Top 10 Best Kids Teepee Tents – Review

In every childhood memory, teepee tents have a special place. These tents come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. These are easy to set. In fact, using these tents are also easy to use. Most of these are easily affordable and will meet the budget easily.

Teepee tents must provide safety to kids. They must fulfill the age requirement of the kids.

The main task is to find the right one from the various available options in the market. It is a daunting task to get the right one as no one wants to compromise with the safety of kids. Safety is the main concern along with its easy setup.

Here some teepee tents for kids are mentioned. These will aid you in getting the right one for your child and it will surely serve your need perfectly.

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What is a teepee tent?

Teepees – or tipis – are traditionally Native American homes, made with animal skins and canvas more recently. Historically, they would be held up by a number of wooden poles to create a cone shape, with two smoke flaps to allow fires to be lit inside.

They offer their occupants warmth during cold winters, cool air during hot summers and cover from rain. The speed at which they could be put up and taken down also made them incredibly useful for the nomadic lifestyles of the Native American people.

Rightly or wrongly, there have been some criticisms of teepees for ignoring their traditional routes. Some have questioned whether they are, in fact a cultural appropriation of a Native American home.

Nevertheless, teepees have become common in many homes around the world as a space for children to play and learn. As they have become more popular, ‘teepee’ has been used as the term to describe a variety of similar structures such as yurts or bell tents.

Why are teepee tents so popular?

Whether it’s a treehouse, a fort made from cushions and bedsheets, or a playhouse in the garden, children have loved having their own special place for generations. There’s a few reasons why teepee tents in particular are so popular:

  •  1: A creative safe space. Teepees offer a safe space for children that enhances and enables their creativity and imagination. Learning through play is such an important element of a child’s education and formative years, and a teepee is an excellent catalyst for it. Whatever they’re used for, they are somewhere a child can call their own special place.
  •  2: A great ‘screen time’ alternative. Many parents are increasingly concerned about the amount of time their children are spending looking at screens, particularly in an age of e-safety. And teepees provide a very credible alternative.
  • 3. Suitable for all. They can be suited to any child. Boys or girls, young or old, whatever their hobby. The popularity of teepees has led to a huge range of colours, designs and themes, and even plain ones that can be decorated at home. 

Even though teepees are incredibly popular, they are often confused with other play structures?

Teepee Tent

Referred to as: tee pee, tipee, tp, tepee tent, wigwam, tipi tent or tent… teepees are the same in most part.

One of the significant differences lies in its shape though.


Most parents tend to confuse teepees with a playhouse. A kids’ playhouse is substantially different. They can either be used indoors or outdoors, but they tend to be very big. They are usually made of plastic and last for a very long time.

Home bed

Another common misconception is regarding beds. A teepee doesn’t replace a bed in any way. It can be used for sleeping if you want to provide your children with a different type of sleeping environment but it can be used for other purposes as well.

Now that you know more about teepees, where can you use them?

Most people tend to place teepees inside the house, either in the children’s bedroom or the playroom. However, depending on the material they are made of, they can also be used outdoors. In fact, when you are thinking of creating a unique summer night for your kids, why not take their teepee outside and read them a story while watching the stars in the sky?

Are Teepee Tents a Good Choice for all Kids?

When you are looking for a play teepee for your kids, you are sure to find many different designs.

Little girl teepee

Some teepee tents are specially designed for girls. These tend to include a lot of pinks and purples and offer plenty of space for their dolls. You can also find teepees with images of characters your daughter may be fond of.

Boy teepee

Other teepees are designed with boys in mind. These tend to be available with blue tones, and they often feature a theme such as Indians and cowboys, among many others.

Gender neutral

There are several gender-neutral teepee tents available on the market. These are perfect to be used in a playroom or a shared room. The absence of “girl” or “boy” features makes it easier to cater to any child’s aesthetic preferences.

Baby teepee

One of the questions that many parents have about teepee tents is if babies can use them and if it’s safe for them. The answer is yes, in both cases. While there are specific baby teepees that you can buy, consider buying one that will suit a child who is a bit older. The reason is simple: if you buy a baby teepee, it may not fit your toddler in a couple of years because it may not be high enough.

What Kind of Teepee Styles are There?

There are many different teepee styles that you can find. You can choose a more straightforward pattern and decorate it with your child, or select a teepee that suits your needs without having to change its features. The most popular teepee styles are:

Cowboy/Indian Style Teepee

This tends to be one of the favorite teepee styles for boys. If you like the tribal theme with its bright colours, this is maybe an excellent choice for your boy.

Park Ranger Style Teepee

Suitable for both girls and boys, a park ranger style teepee is a great choice for both indoor and outdoor use. Besides, it can be a fun way to stimulate your children’s creativity as well as their sense of responsibility.

Bohemian Style Teepee

This is the kind of teepee that tends to be preferred by girls. It usually comes in soft and pale tones; it’s also suitable for babies.

Modern Style Teepee

There’s no shortage of modern teepees. With an abundance of patterns, the only difficulty that you will have is choosing the one that you like most!

What Are Teepees Without Accessories?

Did you know that you can include a variety of accessories in your kid’s teepee? You can even adapt them depending on the game they are playing.


Teepee tents for kids are places where your children can relax and do creative activities.  When you choose the one for your kids, keep in mind the color your kid will like.

Generally, boys like blue color and girls prefer pink color. So, give preference to your kid’s likes. In addition, consider the space where you want to set it. Accordingly, choose indoor or outdoor teepee tent.

While choosing the one, it will be wise to go through all the features, pros, cons, recommendations and reviews. These will give you the best idea of which one you should buy for your child. Reading all the information will ease your decision making and will aid you in selecting the right one for your child.

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