The 10 Best Massage Guns of 2021- We Reviewed Every Model

If you are one of the millions of people who suffer from sore, knotted muscles that keep you from doing everything you want to do, you may be interested in one of the best massage guns for back pain. Why do these tools suddenly seem to be everywhere and on everyone’s Christmas wish list? Well, one of the best ways to find back pain relief is to go to the spa for a massage, but between the pandemic and the prohibitive cost, this isn’t an option for many people right now.

If you are wondering, “Do massage guns help with back pain?” the answer is yes, they definitely do! We spoke to Molly Palmer, a former dancer who suffers from chronic back pain, and she said that the first time she tried a massage gun it was the best thing she has ever tried in her life.

Top Best Massage Guns list 2021

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The Best Massage Guns, Right Now

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What is a Massage Gun?

Massage guns first appeared on the market in 2008, and soon became a staple piece of kit for athletes and gym goers around the world. 

A handheld device designed to provide a deep tissue massage akin to that from a professional massage therapist, these self massage guns are a great way to relieve pain caused by tight muscles and knots.

Using vibration and percussion therapy, the massage guns generate swift bursts of pressure against the skin which works to release the tension within the muscles and effectively stimulates blood flow to help recovery of the muscles. Make sure you’re engaging your core properly when you workout as this will help to prevent a lot of pain and injuries!

Using before a warm up helps to prevent muscle soreness, while using during a cool down aids in reducing swelling. You can also use a percussion massage gun more generally, for example, if you have tight back muscles from sitting at your desk all day or knots from manual labour; there really is no end to the benefits of these devices! For another way to get away from your traditional desk, check out our article on the best treadmill desks to help your fitness while working. 

Since their creation there have been numerous newcomers to the market, and the vibration therapy massage gun now has a huge range of features, including: rechargeable batteries, multiple attachment heads, varying levels of intensity, quieter motors, and more.

How to use a massage gun

Using a percussion massage gun isn’t as difficult as it sounds! Once the device is charged, you need to select the right attachment for the muscles that you’re targeting (we’ll detail that in a second) and then just press the attachment to your skin, switch the massage gun on, and then gently move the machine around the muscle area. That’s it – simple!

Obviously this is a very general explanation of how to use a massage gun, so be sure to read the instructions carefully before your first use. 

Most of the best massage guns come with a variety of attachments, all specifically designed for different areas of the body. The different heads are actually effective so do swap them around! The most common ones are:

  • Round head – for large muscle groups, like the abs or legs.
  • U-shaped head – for the spine and neck.
  • Conical head – for smaller specific areas, like feet.
  • Flat head – for back muscles
  • Standard ball – for overall use

While massage guns are a great way to relieve muscle pains and aid recovery, they do come with certain caveats. Overuse of a massage gun can cause damage to the muscle or cause the device to overheat, and whilst you may think working on painful areas will help, doing that is actually a bad thing as you are probably too close to bone or nerve bundles, so avoid these. 

Do I need to use a massage gun?

The benefits of a massage gun can be felt by anybody with knotted muscles, not just professional athletes or devoted gym goers. It’s a simple form of self-myofascial release, and much less complicated than methods like electrotherapy that can seem intimidating to those that are new to the game. 

If you find that you have regular muscle aches and pains, then investing in a massage machine gun can relieve your discomfort, and could save you money on professional massage therapy in the long term. They can be an expensive purchase however, so we recommend doing your research to find the best massage gun for your needs before committing.

Another useful product for aiding recovery and relieving pains are compression socks and sleeves, so check out our article on the best knee compression sleeves for a cheaper option to help your joints!

How long can I use a massage gun?

This is an important aspect of using a self massage gun, as overworking of the muscles can actually be damaging! It will depend on the intensity you have the setting on, but usually you only need to use one for a few minutes to get all the muscle relief you need.

Most don’t recommend using the massage guns for more than 15 minutes at a time, and some of the best massage guns on this list have in-built safety features where they shut off after this amount of time anyway, but be sure to follow the safety instructions provided.

For warming up your body before a workout, just 30 seconds with a percussion massage gun is enough to activate your muscles!

What is the best massage gun?

While we don’t have a definitive answer for this question, we’ve chosen 15 of the best massage guns on the market at the minute for this list, and our massage gun reviews are in-depth and clear enough for you to make an informed decision for yourself. 

After all, everyone has different preferences but there really is something for everyone on our list. 

How do I choose a massage gun?

First, let’s talk about what a therapy massage gun is. These tools, once used primarily by runners and other serious athletes, are designed to decrease muscle soreness and improve your overall range of motion. They use vibration, also called “percussive therapy,” to simulate the moves a masseuse would make with her hands, targeting specific areas (such as your back) and providing quick bursts of pressure that penetrate deep into your muscle tissue. The best massage guns for back pain also increase blood flow to sore spots, helping to reduce inflammation and break up stubborn knots.

There are many types of massage guns for back pain, and the best one for you will depend on what exactly you’re looking for, as well as how much you want to spend. No matter your budget, there is one that will work for you!

Is a massage gun worth it?

If you’re unsure whether to fork over the cost of a premium massage gun for back pain, you can start with a more affordable model that’s designed for those on a budget. The best way to know whether a massage gun will be worth it for you is to read reviews — and check the return policy. Many companies offer money-back guarantees, so if you don’t love it, you have nothing to lose.

Are cheap massage guns any good?

As we said above, some of the best massage guns for back pain are perfect for people watching their pennies. That said, if you want a massage therapy gun that will last for a long time and give you the most bang for your buck, you may want to consider investing in a more expensive model. One way to think about it is to consider how much you would spend on a professional massage, and how many times a year you would get one if you could. Do the math, then compare that with the cost the best massage therapy gun for back pain.

8 Different Types of Massage Gun Heads and their Uses Explained


A round head is suitable to target the pectoral muscle, shoulder, and neck. Also good for massaging abdomen, waist, buttocks, legs. Use is before or after a workout session for warmup and relaxation.


A flat head is suitable for full body massage, especially the large and flat area for a deeper massage. Hips, legs, abdomen, chest are the areas where the flat head is useful.


It is ideal for both side of spinal cord. Do not directly hit the cervical spine, it could cause injury.


Good for relieving muscle stiffness and targeted massage. Also, suitable for deep tissue,joints, trigger points, soles of feet, palms, Achilles tendons and rhomboid muscles of back.


Suitable for soft parts of body. Good for shoulders and back.


It is great for some soft parts of the body like abdominal and whole buttock muscle groups.


Octopus shape head helps in massaging the biceps and calf muscles. Also, suitable for feet.


Best of foot massage.

Percussion Massage Gun Benefits

In the last few months, athletes are using percussion massage guns to heal sore and stressed muscles after a hard running session. It has become an essential tool for quick recovery and warm-up. That is because a massage gun heals the muscle group much faster than other healing techniques like foam rolling. Some of its benefits include:

Speedy Recovery- A percussion massage gun works on percussion therapy which helps in the speedy recovery of stressed muscles. It is very effective and gives you the desired outcome in less time and that too without much discomfort.

Quick Warm Up– Massage Guns are highly effective for warp up too. You can increase the range of motion of the muscle you want to stretch after applying the massage gun to it.

The benefit is that it helps you stretch better providing a large range of motion. The effect is deeper in the tissues and that too in very less time.

Improves performance– The percussion therapy provides deeper and intensive healing to the inflamed muscles. Thus, the pain is treated from the core. This improves flexibility and range of motion. Which boosts the overall performance of the body.

Activate muscle group- Does your job involves sitting for long hours? Do you feel tired and lack vigor after a full day of work? Give your dormant and stiff muscles a quick recovery by applying a massage gun to those muscle groups. It will help you regain energy and motion in very little time. Believe me, it is effective.

Relieve muscle soreness and stiffness– The percussion therapy hits deeper into your body. Thus it hits the cell nucleus ( chromatin). The regular motion cause cell stimulation as a result of which the blood circulation increases. Increased blood flow carries fresh oxygen and nutrients needed to heal sore and stiff muscles.

How to buy the best percussion massage gun in India? Things you need to look for in Massage Gun -Buying Guide.

To help you buy the best massage gun in India, I am listing down some important factors to consider. These are very important to make a right choice.


Using a massage gun which produces too much noise may be an embarrassing experience, especially when you use it in the gym. It can also disturb others. For a coach or trainer, it will be difficult to talk as to his students as much noise is irritating.

Always choose a massage gun with low noise for super quiet massage experience.

2. Battery

Next very important factor is battery life. Many brands have tall claims regarding the battery life. However in practical a massage gun is able to provide you about 2 hrs or battery life.

Also look for the battery capacity. Most of the percussion massagers come with 2400/2500 mah of battery capacity. Some even have 5400 mah battery. More capacity means more running time.

Another important thing is the time a cordless massager takes to charge. Look for a massage gun that does not take too much time to be fully charged.

3. Weight

It is important to know the weight to the handheld percussion massager beforehand. During the self full body massage you will be holding it massaging the body parts. So it should be lightweight and convenient to hold.

If you are buying for elderly people at home please check the weight of the massage gun.

4. Reliability

Nobody wants a massage gun that does not last long or that malfunctions during the usage. So make sure you buy a reliable massage gun that is coming from the best brands of massage guns.

You can also check whether the seller is supportive or not. In case there a defect or the device stops working. A quick replacement in such cases is always appreciated.

5. Massage Heads

Depending upon your usage see if the massage heads with the massage gun are sufficient. Some massage guns are available in 4, 6, and 8 massage heads. For example if you want to target large muscle groups you will need a round head or a flat head massage head. Similarly, for spinal cord you will need U shaped massage head.

Before you go!

We’re in the same boat as you, after sitting at a desk all day we could definitely use some muscle relief from a vibration therapy massage gun! Convenient, quick, and surprisingly quiet, a handheld massage gun will sort out those aches and pains in no time. 

If the thought of working at a desk all day just doesn’t appeal to you anymore, then why not become a personal trainer? Check out our personal training packages here or download our latest course prospectus to find out how you can get out of the office for good!


Which Percussion Massager Is Best for Me?

The best percussion massager for you depends on a lot of variables. If you regularly train hard or want a massager that can stand up to daily use, the Theragun G4 PRO is the best massage gun on the market.

If you’re looking just to try it out, the $198 VYBE Pro Percussion Massage Gun Pro may be right up your alley.

When Should I Use a Percussion Massager?

A percussion massager is an incredibly versatile tool. Use it when you wake up with a sore neck because of a rough night’s sleep, after a big training session, or as a daily part of your self-care routine.

Which Massage Gun Attachment Should I Use?

When getting into percussive and vibration therapy, a cushioned head is often suggested as the first attachment to use. It offers a lot of forgiveness and doesn’t penetrate too deeply too quickly.

From there, you can move onto a round head for a deeper massage. More pointed attachments work well for targeting very specific knots.

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