Top 10 Best Remote Controlled Toys for Kids in India

Vacations are best time to relax and enjoy for children and they eagerly wait for vacations every year. While the initial days of vacations always begins with excitement and anticipation but after few days children gets bored and parents get worried as their kids are not engaged in any sort of activities. However there are plenty of productive ways through which children can spend their vacations. One such way is remote control toys for kids.

In this era of technological advancement, where everyone prefers technology over anything remote control toys can be perfect for your kids to engage themselves in the vacations. Now a days kids are not seen with toys anymore rather they are more interested in the smartphones, I pad and other electronic gadgets that can be proved much harmful for them. Parents should keep their kids away from such gadgets and should buy them something as interesting as remote control toys. There are many remote control toys that are specially designed for kids. Some of them are listed below. Lets have a look on them and have a brief knowledge about them.

Growing up, owning an RC car was a great way to have fun. It was always a good time building ramps and jumping the cars into the air. If you’re thinking about getting the best Remote Control Car for your kid, you may not know where to start. Reading this review should shed some light on figuring out which one will be perfect for your kid.

Top 10 Best Remote Controlled Toys for Kids List

Staple GunPrice RangeBuy Now!
Super Fast Drift Champion R/C Sports CarRs 3000 - 4500buy on amazon

MousePotato Rock Crawler Off Road Race Monster Truck 4WD 2.4GHz, Green
Rs 900 - 1200buy on amazon

Tinee Inter Phone Portable Walkie Talkie with Time Display, Black
Rs 400 - 800buy on amazon

12Inch Robot IR Radio Control RC Racing Car Kids Toys Toy Gift Remote -85
Rs 900 - 1000buy on amazon

Sphero Ollie Darkside App Controlled Robot, Black Darkside Edition
Rs 7500 - 8000buy on amazon
Wensltd For DJI Mavic Pro Drone Portable Travel Case Bag Box + Remote ControlRs 4000 - 5000buy on amazon
Toys Bhoomi Off-Road RC Racing DRIFT Car Electric Buggy with Pistol grip remote controlRs 2000 - 2500buy on amazon
Adraxx 1:18 ScaleRemote Control Mini Rock Crawler CarRs 900 - 2000buy on amazon

Remote Control Cars

Remote control cars have always been childhood favourite among children for many years in past and will always be popular for many years in future. It not only have entertainment and fun factor but also have some hidden educational factors inside it. Your child will get to know about various model of cars and will learn to handle the technical toy. Many types of model are available in market today your child can choose the model according to their interest and structure and enjoy their vacations with the car.

Walkie Talkie

Walkie talkie is a small portable device used for receiving and sending audio messages. It’s a very useful gadget which can be used in several ways. Walkie talkie is easy and simple to use. It is better than the smartphones which children these days carry all the time with them and it can be proved harmful to them in many ways such as bad for eyesight and major reason for obesity these days etc. With walkie talkie children can play many sort of games with their friends. Moreover its convenient and relatively cheap.

Remote Control Robots

Remote control robot is yet another toy which is very effective for kids and will keep them engaged. Infact robot carry a high potential for learning through playing. Parents should basically look for toys that has the power to engage kids and challenge them but at the same time leave them feeling accomplished and excited to learn more and remote robots are definitely one of them.


Ollie is the android/ios controlled remote cylinder. It has most of the advantages of high level remote controlled car without any of the disadvantages. One of the major benefit of Ollie is that it is rechargeable unlike most of the remote control cars which works with the help of batteries and batteries are often difficult to find. Thus, Ollie solves the problem of batteries and changing them. Ollie is amazing fun toy and it was on top of kids holidays list this year. It is one of the best toy that you can gift your children.


Drone refers to the unpolluted aircraft which is handled with the help of remote. They are fun to use and your kids learn about the working of the drone. Basically drones are of 2 types with one with camera and one which doesn’t have camera. Its upto you and your child you can choose according to your suitability. It will teach your child fine motor skills and spatial problem solving skill.

Best Remote Controlled Cars Reviews in India

Here are some things you want to find out when shopping for Best Remote Control Toy for Kids:

  • Battery Type
  • Durability
  • The Controller
  • Features

Super Fast Drift Champion R/C Sports Car

Super Fast Drift Champion R:C Sports Car


  • Drifting car is super fast, responsive, full function, and remote controlled
  • 4 wheel drive system provides extra power, motors rotate all four tires
  • Racing car speeds up to 15 km/h, performs drifts with ease
  • Includes 4 smooth tires, 4 rubber tires, and rechargeable battery pack
  • 1:14 scale car with durable lightweight shell, measures 13″ in length

Toys Bhoomi Off-Road RC Racing DRIFT Car Electric Buggy with Pistol grip remote control



  • Full Proportional 1:18 4WD RC Racing Electric Buggy Drift Car is ready to run right out of the box
  • 2.4GHz radio system ready to race; Full Function Pro Steering! Go Forward, Backward, Turn Left and Right; Adjustable Front Wheel Alignment
  • Four-wheel drive RC Buggy Car truck, high performance speed motor, 20km/h, real experience;1:18 scale size!
  • Great Off-Road ability, can easily go on/off different forms of terrain, like ground, sand land and through grass, perfect for Outdoor Use and Racing!
  • Cool design, vivid colour, plastic body; Multiple Toy cars can be operated by multiplayer at the same time without interference, a car that kids can race together!

Adraxx 1:18 ScaleRemote Control Mini Rock Crawler Car



  • Extra-large wheels, strong suspension
  • Weight – 1.4 Kg
  • Highly detailed design, strong built
  • Full function powerful remote

ToyTree 1:18 Scale Rock Crawler Rally Car

ToyTree 1-18 Scale Rock Crawler Rally Car


  • Rechargeable batteries for the car and 3 AA batteries for the 2.4G transmitter, charger are included
  • Solid frame chassis, high strength composite plastic Is impact resistant to help protect the crawler
  • Four wheels are installed on independent spring suspension for cross-country fun and to make car body more flexible and shockproof to protect the electronic components inside the car body

Saffire Off-Road Passion 1:20 Monster Racing Car



  • Start your kids F1 racing dream games now! Get them the full-scale Off-Road 1:20 RC Hummer
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor driving
  • With Shock Suspension system and rubber tyres, drive this masterpiece on the earth, grass or sands.
  • Extremely durable body with the huge front and rear bumpers
  • This awesome RC car stands out whether it is night or day!

Saffire 2.4Ghz Remote Controlled Rock Crawler, RC Monster Truck 4WD



  • Saffire 2.4Ghz Remote Control Rock Crawler, RC Monster Truck 4WD, Off-Road Vehicle
  • Amazing crawling technology and strong shocks makes it easy to use on rugged roads or off road, and climbing over pebbles and large stones without affecting its performance
  • Solid frame chassis, High strength composite plastic is impact resistant to help protect the crawler. 4 wheel drive makes it possible to drive on any road condition without getting stuck on larger obstacles along the way
  • Oversize tires makes it easy to use in Mud, Shallow Water, Grass, Paving, or Off Road
  • Rechargeable Batteries for the car and 3 AA Batteries for the 2.4G Transmitter, Charger are included

Fisher-Price My Easy RC Vehicles

Fisher-Price My Easy RC Vehicles

The remote control is easy to use. It only uses a one-push button to move left and right, and a button to move forward and backward. The button allows your kid to steer and turn at the same time. It has four-way driving, either left or right, and forward and backward. The speeds are controlled by the parents. There are only two speed settings to choose from, so the car is monitored.

The auto-shutoff prevents the batteries from dying when the cars not in use. Your kids will be able to maximize the life of the battery with this car.

  • The car navigates easily
  • It works when it’s on the carpet
  • The auto-shutoff is a great feature for saving battery life
  • The speed settings are an excellent idea for any kid
  • The Car is easy to turn on

Grabby Flying Remote Control Helicopter – Hx708

Grabby Flying Remote Control Helicopter


  • This is the latest offering from the house of Toyzstation, A Rechargeable 2 channel Helicopter with unbreakable blades
  • Battery: Li-Polymer 3.7V 180mAh. For Remote 6 AA (not included). This Helicopter contains no camera & flying range is less than 10 meters
  • 3.5 Channels Exquisite Radio Control / Infrared Rechargeable Helicopter !!!
  • Weight 300 gms|No Camera
  • Flying Height 25 mtr

Saffire 4 Channel Remote Controlled Avatar Helicopter

Saffire 4 Channel Remote Controlled Avatar Helicopter


  • Aerodynamic design
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • 4 Channel Infrared Controlled Helicopter
  • Material : Metal and Plastic
  • Weight: 0.35Kg, Flying Height:10 meters, Camera: No

The Flyers Bay Powerful Radio Controlled Helicopter – Power Version 2.0

The Flyers Bay Powerful Radio Controlled Helicopter


  • Move it in any direction or hover it at single position, it offers all realistic features
  • New digital 3D control remote with power saving mode , Futuristic design and an advanced flying toy. 2.0 channel precision control. Idle For Young Flyers / Beginners , It comes with new digital 3D control remote , Visit us at
  • Camera – No
  • Weight :- 0.2 Kg
  • Flying Height: 20 Mtrs

Saffire Flying Remote Control Helicopter

Saffire Flying Remote Control Helicopter


  • Camera: No
  • Flying Height: 6m
  • 8+Years
  • Scale 1:5
  • Weight: 0.53 Kg

Flyers Bay High Speed 4 Channel Fast Remote Controlled Racing Boat



  • High speed and high performance with a 370 type racing motor
  • 2.4GHz frequency remote controller allows connection from longer distances
  • Professional large torsion propeller delivers short bursts of power during racing

Zest 4 Toyz Remote Controlled one Button Car To Bugatti style Transformer



  • A 1:14 Scale Remote Controlled one Button Car To Transformer to Car Converting Bugatti Style Transformer
  • This Car Transformer Converts to a Car & Back to a Transformer within Seconds with the press of a button on the Remote provided
  • Never Heard Before, Never Seen Before Remote Controlled Bugatti Style transformer
  • In our endeavour to Provide the best quality Products to our esteemed Customer’s Possible, we periodically make product modifications, therefore actual Product may vary a little than shown in the Images

Tickles White Naugty Dancing Robot

Tickles White Naugty Dancing Robot


  • Wonderful sound track and well choreographed robotic dancing movements
  • It’s a Battery operated toy requires 3 AA batteries (not included).
  • Has a 360 degree swivel dance move
  • Size : 22 x 16 x 6 cm

AZi Syma X5SC Explorers 2 – 2.4G 4 Channel 6-Axis Gyro RC Headless Quadcopter With HD Camera



  • Protect your quadcopter – Highly elastic plastic protective circle, preventing the blades during flights.( landing gear is affixed with tape to bottom of plastic shell housing the other components to the Quadcopter)
  • Functions: 360° Rolling / 3D Flips / Rise / Fall / Fly Forward / Fly Backward / Fly Sideward / Hover / Four-Direction Control on the Ground / Light ControlColorful flashing lights – have fun playing with it during the day or nights with your friends, family, kids, even pets!
  • Amazingly integrate flying and racing capabilities. Capable of some really cool stunts like 360-degree rolling and 3D flips when flying in the air. Turn into a high-speed racing car when it lands on the ground.6 Axis Gyro – Equipped with the latest 6-axis flight control systems, 3D lock, More scheduled flight, operating more to the force!
  • The Syma X5SC has Headless/Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC) function. Usually, the forward direction of a flying multi-rotor is the same as the nose direction. By using Headless/IOC, the forward direction has nothing to do with nose direction
  • Two-speed switches for more control options. Colorful flashing light adds visibility in the dark. Equipped with battery protection.Built-in 2MP HD Camera – Enjoy taking pictures/videos of your flights from an aerial view. Bring new perspectives to your photos and videos

Benefits of Remote Control Cars For & Toddlers & Kids

Like all playthings, kids and toddler remote control cars can provide children with a host of benefits that may not otherwise be seen in other types of toys. From an improvement in their motor skills to the enhancement of their cognitive abilities as well as the development of the emotional and social aspects of their being, children will do well playing with RC vehicles. And in case you’re still doubtful, here are 5 big benefits of remote control cars.

Boosts mastery of visual-motor coordination. 

Driving a miniature vehicle from a distance, using a remote control device, requires excellent coordination between what the eyes see and how the muscles of the hand react, pressing or toggling on the appropriate buttons or sticks to make the correct maneuver. The thing is that this is all a function of the brain. It receives visual input from the eyes and processes these bits of information and converts them into motor nerve impulses. This way, the hand knows which muscle group needs to contract to make the RC vehicle run faster, brake, or even perform outlandish maneuvers. All of these happen in a split second. And the more kids play with these types of toys, the more efficient is the connection between the eyes, the brain, and the muscles for optimum, seamless hand-eye coordination.

Enhances spatial awareness and intelligence. 

Part and parcel of hand-eye coordination is the brain’s depth and spatial perception. When kids try to maneuver an RC car from a distance, their eyes are sending electrical signals to the brain which, in turn, makes a rough estimate of the relative position of the remote control vehicle in space and in relation to its surroundings. The brain makes very careful assessments of the distance of the vehicle to the nearest obstacle or any other object within the RC car’s immediate space. These signals are then processed by the brain and the necessary motor impulses are sent to the muscles of the hand or any other group of muscles in the body. This is what is called spatial awareness and intelligence which form the basis of a certain aspect of problem solving.

Promotes creativity and imagination. 

There are remote control cars for toddlers and kids that come as kits where the kids themselves can assemble them. There are also those that you can purchase individual parts and accessories to come up with your own unique design and style of remote control vehicle. While these types of toys are best for older children as they already have more than the basic knowledge of how such toys work, the mere fact that these kits give children the opportunity to build their own speedsters, roadsters, and all-terrain vehicles simply encourages them to use their imagination and creativity to the fullest. It should be evident by now that imaginative and creative thinking begets superb logical thinking and scientific problem solving skills. Children will have to decide whether to put a certain kind of vehicle part on their RC kits to achieve a desired outcome. This is the fundamental structure of the scientific process.

Strengthens family ties. 

It doesn’t matter where kids play with their RC cars. The point is that these are best played with the family around as young children will be proud showing off their newly-found driving skills while older kids will take pride in their creations. Whatever the case, playing with RC cars can substantially improve and strengthen family bonds. This can have a significant impact on the child’s emotional health while facilitating the development of his or her social relationship skills. If kids feel that their families appreciate or are strongly affirmative of what they’re doing, this can provide long-lasting happiness to kids.

Introduces concept of responsibility. 

Remote control cars don’t come cheap, especially those that one has to assemble from scratch. Early on, kids will learn the value of being responsible for their toys by keeping these in pristine condition, oiling the gears, removing dirt and debris, and even cleaning the different parts so everything is in order. They will learn to understand that everything we value should be well taken care of. This is our responsibility as owners of such things.

Children can benefit a lot from playing with remote control cars. The enhancement of motor skills, boosting of creativity and imagination, strengthening of family ties, and learning of the value of responsibility are just some of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How far do rc cars usually go before losing signal?

A: This depends on several factors, two of which are the age group for which the car was made and the quality of the car. Usually you will see good cars have a radio signal from 50 to 100 meters.

Q: How long does a battery last?

A: Typically a good rc car will have from 20 to 30 minutes of play time. For bigger kid rc cars, the battery life is longer as their cars have better components. For younger kids, you will usually see their rc cars last about 15 to 20 mins on a full charge.

Q: How long does it take to fully charge a battery?

A: This depends on how big the battery is, but it’s usually from 1 to 2 hours.

Q: Can i leave my battery charging over night, or when I leave?

A:  You should not. That is a very bad idea as these batteries are known to overcharge. You will either ruin the battery, or ruin it and have it explode. Don’t leave a charging battery unattended unless you are paying attention to when you need to unplug it, and actually unplug it when it coms time to.

What Are Your Favorite Remote Control Toys?

There are a lot of remote control toys currently on the market. These come in various styles and price points, and offer a whole new way to interact with technology. Whether your child has an existing interest in robotics or you’re just looking for a special gift to kick-start an interest in tech, there’s a remote control toy that’s the perfect fit for them!

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