Top 10 Best Rat Poisons 2021 – Review & Buying Guide

According to news reports across the country, America has a rat problem. Research shows that cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago have massive rat populations that are starting to cause problems for residents.

Rats carry a multitude of diseases, and they often transmit them to humans. For example, San Francisco is currently dealing with the emergence of typhus; a third-world disease wiped out in the United States for decades.However, the cities rat population is growing at a rapid rate and the fleas that feed on rats carrying typhus end up feeding on the homeless population around the city. As a result, what was thought to be a medieval disease no longer in existence, is making a comeback.

Typhus is one example of a dangerous disease carried by rats. However, in most cases, doctors can cure patients suffering from the effects of the disease. However, rats can carry fatal diseases like the “bubonic plague,” which has a far higher mortality rate than typhus.

There’s a saying that goes, “if you see one rat, there are 100-more in the local area that you can’t see. If you notice rats rummaging through your garbage can, or feeding in your vegetable garden, then it’s time for you to take action against these vermin.

You might not have the time to read through our entire review. Fortunately, we made things easier for you by placing our top three recommendations for the best rat poison in this section for easy reference. Choose the product that matches your needs, and get rid of the rats plaguing your property.

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Rat Poison and Your Pets

Pet contamination is one of the biggest concerns for homeowners when using rat poison. The last thing you want to happen is for your dog to find that tasty peanut-butter flavor rat poison and start wolfing it down in delight. The chances are that poisoning your pets is not what you had in mind when purchasing your rat killer.

If you own pets, or you have young children, then it’s best to use a rat poison formulation that requires multiple feedings to become active. Some brands have products that steadily build toxin levels in the rat’s bloodstream as they feed on the poison bait over a few days.

Eventually, the poison levels reach a critical threshold, and the rat’s internal organs start to shut down. Therefore, this extended killing action makes these types of poisons suitable for use around the yard, even if you have pets.

If your dog eats pellets with a pet-friendly formula, they won’t eat enough of the bait to cause them to die. At worst, they might have a runny tummy for a day or two. While no-one wants to see their dog sick, it’s better than rushing them off to the emergency room at the vet.

Health and Safety Precautions

When handling rat poison, it’s essential to have respect for the product. Rat poison can kill you or make you deathly ill if you accidentally consume some of the bait. Handling rat poison and then eating food with your hands could end up in you poisoning yourself.

Always wear rubber gloves when handling rat poison, and after you’re done setting the bait, wash your hands thoroughly to remove any possible traces of poison from your hands. It’s also important to follow safety procedures when clearing your property of dead rats as well. Dead rats require removal, or they’ll end up rotting away, causing a terrible smell while inviting disease onto the property.

Place dead rats into a plastic garbage bag and seal it before dumping it into your trash can outdoors. It should be common sense that you wouldn’t toss dead rats into your trash can indoors.


By now, you should have a complete understanding of rat poisons and how they work. Choose one of the products in this review, and start baiting your rat runs. If you’re still struggling to identify the rat poison that’s the right choice for your property and home, then you can rely on our top picks in this review for an effective product that works.

If you have animals around your home, or you live in an area that has local wildlife, such as deer and eagles, then buy a product that does not cause secondary poisoning in animals that consume poisoned rats.

The needs of farmers and homeowners are entirely different, and farmers might require a stronger-acting poison that kills rats after a single feeding. Whatever your requirements, make sure that you respect the product and keep it out of sight of children and pets.

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