10 Best Meditation Chairs We Love In 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

“Give the child some meditation by creating an atmosphere and atmosphere of love, acceptance and silence.” – Swami Dhyan Giten. If this quote doesn’t describe the wonders of meditation, nothing else can. But don’t you feel that something is incomplete here? Isn’t something missing that is essential for meditation? If you haven’t already guessed, it’s Comfort. Among other things, having a comfortable seat for you while you meditate is too crucial and an indispensable factor to consider. To make things even easier, we have created the best meditation chairs in India.

Meditation has proven, for centuries, to be the best solution for all your internal and external problems. Let yourself escape the complex world and let your mind rest. All this would be useless if you do not have the adequate comfort to accompany it. Meditating while uncomfortable is equivalent to not meditating at all. Therefore, we have prepared for you this piece that will allow you to decide on an ideal meditation chair for the home. Join us and review the entire piece so you can make a decision.

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Sitting zazen, or seated meditation, is a central part of Zen Buddhism. Meditation has become a practice that reaches across denominations and can even be practiced with no religious implication at all. Introduced to the western world by the Transcendentalists and Theosophists, the goal of meditation is to rest the mind by emptying it of the hurrying, chattering thoughts that pervade our brains throughout most of the day.

What is the correct meditation posture?

There are several seated meditation postures. The most well known is the full lotus, sitting cross-legged, with the top of each foot resting on the opposite thigh. Beginners often use the half lotus, where one heel is pulled up to the crotch, and the other foot rests on the opposite thigh. Also acceptable, however, is to straddle a cushion that will hold one in kneeling position, or to sit on a small bench, with the legs in kneeling position, or to sit on a plain wooden chair as you normally would.

One thing that remains constant throughout all the seated poses is that the back is straight, the hands and arms relaxed, shoulders wide and chest uplifted for easy breathing.

Why do you need a meditation chair?

Sitting directly on the ground is considered the best practice for Zen or transcendental meditation because it brings the meditator into direct contact with Earth. Since this is not an option for many of us – those who dwell in large cities, or in cold or wet climates where sitting directly on the Earth would be unpleasant at best, sitting on cushions, mats or chairs designed to support the meditator in the correct meditation posture are an acceptable substitute.

Meditation chairs are designed to help someone who is meditating to hold the meditation pose for an extended length of time without discomfort. Some of the chairs are designed for the cross-legged pose, supporting beginners as they move toward the full lotus position. Others are benches or cushions that are intended to help ease the potential strain while kneeling. Some have a back to help with that process of keeping the spine straight throughout a short or long meditation.

What is the selection of meditation chairs?

Meditation chairs come in a variety of styles and designs. Some are made of wicker, others are cushioned wood. Some are simply large, overstuffed cassocks, and no few are low benches designed to hold your weight while kneeling. If you enjoy sitting on the floor or at a low coffee table, meditation chairs might be just the seat you’ve been needing. The classic chairs support the cross-legged position, but there are other designs that simply encourage sitting upright with legs stretched out in front of you.

One amazing meditation chair is carved from a single piece of wood – something to meditate on, all by itself. No few, especially those made to be portable, resemble a stadium seat. Many are beautifully upholstered with embroidery and beads and can easily be a beautiful addition to your living room or atrium.

Here we are discussing about what are the factors we have to check or consider before purchasing this meditation chair.

1. Material:

In market, we can see the meditation chairs which are made with wood, bamboo, cotton, velvet or any organic materials. You have to check whether the material used for its design will give comfort and proper support while meditating without getting any back pack.

Always remember that investing in a good quality material will definitely extend the longevity of the product with its high standards. So, purchase the chair by checking the material used for its manufacturing. For instance, if you like to meditate on the floor then choose a chair which is made with material that won’t get flatten upon its regular usage even for months.

2. Back Support:

In general, we see these meditation chairs either backed or backless. So, you need to know their difference, comfort, and ease of using both these chairs before purchasing. The meditation chair should provide the essential comfort and support to perform meditation without any distraction. So, it’s up to your choice whether to buy a backed meditation chair or backless meditation chairs.

The backed meditation chair gives a perfect back support to the people who sits on it. So, select the chair which is ergonomically designed to hold the proper posture for a longer time with adequate back support.

3. Comfort:

Comfort is essential while practicing meditation why because it is inter connected to mind and thereby disturbs your meditation. So, simply find a chair that properly support your posture and makes you comfortable to sit without any disturbance in the meditation sessions.

4. Meditation Position:

However, most of these meditating chairs are designed to perform cross-legged postures or position. While some other are deigned to perform kneeling to meditation. In case, if you prefer the kneeling then either bench or cushion will be best alternative. So, choose this meditation chair wisely.

5. Durability:

The quality of the material will decide the durability of the chair. Also, the user should not do rigorous activities on the chair. The chair should be strong enough otherwise, in case if the chair gets broke during practicing meditation then it won’t disturb your peace but also hurt the back of your body.

6. Height of the Chair:

Most of the meditation chairs are designed in such a way that sit directly on the floor. In case, if you find yourself hard to sit down on the floor then prefer to choose a chair with some height that suits best for you. Some chairs comes with height adjustments, which allows the user to have a comfortable sit at desired height (up to some extent).

7. Storage Space:

We usually find the meditation chairs comes in different styles such as stools, benches, cushions, etc. and also they vary in different sizes. Keep in consideration about the place to store this meditation chair at the time of its purchase.

8. Portability:

Light and portable meditation chairs are ideal for traveling (like to take it for gyms or outside places). If you’re intended to use this meditation chairs in your home then you can select the heavy one to perform meditation peacefully at home. Also, some meditation chairs will come with carry bags which allows you to carry it comfortable to any place.

9. Ergonomic Design:

To reduce your stress, tension and strain from the body, back and legs, we prefer to have a relaxed chair. So, select this meditation chair that comes with ergonomic design that creates safety and physical health to the people who are using it.

Also, the location where you want to meditate will be taken into consideration, why because it may decides what type of meditation chairs to be purchased. Whether it should be for indoor usage or outdoor or for both types. Whether it is portable and easy to carry or fixed at one place.

10. Lifestyle:

Your lifestyle will also resemble before buying this meditation chair. So, check whether you meditate at work or at home or travel a lot? So, select the chair which is light, foldable and compatible if you are a person meditating at work or traveling. In case, if you prefer to meditate in a permanent space in the home then get a robust and elevated chair. Finally, select the chair as per your lifestyle.

11. Cost:

Prefer to purchase this meditation chair that is comfortable and cost-effective. Although, check whether the chair meets your required variety of posture and meditation comfortably. In general, these meditation chairs will start from Rs. 3000 and above, as per the features, support, and comfort.

Benefits of Meditation Chairs

Meditation chairs are one of the essential tools for your studio.

In my guide to creating a room for mindfulness, I recommended that you get both a meditation seat and cushion. Both are reasonably inexpensive items, and both will do wonders for you.


Well, let me ask you: Have you ever tried meditating on the bus?

I take the bus everywhere because I love to help the environment. And I always meditate on the bus because it is a challenge. The discomfort makes it difficult to relax, and the other passengers make it hard to focus. 

A good seat does the opposite. Good ones have back support that is specifically designed to support proper posture so you can find your Zen.  

It’s crucial to be comfortable when meditating; otherwise, you will not focus properly (especially if you’re using specific sitting positions, like those in Zazen).

Put simply: Get a good seat so you can sit comfortably and focus. 

One of the risks is that you will damage your spine by sitting with bad posture. This won’t happen if you have the right support.

When you get a good chair, two good things will happen.

Firstly, it will help you to sit with proper posture. This helps to support your body and to prevent injury. This is significant for people who sit when meditating.  And it’s one of the main reasons why a good seat with back support is essential.

Secondly, a good seat will stop you fidgeting, so you can focus.

Regardless of the design, fabric, colour, and other aesthetic choices, comfort and focus are paramount. You will know that a chair is inadequate when it does not achieve those two things.

When you buy a chair, make sure it offers excellent spinal support and helps you to focus. When you sit in it you should feel relaxed; not tired, not lazy, but comfortable and focused.

Other benefits:

  • Help you sit in the right postures.
  • Support your weight
  • Offer lumbar support
  • Help you focus
  • Reduce the strain of sitting

Meditation Chair Buying Tips

When you buy a meditation chair, consider these things:

  • If you get an antique, make sure that it is in good condition and not liable to break.
  • A cheap one may not be durable because it will be made of cheap fabric. That said, some cheap ones are perfectly acceptable.
  • When you’re looking to buy cheap furniture, you won’t get everything. With a cheap one, you have to choose between design and comfort (choose comfort; after all, this is for meditating, not decorative furniture).
  • If you want to conserve space, you should consider a collapsible seat.
  • It is possible to DIY one but be honest with yourself, will a DIY version have enough back support? If not, is it worth putting your time and effort into making one? (If you want to make it for fun because you love crafts then sure, go DIY nuts, don’t let me stop you, but just be aware that it probably won’t end up as good as a professionally constructed one).
  • There are lots of different types (Chakra, Dhyana, lotus, Nori, Osho, Tibetan). Still, regardless of the specific style and design, they should all offer the same benefits, which we’ve looked at above.
  • If you have a small room, you might want to look for a foldable meditation chair to buy. This will conserve space.
  • As with any other product, prices vary. How much do they cost? From $20 to several thousand (for antiques).

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the difference between a meditation chair and meditation cushion?

The main difference is the back support provided by the chair. Meditation chairs comes with partial or full sections at back that makes your sit back and rest against the chair. When it comes to meditation cushions then it is designed to sit on the top and raise the hips and thereby keep the back supported by sitting straight.
So, the meditation chairs are perfect and well suitable for those who has extra back support rather than meditation cushions.2. Shall we use this chair as outdoor or indoor furniture?

Most of these meditation chairs are not used as indoor or outdoor furniture why because they don’t have any weather resistant fabric. If you want to use this meditation chairs as outdoor then you have to design it specifically.3. When and How this meditation chair is essential?

The meditation chair is essential to maintain/sustain a perfect body posture while sitting for a longer time on the floor without causing any strain on the back or any of your body part. It provides stability that won’t incur any distractions while meditating and straightens the body by giving proper back support.4. Why we need a meditation chair but not sitting with back against a wall?

The usage of meditation chairs will help you to maintain correct body posture without placing much pressure on the lumbar region of the body. This apparatus is designed specially to maintain body posture which we won’t grab by just leaning on the wall for support.5. What is the proper meditation posture?

The excellent posture for meditation is just sitting with the back and neck straight and unsupported. Also, keep your legs in any position that makes you feel comfortable and stable. Some common postures are full lotus, cross-legged, half lotus, kneeling position or simply sir on a small bench or plain wooden chair with back straight.

Thanks to the very talented manufacturers on this list, there are lots of options no matter what you’re looking for.

When you buy meditation chairs, always remember that the most critical things are that it offers excellent support for your body and that it helps you focus. All the ones we’ve looked at in this list will do precisely that. 

You might also like to read my guide to the best yoga chairs.

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