Top 10 Best Mechanical Keyboard Under 50 USD – Review & Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for the best mechanical keyboard under 50 USD? you will be happy to know that you have reached the right place and your search finally gets over with us.

We have already done the job for you and carried out the 10 best Mechanical keyboards under 50 USD.

Our expert’s team has reviewed more 500 mechanical boards. We review them on the basis of their features, quality, ease of use and many other factors that are important to enjoy the great gaming experience.

When it comes to gaming keyboards, you need one that is user-friendly but packed with features to help you kick your opponent’s butt every time.

A regular keyboard is just not going to give you the edge you need to take on your opponents into the game.

Most budget gaming keyboards have a variety of programmable keys to help you get the most out of your pc gameplay.

Gamers often spend hours battling it out so most gaming keyboards are designed to be more suitable for long term use. Having a proper game keyboard is like having a Ferrari to race with as opposed to a Honda Civic.

So, let’s not waste our time any more and have look at our list of top 10 best mechanical keyboards under 50 USD

List Of Top 10 Best Mechanical Keyboard Under 50 USD

Best Mechanical Keyboard Under 50 USD: Detailed Review

Here are the best mechanical keyboards under 50 dollars that you use for your gaming and typing needs. Almost all these budget and cheap mechanical keyboards are from Chinese brands. 

Redragon K552 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Redragon K552 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

  • The perfect mechanical keyboard for office or home use.
  • Designed for longevity with greater durability and responsiveness. 87 Keys Small Compact Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Custom Mechanical Feeling Keyboard Switches (Cherry MX Blue equivalent).
  • The Mechanical Keyboard offers medium resistance, crisp click sound, and precise tactile feedback for ultimate typing and gaming performance. 
  • The steel series mechanical game keyboards feature a Compact Ergonomic Design and a High-Quality Durable Metal-ABS Construction with Plate-mounted mechanical keys and switches that stand up even during the most testing marathon gaming sessions like league of legends, steam, Fortnite, PUGB, Overwatch, Call of Duty and other FPS Games

  • Affordable and reliable
  • Compact and splash-proof
  • Anti-ghosting and high polling rate
  • Red LED backlight and 6 different light levels for an illuminated keyboard
  • Interchangeable Arrow and WASD keys
  • Only comes with red backlighting
  • Only 87 keys

Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard

Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard

  • Three-zone dynamic RGB backlighting with 10+ preconfigured vivid RGB lighting modes allow you to choose immersive lighting effects
  • 6 programmable macro keys enable powerful actions, key remaps and combos; Adjustable Height: Yes
  • Dedicated Volume and multimedia controls for direct Audio control without interrupting your game. Matrix 110 keys
  • Quiet and responsive keys give a satisfying feel. Compatibility and System Requirements: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows Vista. PC with 2 USB 2.0 ports
  • Comfortable wrist rest for fatigue reduction
  • Compatible with Xbox One to play keyboard enabled games

  • It has a detachable wrist pad
  • Membrane keys retain a reasonable level of resistance
  • It has a textured face for added grip
  • It has three RGB backlighting zones
  • Six programmable keys enhance gaming
  • It has limited customisation settings

DREVO Tyrfing V2

Drevo Tyrfing V2

  • Customizable RGB backlit: 16.8 million colors and 14 different lighting modes that have a high color rendition. You can personalize each key backlight through DREVO Tyrfing V2 software.
  • Compact 87 keys Design: The ergonomic 10 keyless keyboard saves space and ensures the utmost comfort for your hands while typing.
  • Real Mechanical keyboard: Anti-ghosting, N-key Rollover allows you to control each key independently, delivering an accurate response while maintaining fluidity.
  • Multi-function & Software Support: 5 programmable macro keys can record your key-bindings for quick actions, weapons or gear swaps, and there is also support for windows lock and media control. Powerful software is bundled as well. Download from

  • Affordable, mechanical keyboard
  • Great build materials
  • 5 Macro keys
  • Windows key lock
  • Quite bulky
  • Doesn’t come with wrist support

Gaming Keyboard, BlueFinger Mechanical: Best Mechanical Keyboards Under 50 USD

BlueFinger Mechanical Keyboards

  • ABS Gaming Keyboard: The BlueFinger USB wired keyboard is made of durable and high-quality ABS materials. Designed with the crack surface, which makes it fashion and novelty.
  • Illuminated Keyboard: This backlit gaming keyboard comes in 3 LED red/blue/purple colors and 3 breathing modes. You can easily change the backlit luminous mode to your favorite settings by tapping “Fn” and PS/PB/SL keys.
  • Professional Keys: 10 multimedia hotkeys on the top of the keyboard that can help you easily access email, media player, etc. When you press and operate up to 19 keys simultaneously with keys conflict or missing keys, enjoy your gaming time.
  • Quality Guarantee: When you purchase from BlueFinger, you’ll get 6 months return or exchange service for quality problems. Please contact with our respond-in-24-hours customer service team.

  • ASB Gaming Keyboard
  • 10 multimedia hotkeys
  • 6 Month Quality Guarantee
  • Compatible Keyboard and mouse system
  • It is a bit bulky thus not ideal for small desktops

Eagletec KG010-RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Eagletec KG010-RGB Mechanical Keyboard

  • GAMING KEYBOARD; 104 Key Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Custom Mechanical Switches–blue switch designed for longevity with greater durability and responsiveness. Fast mechanical keys with medium resistance, precise actuation, audible click sound, and tactile bump feedback.
  • AIRCRAFT-GRADE ALUMINUM / ABS CONSTRUCTION; The PC Gaming keyboard is constructed of Aircraft-Grade Aluminium and ABS with plate-mounted mechanical keys and switches that stand up to tough industrial /office /gaming application.
  • BACKLIT ANTI GHOSTING KEYBOARD; ALL 104 mechanical gaming keyboards keys are conflict-free (n-Key Rollover) for ultimate Gaming performance.Non-Slip Ergonomic Design and splash-proof keys. Comes with Full numeric keypad and a gold-plated corrosion free USB connector for a reliable connection.
  • KEYBOARD COMPATIBILITY: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP, Limited Mac OS keyboard support

  • Anti-ghosting
  • Aluminum and ABS construction
  • Mechanical keys with the audible click sound
  • Full numeric keypad and splash-proof keys
  • Blue LED adjustable lighting
  • Most expensive board in this list
  • No wrist support

VicTsing RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

No products found.

  • Generic Blue Switches
  • No Backlighting
  • 87-Key Format
  • 5′ USB Cable
  • It does not have backlighting

Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Rii K61C USB

No products found.

  • Generic Blue Switches
  • White LED Backlit Keys
  • 87-Key Format
  • 6′ USB Cable
  • We could find any

Cooler Master Devastator 3 Gaming Keyboard

Cooler Master Devastator 3 Gaming Keyboard

  • Cooler Master Mem-Chanical key Switch Tactile Feel Keyboard, USB 2.0
  • 7 Color LED Backlit Mode: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Light Blue, and White
  • Avago 3050 Optical Gaming Sensor – 4 DPI Settings: 800, 1200, 1800 and 2800
  • 6 Multimedia Keys for quick access
  • Laser-etched and grip coated keycaps, Anti-slide rubber pads on the bottom side

  • It includes dedicated multimedia keys
  • Achieves a mechanical feel through the exclusive mem-mechanical switches
  • Comes with bright LED lights for all lighting conditions
  • Durable laser-etched symbols
  • The mouse uses a precision optical sensor
  • The backlighting does not come back automatically until Windows is on

HyperX Alloy Core RGB – Membrane Gaming Keyboard

HyperX Alloy Core RGB - Membrane Gaming Keyboard

  • RGB radiant lighting effects personalize your computer setup and bring it to life with customizable LED lighting effects on your RGB Gaming Keyboard. Stunning radiance paired with six Effect presets to choose from to make your keyboard smooth and stylish with RGB effects. Features hyperx’s signature radiant light bar
  • Spill-resistant keyboard Designed with a durable frame, The HyperX alloy core RGB can resist up to 120Ml of liquid that even when beverage accidents occur, your gaming performance won’t be diminished or affected
  • Quiet responsive keys comfortable, quiet, and accurate with anti-ghosting functionality. This keyboard is an option for those who dislike the loud sounds of a mechanical keyboard with soft-touch keys to provide a tactile feel
  • Built for PC gaming Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7

  • Affordable gaming keyboard
  • Spill-resistant
  • Dedicated media keys
  • Anti-ghosting
  • No macro keys
  • Doesn’t come with wrist support

M87 Mac Layout Mechanical Keyboard

No products found.

  • Mechanical switches (brown)
  • Wireless
  • Good battery life
  • Feels durable, not cheap
  • Comfortable to type on
  • No Numpad
  • Wireless range leaves something to be desired

Features to Consider in Cheap Mechanical Keyboards

Full Size Keyboards vs. 10 Keyless Keyboards vs. 60% Mechanical Keyboards

The size of your keyboard is a significant consideration. Full-size keyboards are either ANSI 104 or ISO 105 keyboards. They have all the keys, including the number pad. The 10 Keyless keyboard does not have the number pad, yet includes all other buttons including the function keys. The final design to consider are 60% mechanical keyboards. The style does not have the function row, number pad, or arrow keys. As a result, 60% mechanical keyboards are the most compact keyboards available.

The Behavior of the Switch

Keyboards respond differently when you press down on a button. Some typists or gamers have a preference toward one style over another. If you are unsure of which behavior works best for you, it doesn’t hurt to try out a few different styles before you determine the one with the best fit for your fingers.

Clicky switches

The keys have a prominent bump when the key is pressed down followed by a click sound.

Tactile switches

The keys also have a bump midway through pressing, but a click sound does not follow it.

Linear switches

These are simple to operate switches. They move up and down without any bump or click sound. In essence the switches are silent.

Type of Switch

There are many different types of switches featured on a mechanical keyboard. In this section we will examine popular types like Cherry MX switches, Kailh, Steel Series, and Romer-G. Cherry MX is the most famous switch brand because of their numerous patented options: MX Black, MX Blue, MX Brown, and MX Red.

Cherry MX Blue

Cherry MX Blue switches have a distinct click and tactile feedback. Writers and professional typists prefer them because they allow you to feel the keypress as soon as it is registered. It will enable you to type fast because of the small actuation distance.

Cherry MX Black

Cherry MX Black switches are linear. They require clicking until they bottom out because of the lack of tactile feedback. The switches have a high actuation force which is not ideal for typists. However, if you are a fan of first-person shooter games you will probably prefer the Cherry MX Black version.

Cherry MX Brown

Cherry MX Brown switches have a good balance of actuation force, distance, and tactile feedback. They are preferred for most games since you can feel when you make a keypress. They allow you to press multiple keys with fewer mistakes. Typists will also favor these switches because they are not loud like Blue switches.

Cherry MX Red

Cherry MX Red switches have the least actuation force in the Cherry MX line. They don’t have that much tactile feedback because the key is linear. It goes straight up and down. You will not feel tired after hours of gaming because of less actuation force and small actuation distance.

Razer Switches

Razer has branded their switches as orange, green, and yellow switches. Razer Orange Switch is much like the Cherry MX Red switch. It has 45cN actuation force with tactile feedback and no click sound.

Razer Green Switch is tactile and clicky. It offers a long actuation distance and an average actuation force of 50cN. The switches are used for many gaming keyboards.

The Razer Yellow Switch has the shortest actuation point at only 1.2mm. It is linear in that it does not have tactile feedback and remains silent. These switches are normally used in fast-paced gaming.

Kailh and Romer-G Switches

Kailh has similar switches to Cherry MX switches. The red version is a linear switch, and the brown is a tactile switch. Meanwhile, blue is a tactile and clicky switch.

Romer-G is a tactile switch seen in some Logitech mechanical keyboards. It is weighted like the Cherry MX Red at 45cN.

Key Backlighting

Key backlighting is mostly important to gamers. Gamers have the option between investing in a single color backlighting keyboard or RGB lighting. RGB lighting allows you to allocate a color to every key for ultimate keyboard mastery.

Backlighting is also resourceful in that it provides illumination when in low-light environments. It is a special, distinct feature of mechanical keyboards as cheaper versions rarely have more than one color of backlighting.

Advantages of Mechanical Keyboards

  • Superior Typing Feel and Speed
  • Reduces Finger Fatigue
  • Lasts longer than membrane keyboards
  • Great for FPS Gaming and eSports

Disadvantages of Mechanical Keyboards

  • Expensive than membrane keyboards
  • Not Resistant to water completely
  • Requires a bit more care
  • Can be prone key chattering
  • Bulky and heavy
  • No Wi-Fi options available

Final Words

Final Word, Selecting the best gaming keyboard under 50 USD is quite tough but we find 10 best among this. Now it’s your turn with which brand you will choose and enjoying your work using this budget gaming keyboard. Still, dought then feel free to ask us.

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