Best LED TV in India 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Today we have lined up the Best LED TV in India currently available in the market, which are going to provide you with the top-notch specification, amazing picture quality, smart features, internet-connectivity, and several other exciting features and technologies.

We are pretty sure that after going through our comprehensive reviews, every single person is going to find at least one model that will match their requirements, preferences, and most importantly the budget.

Best LED TV in India

Gone are the days when you used to watch your favorite shows on that big box like TV, which required tuning and changing channels using the buttons provided on it. From that time the Television industry has changed a lot. With the emergence of technologies such as LCD, LCD IPS, LED, QLED, OLED, etc., this industry has definitely become a giant over time. But, with this overflowing number of choices, selecting a model for your house or office might become a tedious task as and when you hit the market to purchase one.

Nowadays, LED (light-emitting diode) TVs are one the most popular TV types available in the Indian market, providing exceptional overall picture quality. LED TVs are a great choice for all lighting conditions, principally well-lit rooms. They often have exceptionally thin profiles, allowing for easy positioning in any observing space. LED TVs are essentially part of the LCD TV family, with the LEDs as long as advanced edge-lighting or back-lighting.

Best LED TV in India Price List:

Brand Tv Size (inches)Latest Price
Mi LED Smart TV 4 - 55 inches 4K TV55"[su_button url="" target="blank" background="#940827" size="2" center="yes" radius="round" onclick=""]Latest Price[/su_button]
LG 55UJ632T - 55-inches 4K TV55"[su_button url=""target="blank"background="#940827"size="2"center="yes" radius="round"onclick=""]Latest Price[/su_button]
Panasonic  Viera TH-49EX600D - 49"[su_button url=""target="blank"background="#940827" size="2" center="yes" radius="round" onclick=""]Latest Price[/su_button]
Sanyo XT-43S8100FS - 43-inch TV43"[su_button url="" target="blank" background="#940827" size="2" center="yes" radius="round" onclick=""]Latest Price[/su_button]
Sony Bravia KLV-43W662F 43-inches Full HD TV43"[su_button url="" target="blank" background="#940827" size="2" center="yes" radius="round" onclick=""]Latest Price[/su_button]
Vu 40D6575 - 40-inch TV40"[su_button url="" target="blank" background="#940827" size="2" center="yes" radius="round" onclick=""]Latest Price[/su_button]
Sony KLV-40W672E - 40-inches Full HD Smart TV40"[su_button url="" target="blank" background="#940827" size="2" center="yes" radius="round" onclick=""]Latest Price[/su_button]
Vu 32K160M - 32-inches TV32"[su_button url="" target="blank" background="#940827" size="2" center="yes" radius="round" onclick=""]Latest Price[/su_button]
Sony Bravia KLV-32W672F32"[su_button url="" target="blank" background="#940827" size="2" center="yes" radius="round" onclick=""]Latest Price[/su_button]

TVs are the most attracting thing in any electronic store. But choosing one can be one hard. The above list contains all the best LED TV in India. You can choose any one of them without giving a second thought.

Best LED TV in India Reviewed

Mi Smart TV 4 – 55 inches 4K LED TV

The Mi LED TV takes viewing to a different plane altogether. The highlight of the TV is the frame less display. Hence, you get complete end-to-end entertainment with this TV.

This Mi TV proves that Slim is Beautiful. You will not get a better experience than watching your favorite programmes on its 4.9 mm Ultra-thin profile.You experience 4K and HDR technology in this TV. It ensures commendable brightness and excellent clarity at the same time.


The TV is powered by a 65-bit quad-core processor along with 2GB RAM. It makes switching between apps an easy job. As this TV comes with 8 GB internal storage, you can install multiple apps on this TV. You have dual connectivity in the form of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth whereby streaming content from the internet becomes smooth and seamless. Also, you have two HDMI ports, USB, and AV Input ports.

The Screen Mirroring feature enables you to cast content from other smart devices to the bigger screen of your TV. You can download various applications such as Voot, Hotstar, and Hungama Play that allow you to stream content.

Aesthetic design that provides an unhindered viewing experienceSound output on TV is not that great
Excellent features at extremely reasonable prices 

LG 55UJ632T – 55-inches 4K LED TV

This TV has attractive features like 4K, Ultra HD, IPS, 4K, and Active HDR that can mesmerize your eyes with the stunning display of pixels, colors, and contrast.

The combination of 4K Ultra HD and IPS 4K is perfect for producing flawless pictures. This TV boasts a screen resolution that is four times that of full HD. You can experience a stunning display of 8.3 million pixels combining to produce images of impeccable quality. The Ultra IPS Panel ensures that you can view the photos from any angle without any discomfort.

The Active HDR feature analyses and optimises HDR10 and HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) to provide a breathtaking HDR experience. Also, you have the 4K Up-Scaler to enhance the quality of the images.

LG 55UJ632T

Control your TV and the web OS with a single magic remote. You can browse the internet for the most popular content on YouTube, Yupp TV, and many more channels. You can surf the internet while watching the TV at the same time.

There are other notable features like Wireless Sound (Bluetooth), Tellybean (video calling app), LG Store, easy and fast access to Netflix, smart TV games, and a Picture Mastering Index of 1600 to offer rich and vibrant colour.

Smart TV in the true sense of the wordLimited apps in web OS store
Expandable memoryWeb OS does not support Plug-In Support
High-quality colour and sharp images 

Panasonic Viera TH-49EX600D – LED TV

Panasonic is a leading manufacturer of high-quality LED TVs The Viera TH-49EX600D 4K UHD TV is one of the best TVs in the 49 inches category. This TV has some amazing features that allow for a tremendous viewing experience. Let us look into these spell-binding features.

The 4K Hexa Chroma Drive ensures that you get quality 6-colour reproduction to produce images that leap from the screen. This Panasonic TV comes with Multi HDR Support as it supports multiple HDR formats. The In-Plane Switching Technology provides high light transmittance with a wide viewing angle. You get a higher level of picture quality with the IPS LED.


The unique feature of this TV is the Pure Picture Uniformity Sheet that reduces uneven brightness you witness occasionally at the corners. Hence, you end up with pictures that are true to life.

You can connect to the internet and get access to a wide range of apps. The new home screen makes it easy to access the content you want with intuitive operation. The Switch Design enables you to turn the TV towards you so that you feel comfortable at all times. The easy mirroring feature on this TV allows you to reproduce the contents of your smartphone on the giant screen.

Reduces uneven brightness to provide a better viewing experienceDoes not have Bluetooth in spite of being a smart TV
Superior colour and sound 
Smart TV enables you to browse the internet at reasonable speeds

Sanyo XT-43S8100FS – 43-inch LED TV

The ability to watch Netflix and YouTube on smart TVs is a foregone conclusion. The Sanyo TV has additional features like Android Mirroring that enables you to mirror your smartphone screen and audio. As a result, you can plug into the world of apps and have access to a variety of games, lifestyle, and shopping experiences on the TV.

The In-Plane Switching technology in use in this Sanyo TV ensures accurate colour reproduction thereby enhancing picture clarity regardless of the viewing angle. You have true HD (1920 X 1080) to enable you to watch stunningly accurate images. The Reduced Motion Blur feature allows you to watch fast-paced movies and sports with a great deal of ease.


You have high-quality audio to complement the excellent video experience. The Dolby Digital feature provides HD sound on your Sanyo TV. Connecting to an external sound theatre system is a seamless experience with the HDM Sound Out feature.

Three HDMI ports and two USB ports provide excellent connectivity as you can connect a variety of devices to this TV. Connect to your home Wi-Fi for continuous entertainment.

Possesses all ingredients necessary for a smart TVLinux Operating System is a slow one
Best quality at reasonable pricesDownloading apps is not possible on this TV
Energy efficient 
Excellent after-sales service 

Sony Bravia KLV-43W662F 43-inches Full HD LED TV

Consumers experience amazing clarity on this Full HD LED Smart TV because of the high quality X-Reality Pro picture engine. The X-Reality Pro picture engine up-scales the pixels thereby improving picture clarity. The Full HD feature enables you to distinguish between different shades of colours comfortably.

The High Dynamic Range Technology emphasises the contrast beautifully by highlighting the brightest of whites and the darkest of blacks. It results in a more dynamic look. The X-Reality Pro engine analyses each image and reduces noise to enhance the quality of the HD images.


The Sony Bravia comes with Clear Audio+ Technology to enrich the sound experience. It ensures that you distinguish between music and dialogue with a great deal of ease without any overlapping of sounds.

The Bravia is a smart TV as you can enjoy seamless internet connectivity with USB tethering. Connect your smartphone to the TV and start browsing the internet. There cannot be a smarter way to enjoy your smartphone as the Bravia allows you to connect your mobile to the TV and enjoy its contents. You can also experience the joys of connecting to Netflix and YouTube using your TV remote.

The X-Protection Pro feature protects your expensive Bravia TV from dust, humidity, lightning, and electrical surges. Communicating with this TV is effortless because it can converse with you in various Indian languages.

Full HD with HDR features for a high-quality image outputSlightly expensive, but good things do not come cheap
Smart TV whereby you connect to the internet seamlessly 
Great looks complemented by excellent performance 

Vu 40D6575 – 40-inch LED TV

When you talk of budget TVs, the first name that comes to mind is Vu. Let us now look at some of the excellent features of the best budget 40-inch TV.

The A+ Grade Panel eliminates ambient light reflection from the images and ensures picture-perfect clarity thereby taking your movie-watching experience to a higher level. When you have quality pictures on your TV, you need quality sound to supplement them. The AmpliFI Sound Technology present in the Vu TV can make your Sunday night movies seem real.


You measure the utility of your TV by the connectivity options. The Vu TV has a lot of connectivity options like USB/HDMI ports, headphone sockets, and so on. Using these ports, you can take advantage of the built-in media player and watch your favourite movies. Connecting your laptop to the TV is also possible.

MPEG files tend to occupy a lot of space. This TV comes with an MPEG H.265 Decoder to compress the data and reduce it to less than half their size. Another advantage of this TV is the wide viewing angle. Hence, there is no need for anyone to fight for the centre spot to enjoy your favorite games and movies.

Excellent picture quality and soundYou cannot connect it to the internet as it is not a smart TV
Giant size viewing at the lowest of prices 
Variety of connectivity options 

Sony KLV-40W672E – Full HD Smart LED TV

The X-Reality PRO Picture Engine in this Sony Full HD TV is one of the best available on the scene today. The advantage of the X-Reality PRO engine is that it up-scales every pixel for exceptional clarity by delivering the best colour, contrast, and sharpness. At the same time, it reduces picture noise thereby ensuring that you enjoy lifelike picture quality at all times.

This TV has the Clear Audio+ Technology to complement the X-Reality PRO Picture Engine. In combination with the built-in BASS Woofer, Clear Audio+ provides for an emotionally enriching experience to surround you with high quality music. The clarity is such that it separates the dialogues from the music with a high degree of efficiency.


Why should you watch content on your small smartphone screen when you can do so on the large 40-inch screen of this smart TV?

Connect your Android smartphone through a micro USB cable and navigate all the media available on the phone using your TV remote. The best aspect of this exercise is that the process serves to charge your smartphone simultaneously.

This is a smart TV and is compatible with Netflix and YouTube. At the same time, you enjoy faster browsing. This TV is a wholesome entertainment package as you connect your USB drives to watch your favorite content. The Super Multi-format Play feature supports multiple formats.

Screen mirroring is possible in this Bravia model. Enjoy the contents of your smartphone on the Sony TV. Your family photos and videos look fantastic on the big screen. Navigating in multiple Indian languages is comfortable now as this TV comes with the facility to communicate in different Indian languages.

Good picture qualityUnable to download Indian media provider apps like Hotstar or Amazon Prime
High quality sound 
Smart TV 

Vu 32K160M – 32-inches LED TV

If you think HD LED TVs are expensive, you should look at this model. The Vu 32K160M is the least expensive among all 32-inches TVs in the market. However, there is no compromise on the quality aspect.

The Vu TV comes with the A+ Grade Pure Prism Panel to provide stunning visuals paving the way for an immersive movie-watching experience. You have the AmpliFi Sound Technology to complement the picture quality with clear vocals and Hi-Fi Sound. The 20W Speakers pack a solid punch.

Connect your USB pen drive or a portable USB drive to the TV and play your stored media files comfortably. You have additional connectivity options for viewing your photos, videos, and music on the big screen. You can also connect your headphone to the TV and enjoy your favourite movies in peace without disturbing anyone.

This TV comes at the lowest price in the market in its categoryIt is not a smart TV. Hence, it does not support YouTube and Netflix.
Wide viewing angle 
Excellent picture quality coupled with the dramatic sound output 

Sony Bravia KLV-32W672F – Full HD Smart TV

Sony and Picture Clarity go hand in hand. This 32-inches Bravia model is no different from the other Sony models on display. Here are some of the exciting features of the Bravia KLV-32W672F.

The best aspect of this TV is that you get full HD. Every image on the screen is refined to ensure the maximum impact. The X-Reality Pro Picture Engine ensures to filter out excessive noise from the picture thereby enhancing its clarity.

This TV comes with High Dynamic Range (HDR) Technology that ensures to capture every bit of detail from the darkest and the brightest areas of any picture and give it a dynamic feel.


Sony is not only about picture clarity alone. You get the most profound Bass experience with the built-in sub-woofer that makes watching the concerts an enjoyable affair. This TV comes with Clear Audio+ technology that separates dialogues from music with a high degree of clarity.

The X-Protection Pro feature on your Sony Bravia protects from dust, lightning, humidity, and electrical surges. This TV presents information in a multitude of Indian languages. Select your preferred language, and the TV communicates with you in your selected language.

Being a smart TV, you can access the internet and browse your favorite content easilyThe price is a bit on the higher side if you compare its peers
Also, you have great sound as well. 
This TV is renowned for its excellent picture quality. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I decide on the right size in LED TV to settle for?

While bigger screens would often take the cake, the onus is on confirming the dimension of your room and picking a matching TV. The bigger your room size, the bigger the TV size, and vice versa.

Do smart TVs get hacked?

Almost anything that can be connected to the internet can be hacked. Easily or not depends on various factors. But since the smart TVs use the internet theoretically they can be hacked. To stay on the safer side, avoid using the TV for sensitive information like Banking, online shopping that needs the use of debit/credit card etc.

Do LED TVs come with wall mount?

Usually they come with pedestal base, but a wall mount frees a lot of space. You can find good deals at wall mount options if you check online.

Do we get local channels on a smart TV?

The technology used to make a TV makes it a smart TV or regular TV. It has nothing to do with the content that you like to watch. If you use the cable, set-top box or your previously used satellite service, you will still receive what you’d receive before, only in a better form.


Furthermore, if you are still confused which is pretty much okay. You can consider choosing one based on your requirements such as size, image quality, and budget. Choosing a product from our list will ensure you good quality and durable product.

So this was our list of 10 best LED TVs in India 2020. We hope it was helpful and you were able to find a suitable television for your home or office. Our favorites brands in televisions are VU and LG. If you want to spend less then go for Vu LED TVs given above on this list. Mi is also a great option if you need an affordable Smart TV. If you need top-notch quality and can spend more then go for LG LED TVs given in this list above.

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