Top 10 Best Kitchen Chimney Brands in India – Reviews & Price List

In India cooking in the kitchen is not an easy job as people here enjoy some serious spicy food with a lot of masala and curry. Preparing all types of delicacies involve frying, baking, making curry of different flavors. People do not like frozen food or packaged food in India and preparing three meals a day is a must which leaves a lot of grime and stains in your kitchen especially on walls and cabinets. At times if not cleaned properly and if there is no kitchen chimney the kitchen smells really bad and the smell spreads in the house. To eliminate all these problems one can install best auto clean chimney in India above your cook top.

Kitchen-chimney feature

With the installation of the best kitchen chimney you can get rid of watery eyes and bad odor from your kitchen. The kitchen chimney is placed right above your cook top which instantly sucks the heat and steam keeping your kitchen air healthy. The chimneys are powered with strong motors to do their task efficiently. The kitchen chimney price is aldo reasonable as there are lot of competing brands in the market. We have compiled a list of best kitchen chimney brands in India to help you select the right one for your kitchen.

Glen 6054 60cm Kitchen Chimney


The Glen 6054 60cm Kitchen Chimney is simply the best kitchen chimney in India that you can purchase for your kitchen now. The size is 60 cm and fits in easily in any kitchen. The push button control is very easy to operate and gives an optimum result easily. Apart from this, the product comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.


  • The chimney features Italian motor which has high suction power.
  • The chimney has a unique feature of baffle filter which ventilates the air easily.
  • After purchase service is very good by the manufacturer.

Sunflame 90 cm 1100 m3/h Chimney


The Sunflame 90 cm 1100 m3/h Chimney has one of the best kitchen chimney in India that you can purchase today. The air flow of the chimney is very powerful and makes a wonderful construction and suction of the power and makes it feel good. The Baffle filter technology is indeed very great and has a wonderful result for everyone.


  • The chimney is ideal for use in the kitchen if you wish to use it regularly.
  • The suction power is 1100 m3/h and gets a good benefit.
  • The size of the product is 90 cm has a good capacity.

Glen 6062 60cm Kitchen Chimney 


The Glen 6062 60cm Kitchen Chimney has some of the unique features which can surely take it as one of the best kitchen chimney in India. The chimney deals with a very powerful motor that gives the ultimate suction of odor and air from the kitchen. The bewilder channel keeps within free from clean and obstructing.


  • The chimney has a very sleek look with a very modern and attractive display.
  • The chimney has a baffle filter for deep cleaning.
  • It has Italian motor with 1 year of warranty.

Kaff Chimney Elbaa MX Kitchen Chimney


The Kaff Chimney Elbaa MX Kitchen Chimney provides a very strong support to your kitchen needs. The lamps filter in the chimney is essential for you to use and also very easy to clean. The air flow is almost 1000 m3/h which is great to use regularly. The quick suction feature removes the air from the kitchen easily.


  • The chimney has a size of 60 cm which is very sleek
  • The chimney has aluminum cassette filter for the lamps
  • The motor has 3 speed which gives optimum power.

Elica Nero Kitchen Chimney 60 cm

Elica Kitchen Chimney

The Elica Nero Kitchen Chimney 60 cm is definitely ranked as one of the best in the kitchen chimney price list. The body of the kitchen chimney is made up of stainless steel which has the push-button technology. The users can get a 1-year manufacturer warranty on the motor for better results.


  • The chimney guarantees you with a power stuffed execution.
  • The suction limit of the kitchen is high and gives best results.
  • The push button panel technology is quite beneficial for everyone’s use.

Hindware Nevio 90 cm Chimney


The Hindware Nevio 90 cm Chimney is a very professional model that you can get with a 5-year warranty on the motor. The suction power of the motor is very high and also, it has a baffle filter. This makes it very easy for the users to operate with the soft touch feature.


  • The product has a thermal auto clean which gives better results.
  • The oil collector is designed specifically as per the different cooking habits.
  • It has a very powerful motor which consumes less power.

Glen GL 6075 Stainless Steel Chimney


The Glen GL 6075 Stainless Steel Kitchen Chimney is just a must-have for your home. The kitchen chimney price is very affordable at the range and is a top choice for you to buy. It has 3-speed motors which integrate the suction power and releases fresh air. It also has a bewilder channel for the instant release of air.


  • The kitchen chimney design is quite unique and also classic
  • The product has a lifetime warranty on the motor.
  • The chimney is equipped with Italian motor for better results.

Pigeon Sterling 60cm Chimney


Right from the manufacturers, the Pigeon Sterling 60cm Chimney is one of the best things that you can get. The product has a 1-year warranty on the components and has a good kitchen chimney online. The chimney has a dual motor which can get a lot of benefits to deal with. It has a 3-speed control that sucks the air from within and makes everything better.


  • The product has a 1-year warranty
  • The body is made up of fiber which is lightweight
  • The product has 2 different lamps to indicate the different operations

Hindware Clarissa 60 Blk Wall Mounted Chimney


The Hindware Clarissa 60 Blk Wall Mounted Chimney is one of an ideal kitchen chimney onlinethan you can buy. The chimney has a 1-year manufacturer warranty and it is very efficient. It has a suction power of 700m3/h which can ventilate the air from the kitchen very easily. You can browse kitchen chimney price list and reviews.


  • The kitchen chimney has a push button technology for on and off.
  • It has effective air flow and consumes less power.
  • The product has cassette filters for effective results.

Hindware 60 cm Cleo Kitchen Chimney 


The Hindware 60 cm Cleo Chimney is one of the best Kitchen Chimney in India that one can get. In fact, the chimney comes up with a manufacturer warranty of 5 years which is a big advantage. Apart from this, it has a soft touch control along with the auto clean technology. The control panel is very easy to understand.


  • The kitchen chimney comes up with a separate oil collector.
  • The chimney comes up with a baffle filter to get better results.
  • The look of the chimney is very professional to use.

Top 10 Best Kitchen Chimney Price

Product NameSuction Capacity(In M3/Hr)Latest Price 
Glen 6054 60cm Kitchen Chimney1000
Sunflame 90 cm Chimney1100
Glen 6062 60cm1000
Kaff Chimney Elbaa MX1000
Elica Nero Kitchen Chimney1100
Hindware Nevio 90 cm Chimney1200
Glen GL 6075 Stainless Steel Chimney750
Pigeon Sterling 60cm Chimney860
Hindware Clarissa 60 Blk Wall Mounted Chimney700
Hindware 60 cm Cleo Kitchen Chimney 1200

Kitchen Chimney Filters

Baffle Filter

A lot of the kitchen chimneys in India are equipped with the baffle filters. It is an enhancement of the aluminum cable mesh filters. The research proclaims that these kinds of filters are generally 30% superior as compared to the mesh filters. The framing includes the sheets on the filter to contain several curves that permit the smoke to discharge easily whilst confining the oily particles from doing so.

It is relatively stress-free to sustain a baffle filter since they need cleaning once within a time period of 3 to 4 months. These days, you possess the removable baffle filter whereby you might be able to do so by yourself and clean it systematically.

Carbon Filter

These are similar to carbon filters in the water purifiers, you might possess these types of filters fitted inside your kitchen chimneys too. They eliminate the bad smell out of the food. Crafted using charcoal, you might be able to utilize this carbon filter within both the duct and the ductless kitchen chimneys.

Mesh Filters

The smoke that develops inside any kitchen comprises of greasy and oily particles or matter apart from the soot. Customarily, the filters comprise of several layers of stainless steel or aluminum mesh filters to catch those solid bits while permitting the smoke to discharge. Alternatively, these filters need a lot of maintenance. Additionally, they might diminish the suction volume of the filters owing to the obstructions. The finest method is to clean up the filters on a regular basis either at home or by contacting a committed chimney cleaning assistance.

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