10 Best Vacuum Cleaners in India 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for an affordable vacuum cleaners online in India? Let us help you to find the best one!

Time to sweep out dust from your house with Vacuum Cleaning Machine now.

A vacuum cleaner indeed makes it easier to clean the floors as well as windows, crevices and other hard to reach areas which maids often ignore. So, you might be wondering how to choose the one best suitable for your needs. Read our review and buyer’s guide.

List of Best Vacuum Cleaners

Top Rated Vacuum Cleaning Machine

SaleBestseller No. 1
Eureka Forbes Trendy Zip 1000 Watts powerful suction vacuum cleaner with resuable dust bag & 5 accessories,1 year warrantycompact,light weight & easy to use (Black)
  • Post Purchase virtual Demo is provided on this product .A dedicated customer service executive is assigned to give live demo of the product over a video call
  • Trendy Zip is a canister vaccum cleaner for daily cleaning needs to get rid of deep embedded dirt & dust
  • 1000 Watts  powerful suction provides deep cleaning
  • The product has free reusable dust bags
  • The product has easy to use foot operated power on-off & auto cord winder switch that automatically winds the cord to protectr the wire from damage
  • This vacuum cleaner has dust bag full indicator to indicate when the dust bag is full for timely dirt disposal
SaleBestseller No. 2
Philips PowerPro FC9352/01 Compact Bagless Vacuum Cleaner for home with 1900 Watt motor for strong suction power (Blue)
  • Powercyclone 5 technology separates dust from air, Action radius: 9 m, Cord length: 6m
  • 1900W motor for strong suction power, Sound power level: 82 dB, Airflow (max): 37 l/s, Dimensions of product (LxWxH): 410 x 281 x 247mm
  • Suction power (max):370W ,Input power (IEC): 1900W , Vacuum (max) :33kPa. Weight of product: 4.5 kg
  • Turbo Brush removes 25 percent more hairs and dust , Multiclean nozzle for thorough floor cleaning
  • Advanced dust container design for hygienic emptying
  • Activelock couplings easily adjust to every task
SaleBestseller No. 3
Eureka Forbes Wet & Dry Ultimo 1400 Watts Multipurpose Vacuum Cleaner,Power Suction & Blower with 20 litres Tank Capacity,6 Accessories,1 Year Warranty,Compact,Light Weight & Easy to use (Red)
  • Note-This vacuum cleaner comes with an auto shut off technology that automatically shuts off the vacuum cleaner to protect from overheating
  • Post Purchase virtual Demo is provided on this product .A dedicated customer service executive is assigned to give live demo of the product over a video call
  • Wet & Dry Cleaning : Has the ability to clean both wet and dry spills, which makes it extremely versatile. It completely does away with the need to carry separate equipment for wet and dry spills.
  • 1400 Watts Powerful Motor : This Vacuum Cleaner is powered with best in class 1400 W motor delivering powerful suction of 16 KPA to remove dirt & dirt mite.
  • Powerful Blower: Powered with powerful blower to blow away dust and dirt.
  • Large capacity of 20 litres storage that helps you clean at a stretch without having you to empty the dust tank often.
SaleBestseller No. 4
Inalsa Vacuum Cleaner Wet and Dry Micro WD10 with 3in1 Multifunction Wet/Dry/Blowing| 14KPA Suction and Impact Resistant Polymer Tank,(Yellow/Black)
  • Wet or dry, bagged or bagless - No matter it is dust, hair, daily waste, the device can clean the dirt perfectly. You don't need to change filter during operation. Please take out the cloth dust filter and use sponge filter when sucking liquid
  • Blower function- The blower function is suitable for drying and cleaning of narrow and hard- to-reach indoor or outdoor areas. For effective blowing results, do not use any filter in vacuum cleaner. To hold a large amount of waste, this vacuum cleaner boasts a container capacity of 10 litres
  • Powerful and durable – Equipped with powerful motor delivers 14KPA strong suction power and ensures long time operation. The vacuum cleaner has an impact resistant polymer tank for longer usage life
  • Safe buoy technology – Safe Buoy technology immediately stops sucking water when the liquid capacity reaches the critical point. This protects the machine from being damaged and guarantees superior lifetime. This device ensures low-noise operation
  • Flexible and convenient - With ergonomically carry handle, along with four 360° rotating wheels enable it to move flexibly to anywhere you need. Its compact and lightweight is easy to store without occupying much space
SaleBestseller No. 5
Eureka Forbes Active Clean 700 Watts Powerful Suction & Blower Vacuum Cleaner with Washable HEPA Filter & 6 Accessories,1 Year Warranty,Compact,Light Weight & Easy to use (Red & Black)
  • Note-This vacuum cleaner comes with an auto shut off technology that automatically shuts off the vacuum cleaner to protect from overheating
  • Post Purchase virtual Demo is provided on this product .A dedicated customer service executive is assigned to give live demo of the product over a video call
  • Best in class 700 Watts motor delivering powerful suction of 15.5 KPA and blower function that helps to tackle dirt, dust and dust mites.
  • Compact comes with Washable HEPA Filter which traps in minute dust particles up to 0.3 microns and ensures that the expelled air is ultra Clean. Please wash and dry the filter before use. Kindly ensure there are no traces of moisture or water before use.
  • The bagless design features a dust cup that collects all the dust, making it easy for you to simply tip it over and dispose the contents
  • 4 meter long cord to ensure easy movement around the home to clean in one go, without worrying about switching sockets.
SaleBestseller No. 6
Swiss Military VC03 Wireless Car Vacuum Cleaner | Wireless Vacuum Cleaner for Home, Car, Living Room | Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Dust Collection/Lighting Car Pet Hair Vacuum with Powerful Motor
  • Small and portable, Dry wet amphibious and Strong suction
  • 3 attachments can meet different needs, Can run for a long time and does not get heated
  • It can easily clean dust, debris, dog hair, cat hair and liquids
  • Equipped with a washable filter which has a longer life
  • Strong suction 120W high power motor with high efficiency dust vacuum
SaleBestseller No. 7
Eureka Forbes Supervac 1600 Watts Powerful Suction,bagless Vacuum Cleaner with cyclonic Technology,7 Accessories,1 Year Warranty,Compact,Lightweight & Easy to use (Red)
  • Post Purchase virtual Demo is provided on this product .A dedicated customer service executive is assigned to give live demo of the product over a video call
  • Cyclone System: Cyclone System helps in increasing the air flow in the dust tank which in turn separates dust from the air. It also helps in maintaining powerful suction and performance of machine.
  • Powerful Suction: Sure from Forbes Super Vac is powered with best in class 1600 Watts motor delivering powerful suction of 21 KPA to tackle dirt, dust and dust mites.
  • Vario Power: The suction power can be controlled as per user’s need with the help of the variable power control. Set the power to low, medium or high speed to suit your varied cleaning requirements.
  • Allows easy disposal of dirt & dust at the press of a button without dirtying hands
  • Auto Cord Winder: To protect the power cord from getting cut or damaged, the vacuum cleaner has an in-built storage space which enables the cord to be stored in the unit itself. With the press of a button you can extend the cord for usage and also retract it back into the unit for secure storage.

Types of Vacuum Cleaners

Various types of vacuum cleaners available in India come under these basic categories:


The canister is the most common type of vacuum cleaner used in most homes. It is the type of vacuum cleaner that comes with a canister or a bag, a wand, and a hose. The wand can be attached to different kinds of attachments that are used to clean different cleaning surfaces like carpets, floors, electronic equipment, etc.

Upright or stick

Upright or stick is generally used in the US and UK and less in the other parts of the world. Lately, the stick type vacuum cleaners have broken into the Indian market as well. These vacuum cleaners are designed to be upright or stand straight on their own. They might have two motors, one to vacuum the dust and another to move the brush.


The handheld is as the name suggests, small, portable, and easy to use in hand. Handheld vacuum cleaners are used to clean smaller areas that are hard to reach with the large vacuum cleaners. These are mostly used in cars or smaller surface areas.


These are the latest addition to the vacuum cleaner family. Small, portable, and automatic. The robotic vacuum cleaners are smart devices that use an in-built sensor to clean automatically. The robotic vacuum cleaners consist of small brushes below it that suck in dirt or dust and store it in little bins placed under the appliance. The best part about a robotic vacuum cleaner is that it moves around the house automatically and cleans on its own.

Why you need a vacuum cleaner? 

Why you need Vacuum Cleaners?

Before anything, you should know why you require a cleaner and it begins by looking around your home. Check the size of the rooms, floor surface, and the stairs. These are basic things that can affect your choice for vacuum cleaners as you don’t buy vacuum cleaner every year. 

If you have a larger space than you will require a powerful upright vacuum cleaner and stairs counts as well for which you require a light-weight stick vacuum cleaner that would be easy to move from one floor to another. And if you have different floor types than you can choose the vacuum cleaner that can adjust itself as per the different surface requirements.

How often do I need to vacuum my house?

Unlike the traditional broom-sweeping method, you do not have to use a vacuum cleaner every day. If you are sensitive to allergies or live in an extremely polluted area, then you can go up to vacuum cleaning your house about thrice a week. However, if that is not the case, then you can fix up a schedule of vacuuming at least once a week, and you should be fine!

Frequently Asked Questions
Can vacuum cleaner ruin carpet?

Using the vacuum cleaner on normal power will not ruin your carpet in any condition.

What is the life of a vacuum cleaner?

If it is used with care and proper maintenance is done from time to time these vacuum cleaner can last for a long time. The life period vacuum cleaner also depends on the brand and model of the cleaner. The average lifetime of a vacuum cleaner is about 8 years.

How often do we need to change the vacuum bag?

The vacuum bag change varies from one vacuum to another and has no specific duration as it depends on the usage. Most of the vacuum cleaners use one bag for about a couple of months. The vacuum cleaners include an indicator that marks the change of the bag, so it is easy to note that.

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