Top 10 Desk Ellipticals – Review & Buying Guide

If you are reading this in your office, chances are your sedentary lifestyle is no longer working for you. The modern work environment is all about spending long hours in front of the laptop or computer. This routine can be damaging for your physical health, especially if you don’t have a disciplined workout regimen. That’s where under-desk ellipticals come in.

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If you are wondering why you should invest in an under-desk elliptical trainer, keep reading. These machines have a host of fantastic benefits for your body and health that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Benefits Of Under-Desk Elliptical Trainers

1. Multiple Levels Of Resistance

If you are one of those people who enjoy intense workouts and like to push yourself harder to burn more calories, these machines are just what you want. They offer multiple levels of resistance, which is a remarkable benefit, as you can customize your workout to be as intense as you want it to be.

2. Assembly Is Very Easy

An under-desk elliptical is a miniature version of the full-sized ellipticals we see in gyms. An advantage of using a machine of this size is that it is quite easy to assemble. While bigger machines may take anywhere between 1-3 hours to assemble, the under-desk version can be assembled relatively quickly because all you need to do is attach the pedals to the mainframe.

3. Easy To Use While Standing Or Seated

Several under-desk ellipticals include the flexibility to be used in either a standing or seated position. You can use it while working or watching TV, but with a flexible design, you can just as easily use it in a standing position, especially if you have got the device at home.

4. Easy On The Joints

Under-desk ellipticals do not put as much pressure on your joints as regular, full-sized exercise machines. The smooth and natural pedal motion makes this an easy workout even for the elderly and is gentle on the joints.

5. Strong And Durable

The best under-desk ellipticals are durable and last a long time without any damage. They are durable and stable enough not to move while you are working out, making them a safe and reliable workout machine.

6. Helps To Increase Your Activity Level

For many of us, our daily jobs require long periods of sitting down and working in front of a screen, with little to no movement in between. Under-desk ellipticals are a convenient solution to the lack of activity – you can continue working peacefully, while also getting some exercise in your day.

7. Ideal For Fitness, Toning, And Weight Loss

Under-desk ellipticals are an excellent way to burn calories and excess fat while toning your legs. Your fitness levels will gradually improve without you even noticing it.

8. Suitable For Home And Office

These machines can be used ideally at any time and anywhere you want – whether at home or in the office. They are small enough to fit comfortably under most standard-sized desks and light enough to be carried around if you need to take them somewhere. The operation is also exceptionally quiet, so you don’t end up disturbing your coworkers with your workout.

Here are some factors that you must keep in mind before zeroing in on the best under-desk elliptical for your needs.

How To Choose the Best Under Desk Elliptical – Buying Guide

1. Portability

Portability is among the most important factors to consider when buying an elliptical trainer. Consider where and how frequently you are planning on using your new device. If it is intended for office use and you want to carry it back and forth so that you can use it at home as well, it would make sense to go in for a machine that is compact, lightweight, and convenient to carry around.

2. Durability

As with any exercise equipment, under-desk ellipticals are an investment. You would want yours to last as long as possible. Look at the parts and the material used to make sure that the equipment is durable enough to withstand the kind of activity you are purchasing it for. You don’t want to live through the nightmare of returning it if it breaks down within a few weeks of use.

3. Performance

While most under-desk ellipticals may look the same, the fact is that they vary greatly. Each device gives you a slightly different experience, so ensure to check out a few basic features in your chosen model. Look for an ergonomic design that allows your joints to move correctly while giving you the proper posture. Using the device shouldn’t leave you sitting in an uncomfortable position. Also, gripped pedals keep your feet from sliding around and add stability.

4. Budget

Your budget, of course, should be a crucial factor in deciding which under-desk elliptical you should buy. It is not true that the most expensive option is also the best. Look at the features you are getting and choose a device that best fits your needs and your budget.

5. Noise

The biggest advantage of using an under-desk elliptical is that you can exercise while working at a desk. These machines need to operate quietly, so you don’t bother the people working around you. When buying an under-desk elliptical, choose one that features very silent operation.

6. Height

Make a note of the height of the desk under which you will be using your elliptical trainer, and also be mindful of your height. You don’t want your knees hitting the underside of your desk with each rotation. Check the lowest desk height listed by the manufacturer before placing your order.

7. Add-ons

With the basics out of the way, if you are still undecided, check out any additional features that the under-desk ellipticals on your list may be offering. This can be Bluetooth compatibility, smartphone, or WiFi integration, or any extra function.

You have chosen the best elliptical you could find, placed your order, had it delivered, and can’t wait to get started on it, right? Take a minute to go through these pointers for getting the best workout experience from your device.

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