The 10 Best Paper Towel Holders of 2021- Buying Guide

For quick and easy access to paper towel holders, it is advisable to get the best paper towel holder. Paper towel racks always store paper towels securely to avoid messy counters.

When selecting the best backing for your paper towel, there are several key characteristics that you should always consider. For example, you need to check the construction of the paper towel. It must be strong and durable. Second, check the base and the design. The installation process should be easier and faster. Apart from that, you can also check the cost of the product.

Here are the 10 Best Paper Towel Holders.

Let’s take a look at the Best Paper Towel Holders for sprinkles!

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Finding the best was next up on our list of challenges. After several hours of testing, we decided on a few models that we think are suited.

A Comparison of our Favorite Best Paper Towel Holders

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Here are some essential factors that will help you get the best paper towel rack. You also need to think about the color that will match the interior of the room.

How to Choose the Best Paper Towel Dispenser

In this section, we’ll cover the essential features that will help you choose the right paper dispenser for your purposes. All of them have an adequate level of sanitation, so that should not be an issue. Also, we’ll cover different elements going from aesthetics like the elegant design to technical aspects like the installation methods.

Some of these next features may be more important than others, but knowing what the dispensers have to offer surely will help us see the bigger picture to understand why they’re a good addition to the household.


A towel dispenser built with the right materials can make a huge difference. For instance, if the dispenser you want to buy is for the kitchen, you’d want it to be capable of resisting moisture and major spills. Not taking that into account may end up costing you more money.

What materials should you consider, then? Fortunately, variety is not something these products lack. Some of the top materials for paper towel dispensers are aluminum alloy and brushed stainless steel.

Aluminum alloy and stainless steel paper towels almost guarantee that there will be no rusting nearby, which is an attractive solution for kitchen dispensers.

ABS plastic and ceramic dispensers are also good.


The kitchen and bathrooms are often two areas of the house that make us proud when they look spotless. To keep them looking nice, you should choose a bathroom tissue dispenser that blends well with the rest of the decoration.

As mentioned above, you’ll find dispensers built with different materials, which inevitably look different. Some towel dispensers add that modern and fancy look to your kitchen, while some others have a traditional bamboo design that appeals more to an eco-friendly environment with its attractive design.

The stylish design doesn’t only refer to good-looks, though. There’s also another element you have to consider here: the installation method.

If you’re looking to preserve space due to having a  limited counter space, then having a wall-mounted paper towel dispenser could be the right way to go, as they don’t require too much space. That’s only one of the several methods in which you can use a dispenser.

The access to the paper towels is yet another design choice that you should keep in mind. How easy is it to access the towels? Can you get them from the bottom side or from over the top? Or perhaps both?

All of those design features are doubts that you have to clear before purchasing the dispenser. Don’t make a hurried decision, take your time, and you will make the right choice.


The dimensions of the dispenser are very important too, as it could open many possibilities to your advantage.

While having a bulky paper towel dispenser could offer more stability or high durability, a compact model could leave you plenty of space that you can use to hang several other accessories too.

Then again, the size of your ideal dispenser varies on several other elements. For example, the location where you want to install it, and also if there are other accessories you want to hang nearby.

If you get such a dispenser for the kitchen, having that extra space could be an advantage to hang your utensils.

Additional Features

It is not always necessary, but having those extra features is quite handy if other people are accessing the paper towels.

Most noticeably, we have security measures like the key lock, which secures no one can get more paper towels than necessary. If you need a dispenser for high-traffic environments, this feature guarantees that people don’t use the towels unnecessarily. This is also good for mid to light traffic environments.

And, just like that, there are many other additional features to consider; sensor range, sheet length, and many more that could work on your advantage depending on what you need and how you intend to use the dispenser.


Even though they may not seem like it, paper towels dispensers are quite affordable. Sure, some models are available at high prices, but you’ll find that even a cheap dispenser is capable of working just as well as those with a high price.

Of course, it also depends on how much you’re willing to pay. If you’re trying to decorate your home with sleek accessories, then paying that extra money is more than worth it. Expensive dispensers may provide modern, innovative features that cheap models don’t have.

Before choosing, make a budget of how much you want to invest, and make sure to check out all of the options.

Paper Towel Holder Buying Guide

Here are some of the main things that you have to consider when you need to buy the best holder for paper towels.

  • Construction: What material has been used in building the holder? This is an important question you have to consider. For a long-term service, always consider a paper towel holder designed using durable stainless steel. This will assure you of the best service. In addition to this, you may also check out for the finish of the holder.
  • Design: Depending on the place you wish to use the holder for the paper towel, you should make sure that you get an appropriate design. There are holders with vertical design whole others have swivel and patented designs. The upright design is appropriate for use in places where you don’t need to install it on the wall. Other than this, you may consider designs that allow for either horizontal or vertical design.
  • Versatility: You should also consider the versatility of the paper towel holder when making the order. You should get the best holder that can accommodate all brands and sizes of paper towels. The holder should also suit the standard and jumbo paper holders. Such holder will offer you more convenient services just as expected.
  • Cost: Apart from the key features, you should also check out for the cost of the holder. This is because they are of different prices; hence you have to get one that will match your budget. You may also consider the warranty of the product in case it is being provided. The warranty will always assure you of the safety of the product over a given period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a paper towel dispenser?

A: The paper towel dispenser is a device that holds your paper towels for you to access them quickly when needed. It can work either manually or automatically, depending on the model.

Q: How to install a paper towel dispenser?

A: The installation process depends on each model. You can install some dispensers on the wall by drilling holes and using screws to hold them in place, while other models could use dual-sided tape to attach to the walls.

Q: How to refill a paper towel dispenser?

A: It is not hard. Put the key included in the keyhole, which comes on the top, most of the time. Turn it counterclockwise, and it will open the lid of the dispenser.

When adding the new paper roll, make sure the tails go over the top, coming down behind the roll. Plug the holding arms into the roll’s plugs on each side, and secure the paper by sliding it down the clips on the bottom.

Then, turn the knob on the right side of the dispenser counterclockwise until the paper comes through the bottom. That’s pretty much it.

This process is pretty basic, but it may vary depending on the model of the dispenser. Check the manual if needed.

Q: How to open a paper towel dispenser without a key?

A: There’s really no proper method. Customers often recommend using a two-sided car key to pick the lock and open the dispenser, but it doesn’t work for every case. Get assistance from a professional to prevent doing more damage.

Q: How to change batteries in an automatic paper towel dispenser?

A: When the battery indicator runs low, open the dispenser’s main cover, and look for a smaller cover that holds the batteries on the bottom side.

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