The 8 Best Coccyx Cushion for Tailbone Pain [2021 Edition]

We are committed to It’s a common by-product of fatigue – you may lean forward or start leaning forward at an awkward angle at your desk, and you may not even register discomfort right away because your mind is intensely elsewhere. Wouldn’t it be great if your chair took care of the problem for you, giving you a little push to correct your posture?

You can buy a seat cushion to get the job done at a fraction of the cost of a new therapy chair. You’re not sure where to start? Well, we’ve done the research for you and found the best seat cushions to buy today. Even better, most of these pillows also help relieve existing aches and pains that have occurred after months or even years of bending over and bending over.

Here are the 10 Best Coccyx Cushions in India.

Let’s take a look at the Best Coccyx Cushions!

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Finding the best was next up on our list of challenges. After several hours of testing, we decided on a few models that we think are suited.

Here are the Top 10 & Best Coccyx Cushions in 2021

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What Is A Coccyx Cushion?

A tailbone or coccyx is a bone that is present at the bottom end of your spine. The tailbone is also known as coccyx pain or coccydynia that can occur due to fractures, dislocation of bone, tumors, injuries from sports and sometimes they might have no particular cause. Coccyx pain can frustrate you because it makes you incapable to perform some of the activities. The coccyx pain severity can limit a person’s ability to sit, walk, bend over and even work.

Don’t worry, relief is possible! You should start using a coccyx cushion as soon as possible.

There are many types of supportive pillows and cushions in the market that having unique features which helps in reducing pressure off your spine as these cushions provide sufficient cushioning for the sensitive coccyx area. (See also special pillows to rest your legs)

One of them is coccyx cushion which is particularly designed to support your tailbone. A coccyx cushion is made of dense heavy-duty foam-form or gel, with a cutout at the back to reduce pressure on your spine or tailbone. It provides comfort and stability. The design of the coccyx cushion distributes your weight over a larger area, thus alleviating the pain at the coccyx again. They come in different shapes and size according to your needs.

Why Do People Need To Use A Coccyx Cushion?

Although sitting is considered as a way to relax and rest by some people this not the case with people having back problems because sitting can be highly uncomfortable and painful for them. Sitting for prolonged time periods can make worse a number of their health problems like chronic back, tailbone pain, spinal injuries, fistulas, back wounds, hemorrhoids, and abscesses. Sitting difficulties can have a serious impact on people’s life. A sensitive bruised coccyx can make sitting incredibly painful for people. So, they need a coccyx seat cushion in their homes, car, and offices to get relief from that tailbone discomfort. It will also prevent people from sitting disproportionately.

  • Benefits of coccyx seat cushions

A coccyx cushion relieves discomfort from a sore or bruised coccyx while sitting. It not only helps relieves the back pain from the coccyx area but also improves your posture by keeping the spine in an upright position, reduces pressure and maintains blood circulation. It helps to avoid some serious tailbone or back injury for those who sit for longer periods of time or have some mobility disability. It reduces the pressure on the bottom of your spine and provides a gentle support. The coccyx cushion pushes your pelvis forward slightly by holding your tailbone in a more comfy position. These light-weight cushions are very portable and easy to carry with the handle provided. They also come with a washable cover and handy travel case. Some of  coccyx cushions are also used as wheelchair cushions to reduce backbone problems.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Seat Cushion

When selecting the best seat cushion, you need to match your personal sitting needs with beneficial cushion properties. The right seat cushion influences your posture, encouraging you to sit in a way that benefits your back. Here are some things to consider when shopping for a seat cushion.


Seat cushion materials play a significant part in cushion performance and how weight gets distributed. Two major types of seat cushion materials include foam and gel filler.

  • Foam filler is formed by trapping pockets of gas to create various densities, firmness, and weights for seat cushions. Ranging from soft to rigid, foam makes a good cushion because it absorbs loads well and it’s affordable. Memory foam has greater viscosity and density, which causes it to slowly return to its original shape once it’s not bearing any weight.
  • Gel cushions are made of a jelly-like material that can be hard or soft depending on your needs. Gel is mostly a liquid, but it acts like a solid—if it’s cut, the gel will keep its shape, which is a useful quality for cushions that require modifications. Gel is easy to clean, has some weight to it, and holds heat.

Size and Weight

Some of these cushions are designed for large office chairs, while others fit in small airplane seats; check size dimensions before you buy to be sure the cushion will fit your chair. The typical size of a seat cushion is about 17 inches by 14 inches, but this doesn’t take into account seat cushions that have lumbar support, an attachment or separate piece that can make the cushion longer.

Seat cushions aren’t particularly heavy, usually weighing only a couple of pounds, and they may easily port from your home to the car and the office. Some foams and gels make the cushion heavier, but the extra weight isn’t due to firmness: it’s the material’s mass. For example, rigid foam can be light, and soft foam can be heavy depending on how the foam cells are structured.


A basic rectangle isn’t enough to give your back the full benefit of the best seat cushion. Look for a cushion that forces your pelvis to tilt forward. A seat that supports your hip bones reduces slouching as it prevents the spine from bending in a C shape. At the very minimum, a simple, dense, wedge-shaped foam cushion rotates the pelvis, but a U-shaped cushion offers more benefit. U-shaped cushions have a cutout at the back for posterior pelvic tissues. This shape increases comfort for healthy individuals and those with existing lower back pain.


Many seat cushions aren’t flat; instead, they have curves sculpted into the area where the user sits. These curved sections are the contours that impact how pressure is distributed in the seat and play a role in how comfortable the cushion is for the user. When a cushion is contoured to properly fit the shape of a user’s bottom, it results in less tissue distortion and lower pressure because weight is more evenly distributed. The right foam or gel helps the contours hug the user’s body properly to reduce the pressure they would feel when seated on a chair without additional cushion support.


The typical thickness for a seat cushion is 2 to 3 inches. If a cushion is too soft or thin, it may compress too much and take away from any benefit the cushion is supposed to offer. The user’s body type will also play a role when choosing the cushion thickness. Thin people with less natural padding need to make sure their hip bones are cushioned to reap the full benefit of the seat cushion’s design.

A thicker cushion can also affect the ergonomic setup of your work space. Adding a few inches of cushion changes how your feet hit the floor and how your arms settle on the armrest. It also changes the height of your chair, which impacts how much room you have for your knees under the desk.


The seat cushion cover is responsible for your comfort and keeping the gel or foam filler clean. Look for a seat cushion that comes with a cover instead of one that doesn’t, as it’s harder to clean an entire cushion. The best seat cushions have a cover that’s easily removed and able to go in the washing machine. Waterproof mesh fabric has breathable qualities that don’t trap odors and encourage ventilation. Other types of fabric, such as velour, are soft and comfortable and also able to go in the washing machine. If you have sensitivities, look for a hypoallergenic cushion cover. Seat cushions are generally built for function rather than style, so their covers are simple with limited aesthetic decoration.

Back Support

Lumbar support pillows (the ones with a U-shape) are more effective than using a chair for promoting neutral spinal posture and improving comfort in users. The best seat cushion helps relieve both back pain and neck pain. You want a back cushion that promotes good posture, which is a big part of back and spine support. Good posture helps revitalize the muscles that support your back by keeping your spine straight. To get the most out of your posture, make sure when you’re sitting that your knees are below the hip socket and not at a 90-degree angle. Firmer back support cushions make it easier to keep your pelvis from rotating in a way that bends the spine in a C shape.


The best seat cushion stays in place and doesn’t slide around, especially on varnished kitchen chairs. Look for a cushion that has a nonslip base, which is generally made of rubber. Some cushions have straps or ties, enabling you to secure the seat cushion directly to the chair. Seat cushions that come in two pieces (or one large piece) and provide back support should have at least two straps to keep your cushion secure. While these ties keep the cushion in your preferred position, it’s simpler to leave the cushion strapped to the chair rather than transporting it from one location to another. You may want to purchase a more portable cushion—or a second one—if moving it is important to you.


Choosing a coccyx cushion can be a hard thing if you don’t have any idea yet about the leading brands.

Again, there could be several brands from different manufacturers but only a handful of them really delivers.

The ones we’ve listed above made it into our top 5 list because of how well they work according to users.

We’ve scoured through hundreds of reviews and judged according to the number of positive comments that each brand received.

Are you using a different brand of coccyx cushion seat which we failed to include above?

We would like to hear about your experience.

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