LadyCare – Review & Buyer’s Guide

Menopause feels like a very lonely emotional time that can make any women or girl miserable. A lot of remedies are there like Black Cohosh, HRT and a lot others but they can lead to some serious health consequences. So what are the alternatives ? Here is the answer “LadyCare“. It is groundbreaking, all natural menopause solution.

What Is LadyCare ?

LadyCare is a lightweight, small and discreet device that is securely clipped to the underwear using powerful magnets. It targets the very root cause of menopause  using the Static Magnetic Therapy to rebalance the autonomic nervous system. Ladycare is known to reduce cramps in women with harmonal symptoms due to menopause. It is a magnetic device that is proven to be effective for relief in natural menopause.

And there are also several other benefits of LadyCare. As it helps in balancing the ANS(Autonomic Nervous System) it provides other benefits like reduction in anxiety, water retention, and improves sleep quality, skin, hair and libido.

A clinical study with 508 women was done and after the first month the result it concluded are very positive:

  • Up to a 67% reduction in anxiety, sleeping issues, mood swings, fatigue, and more!
  • A 33% reduction in hot flash episodes, irritability, memory loss, and more!
  • Over a 93% reduction in indigestion and gas!

How to use LadyCare ?

The Lady Care magnet is designed to clip magnetically to your underwear. The makers suggest wearing it 24 hours per day for at least three months before deciding it doesn’t work.

They suggest wearing it throughout perimenopause, menopause, and beyond, replacing your magnet every five years or so.

According to the company, if the magnet isn’t working, it’s because your stress levels are too high. In these situations, they recommend removing the magnet for 21 days, spending those days focusing on stress reduction, and resuming 24-hour magnet therapy.

Stress management and meditation are both known to help you feel better, on their own.

The details of the Lady Care magnet are proprietary, so it’s impossible to compare it to other therapeutic magnets on the market.

The strength of a magnet — the size of its magnetic field — is measured in units called gauss. Refrigerator magnets are around 10 to 100 gauss. Therapeutic magnets available online range from around 600 to 5000 gauss.

Does LadyCare actually work?

In a word — no. Although the ANS may play a role in menopause symptoms, no direct relationship has been proven.

It’s widely acceptedTrusted Source that menopause symptoms are caused by a multitude of factors and several different body processes.

Perhaps more importantly, there’s no history to suggest that magnets have any effect on menopause. If they did, doctors would know about it by now.

For example, giant magnetic machines are used often in medical diagnostics — you know them as MRIs. If these extremely powerful magnets don’t improve the symptoms of menopause, then there’s little chance that a small magnet in your underwear would be more effective.

Magnet therapy isn’t all bogus, though. There’s a different type of magnet, called an electromagnet, that has shownTrusted Source to be somewhat helpful in treating osteoarthritis and migraines.

These magnets are a bit different than the kind on your refrigerator (and the Lady Care Plus+) because they’re made by electrically charging metal.

Is the LadyCare Menopause Magnet safe?

Although there has been no evidence to say the LadyCare Menopause Magnet could cause harm, we would suggest approaching the device with caution.

Always consult your doctor before reducing/coming off HRT and seek advice if you have a pacemaker, insulin pump or other internal device.

Is LadyCare REALLY Effective?

LadyCare has been clinically proven to alleviate more than 20 menopause symptoms.

In one study of over 500 women, after only 1 month of wearing LadyCare, women reported on average:

Up to a 67% reduction in anxiety, sleeping issues, mood swings, fatigue and more!

Fewer hot flashes, less irritability, and less memory loss!

93% reduction in indigestion and gas!

After 3 months of wearing LadyCare, the relief they experienced was even MORE dramatic!

How Much Does LadyCare Cost?

While HRT and herbal supplements can cost you $1000’s of dollars and years off your life, LadyCare provides 5 YEARS of all-natural relief for only $79.99! LadyCare is safe, effective, and very affordable!

Where Can I Get One?

You can get LadyCare by simply going to their official website here.

It’s easy, just follow these steps…

1. Order LadyCare on their official website here.

2. When it arrives, simply clip it to your underwear just below your navel.

3. Before you know it, you’ll start feeling those hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and more wash away…all without worrying about potential side effects.

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