚩【Fully Waterproof Special Design】The INKBIRDPLUS metal detector has an IP68-rated waterproof design, which can fully immerse the metal detector in 50 feet of water, and can be used without worry in lakes, rivers, ponds and oceans. (Note: Before using the metal retainer in water, make sure the battery cover is tightened and sealed.)
  • 🚩【Three Alarm Modes】The detector has three alarm modes: Audio, Vibration, and Audio + Vibration, choose your best mode according to the usage environment. Audio mode, audio is suitable for quiet environments on land, the vibration mode is suitable for underwater, vision-limited places, and audio + vibration mode is suitable for noisy environments.
  • 🚩【 Full Kits and wide use】The product list includes waist sleeves, and retractable ropes. Family activities, holiday gifts, carry-out activities (beach picking, cave treasure hunting, outdoor treasure hunting, water exploration, etc.). INKBIRDPLUS metal detector will be your best choice.
SaleBestseller No. 3
Metal Detector Pinpointer, Metal Detector for Gold, 360° Waterproof Pinpointing Metal Detector with 2 Modes, LED Light, Professional Handheld Pin Pointer Wand
  • FULLY WATERPROOF DESIGN - This pinpointer metal detector is fully waterproof to a depth of 3m/9.8 feet, suitable for the seabed, riverside, beach, and other places, allowing you to enjoy detecting underwater. Please note that you need to TIGHTEN the cover.
  • HIGH SENSITIVITY & EASY DETECTION - With a 3.15" detection distance and 360° omnidirectional detection probe, the metal detector pinpointer provides precise and efficient detection. It can narrow and precisely locate the target before excavation. The scale design helps you grasp the depth of the target.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT & SIMPLE OPERATION - One third of the weight of traditional metal detectors and one-click power on/off make it super easy to operate, even for kids. Built-in LED light enables you to operate at night. This small metal detector equipped with retractable hanging wire and belt holster, which makes it easy to carry and prevents falling or losing.
  • BROAD APPLICATIONS - This metal detecting pinpointer can do various types of jobs like finding coin, gold, silver, relics, jewelry to help you easily find treasures or missing metal objects whether indoors, outdoors, in wall, sand, grass or soil. The metal detector wand pinpointer is a great tool and ideal gift for every metal detecting enthusiast, both adults and kids.
Bestseller No. 4
MOSHTU Hand-Held Metal Detector Metal Scanner with Beep Sound for Security Purpose
  • The MD-3003B1 is a high performance hand held metal detector designed to meet the exact reuirements of the security industry.
  • It can be used for public security in airports, Railway stations, docks, prisons, customs and frontier defense as well as Quality control of medicine, food and other commodities.
  • Handheld and light weight.
  • Sound alert LED indicator.
SaleBestseller No. 5
Robustt High Sensitivity Hand Held Metal Detector (Pack of 1) Leather case on Handle, with Battery Included Alarm Mode -Sound, Vibration & Led Lights for Malls, Airports, Railway Stations, Banks
  • The Robustt Handheld Metal Detector provides reliable security. Use this handheld security scanner anywhere – indoor or outdoor events, schools, sport events or anywhere you need dependable metal detection
  • The Robustt Metal Detector is very high sensitivity which can detect even small hidden metal objects. Detects concealed weapon, knives and other metal object in baggages.
  • The lightweight design and comfortable Leather grip make it easy to use for long periods of time.
  • The Robustt Metal Detector let you choose between sound or vibration detection alerts. The LED light is also activated to the detection of metal.
  • Size: 4.5cm x 41cm x 8.5cm
SaleBestseller No. 6
RANSENERS Handheld Metal Detector Super Scanner, Battery Powered,Security Wand Safety Bars, Portable Adjustable Strong Sensitivity Sound & Vibration Alerts, Detects Weapons Screw ( Black)
  • ✔ STRONG SENSITIVITY: RANSENERS metal detector wand can detect even small hidden metal objects, there’s a distinctive audio tone and vibration to remind you, which is very suitable for checking metal objects.
  • ✔ AUDIO/VIBRATION TWO MODES: Sound & vibration mode, suitable for all occasions. Depends on the needs, vibration function should be used in noisy situation or in places where the operator does not wish for the sound to be heard in his surrounding area.
  • ✔ ADJUSTABLE SENSITIVITY: Press the low sensitivity switch during detection, detector will only respond to bigger metal objects such as knife, hand gun etc and will not respond to small metals such as ring, key, coin, pin etc. Do not release the low sensitivity switch until you complete low sensitivity detection.
  • ✔ POWER OPERATED: Powered by one 9V battery standard (Not included) or rechargeable battery (Not included). With one external charging port, the battery charger is not included. Please avoid charging it when you have no rechargeable battery, otherwise it can't work normally. And please turn off the detector when charging it.
  • ✔ COMFORTABLE HANDLE & WIDELY USE: Portable metal detector wand, lightweight design and comfortable handle grip make it easy for long time use. It comes with a belt clip, make it portable and convenient. Good for security, indoor/outdoor events, such as airport, schools, train station, subway, sports events, exhibition center, anywhere you need metal detection.
SaleBestseller No. 7
SaleBestseller No. 8
Minelab Pro-Find 15 Waterproof Pinpointer|Perfect Accessory for Underground Metal Detecting|With Audio Indication| Pinpointer Metal Detector with Fixed Sensitivity
  • DIF TECHNOLOGY: Detector Interference Free (DIF) technology reduces interference with an operating metal detector.
  • SPLASHPROOF DESIGN: Rugged, splash proof design protects the pinpointer from rainy and wet conditions.
  • AUDIO INDICATION: Audio tones intensify as the pinpointer probe approaches the target, making target identification clear and certain.
  • LOST ALARM: Useful alarm sounds after a period of inactive use so you don’t forget and leave it behind as your search moves forward.
  • BELT HOLSTER: Keep the PRO-FIND 15 readily accessible with a durable holster that attaches to your belt.
SaleBestseller No. 9
SIDDHI EQUIPMENTS Hand Held Metal Detector Model Validator S-16 (Black-Blue) with LED Indication and Variable Audio for Malls, Airports, Hotels, Railway Stations, Banks
  • Operates on rechargeable and disposable dry battery, in-built battery charger.
  • Ultra-high sensitivity and stability. Proportional Variable Audio Gives An Idea Of Quantity Of Metal Detected.
  • Effectively detects minute quantities of ferrous as well as non-ferrous gold, silver,platinum, brass, copper, mild & stainless steel.
  • ABS moulded body, provides high strength, ruggedness and light in weight.
  • Uses advanced SMD Technology.
SaleBestseller No. 10
Metal Detector, Waterproof Sound Indication Sensitive Vibration Indication Metal Locator LED for Treasure (Orange)
  • 2 Indication Modes: There are 2 indication modes, vibration and sound indication, more easier for you to catch the metal information.
  • 360° Detection: No dead corner detection, the 360° design making the detector more likely to find contraband.
  • Dual Use: The detector head in the front section of the instrument is equipped with a bright LED light, which can be used as a lighting tool in case of insufficient light.
  • ABS Shell: Using excellent ABS material, the shell of the detector possesses impact resistance, scratch resistance, environmentally friendly.
  • Easy Carrying: Comes with small size and lightweight, you can easily take this metal detector with you to help with your work.

Buyer’s Guide Terminology & Definitions

Like every great hobby, metal detecting is an activity that is filled with special words that outsiders may have a hard time understanding. Here we will define some of the words you may not be very familiar with.

Metal detecting experts, feel free to skip ahead to the next section.

  • Ferrous: Metals that contain iron. Non-ferrous metals are metals that are not magnetic, like brass, gold, silver, nickel, tin and lead.
  • Frequency: Frequencies vary on metal detectors and the different frequencies are used for different types of detecting. The frequencies are measured in Kilohertz and measure the number of magnetic fields sent to the ground. Different metals react to different frequencies based on the characteristics and conductivity of that metal.
  • Mineralization: The amount of iron and salt in the ground. Examples of mineralized ground include black sand on beaches (from iron), redness in dirt (iron), and the salt in the sand on saltwater beaches.
  • Interference: Anything with an electromagnetic field, like cell phones or power lines, can interfere with the detector’s signal.
  • Control box: Contains the controls, speaker, batteries and processor of a metal detector.
  • Search coil: This is what “sees” the metal in the ground. Different search coil sizes and shapes perform differently. Generally speaking, smaller coils are most sensitive while larger coils can penetrate deeper underground.
  • Discrimination: You can filter out different types of metal or objects by adjusting your settings.
  • Ground balance: Adjustments made to the detector for different types of soil and mineralization.
  • Target separation: How well a detector identifies targets that are close to one another.

Evaluation Criteria When Choosing a Metal Detector

There isn’t one metal detector that’s better than all the rest, although there are a few stand-out detectors in multiple categories. This buyer’s guide for the best metal detectors will examine the specific features that make for a good detector in a number of those categories. We will make recommendations based on many category-specific criteria, as well as some criteria that are common between several categories.

We will examine factors like:

  • Weight
  • Size
  • Ergonomics
  • Ease of use
  • Durability
  • Reliability
  • Price point
  • Customer ratings and reviews
  • Warranty length
  • Weatherproofing
  • Waterproofing

For each category we evaluate, we will recommend three different detectors:

  • Best of the best
  • Best for beginners
  • Best value

In addition to sharing our expertise in each of these categories, we asked our customers to share their opinions as well. We surveyed our customers to find out which detector they consider to be one of the “best metal detectors” in each category. You can see their responses at the end of each category. Some categories had a clear-cut favorite among our customers, but some categories were not so cut and dry. Presenting this data alongside our opinion gives you yet another way to evaluate machines in each category.

Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned professional, this guide will help you make an informed decision on which metal detector is the best fit to become your next detector. After all, once you’ve been bitten by the metal detecting bug, there is no such thing as owning just one metal detector.

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